Rose’s Awakening Ch. 01

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Ah it has finally happened, my little girl has turned 18. She did so a few weeks ago and a day later her mother filed for divorce. I had not seen it coming and it hit me like a ton of bricks. She said that she just wasn’t happy anymore and with our daughter being 18 she could make her own mind up about how and where to live.

My daughter, Rose, had always been a daddy’s girl so that much I figured would be easy. She had decided to stay with me seeing as how if she moved with her mom, she would have to change schools and the upheaval she just didn’t need.

Rose is a petite 5’2″ little babydoll with a knockout figure. She has long raven black hair, and bright blue eyes that sparkle. A nice 36c chest and a slim waist. She has those pouting lips that make a man’s cock quiver. Add this all to a brilliant straight A student who acts like a bubbly blond most of the time and that is my daughter.

Rose had decided to stay out late this night and not call. I had paced the floor for the first hour or so and then started to panic. What if some little punk kid had gotten her drunk, and/or gotten her into the backseat of a car. My mind filled with the terror of imaging these things, I could picture her walking through the door disheveled and tear stained make-up.

Just as I thought the worse in she walked. She looked just fine and I felt relief and anger at the same time. “Where the hell have you been little girl?”, I demanded. “Daddy I was just out with the girls and we chose to go to a late movie and then go grab a bite to eat.” I stood there furious my rage turning slowly to lust as I looked over her. It had been nearly a month since her mom left and I had no sexual release since then.

“You are grounded”, I told her, “in no way shape or form are you going out for the next two weeks, no phone, no car, nothing but school.” Her little face got all red and she started to tear up. “But dadddddy, I promise not to do it again, this is the first time and I forgot my phone its upstairs.” I thought a moment before speaking for I rarely punished my little girl. I knew all of her friends had phones but I also may have just overreacted. NO, I must stand my ground I thought.

“My mind is made up princess two weeks of chores and nothing else besides school may bring you to your senses next time.” She shook her head in a silent affirmation. Then she came to me and hugged me. “Daddy, maybe you are right, I should’ve called and didn’t. Plus maybe a few weeks with my old man might help us both out.” She wiggled even closer to me as she said this. I could feel her big breasts pressing against my chest and could tell no bra was holding these perky babies up. I wondered what she had meant by her statement but I let it drop.

“Now go to bed angel and I want you to have breakfast ready in the morning when you get me up.”

She looked up at me fluttering her little eyelashes, “Daddy it seems you are already up.” She giggled and ran off to bed I assumed as I looked down and realized I was at full attention in my shorts. I caught just a glimpse of her ass bouncing up the stairs in the tight jeans she had on and admired it for just a split sec. My god I thought this may be a tough two weeks.

Day 1. My little girl came in bouncing up and down on the bed. “Wake up daddy, breakfast is prepared.” She was wearing only a thin robe and I could see the outline of her breasts pressed against the silk fabric and a hint of the big nipples. She leaned in close and I thought she was going to kiss me on the lips but she pulled back and kissed just on the corner of my mouth before turning around to bounce back off the bed. That brief turn showed me a tight firm little thong covered behind.

I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen smelling the aroma of blueberry muffins and coffee. A plate of the muffins awaited me on the table and she was just finishing up making eggs and toast. As I sat down she presented my plate and coffee at once. “You know pumpkin, all of this is not going to get you off any earlier”I said. She just smiled and said it might in the long run. My mind reeled again just what intentions did My daughter have.

It being Sunday, I finished breakfast and told her it was delicious before picking up the paper and reclining to my chair in front of the TV. Football games were just starting and this was my one day of indulgences all week. In bursa escort she came just as the halftime show started. I could smell something cooking and wondered what she would whip up for dinner. “Something smells good princess, what is it?” She leaned in close with her hands behind her back, her robe opening just enough to allow me to see the swell of her breasts.

“Its me of course daddy” she giggled. I knew she had something behind her back and asked her what it was.

She brought forth two beers, smiling as she always does and asked me if she could have one to. Considering she wasn’t going out and she was 18 now I figured I would allow it. She plopped down on My lap and opened them both before handing me one. I watched her transfixed as she brought the bottle to her lips, letting her lips just over the open neck of the bottle and going down just slightly on it as she tilted her head back and swallowed a mouthful. I knew my cock was on the rise and tried to scoot her over so she wouldn’t feel it but she just scooted right back. Wiggling her ass down hard and grinding on my shaft.

