Role Reversal

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It had all started during our Sophomore year of college. My best buddy Matt and I needed to talk to one of the assistant coaches for our football team, and since he had an open-door policy regarding offering help to any player on the team, we had made our way to his office unexpected.

We had just walked through the door when we saw that Coach Rob (as we all called him) was actually watching porn on his computer! The lights were off, so he didn’t notice us standing in the open doorway. I quickly hushed Matt’s stifled laughter and we stood there, watching Coach Rob as he jacked his dick to porn. I had to admit that even though Coach Rob was in his 40s, I had always found him really attractive. He still had a great body, with bulky muscles and a hairy body. Best of all, he was currently wielding an enormous hard dick, sticking straight up through the open fly of his jeans like a flagpole, the large mushroom head leaking precum. We had a front-row seat to the show he didn’t know he was giving us. I couldn’t believe we had caught our coach watching porn and jacking his dick right in his office with the door unlocked.

It didn’t take us long before we also realized that it wasn’t just any porn he was whacking it to, it was gay bondage porn. Matt and I both immediately popped up hard as rocks in our jeans as we focused on the site in front of us: the porn showed a young, slim but muscular twink jacking off the dick of an older daddy type. The daddy was tied to a bed, and the twink was teasing him and talking dirty. Saying things about how hard the daddy’s dick was and how much he liked being edged without being allowed to cum! I heard Matt moan quietly beside me as we watched Coach continue to jack his big dick, too focused on the porn to notice us standing there. I turned to Matt and pointed to Coach, shaking my head and jerking my thumb over my shoulder in a universal sign for “let’s get out of here”.

Once we had sped down the hallway, Matt turned to me,

“Damn dude, why did we have to leave? I wanted to watch Coach shoot his load!” He laughed. “Did you get a look at that huge dick he’s got? Fuck, man! Unbelievable.”

“Dude, I wanted to stay and watch too, believe me! But I think I have a much better idea.”

“What is it?” Matt asked, his eyes lighting up as he reached down and gave his dick a squeeze through his jeans. I had to adjust my own hard dick as I thought back on the site I had just seen.

It was better than I could have hoped for.

The truth is that Matt and I were a little more than just buddies, and we were no strangers to kinky sex games. We had met during Freshman orientation, and it only took about a week until we both realized we shared a passion for trying to seduce hot guys into letting us dominate them. So far we had managed to talk three different guys from the football team into letting us tie them up and edge them for hours. We made a great team, Matt and I, and we had gotten an apartment together at the beginning of our Sophomore year. We hoped to get many more guys into our apartment for a long night of fun over the next few years of college, and we had decided to make Coach Rob our next conquest.

And so we got to work. I created a new Google Voice number using Matt’s phone, and we wasted no time in sending an anonymous message to Coach Rob.

“Dude, what should we say?” Matt asked, excitedly. I laughed,

“Leave it to me, Matty Boy. I think I know exactly how to play this.”

I began typing out the first message to Coach Rob: “Do you also beat your dick to gay fetish porn on your work computer in the middle of the day?”

I showed the screen to Matt and he laughed,

“Yes, dude! Awesome!”

It only took about five minutes before we got a reply from Coach Rob: “Who is this?”

We both laughed.

“Just a couple of your players who saw you jacking it to twink/daddy porn. You gay or what, Coach?”

This time we had to wait about 20 minutes while he most likely stewed, cursing himself for being so stupid and trying to figure out who could have seen him

“I’m bisexual, I like men and women. Not that it’s your business.” He wrote.

I quickly sent a reply: “Sure it is, Coach. You made it our business when you decided to jerk off in your office where anyone could walk in. Was that the point? Did you want us to see you? Does the risk of getting caught make your dick hard? It would be in your best interest to meet with us as soon as possible so that we can discuss the matter further.”

An immediate reply from Coach Rob: “Give me one good reason why I should.”

I typed furiously: “Because our interests happen to align, and we want to make your porn fantasy come true. We want to edge you and tease your big dick till you can’t take it anymore. Meet with us and before the night is over we’ll make you cum so hard you’ll pass out. What do you say? Wanna be the Daddy to a couple of jock twinks, Coach?”

I was starting to get a little nervous. What if he said no? We weren’t trying to blackmail him or anything like that, we just wanted to fuck with him a little bit before the main event.

Fuck, we wanted him. Badly.

Finally, after what seemed like an hour, he replied: illegal bahis “Where and when?”

