Sexecutive Decisions Ch. 02

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Big Cock

Chapter 2

The following morning I woke up and went straight home. It was a little past 9:30 am when I strolled into the house. My son, Leon, was sitting at the kitchen counter eating. My wife, Anna, was at the stove cooking the food.

“Morning, Chase,” Anna said without turning her head to me. I stood next to Leon with my hand on his shoulder, “Morning Anna. Morning Leon.”

“Sup, Dad,” Leon said between spoonfuls. Leon was 20 years old, my first born. He stood at five foot eleven, a bit shorter than me. But still tall for people his age. The boy was well built, he had been working out since high school when he was on the football team. He ate a lot. It amazed how much someone could eat and still remain so fit.

I walked into the kitchen and stood behind Anna to deliver her a kiss on the cheek. Anna had long golden hair that ran past her shoulder, she remained thin despite giving birth to two children naturally. She had a glowing smile that everyone loved, not just me but her family and friends. She was a calm and patient person who rarely got upset. And when she did get upset, her arguments weren’t filled with emotional rage, she would be calm and collective. She was also very smart, she ran her own company that helped advancements in prosthetic arms. The first time I met her she was at a booth in high school trying to get people to donate canned food for people in another country.

Anna gave me a smile then said, “Want me to cook you up some eggs before we leave?”

Although she hadn’t found out about any of my recent sexual flings with guys, she still had it in her mind that whenever I didn’t come home, I was with a guy. This usually led to an argument. An argument that we did our best to make sure our children didn’t hear. We’d been pretty good at keeping it away from them.

“Leaving? Where are you two going?” I said, resting myself on the counter.

“My mother’s. She needs some things taken out of the garage. And Leon over here has volunteered.”

I turned to Leon and saw him make the quotation mark sign with his fingers. Which meant Anna volunteered him.

“I see, tell your mother I said hi,” I said, stepping away from Anna.

“You should come with us,” she urged.

“Sorry, it’s Saturday. You know the game is on today.”

Anna rolled her eyes at me and said, “Yes, I forgot that Jeffrey was coming over. I’ll put some food in containers for him to take home,” her eyes turned to a glare, “Make sure he takes them with him this time.”

She was referring to the many times she would put food in a container for him and I would forget. Jeffrey loved my wife’s cooking. Although we were the same age, Jeffrey hadn’t settled down yet. He had gone through many relationships since high school but no woman had gotten a ring from him. It started to make me wonder if he might ever find one and if he did, would it be too late to have children? If you did the math, he would be in his 60s by the time his child graduated from high school.

“Don’t worry, I won’t forget,” I assured her. It was a partial lie, I did want him to get the food but there was still a huge chance I would forget.

Anna cooked me some eggs and the three of us ate together. While we ate, Anna told us about Jillians’ vacation to Egypt. She had recently graduated and for a gift, we sent her and three of her friends to Egypt. The four girls always wanted to visit Egypt since they were freshmans in high school.

After we ate, Anna and Leon left. Leaving me the house to myself. I had plenty of time before Jeffrey showed up. I looked around to see if I could do something to take up my time. maltepe escort Then I decided to take a few laps in the pool. I went upstairs to put on some speedos and headed out back to the pool. The pool had a closed ceiling which could be opened whenever I needed it.

I turned on the tv and put it on the ESPN channel, then I removed my towel and jumped into the pool. I wore black Speedos. It was my prefered swim attire since I was on the swimming team in High School. Many of the girls back then drooled over me.

After a few laps, I stopped and sat at the end of the pool with a beer in hand and my eyes glued to the tv. A ring from my phone took me away from the sports talk, it was a text message that read “Hey, I’m in the area, can I stop by?”

It was Blake. He was one of Leon’s friends from college who I had sex with in the past. It was earlier this year that Blake stayed over in Leon’s room. It was late at night when I was in my home office only in my underwear, responding to emails. Blake had passed by the office and noticed me. He peeked through the slit in the doorway for a bit until I heard him when he accidentally made noise on the door. When I got up to check out the noise, he was gone. But I stood by the door when he came back where I confronted him. The young man was nervous when I pulled him into the office, but that quickly went away when I told it was fine. He then confessed to me that he found me very attractive. It brought me a smile to my face when he said that. I remember while we talked he kept staring at my bulge in my trunks, when I noticed, I grabbed his hand and placed it on my crotch. Giving him permission to blow me. The way that man sucked my cock that night was glorious. Since then, we had kept in touch in secret, occasionally meeting up for sex in private.

