Richard’s Bay Pt. 02

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“But you might get so caught up in the moment that you ask me to stop without truly meaning it. Instead of ‘stop,’ say ‘strawberries.’ That’s our secret code that tells me you are done. How does that sound? Is that okay, Miss Anna?”

Something about the way his breath caressed her neck when he spoke her name made her knees weak. What was that? Something about strawberries? That’s the code word for stopping. Got it.

Anna smiled sheepishly, and nodded her understanding in Roger’s arms. That was okay. He will not go any further than I allow him to go. He will hold me for a bit, we will enjoy the storm for a moment, and that will be that. She bit her lower lip. And that will be that…

Anna’s eyes widened and she gasped when his lips pressed to her shoulder. They felt hot and soft. A trail of tender, moist kisses made their way along her shoulder to the base of her neck. Without a thought, Anna angled her head to one side to allow the exploring lips better access. Roger kissed her neck and throat, her jaw and just behind her ear. Her heart hammered in her chest and in her ears as his hot breath caressed her bare skin. Her toes curled at the sensation and her every twitch or struggle only resulted in him tightening his hold of her. This, in turn, elicited a soft groan from her.

Strawberries. She had to say it now. This was roaming into dangerous territory way too quickly.

Say it, Anna, she scolded herself.

Roger spun her around and pressed her against the wall beside the bed. He had a very different look in his eyes now; there was something frightening in them. He grabbed both her wrists and pinned them over her head, holding them in place with one hand. With the other, he lightly stroked her face, admiring her youthful beauty and the softness of her cheek. As lightning crackled outside, the jagged light reflected off his eyes and made it seem a storm brewed within them as well.

Strawberries! Say it now, before…!

He pressed his lips to hers.

And Anna wholeheartedly kissed him back.

Roger’s free hand reached behind her, gripping at her rear and tugging her up against the wall, lifting her feet clear off the floor and putting their mouths an even level. He held her, suspended in both his arms and held in place by pressing his body against hers while their lips’ dance quickly devolved into lustful kisses. Anna moaned into his mouth as she was held, near-helpless against the wall. She tugged uselessly at her wrists and her feet dangled beneath her. In that moment, all she knew was helpless abandon and the intimate, passionate kiss of this lustful stranger.

Rain pelted the glass, drowning out most of her muffled moans. His hot body pinning her to the wall made her dizzy and weak. Her dress slid up her thighs as he pressed against her and his hand gripped greedily at her ass.

Anna could feel the blood rushing to her face as she made out with this man, not to mention all the other places blood was rushing. She tried to close her legs but was obstructed by Roger’s body. She settled on wrapping her legs around him, instead.

He tugged gently at her hair and broke the kiss long enough to bite at her throat just hard enough to sting, but hardly enough to mar her flesh. He trailed his lips across her throat and bit her again, just a little harder. Anna tensed up against him and cried out.

Strawberries. This is it. You have to say it now. Remember Tom. Remember…

Roger pulled her from the wall, still holding her aloft in both his arms and layed her gently back against the bed.

“Roger! No… we can’t…”

He looked at her with that damned adorable smile. Mischievous.

“Get off…!” Anna’s eyes widened as Roger reached down and lifted her dress, running his fingers beneath the waist band of her cotton panties. She squirmed beneath him and pushed, but didn’t say the magic word.

Anna felt her underwear ataşehir escort bayan being tugged down over her thighs and her knees. She chewed on her lip so much it was becoming raw. Her panties were at her ankles. Off one leg, then the other. Roger’s lips found hers and whatever rational thoughts she might have been managing during that brief interlude were again swept away in his passionate kisses. His tongue danced playfully against her and he groaned hungrily against her mouth. With her underwear removed and her dress raised to her hips, all that remained between them was his clothes. Anna was distantly aware of just how wet she had become, but she couldn’t do anything to hide it at this point.

She tugged at his shirt and slid her hands underneath it and across his back. His back was smooth and strong. His kisses traveled to her throat and Anna sighed. Warm lips pressed to her chest just within her blouse between her breasts. This made her giggle and she ran her fingers through his hair. He tugged gently at her shirt and moved his lips to press soft, warm kisses against her now-exposed stomach. Rather than tickle, this felt tender, almost sweet.

Anna’s eyes widened as his kisses continued making their way down her body. She jerked in realization and was about to sit up when he pushed her back against the bed.


