Shannon’s Grade Ch. 1

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Do not read this story if you are underage or offended by sexual situations between adults. Always practice safe sex.

* * * * *

Dr Johnson sat in his office grading papers. Since it was the fall term, he found himself teaching anatomy to medical students. Once again he was amazed at how each year, the new class of students seemed to know less than the year before. He seriously wondered where medicine was headed. At least each fall was a reminder as to why he should take care of himself and stay out of the hospital.

Dan Johnson was an exceedingly popular professor. He went out of his way to help students learn and let them know he was interested in seeing them succeed. Additionally, his handsome looks and good sense of humor made him easy to like. However, Dr Johnson also had a reputation for teaching a very difficult course. A failing grade in anatomy held back a few students every year.

Dan had been using the end of the day to catch up on lesson plans and grading. Most people had already left for the day so it surprised him to hear a light knock on his office door. One of the more attractive med students, named Shannon, stood in the doorway. Shannon was short, barely 5 feet tall with long red hair reaching to her ass. She had amazingly large breasts and womanly hips which were almost too exaggerated for her small frame. In an attempt to make up for her lack of height, she always wore high heel which caused her rear to wiggle in a most enticing way as she moved through the halls of the university. Today she appeared in Dan’s office wearing a denim dress which buttoned down the front and extended almost to the floor. The buttons stopped mid thigh showing a considerable amount of leg when she walked.

Shannon shyly smiled, “Dr Johnson, may I speak with you?”

“Please come in and sit down.” He gestured toward a small couch across from his desk. Shannon stepped in and closed his office door behind her. Normally, being alone with a female student would have been a potential problem which he would have corrected by asking her to reopen the door. However, Dan Johnson had, on occasion, sampled the delights of the student body and wanted to gauge the possibilities.

Shannon was an exceeding bright girl. Actually too bright. She had finished her bachelors degree at age 19 and never worked very hard to earn her outstanding undergrad grades. Now in medical school she found herself unable to study enough to keep up and performed miserably in the first year. She had failed Dan’s anatomy course and then failed the make-up course last summer. She was starting the first year over again and had already managed to fail the first exam. Some people just seemed to have more trouble with anatomy than others. If she failed his course the third time she would be dismissed and no amount of family or political connections would help her.

Dan had tutored her a number of times when she originally took the course and enjoyed watching her body even more than he cared to admit but she had never show any interest other than their student/teacher relationship. Dan had been careful not to become too friendly, but instead worked to maintain his position as an authority figure with her.

“Dr. Johnson, I am really worried about my anatomy grade. I don’t know what I can do to study any harder and yet I seem to still be doing poorly in your class.”

“ ‘Doing poorly’ hardly seems to be the word Shannon. You barely scored a 50% on your exam. Based on your prior performance, it would take some dramatic improvement to bring your grade up to passing with only two exams left. I am not sure you have it in you. No offense, but maybe medicine is not your escort kartal calling.”

Dan was being honest but was also sure to phrase things in a way to break her down. He knew many members of her family were physicians and suggesting she might not be able to measure up to their standards horrified her. “No, Dr Johnson, I am sure this is what I want to do but I don’t know what I can do to get through this first year. If you could tutor me some more and help me get by then I know I could make it as a doctor.” A small tear formed at the corner of her eye. Dan was happy to see she was not one of these hard line feminists who refused to show emotion in front of a man. It made seduction easier.

Dan knew what she was saying was probably true. Many students who squeaked by the first year of courses went on to be fine physicians. However, he was not about to admit that to her. He got up from behind his desk and moved around to lean on the front of his desk directly across from her. In this position, his 6’1” frame towered over her making her feel a little vulnerable. “Shannon, I could keep tutoring you but I don’t think it will help. I simply do not have enough time to devote to working with you one-on-one. That amount of time would not be fair to the other students who do not have that kind of access to my help.”

The tears were flowing freely down her cheeks. “Please Dr Johnson, I would be happy to pay you for your time.”

