Sharon , Laura Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: The Beginning

Laura was feeling out of place. She hadn’t really wanted to come to this party but her brother had pretty much forced her to come along. “You’ll know almost everybody,” he’d said when she tried to object and it was true she did know most of the people who had come to celebrate Keith, her brother’s best friend’s birthday.

I’m just not in the party mood, she thought to her self as she watched a group of revellers on the middle of the dance floor. A group of about half a dozen men seemed to be vying for the attention of a young woman in the centre of the group. Lucky her, thought Laura slightly bitterly. The girl seemed to be enjoying the attentions of the men around her and was, in Laura’s eyes, obviously a bit of a tease.

Laura suddenly brought herself up short. Ok, so maybe she wasn’t enjoying herself but that didn’t mean everyone else had to be miserable. In a perverse sort of way she almost wished she had been part of the group that the girl had been flirting with.

She sighed and decided she needed some fresh air. Pausing only to gather up her drink she headed through the door of the hotel’s reception suite and out into lobby. It was raining outside so she decided to stay under the shelter of the porch by the hotel’s front door.

As she stared out into the night she was unaware that she had been followed out on to the porch.

“Are you Ok?” asked a female voice. The voice was soft and had just the slightest trace of an accent. Irish, Laura thought distantly. She sighed, “Yeah, I’m fine I guess,” came the reply. She turned and realised that the voice belonged to the girl whom moments before had been the centre of attention inside.

“I saw you leave and wondered,” concern in her voice. “You’re Laura aren’t you?” she continued, “Mike’s Sister?”

Laura nodded, the girl smiled, took a cigarette from the packet and offered it to Laura. Laura took it and lifted it to her lips. The girl smiled, took another from the packet and fumbled for a moment in her pocket. She extracted the lighter and handed it to Laura. Laura inhaled deeply as she lit up then handed the lighter back to the girl who lit hers. “I’m Sharon,” said the girl. “I go rock climbing with your brother and most of the other guys in there.”

Laura took a sip of her drink and found herself warming to this stranger who had just introduced herself. The pair chatted for a bit as they smoked their cigarettes.

“Have you known Mike long?” Laura asked.

“A couple of years we were both in the mountaineering club at Uni.”

“What do you do now?”

“Dentist,” Sharon noticed Laura’s grimace and laughed. “Well, we can’t all be super models now can we? What about you?”

“Lawyer,” antalya escort replied Laura. “Well property solicitor actually. It’s dull but it pays the bills”.

Both girls laughed and Laura found that her mood had improved considerably since they’d started talking.

“You here with anyone?” Sharon asked. Laura shook her head slowly. “Me neither,” came the reply.

Laura’s mouth made an “Oh” of surprise. “I saw you with that group in there and thought you must been with one of them.”

“No, they’re just friends,” came the reply, “and besides, they’re not really my type.” Sharon smiled endearingly at Laura as she said the last.

“And just what is your type?” Laura asked, wondering where this conversation was heading. Sharon paused, almost nervously, before answering and then in a soft voice said, “Well, um…,” she cleared her throat the tried again, “Well, you might be,” the words came out in a rush.

Before Sharon could say another word, Laura was in her arms and was kissing her, gently at first but then with growing passion. Sharon melted into the kiss losing herself in the other’s embrace.

When they paused Laura whispered, “You’ve no idea how much I wanted you to say that.”

“But we’ve only just met,” came the reply.

“Doesn’t matter. I’ve been getting more excited as we chatted and then when you said that, well…,” her voice trailed off.

“Well I wanted you too,” said Sharon candidly. “It was more than I hoped for but I had to say it.”

“I’m glad you did. Shall we go back inside?”

“To the bar or…?”

“Or?” repeated Laura with a wicked grin.

“Well I do have a room for the night,” replied Sharon.

“Let’s go then.”

The girls ran to the lift which seemed to take an age to reach them. Once inside Sharon pressed the button for the fourth floor and then Laura’s lips were on hers again.

She broke off as the lift doors opened at her floor. Pulling Laura by the hand, they ran along the corridor until they were at the door of Sharon’s room. Sharon fumbled in her pocket for the key, found it eventually, then turned the key in the lock. The door didn’t even have time to close behind them when they wrapped themselves round each other in a passionate embrace.

“You sure about this?” asked Sharon.

“Ssshh!” came the reply then Laura’s lips were on hers again. As they kissed their hands explored each others’ bodies. Items of clothing fell to the floor as the two lovers’ passion mounted.

Laura broke off and stepped back, admiring, for the first time, the naked body of this girl she’d met only half an hour ago. Sharon smiled back, returning the scrutiny then held out her hand and lead her to kemer escort the bed.

They climbed in and held each other close. They kissed again, their hands exploring, teasing, driving each other wild.