I tried to ignore it and went back to watching the game as she leaned her head down on my shoulder and snuggled her little face against my neck. I could feel her breath tickling My neck and her lips just inches from My flesh. It felt as if a thousand butterfly wings were covering My neck and coating the inside of my stomach. How could a grown man be feeling this way about his daughter I wondered to myself. But as she continued to wriggle in my lap I felt the heat of her body every inch of her flesh alive and next to me. Those sweet bee stung lips pouting and prepared to kiss, suck, and nibble me I thought if I would only initiate the contact. I told her in a simple manner that she should finish her beer for it is nasty when warm. She pulled back just enough to tip the bottle against her lips again and took a long drink nearly emptying the bottle.

Then she leaned forward and whispered into my ear, “Daddy, this is my first drop of alcohol ever and I am feeling quite tingly all over.” I inwardly smiled knowing what she wanted and even hinted upon with this little statement. She needed to give me just one reason, or so she thought to take advantage of her. My little baby girl was doing her best to work me into a quivering rage of male hormone driven lust. I lifted her up by her waist and stood her on the floor and decided here and now I was going to give her just what she so desired and needed. Stand against the couch my angel and stay there until I come for you. I went to the bedroom and pulled out the big long box from beneath the bed….

Rose’s mother and I had been playing little bondage, submissive and Master games for a long time. Her mother always enjoyed prancing around acting bad when we were alone enough to give Me reason to pull out this little box and whip her tiny ass hard with the paddle or leather strap. We had built up a collection of whips, paddles, weight clamps, wrist restraints, vibrators and dildo. All of this made my cock rise remembering the whore her mother could be at such times and wondering if my rose had inherited the same traits. I continued to rummage through the box until I found just the right things. A nice leather paddle, leather wrist restraints with soft cotton inside and around the edges so as not to leave permanent marks or dig to hard into her flesh. I also found the clamps, one for each nipple and one for her clit. I went to My dresser and pulled out of the drawer a silken blindfold and the little golden chain that would link all three clamps. I went back to the box and found the last item I would need today and slowly pulled it out, thinking soon a new one would have to be bought made especially for My little rose. A brilliant collar studded with tiny diamonds that had been made for her mother for our tenth anniversary.

I looked at my body as I shed my clothes and decided to put something more fitting for this situation on. I went into the closet and pulled out a little tight black T-shirt that rippled across My chest making me look twice as thick as I actually was. It accentuated every muscle. Then I pulled on a pair of silk boxers and some black jeans..I wanted to look the part that I was feeling. I knew that this was wrong but if I was going to do it I was going all out.

Walking down the stairs with the items bursa escort bayan I had picked out I sat them on the floor next to rose. She started to turn around but I quickly instructed her to remain as she was. I reached around and placed the silken blindfold around her eyes and then told her to clasp her hands behind her back. Remembering first how hard it would be to remove the robe once she was cuffed I opened her arms out for a moment and pulled it off. She gasped, “Daddy no, you can’t do that.”

I told her to shut up she was being punished for being a bad girl and she wasn’t to speak unless spoken too. She nodded her head and then let the robe drop to the floor. I kicked it away and then put the little restraint around her wrists. I spun her around knowing she could see nothing now. I reached out and teased her nipples. “Ah” , she whispered through a thinly veiled smile… I was feeling the same as she was I was sure, the first touch in a new lifestyle for My daughter. If I was to make her my slut, it was going to take the full two weeks, I decided to make each day long and deliberate with training.

Thumbing her nipples I watched them swell. Big, firm nipples the clamps would fit nicely over them. I bent down and picked up the clamps and attached the first one. Listening to her whimper excited me even more. I let the clamp shut around her nipple and gave it a little tug. I watched her whole body writhe in her lust. She loved the sensory depravation and the clamp(s) so far. I quickly added the other clamp and looped the chain through the ends. I tugged hard and watched her mouth open in a soft O as she delighted in the sensations. I decided the other clamp for her clit would have to wait I didn’t want her cumming yet. I spun her back around and bent her over the couch and told her that she was to count.

“Daddy what am I counting?”, she asked coyly. THWACK! My bare hand came down and cupped her ass in the first hard spank I had given my baby girl in years. I had to rub that sweet ass just a little seeing how womanly it was and the way it was perfectly shaped. She pushed her backside against my hand and started to wiggle her pussy up towards the fingers which were just barely were out of reach of her soaked pussy. I could see the wet lips surrounding the thong but I would not give her the pleasure of My touch yet. I moved My hand down to the paddle and raised it cracking her ass harder this time. “I said count you little slut!”

“Two daddy two,” she replied. THWACK! She instantly said “Three Daddy Sir.”