However, I usually rented us a room to do it in. Only once did we have sex in this house. But since I was home alone, I was willing to do it here.

“Sure, no one’s home.”

I was lying on the inflatable raft in the pool when I heard the doorbell ring. It had to be Blake, but there was a possibility that it could be someone else. Quickly, I checked my phone to see if he had sent me a text. There was none. I got out of the pool and quickly dried myself off then put on my robe and walked into the house.

I looked through the peephole of the door and saw Blake standing there. With a smile on my face, I opened the door and he quickly stepped in. I towered over him at six feet two inches in height, his head reached my shoulders. Blake gave me a look up and down, “I see you were in the pool.”

“I was, you should come join me.”

Blake chewed his lower lip like he was considering it, then gave me an answer, “Maybe next time,” he placed his hands on the bands of my robe and began to loosen them, “for now, you let me tend to that cock of yours.”

I smiled, “Not here though, let’s go into my office.”

The two of us walked to my office which was across from Leon’s room. Once inside, I quickly locked the door and when I turned to Blake, he was already on his knees. He undid the belt of my robe and opened it up to see my black speedos.

“I love a man in speedos,” he said as he placed his hand on my bulge. The soft touch of his hand sent blood flowing south. Blake’s fingers slipped under the waistband of my speedos and pulled them open for my semi erect cock to spring out. His right hand wrapped around the shaft and pulled back the foreskin. Within seconds his wet lips were pressed against the tip of my cock. His lips parted as my cock entered his mouth.

Blake’s maslak escort lips closed on the shaft and he started to move his head back and forth, while his right hand lightly stroked me. There was one thing I loved about him and that was he was a slow passionate sucker. The first time he sucked me in privacy, he had been sucking me for more than an hour. It amazed me at the time how long he could do it.

My head rested against the door as Blake found a good rhythm. The pleasure shot throughout my body causing me to roll my eyes back a few times. Naturally, my right hand went down and landed on the back of his head. This caused Blake’s own hand to go around my waist and cup my butt cheeks. I guided his head back and forth on my cock, trying to keep up the pace he liked.

At one point, I pressed his head all the way down to shove my cock into his throat. A jolt of pleasure flowed through my body and I felt it on my shoulders the most. Causing a moan followed by a gasp to flee my mouth.

When my cock left his throat, his right hand stroked my cock as he looked up at me. He rubbed face up and down the shaft, leaving a smear of saliva and precum on his lips. I smiled at how much this man enjoyed my cock.

From my balls, his tongue ran up the underside of my shaft until he reached the tip, where his lips wrapped around it. Slowly, he sucked the tip while his eyes made contact with mine. I could feel myself coming close to cumming. I was worried that it was going to end.

“Oh fuck!” I said in between moans, “You’re going to make me cum.”

Blake pulled my speedos down to my thighs and placed his hands on my buttcheeks. The man loved playing with my butt cheeks as much as he loved playing with my cock. As he caressed my hairy cheeks, he sucked the tip of my cock in a circular motion. Despite him going at a slow pace, he still sent the pleasure through my body. I grew closer and closer to climax and I wasn’t sure if that was his goal or to just get me close enough to it.

An ecstasy filled moan flew out of my mouth as I drew closer to climax.

“I’m close,” I repeated. This information just urged Blake to blow me more. My head was pressed against the door as I stared down at him pleasuring my cock. Our eyes were locked with each other. Then it happened, my knees bent a bit and I felt the cum shoot through the shaft and straight into his mouth.

A flurry of moans and grunts came out of my mouth as I filled the young man’s mouth. This didn’t stop Blake from sucking though, he continued to work the shaft.

