Reform School Sisters Ch. 17

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The Nixon family spent the day enjoying the privacy of the secluded cabin, swimming in the nearby lake and soaking up some sun on the rear deck. They did some catching up with their aunt Gina and cousin Jamie, and everyone began to relax and start having a great time together.

Lilian seemed distracted, however, and frequently excused herself to make a phone call or check her email. It was obvious the stress of dealing with their situation with Donald wasn’t allowing her to take it easy.

Breanna noticed her mother’s reluctance to join the party, but wasn’t sure how to put the older woman’s mind at ease. She wished she could give her a nice, strong orgasm to help her de-stress, but unfortunately no opportunity arose for her to be alone with the older woman.

Cassie and Kimmie, however, seemed to be taking every opportunity to sneak off and get familiar with one another. Bree had to smile, understanding the sisters were still going through the beginning stages of their newfound sexual relationship. She looked at her own sister, and found it incredibly difficult even now to resist pulling her into a room and making fiery, passionate love to her.

She and Paige were patient, and waited eagerly for the evening to come to an end and for the family to begin getting ready for bed. Finally, Jamie stood from her chair at the kitchen table and stretched, pressing her breasts forward enticingly.

“I think I’ll turn in.” she announced to the group. “It’s been a busy day!”

Bree took her cue and stood as well. “We’ll come with you, right Paige?”

“Yeah! I’m beat!” the younger sibling said, although she seemed anything but.

The three girls said goodnight to their mothers, (Cassie and Kimmie had already gone to bed) and headed upstairs to their shared bedroom.

After brushing their teeth and changing into their sleepwear, the girls shut the door and sat down on the bed.

“Hey, check out what I snuck in!” Bree giggled, pulling three beers out from under the night stand. She’d gone and grabbed them while Jamie was in the bathroom. “Let’s stay up a bit and have that slumber party we talked about!”

Jamie giggled and took the bottle Bree offered her. “Yeah! Let’s be bad girls tonight!” she said with a laugh.

Paige and Breanna shared a look, and they all took a swig of their beers. “Drink up, ladies. I brought a six pack!” Bree announced, pulling the box with the rest of the drinks out and setting it on the bed between them.

The girls gossiped and joked with each other until each had finished their first drink and started their second.

“Hey!” Paige exclaimed. “We should invite Cassie and Kimmie to join us! Make it a real party!”

“That’s a great idea, Paige!” Bree laughed. “Hey Jamie, go grab them!”

“Ok, sure thing!” Jamie hopped off the bed and left the room to get their cousins. As soon as she left, the sisters turned to each other, excited and nervous for what was about to happen. They reached out and held each other’s hand as they waited for Jamie to return.

A few seconds later, Jamie came back, looking as if she’d just seen a ghost.

“Jay?” Bree asked, concern in her voice. “Are you ok?”

Jamie stood in the doorway, appearing to be in shock. “I… I just heard… I think Cassie and Kimmie are.. are messing around!” She whispered the last part.

“Messing around? What do you mean?” Paige asked, feigning confusion.

Jamie glanced back out into the hall then shut the door and came to join her cousins on the bed. “They were like, moaning and stuff. Do you think they’re… they’re doing it?!?”

Breanna and Paige looked at each other. “Naw… That couldn’t have been what you heard.” Bree said.

“I’m telling you, Bree. It’s the only explanation! Go see for yourself!”

Bree sighed. “Fine. I’ll be right back.” She left the room and waited out in the hall for a few seconds, then walked back in, acting just the way Jamie did moments before. “Ok… They’re definitely fucking.” she said, sitting back down on the bed.

“Should we tell our moms?” Jamie asked. She looked like she was starting to freak out.

Bree was quiet and thoughtful, for a moment. “They’ve been through a lot, you know.” she finally said. “They’re all each other has had for a few years now.”

“Yeah… That’s true.” Paige added.

“Maybe it just… happened. Maybe we shouldn’t judge them, until we know what they’ve been through.”

Jamie blushed. “I… I guess I didn’t look at it that way…”

“You know, when Paige and I were stuck in St. Rutherford’s this year, all we had was each other, too. I can’t imagine what it would have been like without her in that hell.” Bree looked bursa escort at her sister and took her hand.