“We got him, dude! Fuck yeah!” Matt said, even more excited now. His dick was tenting the basketball shorts he was wearing big time, and I reached out to grab his boner, rubbing it through the slick fabric of his shorts. Matt moaned and pulled the waistband down under his balls, letting me

get a good grip on his naked dick. I slowly jacked him off with one hand as I considered my reply to Coach Rob.

Finally, I sent Coach Rob our address and told him to come over the following night at 9pm. I added one last instruction: “You will wear the following items of clothing: a white jockstrap, tight jeans, and a tight white t-shirt.”

He replied with one word: “Fine.”

I had gotten so horny thinking about how we would hopefully soon be dominating Coach Rob, that I had to do something about it. I got down to my knees and took Matt’s hard dick into my mouth, slowly sucking him and teasing him with my mouth. Unsurprisingly, I loved to hear him moan as I edged him with just the right amount of suction and tongue to keep him on the edge for as long as I wanted.

“Fuck yeah, bro, tease that fucking dick for me!” He moaned and his body shook with lust as I pulled off and sucked just the head of his dick for a few minutes while he tried to thrust back into my mouth. I pulled off of his dick completely and slowly jacked it while I looked up into his eyes,

“You want me to deep throat you, Matty Boy? That what you want?” I asked him, my voice coming out low and husky.

“Yeah dude, suck me down, swallow my dick. Come on.”

I didn’t. I tortured him for another half hour before finally swallowing his dick down my throat, milking him, making him pop in about five seconds flat. I could feel his dick jerk and throb in my throat as he shot his load of cum. He thrust up onto his toes as he shot, his slim body slick with a sheen of sweat. I rubbed my own dick through my jeans as Matt blew down my throat and I shot my own load into my boxers a few seconds after him, Matt falling down onto the sofa, his body lurching with aftershocks.

Matt and I were unbelievably horny that night, and I ended up fucking him three times. I couldn’t seem to get enough of his tight little bubble butt, and he couldn’t stay off my dick. We finally passed out around 1am, completely exhausted.

The next day was torture. We had to wait all day until Coach Rob was due at our apartment. We tried our best to act normal during practice that afternoon as he yelled at both of us to run faster, shaking his head at us, completely clueless to who we really were. But we knew it was only a matter of time before he was tied to our bed with his big dick at our mercy.

We raced home from our last class that afternoon, and after eating a quick lunch, we began to prepare for that evening.

We laid down a thick black rubber sheet over the bed. We also had a set of restraints that slipped under the mattress and held your ankles and wrists securely. I knew they worked. Matt had broken them in on me the first day we got them, teasing me for over two hours armed only with a bottle of lube and his hands. His face had been only inches away from my dick the entire time, taunting me with the promise of a blowjob he never intended to deliver. He eventually jacked my teased-up dick into a huge explosion of cum that shot him right in the face. Served the brat right. I then got my revenge when I tied him into the restraints the very next night, sucking his dick with my finger up his ass, massaging his prostate for three hours before letting the brat cum down my throat. The restraints had also managed to hold the three other guys from our team, so we knew they’d hold a larger guy like Coach Rob.

After we had arranged the bedroom the way we wanted it, we decided to change into loose board shorts and stringer tank tops so we’d be more comfortable when Coach Rob arrived. We were already hard just thinking about what we were going to do to Coach, our boners bouncing around in our board shorts, leaving wet patches of precum. As horny as we were, though, we stopped ourselves from playing with each other. We’d be blowing our loads later that night, for sure.

The doorbell rang at 8:55. We opened the door, and there stood Coach Rob. Dressed just like we had told him. The jeans were tight Levi’s 501, and hugged his thick, muscular thighs and ass perfectly. The t-shirt he had on was white and well worn, an old undershirt, and we could clearly see the shadow of his hairy upper body and hard nipples through the thin cotton.

We noticed something else, as well. His hopeful expression had turned into a deep frown.

“What the fuck, it’s you two?!” He demanded loudly. Clearly unhappy to find Matt and I on the other side of the door. “I knew you two would be trouble one day! So what is this? Some kind of sick prank?!” He was clearly unamused and growing angrier by the second.

“Why don’t you come in and we can talk about it, Coach?” I asked.

He didn’t move. He looked around us and peered inside the apartment warily. Finally Matt spoke up,

“You wanna get your rocks off or what, Coach? Cause illegal bahis siteleri everything we told you in those messages was true. No prank, Coach.”