Blake stared up at me with his open mouth that was full of my cum. Gently, he squeezed the shaft to pull out the remaining cum. His tongue pressed against the tip as he licked the last bead of cum off.

He swallowed my load and stood up. With a smile on his face, he said, “You always give me a good time, Mr. Benoit.”

I gave him a smile back, “And your cock worshipping is always amazing.”

After Blake left, I had gone back in the pool for a few more laps before showering. Then I got ready for Jeffrey’s arrival. Which came soon.

The two of us were in the living room watching the game with beers in our hands. I was sitting on the recliner while he sat on the couch munching away at the peanut bowl. The game was pretty close but we had faith in our team.

“You think Doty is leaving the team after this season?” Jeffrey asked.

Doty was an older player on the team and had won several championships. He happened to be me and Jeffrey’s favorite player. But rumours began that he was planning to retire after this mecidiyeköy escort season. “I mean, I love the guy but he has three championship rings on his hand, I think him retiring wouldn’t be so bad.”

“Of course you love that man, bet you’d want to lay in bed with him,” Jeffrey said with a grin.

I turned to him and laughed, “You’re funny.”

“I mean, would you though?” he insisted.

Doty was an attractive man, many women loved him. But I knew he wasn’t gay or bisexual, so I had no interest in him. No point in being into a straight man, a man who won’t get on their knees before you.

“If he were gay, probably. But you know I am a top. I don’t suck a dick.”

Jeffrey gave me a nod, “I see, so you’re only into gays.”

“I mean they are great cock suckers.”

“I’ll take your word for it,” he said before taking a sip from his beer.

“Don’t knock it until you try it.”

“A blowjob is a blowjob.”

“Exactly, women don’t know how to pleasure a cock. They think they do but they don’t. A gay man, knows how to do it well and effectively.”

“So you say.”

“Remember back in high school, on the bleachers?” Jeffrey began to remember the night. The night I was referring too when me, him and two female friends went to the school football field at night with some beers. We had gotten a bit drunk and the girls had sucked our cocks. I remember Jeffrey telling the next day that one of the girls wasn’t very good at it. And I had told him that I felt the same way, but didn’t care at the moment.

“Yeah, I remember now, that was a night.”

I took a sip from my beer and then said, “I remember you not enjoying your blowjob that much.”

“Yeah, they weren’t that good. But I don’t mean I want a guy to suck my cock.”

“You should try it at least once, like the young kids say, you only live once.”

“Well,” Jeffrey began to say. I noticed he was starting to feel uncomfortable so I knew I had to withdraw this conversation. Personally, I would love for him to try it so he would get off my back for having fun with these young men.

I placed my hand on his shoulder and said, “Think about it. If you say yes, I got a few good cock suckers in the pocket.”

Jeffrey gave me a nod, “Of course you do, sure I’ll think about it. It’s probably going to be a no, but I’ll think about it.”

After the conversation, we continued to watch the game. I even remembered to give him the food my wife put away for him. My plan wasn’t to suck Jeffrey’s dick, I wasn’t into sucking cock. I had never done it and had never had intention of doing it. But I had always been curious on how much he would enjoy his cock being sucked by a guy. It was something I could definitely make happen, especially with a guy like Blake. But alas, I had to wait for the day Jeffrey would say yes.

On Monday, I was in the elevator trying to remember what I had planned for the day while dealing with a headache. I hated having to deal with headaches, and I knew it was only going to get worse. Mondays were always the busiest day of the week. I just hoped Monica was going to be able to deal with me today.

The elevator doors opened up and I walked out with my eyes glued to my phone screen. I knew my route to my office, I took it every day.

“Morning, Chase,” I heard a female voice say. I knew who it was, she greeted me everyday. Her name was Norma, she ran our logistics division.

“Good morning, Norma,” I said to her without looking up.

I continued to my office and before I entered, I said to Monica, “Bring me a Advil please, this headache is killing me.” Before she even said anything I was already in the office. I removed my coat and sat down on my desk and booted up my laptop. As I rubbed my head Monica came into the office, but when I turned to greet her, I noticed it wasn’t Monica. It wasn’t even a woman. It was a man. A young man, a man I knew that would change my life forever.

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