The girls were all quiet for several minutes. Paige and Breanna continued to look at each other, and Jamie contemplated what her cousin had said. She knew she couldn’t imagine what either pair of sisters had gone through. “I… I guess it’s not so weird… in that context.” she finally said.

“Yeah… If they love each other, who are we to stick our noses in it?” Paige added, smiling. She paused, then said: “What do you think it’s like?”

Bree smirked. “Are you getting curious, little sister?” she teased.

Paige lowered her gaze to the floor and shrugged.

Bree giggled. “Well, I’m not sure what fucking your SISTER would be like… but doing it with a girl is pretty awesome.”

Jamie balked. “You’ve done it with a girl??”

Bree nodded. “Sure! I went to an all girl’s school for a whole year! I couldn’t survive that long on these!” Bree held up her fingers and wiggled them, making the other two giggle.

“Would it be weird if I asked you for a kiss, Sis?” Paige asked shyly.

Bree pretended to be taken aback. “Well… I don’t know… Would you be alright with it, Jay?”

Jamie looked a bit uncomfortable, but she relented. “G-go ahead. Don’t let me stop you.”

The sisters turned to each other and smiled nervously. They leaned in slowly, laughing as they both accidentally tilted their heads in the same direction. They’d planned all of this of course, for Jamie’s benefit.

They pressed their lips gently together for a brief, but seductive kiss. They pulled back slowly, but almost instantly leaned back in for more, their kiss deepening. The sisters moaned into one another’s mouths, quickly getting lost in the taste of each other’s lips.

Jamie observed nervously, fidgeting in her seat as her cousins seemed oblivious to her presence. She cleared her throat in an effort to interrupt them, but the girls ignored her, reaching for one another’s faces and pulling themselves deeper into their kiss.

Jamie couldn’t ignore the fact that she was beginning to get turned on. She downed the last of her beer and set the bottle on the floor. “Can… can I try?” she asked timidly.

This request caused her cousins to finally separate, and Bree looked at Jamie. “Are you sure?” she asked, a little short of breath, but suddenly seeming much more in control.

Jamie nodded, her cheeks burning a deep pink. Bree leaned in, and her lips brushed lightly against her cousin’s. When she felt Jamie suck in her breath, she plunged her tongue into the girl’s mouth, and they immediately began to make out passionately.

Jamie’s head spun as her cousin took over. Bree’s expert tongue excited her own, and her hands began to caress the girl’s bare thighs gently. Jamie was completely absorbed in their kiss, finding she never wanted it to end.

Paige, however, had a different idea, and nuzzled into Jamie’s neck, kissing it with scorching lips. “Let me have a turn with her.” she purred, her words making her cousin wet. Jamie turned her head, and her lips collided with Paige’s, the two kissing hungrily.

As Jamie tasted her younger cousin, Bree lowered her lips to her throat. Jamie whimpered. Feeling both of her cousins’ mouths on her was too much for her to handle. She groaned, her tongue plunging deeper into Paige’s throat.

As the three girls made out, Paige and Breanna guided Jamie down onto the mattress, laying her on her back. They laid down on either side of her, and their hands began to roam over her trembling body.

Jamie had her lips wrapped sensually around Paige’s tongue. She sucked it greedily, moaning as she enjoyed the taste of her cousin’s mouth. Bree was sending shivers down her body as she slid her lips up her neck and pressed her warm tongue to her ear.

Bree moved her hand down, slipping it gracefully inside Jamie’s pajama bottoms. Jamie’s breath caught in her throat as she felt her cousin’s fingers rub against her dripping pussy.

Being bombarded on either side, Jamie felt overwhelmed by her sexy cousins. Her hips lurched forward, undulating against Bree’s rapidly strumming fingers.

Paige pulled her lips from Jamie’s, and was immediately replaced by her sister. She looked down at the spot where Bree’s hand disappeared inside their cousin’s bottoms and grinned. Her hand moved down as well, and Bree adjusted so Paige could touch Jamie too.

The two sisters slid their fingers over Jamie’s pussy simultaneously. Bree sunk her fingers into the girl’s opening, while Paige rubbed at her throbbing clit. Jamie tilted her head back, drowning in forbidden, but decadent pleasure. She let out bursa escort bayan a long, sensual moan, overcome with incestuous desire.