I had to stifle my laughter. Coach Rob relented and stepped inside. I quickly closed the door and locked the deadbolt. The last thing we needed was someone interrupting our fun.

“Have a seat on the sofa.” I told Coach Rob as Matt sat down beside him, pressed close. Coach Rob gave him a funny look, but relaxed back against the cushions of the sofa, his legs spread wide, his muscular quads flexing as he got comfortable, covered in the tight jeans we had told him to wear.

Matt and I were both staring at Coach Rob’s bulging crotch. The button fly of the Levi’s was straining against a pretty large bulge. We had seen his dick hard, straining upwards in all it’s glory when he was jacking it in his office, but we had only ever seen him in much looser pants until tonight. Maybe his giant dick and large, full balls was why he normally wore such loose-fitting pants.

I could tell just by looking at Matt’s expression that he wanted nothing more than to reach over and grope Coach Rob’s bulge, making him hard immediately. Matt had no patience when it came to this type of seduction – he wanted things immediately. Thankfully I was there as well. I wanted to get my hands on Coach Rob’s bulge myself, but one of us had to have control. My dick started to grow in my shorts at the thought, and one look at Matt told me his dick was already fully erect, tenting his shorts.

“You want a beer, Coach?” I asked him casually, pointing to the kitchen. Coach Rob gave me a disapproving look,

“A beer? You guys are too young to be drinking! You’re both only, what, 19? As one of your coaches, I really shouldn’t be condoning the underage drinking of my players.”

He sounded like a university press release. This guy really needed to relax and lighten up.

Matt huffed out a short laugh,

“And should you be having sexual activity with your players?” I smiled as Coach Rob looked like a deer in headlights.

“I’ve never…never done this before!” He spluttered, still clearly nervous, “especially not with two of my players!”

“So you want that beer, then?” I asked, amused and smiling. It seemed like this was going to be the trend of our series of seductions. The other three guys from the football team that we had played with were nervous as fuck at first too, most guys would be their first time doing something like this, but as soon as they got horny, their attitude quickly changed. Matt and I were no different. Add sex to the equation, especialy sex that was fulfilling all their deepest fantasies, and most guys were much more willing to go with the flow.

“Yeah, I think I’ll take that beer now.” Coach answered, swallowing hard.

We sat on the sofa together for awhile. We made small talk while we all had a few beers, Matt remaining pressed up against one side of Coach, me sitting a few inches on the other side of him. We talked about football, and shot the shit. By this point Coach Rob had definitely noticed that both Matt and I were fully erect, our dicks straining against the board shorts as we sat there, our legs spread wide.

The longer we talked, the more relaxed Coach Rob became, now openly ogling both of us, his hungry eyes looking up and down both of our lanky, leanly muscled bodies. His gaze always came back to rest on our tented shorts, though. I was cheering in my head the whole time, horny and ecstatic that we had managed to snare him, and I’m sure Matt was too. Matt probably had a little darker vision of what he wanted to do to Coach Rob than I did.

The clock was ticking, and I nodded to Matt, letting him know we should probably start acting now. That was the only signal he needed, he went right for that impressive bulge in Coach’s jeans.

Coach jumped a little bit in surprise, but then settled back down onto the sofa as Matt gropped and squeezed Coach Rob’s crotch. Coach’s breathing picked up immediately, his eyes slipping closed and his head falling back on the sofa.

Matt and I looked at each other, smirking as Coach let a few small moans slip from his lips.

“Damn, Coach! This big dick of yours is starting to get hard! I think you definitely like this, dude!” Matt said teasingly, “why don’t you haul that big thing out of these tight jeans and give it a little more room to breathe?”

Coach Rob did not need to be told twice. He opened his eyes, looking between Matt and I on the sofa, and then unbuttoned the top button of his Levi’s, ripping down the button fly and exposing his heavy dick, restrained from growing to it’s full mass by the tight jockstrap.

“Why don’t you go ahead and slide those jeans and jock all the way off?” I murmured softly against his ear, “get a little more comfortable.”

Coach slipped his feet out of his trainers, and then lifted his hips and ass off the cushions of the sofa long enough to slide his jeans down past his ankles, leaving them puddled around his feet on the floor. The tight jockstrap followed quickly after.

Now, Coach Rob was completely naked from the waist down, clothed only in the tight white undershirt that canlı bahis siteleri covered his bulky upper body. He peeled that off without being told, and then there he was: a fucking masterpiece.

