Seducing Her Daughter’s Best Friend

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When Carly Davidson left home to go to college, this meant her divorced mother was alone in the big house that she was able to maintain thanks to a generous settlement from her ex-husband, most likely the result of a guilty conscience brought on by his sleeping with half the women in town.

This was no great loss to Mrs. Elizabeth Davidson since their marriage had ended long before the papers were filed by her husband, but she waited it out as long as she could and then played the grieving wronged woman. On her own the very eligible newly divorced woman could play the field and besides being pretty well off Liz Davidson was still at 50 a very striking woman, a willowy blonde who still had a body that could rival many models.

So while Liz could pick and choose among the many men who came calling once she was free, she picked and chose carefully among those who weren’t looking for a well off cougar, and only dated enough men to keep the gossipers at bay. Elizabeth Davidson much preferred the affections of her own gender, and like she had done in college, she had her pick of any discrete young lady so inclined.

Elizabeth preferred a certain type of girl however, young ladies who were a contrast to herself physically. Women who were built like herself left her cold. Her tastes were formed back when she was young and had never varied.

One young lady who Mrs. Davidson had always been attracted to was a girl that her daughter Carly called her BFF all through high school and up until Carly left for college. Liz realized when he saw her daughter’s friend that not only did Carly look like her mother physically, she favored the same types of people she had. Proof of that was the guy Carly was now engaged to, a dull twit whose claim to fame was the fact that his old man owned a chain of grocery stores Carly, like her mother, was not marrying for love.

Anyway, when Carly brought her friend home and Liz met her classmate Jordan Spiros, Liz took an instant liking to her and knew that her daughter had inherited more than her looks from her side of the family. Carly seemed to have similar tastes as her Mom and while there was no doubt they liked each other Liz knew that Carly had chosen her new friend for somewhat selfish reasons.

Jordan Spiros was not unattractive but was clearly not in Carly’s league. Jordan was very shapely but a bit overweight, had olive skin, rich black hair and a rather large nose that went with her other features she got from her Greek parents. This, LIz knew from experience, would make Carly look better when they were out together. Superficial to be sure but something that had worked for Liz as well back in her day.

Jordan was also a better student than Liz’s daughter was, probably because Jordan studied and applied herself, whereas Liz suspected than Carly did what she herself had done to get decent grades, flirt with teachers. Her superior intelligence allowed Jordan to help Carly in school, studying with her and probably doing her homework for her too. Sometimes Liz thought that her daughter was even more superficial than she had been back then.

Carly and Jordan had not only been inseparable all through school, Jordan was a constant visitor to the Davidson’s house, something neither Liz or her then husband minded at all because Jordan was a very polite and thoughtful girl. One time Liz had asked Carly how come she didn’t spend much time at Jordan’s and Carly had made a face while saying that while Jordan’s house was clean it wasn’t nearly as nice as their house was. That surprised Liz because at the prices Jordan’s plumber father charged she thought the Spiros family must have lived very comfortably.

In addition to her many visits, Jordan Spiros was also invited to stay overnight at the Davidson’s house by Carly, and after the divorce those sleepovers became more frequent. Without a male presence in the house, while it would be stretch to say it became a sorority house, late at night the girls were not as modest as they would have been with Carly’s father in the house. It was not unusual for Liz to see the teens going to and from the bathroom or the kitchen clad in sleepwear like tank-tops, panties and nothing else. Suffice to say Liz Davidson said nothing but she did look. Not at her daughter, but at Jordan, and that was when Carly’s mother felt herself become attracted to the chunky girl.

Liz was jealous of her daughter, and that envy came from the fact that when Jordan slept over she knew that some nights there wasn’t all that much sleeping going on. The two tried to be quiet, but sometimes Liz could overhear what was going on in Carly’s bedroom. It helped when after having a couple extra glasses of wine once she had stood outside the bedroom with her ear to the door and her hand under her nightgown wishing she could take her daughter’s place as she heard beautiful sounds.

Liz did nothing of course, because even though she looked like a woman at an early age, Jordan Spiros was still a kid. After Carly went antalya escort all the way across the country for college, Jordan Spiros was no longer a visitor at the house, even though when she ran into the girl in town a few times she encouraged Jordan to come visit her.