She squealed as she started to feel her bottoms slipping down over her hips. Paige and Breanna were moving down her body now, and taking her pajamas with them. They pulled them over her ankles, and knelt between her open thighs, admiring her wet, naked pussy.

Jamie looked down at their excited faces, her heart pounding in her chest. When Bree leaned forward, her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and she whimpered, feeling her cousin’s tongue slide through her gooey folds.

Bree lapped at Jamie’s cunt eagerly, her face getting coated in the other girl’s juices. Paige took the opportunity to strip out of her sleepwear. Once naked, she leaned forward, wiggling in next to her sister to get her own taste of pussy.

Bree let Paige take over, and took her own clothes off. She slid her hand over her sister’s ass, and together the two naked sisters worked their tongues against Jamie’s drooling snatch.

Jamie was writhing on the bed in ecstasy. Her cousins’ tongues were all over her pussy, sending waves of pleasure shooting through her body. She reached down, holding each of them by the back of the head and pulling them harder into her needy cunt.

“Oh, God, girls… that f-f-feels… sooooooo good!” she groaned.

Bree had settled on her cousin’s clit, wrapping her lips tightly around the sensitive bud. Paige had her tongue buried deep in Jamie’s open pussy, fucking it enthusiastically. The girl’s juices were everywhere, soaking both of their faces and leaking onto the sheets.

Jamie’s skin burned as she got the cunt licking of her lifetime from her two voracious cousins. Her body was pouring with sweat, her chest heaving, and her pussy gushing.

With a sudden, vulgar urge, Paige slid her face lower, pressing her tongue against Jamie’s tight anal opening. Jamie squealed, but her hips started to undulate faster, seemingly encouraging this new, taboo addition to their love making.

As the two girls tongued her sensitive body, Jamie began to feel her orgasm rising. She dug her fingers into their hair, and wriggled herself faster into their faces. Without a word, she arced her back and let out a loud, shaky groan as her climax erupted.

Bree quickly clamped her lips over Jamie’s clit, sucking it hard to prolong the girl’s pleasure. Paige shoved her tongue deep inside her cousin’s rectum, wiggling it inside as pussy juice splashed onto her face.

The sisters expertly guided Jamie through her orgasm, their mouths hitting all the right places to make the girl see stars. When she started to calm down, they pulled back and looked at each other.

Both girls’ faces were covered in pussy cream, and they burst with laughter when they saw the state of each other. They climbed back up onto the bed, where Jamie lay panting on the rumpled sheets.

Kneeling on either side of their cousin, the naked sisters leaned over her, and started to kiss and lick the pussy juices from each other’s faces. Their kiss quickly intensified, and their tongues pushed deep into one another’s mouths.

Jamie slowly opened her eyes as her breathing returned to normal. She saw her cousins hanging over her, their lips locked in a passionate kiss. Hesitantly, she slid her hands up each girl’s thigh, moving toward their steamy pussies. She could feel the heat radiating from them before she made contact.

Paige and Breanna groaned as Jamie’s fingers slid inside them. They started rocking their hips against their cousin’s touch. Their kiss got messier, causing saliva to drip from their slick chins.

Jamie pumped her fingers enthusiastically in her cousins’ snatches. The taboo of fucking them like this was driving her wild. She found herself completely hooked on lesbian, incestuous sex.

Jamie looked up at her cousins’ swaying tits and her desire flared. She sat up, while keeping her fingers plunged in both their pussies. Leaning forward, she was able to nuzzle into Bree’s chest, and wrapped her lips around one of her throbbing nipples.

The reaction she received from Bree – a squeal of both surprise and arousal – drove her to suck harder. She eventually switched to Paige’s bouncing tits, running her tongue greedily over the supple flesh.

Paige and Breanna pulled their mouths apart and looked down at their cousin with hungry eyes. Together, they reached for the hem of Jamie’s shirt, pulling it up over her back.

Jamie let them remove the last of her clothing impatiently, then dove back in to their delicious breasts. Her head whipped back and forth, and she lapped at their jiggling tits ferociously. escort bursa

As she worked on her cousins’ tits and pussies, she felt their hands pawing at her own newly bared mounds. She groaned around Bree’s tit flesh, and pumped her hands faster, causing pussy juice to spray onto the sheets on either side of her.