His entire body was hairy and covered in thick, bulky muscles. For a man in his 40’s, he had taken amazing care of his body and clearly still lifted weights and worked out on a regular basis.

The most impressive sight so far that evening, however, was his dick: red and thick, fully erect, thrusting up from between his large thighs, his pubic hair neatly trimmed.

Matt had clearly reached his limit, having all he could take, the sight of Coach Rob naked and spread out on the sofa in front of him driving Matt insane. He reached out and began to give Coach Rob a slow handjob. He worked Coach’s dick up and down, his hand twisting around the large head of Coach’s dick every time he got to the top, before slowly sliding back down.

I knew this technique well – Matt liked to use it on me when he had me tied up at his mercy (and Matt had very little mercy until he’d made me suffer for several hours every time we played. However, he knew that my revenge on him would be directly proportionate to his torture of me.)

Coach Rob was really starting to get into the pleasure of the handjob. His head was tipped back against the sofa again, his eyes shut, deep groans coming from his mouth as Matt worked him over hard.

Coach raised his arms up to grip the back of the sofa, getting better leverage to thrust his dick into Matt’s grip as if he were fucking it, his hips and ass coming completely off the sofa. Each time he really got going, though, Matt would loosen his grip, causing Coach Rob to fall back against the sofa with a groan of dissatisfaction.

With Coach Rob’s arms raised, I sat there and simply watched the show before me: Matt was enjoying himself immensely, and had undone the fly of his board shorts, his dick hard as a rock and sticking straight up into the air, a trickle of precum beginning to run down it. I watched Matt’s dick for a few seconds as it twitched. I loved Matt’s dick. Loved torturing it with pleasure. I loved denying it that pleasure even more. Matt’s dick wasn’t porn-star huge, but it was larger than average, which only made it look bigger than it was due to his lean body. Matt was shorter than I was by several inches, and all of this created an optical illusion that only served to compliment the size of Matt’s dick.

Meanwhile, Coach Rob was getting closer and closer to cumming. I knew that now was the crucial moment.

“Hey, Matt. Let’s move this into the bedroom, huh?”

Matt stopped his handjob of Coach Rob immediately, smiling at me. Coach opened his eyes, looking around in a daze, coming back down to Earth as he realized that his pleasure had stopped.

I knew how he felt – Matt had great hands, especially when they were wrapped around a dick. Sometimes it felt like you were truly on another planet when Matt worked you over

“What do you say?” I asked Coach Rob, “you ready to get this started?”

“Yeah, man!” Coach answered enthusiastically, “I was ready just a second ago!” He said, laughing lightly and making reference to his impending orgasm.

“Yeah, well, you mighta been ready to finish, dude, but we’re just getting started.” Matt told him, giving his dick one last long, slow stroke from base to tip, squeezing it, before standing up. I stood up too and we motioned to Coach Rob to follow us into the bedroom.

Coach didn’t balk when he saw the restraints and black rubber sheet on the bed. He seemed to eye it with fascination, his eyes flashing lustfully.

Matt slipped off his tank top and Coach stared at his lean, almost hairless body. His eyes trailing over Matt’s pecs and deeply-ridged abs. Matt did have great abs. I took off my own tank, revealing my own upper body. I was taller than Matt, and my shoulders were wider. I also had more body hair – a trail that led from between my pecs right down to my abs, where it fanned out a little bit, before finally finishing at the base of my dick.

I took a minute to think about some of the games Matt and I would play with each other. Sometimes, especially when we were in public places, Matt would slide his hand up under my shirt, rubbing through the hair on my lower abs, his hand massaging the skin between my belly button and the base of my dick. His hand would sweep low, working under my waistband, tangling in my pubic hair, almost grazing the base of my dick, but not quite. He knew this made me horny, and he would continue right up to the point that I started to get hard, then stop and pull his hand out from under my shirt, laughing at me loudly as my dick grew into a full, hard erection in about three seconds. I would be stuck in public with a thick, hard boner, and there would be nothing I could do about it! Matt could be a total shit when he wanted, and he always wanted. I inevitably got my revenge, though. One of my favorite tricks to play on Matt was to wait until he was in class, and then send him photos of myself, maybe fucking a Fleshlight, or jacking myself with my hand, my long, thin dick shiny with my precum and my fingers wrapping around my mushroom head on the upstroke. I knew this would cause Matt to bone up immediately in the middle of class, and he would have to excuse him, walking past all of his classmates as he tried to pull his hoodie down to cover the embarrassing state of his crotch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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