“No, Shannon, I don’t need your money.”

“I’ll do anything Dr. Johnson, just please give me a chance.”

“Anything?” he asked with a little too much inflection.

Suddenly the realization of what he was suggesting hit her. She sat there for a long moment with the silence hanging between them. She looked straight ahead at Dan’s hips and thought she saw the beginning of an erection. She had never even imagined being in this situation. She had come here to get help studying or perhaps to work out a deal to exchange a grade for money or a political connection with her family.

She had only been with two boyfriends before and had not enjoyed the experience. For all the sexuality she seemed to exude she was naïve and thought intercourse was too painful and quick for a woman to enjoy. It was merely something she occasionally did to keep her boyfriend happy. The stress of the last few weeks caught up with her. Her mind spun as she considered the possibilities. The prospect of having to face her family as a failure was too much to bear.

Finally in a very small voice she said “Anything”

“Excellent. These are the rules. You will come here every Tuesday and Friday at seven in the evening. You will stay here with me until I tell you we are finished. You will never refuse me anything. You will continue to attend class and take the exams. Understood?”

“Yes, I understand”

“Good, stand up and remove your dress.”

The speed that events were transpiring made her head spin. She had agreed to service her professor in exchange for a grade and he meant to begin right now. She could not believe the whole situation was real. She slowly stood and reached for the top button on her dress with trembling hands.

She slowly popped each button through its hole and Dan watched as her ample cleavage appeared encased in a sheer blue bra. He felt his cock stir lazily in his pants as more of her flesh was revealed. She paused just above her crotch, perhaps looking for a reason to turn back; then she continued moving her hands down the denim dress. Dan’s cock became immediately hard as she revealed her hips. Not only was she not wearing panties, She was clean shaven. Not one hair covered her full pussy maltepe escort lips.

“Did you come here planning to seduce me?” he asked.

A puzzled look crossed her brow until she understood why he asked the question. “No, I swear. I never wear panties. They’re uncomfortable. I keep shaved so I can go without panties even when I were jeans and shorts.”

With a deep breath, Shannon let the open dress fall from her shoulders and pool around her feet. Dan stepped forward and leaned his head down to kiss her lips. She tentatively returned his advance while standing very still. He pushed his tongue against her lips. She resisted for a moment then parted her lips to allow his advance. She felt very vulnerable. She was naked in a man’s office, completely in his power.

Dan knew she was in his power and would do what ever he said. Her insecurities about her family’s expectations and her poor performance in school made the seduction too easy. But an easy conquest did not mean he would not enjoy her lush body for the rest of the term.

Dan put his hands on her bare shoulders and pushed her down until she sat on the couch looking directly at his hard cock pushing against the front of his pants. “Take it out” he commanded as he unbuttoned his shirt.

Shannon knew what was coming and was not happy. She hated giving oral sex to her boyfriend and hoped desperately that her professor would not want to cum in her mouth. She undid his belt and unzipped his pants. She reached through the open zipper with her small hand and gasped quietly when she felt his hard meat. There was at least eight inches of cock in her hand, more than either her current or previous boyfriend possessed.

She slowly stroked his cock through his underwear while her other hand undid the button on his pants. She pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees and considered the object staring her in the face.

Dan was impatient to feel her mouth on him and took her head between his hands. As he pulled her toward him she accepted the inevitable and opened her mouth. He felt the head of his cock pass between her lips and moaned at the warm moisture enveloping his meat. He pushed his hips forward until he felt her begin to gag as he reached the entrance to her throat. He held onto her head but allowed her to begin a slow, somewhat awkward rhythm. He suspected she was new at this. He glanced down and saw her thighs clamped tightly together.

“Spread your legs” he ordered. She immediately spread her legs enough for him to step between her knees. She would have to have her most intimate parts exposed while she serviced him. Dan smiled. He had not met someone so submissive in years. He would enjoy her immensely.

