Reunion Secrets Ch. 02

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I woke in the morning alone in the bed. All that remained of grandma was the scent of her perfume mingled with the smell of our sex. I yawned, put my clothes on, and headed to my room.

Showered and changed, I grabbed some breakfast and headed out to the beach to get some sun. The family had pitched camp on the sand in front of the resort and a vigorous game of volleyball was in progress – – our side of the family versus Cousin Bill’s. My dad coaxed me into the game. I played for an hour or so and then took a dip. There was no sign of grandma, and I heard some others say that she and the ladies had gone into town to do some shopping.

In the meantime, I bumped into my cousin Tracy who, the last time I had seen her was a scrawny 15 year-old. She had blossomed into a svelte, sexy 18 year-old who was looking very hot in a micro string bikini. I taught Tracy how to belly surf the waves and after a half hour or so we washed up on to the shore and lay there on the sand clowning and joking.

“There you are, Jimmy.” I heard my grandmother’s voice and looked up to see her standing above Tracy and me. She was wearing a black two-piece bathing suit and a semi-transparent sarong. “And who’s your little friend?” She stood with her hand on her hip.

I smiled and stood up. “This is Tracy, Jack’s daughter. You remember her.”

Tracy stood and grandma eyed her up and down.

“Yes, I do,” granny said without a smile and a little cooly. “So nice to meet you again, Tracy.”

Tracy smiled and said hello.

“I think your daddy wants you,” grandma continued with a smile. “He’s up in the lounge inside.”

“Okay,” Tracy said. “See you Jimmy.”

She ran up toward the resort.

“That skinny little thing,” grandma said. “She wouldn’t know how to take care of a man like you.”

I laughed. “We were just goofing around, gran.”

Grandma looked at me. “Goofing is for kids.” She winked.

I smiled, feeling a little nervous by granny’s response.

Grandma flashed a big pendik escort smile. “You know, honey, I really want to explore the beach a bit. Look for some seashells. Let’s take a walk.”

Gran looped her arm in mine and we strolled down the beach, enjoying the sun, the waves, and the warm breeze.

“Jimmy,” gran said as we walked along. “Last night was delicious. Don’t you agree?’

I nodded my head vigorously. Gran looked back over her shoulder at the family group which was receding in the distance. She put her arm around my waist.

“Look, up there,” she said, pointing to the dunes and laughing. “I think I saw an egret or something.”

She tugged me up away from the beach and into the dunes. Soon, we were alone, surrounded only by sand and sun. She stopped and wrapped her arms around my neck. We kissed passionately, our kiss moving from tender to hungry as our tongues twined around each other.

“Baby,” grandma murmured. “I missed you so much. And . . . I missed that nice big cock so much.”

She reached down and gave my rapidly hardening dick a squeeze through my shorts.

“Take off those trunks,” she whispered in my ear.

I took a quick look around and then slid my trunks down over my hips and to my feet. I stood naked in the blazing sun, my cock bouncing around in the breeze. Gran took a step or two back, away from me.

“Baby,” she murmured. “That’s beautiful. I wish I had a camera.” She laughed. “Play with yourself.”

I began to slowly stroke my cock with my eyes glued on grans’ massive cleavage.

Gran took a look around and then unhooked her top. Her big, juicy tits tumbled out into the sun. She grabbed one in each hand and began squeezing and pinching them. I heard her moaning softly as she took her nipples between her fingers and squeezed.

“Oh yes,” she whispered. “Honey, this is so hot.”

I grinned and began yanking my hard cock even harder.

“Over here,” grandma muttered hoarsely. “Come closer to me.”

I slid in front escort pendik of her, stroking myself with one hand.

“Take off my bottom,” she whispered.

I pulled off her sarong and it flapped to the ground. Then, slowly I began to draw her bikini bottom down over her hips, tugging it gently down her thick, shapely legs. Grandma continued playing with her tits. Her shaved mound looked so appetizing that I dropped to my knees and, with my cock wobbling between my legs, began licking her pussy.

Gran moaned and I felt her hand on the back of my head, pulling me insistently tighter against her pussy. She leaned her hips down and hunched her smooth pussy hard against my probing tongue and busy lips. Soon, I could smell her sweet juices. I grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and pushed my tongue deep into her pussy. Gran moaned louder and began trying to push my head back and forth across her pussy. Slowly at first and then more quickly, I began really devouring her pussy – – pausing to nibble on her erect clit, licking it and sucking on it until her hips began to buck against my mouth.

“Oh Jimmy,” she practically yelled. “Yes, baby. That’s it. Oh, baby.”

Her moans and grunts encouraged my cock to telescope to an impossible length and grandma, sensing my excitement, suddenly pushed my head away from her pussy. She nudged me backward and I fell onto the warm, smooth sands. I rested there on my elbows, my knees drawn up and my cock waving like a palm tree in the warm breeze. She dropped to her knees and began crawling up my body, dragging her big, pendulous tits across my thighs, my cock, my stomach, and then my chest.

We kissed passionately, even roughly, and then in one quick motion grandma grabbed my dick and stuffed it into her pussy. I gasped. Her juices were warm and slick and I slid my entire fat, long dick into her until our pubes were crushed together. Soon we were bucking together in perfect rhythm – -my thrusting hips met by her assertive downthrusts.

We must have fucked like pendik escort bayan this – – our grunts as muted as we could – – for ten or fifteen minutes. Finally, I yelped in surprise as I felt my cum boiling in my balls. Gran shouted encouragement and I grabbed onto her tits as I raised my hips in one powerful lunge toward the sky, pushing gran up and off the sand. She wriggled her hips around my cock and I exploded in a mind-blowing climax. I pumped savagely for a few seconds, trying to keep my climax going. And then, spent, I dropped my hips back to the ground while grandma continued to grind her pussy against my cock with little whimpering grunts, her eyes squeezed shut and her mouth hanging open.

She collapsed on top of me and we lay there for several minutes until my deflating cock retreated from her hot, juicy pussy. Kissing me on the lips and then my cheek, granny got back onto her knees, straddling me.

“Oh my god, Jimmy,” she murmured, staring down at me lovingly. “That was fantastic.”

I agreed.

Gran stood and gathered up her clothes and began pulling her bikini back on. I lay there – – the hot sun baking my body and my slick, shiny cock trailing across my thigh.

Dressed now and adjusting her sarong, granny turned to scan the beach.

“Come on, lover,” she said. “Let’s take a quick dip in the ocean and clean up.”

I pulled on my trunks and we walked down the dunes to wade into the gentle, warm waves. We stood in the water hugging and kissing each other until we suddenly heard a shout. We separated as we turned to see my Dad far down the beach, waving in our direction. We waved back.

“Shit,” I said to gran. “Do you think he saw us?”

Gran laughed. “Don’t worry, Jim. We’re just enjoying a nice grandmother-grandson moment. Everything’s fine.”

She splashed me and then began trudging through the water toward the shore. Not wanting to confront my dad, I dove into the waves and swam underwater. When I popped back up, I saw the two of them talking intently at the water’s edge. I dove back down and swam out further into the ocean. Turning back to shore, I saw gran and dad walking away from me, back toward the family gathering. I swam back to shore and rested on the beach.

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