Paige’s hips churned as her cousin fingered her. Her skin was bathed in sweat, and her face was flushed a deep pink. She hunched forward, burying her face in the nape of Bree’s neck, and cried out as an orgasm shot through her. Her body convulsed, and she slammed herself down wildly on Jamie’s thrusting fingers.

As Paige came, Bree pulled Jamie’s face up to her own, and the two cousins kissed savagely. Saliva swirled between them as their tongues duelled.

Bree was getting close to her own orgasm, and began to pound her hips frantically, whimpering into Jamie’s steamy mouth. Still in the midst of her own climax, Paige slid her hand around her sister, digging her fingers into the older girl’s ass.

Bree cried out, and her pussy gushed as Jamie’s hand drove her to orgasm. Her thighs clamped around her cousin’s arm, and she tossed her head back, howling in ecstasy.

By now, Paige’s orgasm had subsided, and she looked down between Jamie’s glistening thighs. Licking her lips, she stretched forward, and once again shoved her face into her cousin’s pussy.

Jamie sucked in her breath as she felt Paige’s tongue slither inside her. She fell back on the bed again, and closed her eyes as pleasure washed over her. Her hand was still trapped between Bree’s spasming legs. When she felt it being released, she brought her fingers to her face and sucked them into her mouth.

Enjoying her cousin’s flavour more than she thought possible, she opened her eyes again, looking for more. She was greeted with Bree’s upturned ass, her pussy oozing just beneath it.

Bree was bent forward, her face buried in Paige’s pussy while Paige continued to devour Jamie. Jamie scooted around, reaching for Bree’s hips, and slowly completed the circle. Her lips found Bree’s swollen cunt, and she pushed her tongue forward, tasting pussy for the first time from it’s source.

The flavour re-energized her, and she started to eat her cousin with growing enthusiasm. Bree let out a muffled groan into Paige’s pussy, and rolled onto her side, spreading her legs wide for Jamie.

The girls adjusted themselves, each laying with their faces buried in between a pair of spread, pussy stained thighs. They whimpered and groaned as they slurped and sucked the delicious cunt in front of them.

The bed sagged as the three girls went at it. The room filled with muffled cries of passion, and the smell of wet pussy.

Jamie was in love with the taste of her cousin’s sweet cunt. She shoved her tongue deep inside, wriggling it around and scooping up as much cream as she could reach. Her penetrating tongue soon had the desired affect. Bree began to convulse, a second orgasm tearing through her already sensitive pussy.

Jamie was surprised by a flood of cum spilling into her mouth. She opened wide, gulping down the flowing cream eagerly. Her lips tightened around Bree’s open snatch, and she swiped her tongue through it, drawing out her cousin’s pleasure.

Bree was shivering in ecstasy, her face buried in Paige’s weeping cunt. She lapped at it erratically, absorbed in her own powerful climax.

The random tongue lashing from her older sister caused Paige to go rigid, clamping her thighs around Bree’s head. She bucked against Bree’s face as she too had a second, powerful orgasm.

As she came, Paige bit down on Jamie’s thigh, squealing in unbridled pleasure. She left teeth marks in her cousin’s flesh. Jamie didn’t seem to mind, however, as she was completely absorbed in keeping Bree’s orgasm going.

Paige finally moved from biting Jamie’s thigh to clamping her lips tightly around her clit. She sucked hard, practically chewing the sensitive bud. That set Jamie off as well, and she gyrated uncontrollably as she came all over her cousin’s face.

The three women writhed on the bed, soaking the sheets in their ample pussy juices. They drenched each other’s faces, and bucked violently in bliss.

The room shook with their combined, muffled screams. Their orgasms were so powerful, the girls eventually devolved into a pile of exhausted, quivering flesh, gasping for air and slowly writhing against each other’s tired, wilting bodies.

In the aftermath, Jamie sat up, her hair matted to her cheek. She gazed down at her pussy drenched cousins, and a wide grin spread across her face. “That… was unbelievable!” she moaned, before flopping back onto the bed again.

Paige and Breanna laughed, and crawled over to lay on either side of their exhausted cousin. They pulled a sweat drenched blanket over their bodies, and in moments all three were sound asleep.

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