I couldn’t help but smile..she was learning quite nicely and obviously knew what I wished to hear. This continued for a good hour. Slowly methodically I spanked her little ass, I alternated methods between rapid hard spanks and slow deliberate well aimed swats. By the time I finished she was moaning and crying at the same time. Her panties I could see between her puffy little pussy lips were soaked. I could make out the moisture dripping between her thighs. Her hips still rotating, as I stopped spanking, in need begging to be swatted more. I put my palm down on her ass and felt the heat radiating from it. I gave the chain a good tug and her yelp in surprise. “Down on all fours like a good slut,” I commanded, “For the rest of the day you will either lay on your back or be positioned on hands and knees so that I have access to your body.” She whimpered and wiggled her little hips again as if begging for some relief. I knew she had not cum yet and nor was I about to let her. This little girl was about to be trained right….

As the day wore on I would tease and spank her little bottom over and over again. Just enough each time to send shivers through her and put her on an orgasmic edge. I would reach down and stroke her hair and then tug her little chains hard pulling her nipples taunt. I had no doubt that I could take her anytime now. After her first initial complaint that we could not do this she hadn’t spoken again except to count her spankings. I was so pleased with her that I thought I may just allow her a little touch but then I caught her sneaking her hand between her thighs as I returned from emptying the old bladder. “You little silly bitch, I was just about to allow you the privilege of playing with that hot pussy but now I can see I must put the restraints back in place so that you can’t touch yourself.” I grabbed her escort bursa by the hair and she tried to flail and get away but it was of no use. I drug her up onto the couch and pushed her face down, bringing her arms behind her I quickly reapplied the restraints.

I saw her open her mouth to say something but just as quickly she closed it. I ran My hands through her hair and told her it was time to talk now. I removed her blindfold and left her with her head on the couch pillow and turned her face to see me. I told her that when she spoke she was to address me as Daddy, Sir from now on or simply Master. Her dating life was over and that she was now My private little plaything. I told her that there would not even be school for two weeks. This would present no problem seeing as how she has missed no days prior to this all year and this was Easter vacation. This had slipped My mind earlier but it came back now so all she would miss was a week of school. That could easily be remedied with a phone call on the following Monday explaining she had the flu and that one of her friends could bring by her homework and missed assignments.

“Now, if you have anything to add my pet do so.” She looked up at Me with her adoring eyes and said, “Master, Daddy, Sir, I love you and will do all you ask but when are you going to touch Me? When are you going to claim what is your’s? Sir, I have wanted to feel all of this and you inside my little body for well over a year now when I walked in and caught you and mom playing this game.” I couldn’t help but grin, so this had been a part of My little princess’s plan all along. I figured it was just as well that she had wanted all of this, because now I could rest assured she wouldn’t run and tell the police the day her punishment was up. I leaned down and kissed her and told her I would be training her in all aspects of this lifestyle and that if she progressed as I hoped each day then I would be claiming all of her little body soon enough. “My pretty Rose, I am going to put this collar upon you now and claim you for just long enough until I can get you down to the local shop to make one of your own. It was your mother’s but seeing as how she no longer needs it I believe it will fit you nicely.”

“Sir, if I may ask do you think there is anyway to convince mom to come back? Some way W/we could work her into this equation. I know my Master should have more than one fucktoy and plaything.” I smiled now there was an idea, I knew she was a smart girl and it was proving itself now. I leaned down to kiss her lips just briefly.

“Perhaps, my pet after you are fully trained we can lure her over hear and reclaim that fine cumloving slut as our own.” My mind was already racing in ways to tempt her mother back here. I thought of a few different scenarios but would have to get back to that. I reached down and rolled rose over. I ripped the panties off of her and just stared at the hairless little pink puffy lips between her legs. She was so smooth and shaved and her tummy nice and flat. Her hip echoed the thought sex. This little girl was made to be a fucktoy I thought. It was at that moment she choose to part her legs and spread them wide for me. I could see the pink lips spread just enough to show her glistening slit. I decided that after this long day she would need sleep and bent down to sling her over My shoulder and carry her upstairs. I took her to My bedroom and lay her down flat on the bed. Her big breasts rising up from her chest the nipples begging to be teased by a tongue or have them tugged by the chain again. I removed her wrist restraints and then clasp each hand above her head. I cuffed her hands to the bedpost and told her to adjust as she needed but this is how she would be sleeping.

“But, Sir, how am I to move?” She had started to cry slowly then. I reached forward and stroked her cheek lovingly and told her that she would learn to adjust until I decided she wouldn’t touch herself without permission. I lay down beside her and stroked her cheek and ran My hands down her sides just grazing the soft orbs of flesh upon her chest. I was lazily stroking her and aware that she had spread her legs should I decide to touch her there. I continued My touch down her thighs never getting close enough so she could arch and draw My hands to her sex. I put one arm around her and the other hand removed the nipple clamps, A brief reprieve until morning I thought. I lay there softly caressing her as I drifted off to sleep. She eventually drifted off as well. For when I awoke in the middle of the night she had curled her body to mine and was breathing deeply in her sleep.

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