That was where this story ended, up until Liz Davidson went grocery shopping at the local Shop and Save one Friday morning in May, and Carly’s mother was glad she did.


The tall willowy blonde in the bright yellow summer dress was noticed by the produce clerk at Shop and Save as she cruised through the store behind her cart. As always the pimple-faced stock boy smiled and greeted Liz Davidson warmly, and as was her custom she smiled and said hello in return, the simple words seeming to make the boy’s day and probably give him a hard on.

Liz Davidson was on a mission on this sunny morning, to get what she needed and get back home so she could sit outside by the pool and enjoy the first real warm day of the year while hoping the pool man would be coming by soon to open it for the summer. She only needed a few things and would have been in and out in no time if it wasn’t for the cashier working at register 4, but seeing Jordan Spiros changed her plans.

In the two years since her daughter Carly had left home, she had only seen her daughter’s friend a few times. Liz knew that unlike Carly, whose mediocre grades but her father’s influence had allowed Carly to land at a top flight college on the West Coast, the last time Liz had seen Jordan she had been attending Hudson Valley Community College because that was the best she and her family could do.

From a distance Jordan looked great to Liz, still carrying a few extra pounds and now sporting a shorter haircut. She didn’t seem all that happy, but then again she was scanning tuna fish for chump change, so Liz figured she had no reason to be thrilled at where she was and what she was doing.

Liz had a decision to make because Jordan was working at the Express lane, and she had too many items so the former Mrs. Davidson jettisoned a few things and waited in line, examining Jordan as she did. No ring, Liz noted, and while she wasn’t surprised she knew that Jordan had been dating the brother of the twit Carly was engaged to. Maybe they broke up, or maybe Jordan was only seeing the guy so she could double date with Carly and her guy.

Being early the store was fairly quiet so Liz cruised into Jordan’s line just as the previous customer was leaving. At first Jordan just mumbled a greeting without looking up but when Liz said hello the teen’s head jerked up and her mood changed.

“Mrs. Davidson!” Jordan chirped, her toothy smile bright and a front tooth still slightly tipped. “Long time. How are you? Oh, I love that dress.”

“This thing?” Liz scoffed with a smile. What have you been up to? Still at Hudson Valley?”

“Just graduated.”

“Where are you going next? State to finish up?” Liz asked, and when she saw another shopper looking for a cashier the bold blonde grabbed the sign that indicated this register was closed and slapped in at the end of the belt.

“Mrs. Davidson!” Jordan giggled. “I’ll get fired.”

“Bullshit. They’re lucky to have somebody as smart and sexy as you are working here,” Liz said, wishing they didn’t make clerks wear those bulky red jackets, although even with the unflattering clothing there was no doubt that Jordan was still a voluptuous girl. “You’re looking good. Lost some weight didn’t you?”

“No. Still fat,” Jordan lamented.

“Don’t be silly. And how come you haven’t come around to visit like I asked?”

“Feel silly just dropping by. You had enough of me hanging around there all through high school,” Jordan explained, reaching up and pulling some stray curls behind her ear, the short haircut growing on the older woman.

“I loved having you around, and I insist you come by. Carly told me I should offer you some things she wasn’t going to need anymore, if you wanted them,” Liz indicated.

“Carly coming home this summer?” Jordan asked hopefully. “She wrote and told me she was going to Europe with him soon but was going to pass through in August before school starts up again.

“Yeah, he’s got her on the leash,” Liz said, repeating the way that Jordan had referred to her daughter’s fiance to indicate she shared the shunned girl’s feeling about the guy

“Oh well,” Jordan sighed, clearly lamenting the way that her relationship with Carly had changed, and she was nursing a broken heart, something Liz was familiar with.

“Look. Please come over. We have a lot of catching up to do. Humor the old divorced lady.”

“Okay,” Jordan agreed with a smile. “I’ve really wanted to see you again but I guess I’m too…”

“Shy,” Liz finished, and could have added insecure and lacking confidence too.

“Tomorrow I’m off.”

“Then tomorrow it is. We’ll have some fun you and me,” Liz proclaimed while she grabbed the closed sign and alanya escort reopened Jordan’s register for her. “Can’t wait.”

Elizabeth Davidson paid for her things and after saying goodbye to her young friend grabbed the bag and headed for the door. When she stopped and turned before leaving the wave at the girl she noticed that Jordan had been watching her leave, the teen’s eyes seeming to be on her legs which were showcased by the short dress.

