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Note to readers this is my first story. I had the idea for it for years just never got around to writing it down hope you enjoy…..

Hi my name is Steven. I am a 23-year-old man about 5 feet 11 inches tall.

I’m just your average 6 inches below the waist but never had a problem with getting a girlfriend or fuck buddy.

My younger 21 year old sister Jessica or Jess as I call her was the opposite. It wasn’t because she was unattractive she was always a cute kid growing up with her bright blonde hair (lucky for her because mine is dirty blonde) but as she grew up I noticed the changes. Being older I went through the male equivalent. We were both and still are very active people I choose sports, and she just choose running and yoga etc. Since she’s fully grown into her adult body it makes her stand at 5 feet 7 inches a bit shorter than me which along with being older I never let her forget it.

Back before our parents died in a plane crash when I was 19. I never thought about Jess in any other way other than my sister probably since I didn’t see her naked or half or even in a bikini she always stole my swim trunks which I thought was odd but that was her choice.

So we have been living by ourselves in our parents old home and had no money problems thanks to our parents will and the jobs I took for something to do after high school. I got lucky being blessed with the sports and smart gene and Jessica got blessed with the model olgun porno like looks and the artistic gene she could paint write sing she could do it all.

One night in the summer years after our parents passed I got home from my job at our small towns corner store. I parked my dodge in the garage next to my sisters ford (charger and mustang) closed the garage door and went into our house. I grabbed a cold beer out of the fridge and sat down in our living rooms couch to watch a movie.

I just got comfy when I heard my sister humming as she was coming down the stairs of our two storey house. She was listening to music via headphones and didn’t hear me come in when she turned the corner and saw me sitting there she screamed and I thought to myself owwww that was loud enough that our neighbours even though we don’t have any would think I was killing her.

Hey big bro when did u get in said Jess

Me being to tired from a long days work wasn’t looking at the time, so I just told her not to long ago. Sorry to scare you I said not really meaning it.

It’s OK Stevie (her annoying nickname for me) I just wasn’t sure when you would be home can I get you anything from the kitchen she said. I looked down at my beer, and she noticed and said I’ll get you another one.

We weren’t far apart from each other but I didn’t think she would see mine was almost empty maybe a swallow or two left. As she came back into the playboy porno room with a beer for both of us sat down and handed it to me I noticed her tank top rose up a little high and showed a decent amount of cleavage. I grabbed my pack of smokes of the table and lit one to distract me since the movie wasn’t working.

How can u smoke those things they will kill you ya know Jess said to me

I needed them after our parents died and just got use to smoking half pack during work days and full pack on days off.

Since she knew that was a touchy subject for me she decided to change the subject.

Wanna play truth or dare Jess asked with her puppy dog eyes.

Are you OK sis we never played that or anything like it.

Yea I know but that’s why its perfect we do it now since were adults we won’t dare silly things or at least maybe not as much she told me.

Yea why not could be good for a few laughs I said.

Owww what was that for sis

Come on bro you play sports and that was barely a punch and it was just your arm she said while giggling

Fine so girls first

OK truth or dare Jess asked

Um I’ll go with truth after I grab us another beer I’m gonna need to be a little drunk god only knows what things you will dare me to do.

As I came back in and sat down she grabbed her beer and asked I know you are not a virgin since I could hear you and your exes through the walls pornhub porno but how many women have you went all the way with.

Crap I said to myself I should have picked dare. Well I have only been with four women in the biblical sense my turn.

Truth or dare sis

Um truth she said

Just remember Jess you struck first so why have you never had a boyfriend or even talked about a boy.

Ha good one bro not. I’m just not comfortable around anyone guy or girl young or old.

But your comfortable around me I said/asked

Well your my big brother I’ve known you my whole life its different she said

My turn truth or dare Jess asked

With the risk of looking stupid I choose dare

UMM ooo I got one I dare you to chug a whole beer without spilling a drop

Easy, so I got up grabbed a fresh beer opened it and chugged it all down and burped in her ear.

Asshole she said

What you chug a beer and tell me you don’t need to burp Baha

True but You didn’t have to do it in my ear Jess replied

Your right I’m sorry I wasn’t thinking my turn tho truth or dare

I’ll go with truth again your questions are weak anyway Jess said and laughed.

Weak eh alright why is it you never wore/wear a bikini or anything like that your skinny but have curves in just the right places so you can’t be ashamed of how you look.

It’s a secret growing up with it was never easy and its just weird all the doctor’s mom took me to growing up none of them had seen it before that’s why Jess told me.


Thanks for reading if you want to find out the secret let me know in the comments section I’m pretty sure you probably won’t see it cumming…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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