That was all he said. That one word and that dark look in his eyes before returning to his task.

Strawberries. Say it!

Anna opened her mouth to speak.

Instead, she uttered a soft whine and clamped her mouth shut as Roger’s lips pressed hot kisses between her parted thighs.

“W-wait…!!” was all she could manage before he parted his lips and pressed his mouth firmly against her. His tongue stroked her, and he moaned loudly at her sweet taste. Feeling him there made her entire body tremble. She grasped his head to pull him away.

Another stroke of his tongue. He pressed it between those puffy lips, tasting her again and teasing her swollen clit. She shivered and he lifted her thighs over his shoulders.

“Ohh… god..”

Rather than pull him away, she held onto his head and guided his mouth. Anna arched her back and lifted her hips against the lashing tongue. She squirmed on the bed, feeling dirty, horny, ashamed, and entirely lost in pleasure. Her moans quickly filled the room as Roger’s lips and tongue stroked and licked with singular purpose and determination. When Anna’s hips bucked a little and she attempted to pry his head away, he grabbed her hands and held them firmly away.

Anna trembled and writhed on the bed, feeling helpless again as this man’s tongue relentlessly stroked her. Every touch of his tongue was a minor electric shock that pulsed from between her legs and the intensity was gradually building. She tugged at her wrists, tried to squeeze her thighs shut. She squirmed on the bed and the word strawberries was on the tip of her tongue. Her body trembled and she felt that familiar tightening as the waves of an intense orgasm swept through her.

Anna screamed.

She twisted on the bed, turning her head so she could scream into the pillow beside her as she entirely lost herself in the sheer intensity of the climax.

It lasted a short eternity, but it was evident to Anna that Roger was far from done. She breathed heavily, trying to catch her breath and lazily opened her eyes to see him removing his boxer shorts.

Too far. She should say strawberries now and stop this…

She glanced down at his large erection as he climbed onto her and pressed his mouth to hers. She tried to speak muffled words against his mouth and she squirmed when she felt his iron-hard cock laying across her soaking entrance. One of his hands squeezed at her left breast through her dress.

Anna pressed a hand to his chest in one last, futile attempt to stop him. Roger broke the kiss and escort kadıköy looked into her eyes, searching them. When she said nothing, he grabbed both her hands and lifted them on the bed.

“They stay here until I say otherwise. Understand?” he demanded on a low voice.

Anna looked into his eyes and gave a small nod.

Then, she felt him enter her. Slowly. When she closed her eyes, Roger paused and lighty slapped at her cheek. Anna’s eyes snapped open and he glared into them.

She understood. Anna was to keep her eyes open. She nodded and he proceeded to ease himself into her.

Roger entered her slowly, enjoying the sensation of her tight inner-walls firmly clasping around him. Anna could feel him stretching her as her body accommodated his hardened shaft. He held himself in place, fully inside her, allowing her to feel his heart’s pulse through the light throbbing of his cock.

He began to rock his hips against her, basking in the sensation of being inside her. His gentle rocking soon turned to thrusting. Each thrust caused a deep pressure to build.

Something about the way Roger rocked his hips as he thrust had him hitting just the right spot. Roger lifted himself partially off her and watched her as she bounced beneath him, moaning and squirming about with every push inside her.

Roger tugged at the front of her dress, fully exposing her right breast. He watched it bounce a bit as his thrusts came harder and faster. He gave it a gentle squeeze and pinched the nipple, drawing a short shriek between moans.

There was that mischievous grin again.

Damn you, Roger.

Anna bit back a smile as the man laying against her began to speed up. She lost herself in the sensation of being filled repeatedly. The way he thrust and rolled his pelvis against hers made her tremble again.

Suddenly he pulled away and out of her. She looked down at his dripping, still-erect cock and felt a distant inner-tug. She felt torn between what she wanted to do and what she should do. Roger interrupted her thoughts by giving her a simple command.

“Turn over. On your knees, head on the pillow.”

Anna found herself complying without question. She wanted more. The idea of using their safe word was a distant thought. She layed her head on the pillow and pointed her ass up at Roger in the compromising and unflattering position.

She moaned audibly and her fingers dug into the hotel bedsheets when Roger entered her again from behind. His hands stroked her rear before finding their place at her waist. He started pounding into her roughly at a rapid pace that made her bite the pillow and cry loudly in pleasure.

It was almost too much!

Anna bounced her thighs and ass against him, pressing him deeper and with more force.