At least that was the way Liz saw it as she headed home, her nipples hard at the thought that the girl was checking her out, and as she drove she was already thinking about tomorrow.


“So many memories here,” Jordan said as she sat at the kitchen table with her host, looking around the familiar surroundings. “Seems I spent half my life here.”

“I loved having you around Jordan,” Liz assured her, reaching over and patting the wrist that held the girl’s iced tea, the touch of the downy black hair that graced the teen’s wrist making Mrs. Davidson shiver inside. “You were always such a good influence on her.”

“Don’t know about that,” Jordan chuckled. “We had our moments.”

“All teenagers do, or at least that’s the way I remember it.”

“I wish I could go back in time a couple of years,” Jordan sighed as her eyes went to Carly’s Mom, who in many ways was the spitting image of her daughter; a little taller and thinner but with the same perfect skin and shimmering blonde hair.

“I know, but you have your whole life ahead of you Jordan. Have you decided where to finish your studies? Staying local?”

“That’s kind of on hold since Dad died,” Jordan replied, and the look of shock on Liz’s face was real.

“Died? When?” she asked, sliding off her chair and kneeling next to the girl, and when she was told Leo Spiros had died of a heart attack almost a year ago she shook her head. “I’m so sorry honey. I didn’t know. I never read the obits. Why didn’t you tell us?”

“Not something you go around calling people about. Anyway, things are a little different without him, so I’m going to try and get a job and help Mom for a while, at least until we get on our feet.”

“That’s not fair,” Liz said, squeezing her round shoulder through the short sleeved blouse, and while she was upset she was still able to look at the deep cleavage released when the blouse bowed open above the top button.

“I guess life isn’t fair a lot of the time, but thanks,’ Jordan replied as Liz got back into her seat.

The blouse, a very neat but boring lilac colored thing, wasn’t nearly as revealing as the skimpy top Liz had chosen for the visit, but even the rather shapeless top the teen had on could not mask the girl’s full bust which seemed even larger than before.

If I had those, Liz thought as she tried not to stare and stay focused on the conversation, nobody would have to guess what was under my blouse, and that made the older woman giggle inside because even with her very modest endowment people got to see about as much as they wanted.

“I don’t know much, but I do know Shop and Save is no future for somebody as smart as you,” Liz insisted. “I’m going to see what I can do to get you some kind of assistance, maybe a scholarship? My ex has plenty of friends who still hit on me. Maybe I’ll work them for something.”

“Thanks but – anyway. Carly? Is she still intent on marrying doofus?” Jordan asked, the contempt clear in her voice, perhaps fueled by the splashes of vodka Liz had put in their ice teas.

“Looks like it, although she’ll probably wait until they graduate from college. Say, whatever happened to – I forget his name – doofus’s brother? You were dating him weren’t you?” Liz asked, but Jordan shook her head.

“Let’s just say we weren’t what either of us wanted. Miles, he wanted what his brother had, and clearly I’m no Carly. I just put up with him so we could all go out together and I could hang with Carly,” Jordan related. “He said he would consider staying with me but he gave me a list of things I had to do to meet his standards; go to an orthodontist, hit the gym, go for electrolysis. I wouldn’t have even put up with that crap from a guy I liked.”

“His loss, honey. You’re great the way you are,” Liz assured the girl. “And I think your drink needs refilling.”

“I dunno Mrs. Davidson. Can you get a ticket for bicycling while intoxicated?” Jordan giggled.

“Doubtful, and another reminder. Mrs. Davidson died a while back. Time to call me Liz.”


Liz brought Jordan down the hall to Carly’s bedroom, her hand on the girl’s round shoulder as they entered the unused room which was exactly like Liz’s daughter had left it. The older woman could sense Jordan’s emotions as she looked around the room, her eyes pausing at the sight of the bed where she had spent many nights with Carly, and then averting her eyes when she sensed Mrs. Benjamin looking at her.

It was a small bed for two girls, especially alanya rus escort one of them with as much substance as Jordan, meaning that intimacy would have been tough to avoid, but Liz knew that there was likely to have been very little avoiding going on. Was Jordan the aggressor? Did Carly just go along with it for the heck of it? It certainly seems by the way Jordan was acting that she was very serious about their relationship, and had fallen hard when Carly went away.