Laura began to kiss Sharon’s neck then worked her way down. Her tongue sought Sharon’s breast and she began to gently lick and suck on them. Sharon sighed and squirmed with pleasure as this almost total stranger began to make love to her.

Laura continued to lick and suck on Sharon’s breasts. As she did so she started to run her hand up Sharon’s inner thigh, teasing her, not quite making contact with her pussy. She could feel Sharon squirming beneath her and she smiled mentally to herself.

She turned her attention from her lover’s breasts and began to move lower. Her fingers lightly brushed the edge of Sharon’s mound causing her to gasp with pleasure. Laura lowered her mouth and gently ran her tongue up Sharon’s lower lips. The taste was heavenly and she was rewarded with another sigh of pleasure.

Her tongue continued to explore every inch of Sharon’s pussy, occasionally darting deep inside then lingering gently on her clit. Sharon was moaning softly as Laura gently lapped and probed her pussy with her tongue. Sharon reached down and started to squeeze and tease her own nipples as Laura’s mouth continued its exploration.

Lost in the heat of passion, Sharon felt her body take over. As Laura’s tongue licked gently at her swollen clit she felt a familiar warmth spread from her pussy to slowly engulf her whole body. She started to shake and her head tossed from side to side as she gently moaned.

“Oh yes,” she cried, “Oh Laura that’s wonderful,” as her hips began to buck. The contractions in her pussy became stronger and stronger, pulsing through her as the climax mounted.

Laura gave Sharon’s clit one final lick and then Sharon came, convulsively, almost whimpering with pleasure. Laura moved back up the bed and gathered Sharon into her embrace. Holding her tight.

The lay there for several moments until Sharon recovered enough to kiss Laura. The passion in that kiss aroused her in a way she, Laura, had seldom felt before. Here in her arms was this beautiful creature, whom she’d only just met and who had surrendered totally to her just moments before and now was about to return the compliment.

Sharon kissed her deeply, the taste of her sex mingled with Laura’s saliva. Her hands caressed Laura’s body as her tongue explored Laura’s mouth. Her hand found Laura’s breasts and began to massage and tease the firm flesh. Her breasts are smaller than mine, she thought absently as she gently squeezed the nipples between her thumb and forefingers. konyaaltı escort Laura squirmed with delight as Sharon continued to gently stroke her breasts.

Sharon moved her head down and began to coat Laura’s breasts with her saliva. Then she rubbed it in. Laura’s skin was so smooth to the touch. She kissed her way over a flat stomach, her hands still teasing Laura’s nipples.

She ran her tongue up the inside of one thigh, then the other. Over and over again, approaching Laura’s pussy then pulling away. All the time her hands were stroking and caressing the lovely body of this person she was making love to.

Finally, when she sensed Laura could take no more teasing, she pushed her tongue between the lips of the pussy that was in front of her face. She heard Laura sigh as her tongue darted into the warm inviting hole. Sharon savoured the taste of her lover’s pussy as her tongue worked its way in deeper. She kissed Laura’s clit then gently sucked each of the lips in turn.

As she licked she slowly slid one finger into Laura’s warm, tight pussy. She felt the walls of Laura’s pussy grip her finger as she slowly explored inside. Her tongue kept up its pace and she began to exert more pressure on Laura’s clit.

Suddenly Laura’s body began to shake violently. Her hands reached down and pushed Sharon’s face hard against her mound. Sharon responded by licking even harder as Laura began to thrash wildly on the bed. Laura came but Sharon did not relent. Her tongue continued to lap at Laura’s pussy her finger continued to slide in and out. She kissed and sucked Laura’s clit and Laura came again, screaming out loud, begging her not to stop.

The sensations that were pulsing through her body were like nothing Laura had felt before. Wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over her. She felt a third climax building and as it broke over her she knew she could take no more. She released her fingers from Sharon’s hair, allowing the girl to come up for air. She sensed rather than felt Sharon snuggle up beside her wrapping her arms lovingly around her and holding her close.

They lay there as Laura recovered. Finally she turned to face the girl who had just given her such intense pleasure. “I guess I needed that,” she said, “just what the doctor, or should I say, dentist ordered.”

Sharon smiled and kissed her lightly, “Will you stay tonight?” she asked.

“Of course I’ll stay silly,” came the reply. “The night is still young and I can collect my things from my room in the morning.”

“It’s silly,” said Sharon quietly, “I know it’s corny but we’ve only just met and I feel we’ve known each other for years”.

“It’s not corny at all,” came the reply. “I love you Sharon, stay with me please?”

“I will,” said Sharon, and with that she kissed her again, “Always.”

They laughed and held each other closely, feeling the warmth of each others’ bodies as they pressed together. The night was young and neither was ready for sleep just yet…

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