“Please… Sir!” She almost said “Tom.” Roger didn’t seem to notice the slip. In fact, calling him “Sir” only seemed to make him pound her harder.

Sweat dripped off his forehead and onto her back as his breathing became heavier and his moans louder. Anna played on his excitement at being referred to as “sir.”

“Please, sir… cum for me!” Those words seemed to push him to the edge as his thrusts suddenly became slower but with more intent.

Roger suddenly pulled free of her and turned her onto her back on the bed as he knelt beside her. Without much warning, hot, sticky cum shot out of his throbbing cock and onto her neck, throat, and chest. Some dribbled onto her exposed breast as he moaned loudly and squeezed every last drop out onto her exposed skin.

Anna was surprised but felt oddly satisfied, fulfilled and with purpose. She hadn’t felt like this in a long time – far longer than the month since she’d last had sex.

Roger collapsed on the bed beside her and breathed like he had just run a marathon. Anna relaxed and tried to calm her breathing as well. Lightning flashed and thunder bostancı escort roared as though to mark the end of their coupling. Anna smiled and drifted off to sleep a short while thereafter.


Ring! Ring! Anna blinked away the sunlight pouring in through the open windows. When did the rain stop? She reached for the phone and answered it with a half-asleep voice.


“Hey, Love!”

Anna froze and came fully awake as she searched her room. No sign of Roger; he must have left earlier.

“Hey Tom! I’m just waking up… that was one hell of a storm we had last night.”

“Great! Then I’ll see you for breakfast. I’m headed out in a cab from the airport and should arrive in about forty-five minutes.”

Anna agreed, offered a half-hearted “love you” and hung up.

She sat up and glanced around the room again. It was no dream. She was still wearing the same dress with a half-exposed breast and no panties underneath. Her eyes squeezed shut and she fell back against the bed. What in the world did I do?!


An hour later, Anna found herself waiting for her fiancé in the lobby. She was freshly showered and wore a different dress: a yellow-and-blue summer dress that was airy and light. It dipped a little low in the front, but it was casual enough to wear about along the lake’s shore yet nice enough to not look out of place in the elegant hotel. She wore sunglasses and a hat with flip-flops on her feet. There was probably still lots of water and mud out, but the sun was shining bright and the lake’s waters looked so appealing.

And there was that other thing. The thing that happened with Roger last night. Why had she given in so easily? She couldn’t put the thoughts out of her mind. The way he kissed her and touched her. The way he made demands to which she so readily complied. She sipped on her coffee, trying hard not to think of any of it.

Anna distracted herself by looking through some of the pictures that adorned the hotel lobby walls. One picture in particular caught her eye: an older man in a suit standing next to a young gentleman in a shirt and slacks with a disarming, boyish smile and a mischievous look in his eyes.

It was Roger!

The caption read: “Edward T. Dorer, founder of the Grand Hotel and son, Roger Dorer, 1925.” A chill crawled up Anna’s spine. She walked quickly to the day receptionist: a small man in his 50s named Charles.

“That picture, the one right over there. Is the Roger who is staying here related to him? They look very much alike!”

Charles glanced in the direction she was pointing and shook his head. “Nah. Doubt it. Mr. Dorer sold the place after his son died and he moved back to the US shortly after. The Dorers don’t live around here and I never heard about him having any other kids.”

“His son died? You mean Roger?” Anna’s heart starting hammering in her chest.

“Oh yah. There’s a story about it and everything. He died right here in one of the third floor suites. 312 or 313. I forget. Everybody ’round these parts knows about it. Some say the lad still haunts these halls, the silly folk.”

Anna’s words caught in her throat momentarily.

“B-but… there is a Roger staying here, right? A young man who stayed here last night? He says he comes here all the time.”

Charles shook his head. “Not in the off-season. We get booked for parties and retreats and the like, but this old place isn’t as popular as it used to be. We keep the place pretty year-round, but this is the off-season and there are only four other rooms occupied this week.

There’s no ‘Roger’ anywhere on the guest list.”

Anna tried to smile as though she was the star of a prank in poor taste.


Her heart skipped a beat and she spun around.

It was Tom. He held several bags and a plastic container filled with a fresh morning snack he’d purchased before departing the city.

“Hey, Love. Finally here! Are you hungry? Would you like some strawberries?” He offered her a bite and smiled at his beautiful fiancée before pulling her into a warm embrace.

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