“Oh no. Look at us in this picture!” Jordan exclaimed when after looking through books she already owned, came upon a picture of herself with Carly taken a while back.

“Glimmerglass Lake,” Liz said as she looked over Jordan’s shoulder at her daughter and Jordan standing there smiling in their bathing suits. “Fun times.”

“Look at me. I looked like a cow even back then,” Jordan winced.

“Nonsense. You couldn’t help it that you developed early, Jordan,” Liz noted, the difference in physical development between the girls making it seem as if they couldn’t have been the same age, and the other woman smiled as she noted. “Your bathing suit though. I think you needed a fashion adviser.”

“Or fewer gummy bears,” Jordan suggested as Carly’s mother put her arm around her and lightly stroked the girl’s forearm, causing the fine black hairs to rise while Jordan shivered. “The leg openings of that suit kept slipping over and… I was hairy as a bear even then.”

“You’re your own worse critic honey,” Liz assured her while the memory of seeing the girl’s bush peeking out was as fresh as if it was yesterday. “Besides, we all have different tastes, and they change with time. Can I tell you a story?”


“I went to Hobart College, a place filled with snotty pretentious debutantes much like me,” Liz remembered. “Father drops me off at the dorm and I go to my room, eager to meet who would be my roommate, hoping she had connections so I could get into a good sorority. I open the door and am almost bowled over by the smoke. Now this is the 80’s remember, and don’t tell Carly this when you talk again.”

“if,” Jordan said softly.

“So there’s my roommate sitting on one of the shitty little beds, smoking dope and listening to music on her headphones so loud that I could make out AC/DC from where I was standing,” Liz laughed. “And this girl? I figured that there had to be a mistake, or maybe there’s a hidden camera somewhere with somebody ready to tell me it’s a joke because I’m not rooming with this thing. Wild frizzy hair, no bra and her head bobbing up and down wildly to the beat.”

“What did you do?”

“I turned around and walked out. Went to the administrative offices and told them to shuffle the deck because I need another roommate. Didn’t they know who I was? I was Elizabeth – back then I was still – Ellis. Meant nothing to them, but I was told I was free to find someplace off campus to live,” Liz recalled. “Went back to the room with the girl still rocking, and I figure that I might as well make the best of it until Daddy could rescue me.”

“As it turned out her name was Celeste, a skinny girl with big boobs and wild frizzy red hair., and as for the rest of her?” Liz said. “The girl had never touched a razor in her life, and you didn’t have to look hard to see that either. Furry legs, bushy armpits. A real bohemian. I tried not to look at the girl the first week of school, but soon after we got friendly, and then we got friendlier still. After a month we usually only used one bed at night, and those things were smaller than Carly’s.”

“You?” Jordan said with shock evident in her voice.

“Yep, and went we parted ways at the end of the year we were both crying at the prospect, because she wasn’t coming back to school in the fall. Celeste wanted me to join the Peace Corps with her. Imagine me in the Peace Corps?” Liz chuckled. “Still, part of me wonders what that would have been like and where I would be now if I followed my heart.”


“Moral of this story is – well, it’s twofold I guess,” Liz concluded. “Two cliches. One is don’t judge a book by its cover, and two, opposites attract.”

“Are you alright Jordan? Hope I didn’t freak you out or anything,” Liz said as she hugged her guest’s shoulders from a position beside and slightly behind the shorter girl.

“No,” Jordan said softly, watching her friend’s mother open the top dresser drawer that was in front of them and pull something out.

“Remember this?”

“Guess I must have left it here, and you went and washed it for me,” Jordan said as she held up the blue tank top and shook her head. “Thanks but it was kind of small on me even back then.”

“Isn’t this one of those belly shirts?” Liz asked, fondly remembering meeting the girl out in the hall in the middle of the night with that on.

“I don’t think it was designed to be, but I had a belly back then that probably made it seem like one,” Jordan snickered in self-depreciation..

“No, you had a little tummy but it was cute and so was that shirt. I don’t know if you remember but I think it was the last time you slept over,” Liz reminisced.

I think you’re right,” Jordan replied while looking at the shirt with glazed eyes as she likely was thinking about those days.

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