In spite of her inexperience, Dan began to feel a stirring in his balls. He reached down and wrapped his fist in her long red hair. She was forced too move in long stokes up and down his cock. He moved her head more quickly. Dan knew a standing cum would take him longer but it would be worth the wait.

The longer she worked his rod the more vigorous his thrusts became. Shannon gagged every time he forced the head of his cock into her throat. Dan’s breathing became ragged. “That’s nice. I’m gonna cum soon. I want you to swallow it all.”

Shannon panicked. She desperately wanted to avoid this. Dan’s hand wrapped in her hair held her in place. She felt his cock expand and heard him groan. “Oh yes, here it is.” Shannon felt the warm stickiness of his cum fill her mouth. The bottom of his cock pulsated again and again until her mouth was full of cock and cum. Remembering his instructions. She swallowed twice making sure none of his seed pendik escort bayan escaped.

Shannon felt his cock shrink as he pulled in from her mouth. She hoped they were finished. “That was wonderful Shannon. I think you should be rewarded for your performance.”

“That’s al…alright Professor.” Not sure what he meant. “I just want to go.”

“Don’t be ridiculous Shannon. We have only started.” Dan knelt between her legs and pushed her back into the couch. Dan took her large breasts into his hands. In his excitement over the blowjob, he had forgotten how incredible they were. He kneaded the large orbs in his hands and placed the tip of his tongue against her left nipple. She jumped in surprise. Dan continued to worry her nipple with his tongue until the front of her breast was covered in saliva. He switched to the other nipple alternating between licking and sucking.

Shannon could not help but notice the attention her professor lavished on her body felt good. Dan knew he was getting through to her when her round ass began to squirm on the couch cushion. Dan slid his hands up and down her inner thighs while he continued to work on her breasts. He knew that taking his time to ensure her pleasure would keep her coming back and under his control.

Dan began to kiss his way between her breasts and over her soft belly. She began to breathe more quickly. She had heard of men performing oral sex but both her boyfriends thought it was nasty and refused to do it. He could faintly smell her sex as he neared the shaved place between her legs. Dan flattened his tongue against both her pussy lips and licked his way from bottom to top.

“Unnnnn…” Shannon involuntarily responded. She had no idea it would feel this good. It was as though every nerve in her body was connected to her cunt. He was playing to her passions with the movements of his tongue. He alternated with firm and light strokes. He would roll his tongue and force it into her pussy entrance. He purposefully avoided her clit until the squirming of her body was uncontrollable and a thin sheen of sweat covered her naked body. He wrapped his lips around her small clit and sucked. “Oh God, Oh God…Ahhhh…yes…ohhhh.” Just as she reached the peak of her orgasm Dan released her clit and began to thrash it with quick movements of his tongue. At the same moment he slid a finger into her canal and curled it to put pressure on her g-spot. A new wave ripped through her body and she screamed.

Dan worried that they were being louder than they should. He could not have predicted how aggressively she would come. Furthermore, he was not positive everyone had gone home for the evening. He gently licked and caressed her pussy as she recovered from her orgasm. When she returned from her orgasmic high her pulled her to him and kissed her gently on the lips.

Dan got to his feet and dressed. “I think we are done for today” He reached to his desk and wrote something down on a paper which he folded and handed to her. “I think we should meet somewhere a little more private next time. I have something specific in mind.” He grabbed his coat and went to the door. “Take your time getting ready. Just close the door when you leave.” Then he walked out and was gone.

Shannon was awash in a collection of emotion. Ecstatic about the way she felt, ashamed of what she had done, confused over her professor’s abrupt departure. She glanced at the paper and unfolded it. On it was written, ‘Thank you. 442 Elm St. Be here at 7:00 and wear a mini skirt, a white sweater, and no panties, of course.’

She folded the note, placed in her purse, and dressed. She felt a little cheap as she left his office and walked down the dark hall. She knew she would follow the directions on the note. Even if it did not mean her grade she felt compelled to follow his instructions. She did not understand why she felt this way but she would be there.

To Be Continued…

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