Punished for Lying Ch. 01

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Ch. 01- The S and S Treatment

Everyone in this is above the age of 18 and if you think it was someone you know you might be right but I doubt it. I have wrestled with this story for a long time and made so many changes I thought I would at least try to finish the first chapter. I hope you enjoy it and please vote if you are inclined to do so. Thanks, Dean

I have to say that I was not exactly thrilled when my mother told me that I would be having company when I headed to college my junior year. I just looked at her and shook my head to which I again got told that Cindy is part of our family and you will just have to, as you kids say suck it up. Mom told me that Cindy was going to go to state college starting in the fall and that I was to help her out as far as showing her around, helping her out with her schedule, etc. You know all the things that I had to do by myself.

I had not seen Cindy in at least 10 years. She was a cute little 8 year old but at 10 I thought she was a pain in the ass. I was older and did not want anything to do with a [kid]. Cindy was my cousin well at least we called her a cousin and technically she was. She was my third cousin and where we live you can legally marry a third cousin so to me she was just another girl even if she technically was a part of our extended family.

When I got to school that fall I got a phone call from Cindy and she asked if she could come over to my place since she was living in the dorms and I had an apartment. I did not want to be back in the dorms because in my opinion anyone who was working full time and going to school full time did not need the dorm life. I told her my address and she said that she would be right over.

My place was nothing spectacular but it was mine and I wanted to be left alone. I was working midnight to 8 and then going to school from 9 until whenever I got through with classes. I had them schedule so that I had only one class on Tuesday and Thursday and that gave me a chance to catch up on sleep and do homework if I needed to. I never found college to be that difficult so if I went to classes I could pass the tests without a great deal of difficulty. I am not saying that I am super smart I was just able to remember what I had heard or memorize what I saw fairly quickly.

About a half hour later the doorbell rang and when I opened it I asked the young lady in front of me if I could help her. She just looked at me and said, “Of course you can help me you can let me in, I am Cindy.”

After I finished stuttering I showed her in and said. “Wow, you just didn’t grow up you really grew up.”

Cindy starting laughing at me and said, “Yes Dean I have grown up. You haven’t seen me in ten years and in ten years people do change.”

“Oh you changed alright.” I said for lack of anything better to say at the time.

You see Cindy was now about 5feet 5 inches tall with beautiful red hair, and she was stacked. She had the cutest little ass I had seen in forever and I could feel my dick growing just looking at her.

Cindy walked pass me and sat her bag on the couch and turned around and said, “You can put your eyes back in your head Dean, quit being a man.”

Well I was disappointed that she turned around because I was enjoying looking at her ass but her comment caught me a bit off guard. “I take it that you have had a few too many guys looking at you?”

She looked at me and said, “It would be nice if I could go somewhere without every guy hitting on me because it is getting old.”

“Well you can’t blame me for looking at a cute babe can you? I mean you were a little kid the last time I saw you and of course somewhere in my male brain I guess I still saw you as that red headed kid that liked to tag around behind me all day.” I offered honestly.

“No I guess I can’t blame you for that but we are cousins so just put your eyes back in your head and give me a hug. It’s been way too long since I have seen you and I wish that we had not moved so far away when we were growing up.” Cindy replied.

I grabbed her and gave her a hug just as she had asked and a kiss on the cheek as well and welcomed her into my home. We sat and chatted about old times for a while and then she asked me if I had a girlfriend or if I was seeing someone. I told her that with working 40 hours a week and going to school full time I did not really have time for a girlfriend. She said that she had broken up with her high school crush before she left for college and that she was not really looking for anyone either at that time. She just needed to spend time getting through classes and enjoying some time to herself.

We sat and talked for about three hours and I had a pizza delivered and we just enjoyed our time together. About 11 o’clock she decided to head for her dorm and she told me that I would see her again. I told her if she had any questions or needed help that she could call me and I would do what I could to help her out.

I had not heard anything from Cindy for escort ataşehir a couple of weeks but one evening my phone rang and Cindy told me that she needed to go get some beer for a party and wanted to know if I would go with her to get it since I had a car and she rode the bus. I told her that would not be a problem and I picked her up and we headed to the grocery store to get the beer and liquor that she decided to get as well. We were fortunate that we grew up when the legal age to drink was 18 so having alcohol in your dorm was okay as long as it was not a keg. We had to pay for a permit to have a keg. Never a problem getting a permit since I figured it was another way for the university to make money.

She invited me to that party but I had to beg off since I had to work that evening. I asked her how classes were going and she said’, “Oh I am struggling in a couple of them but I know I can pull them up before the end of the semester.”

Cindy had told me the night she was over that her mother told her that her grades better be the first thing she worried about and that if she found out her grades had suffered because she was partying too much she would regret it. I asked her what her mother meant by [regret it] and she said, “Oh mom has this little S and S treatment that she uses that is awful and she knows I hate it.”

I of course being curious asked, “What in the hell is an S and S treatment?”

She simply replied, “Oh it is something between my mother and me and I am sure you would not really want to know. Girl stuff you see.”

I was not aware of any S and S treatment or it having to do with anything related to girl stuff either. I had grown up with three sisters so I figured I would have heard something about it. I let the comment slide for the time being since I did not want to act like I was prying and I headed home since I had to go to work.

I saw Cindy off and on for the remainder of the semester. The semester was coming to a close so it was time to go home for Christmas break and the company that I worked for used that time as a shut down since many of the workers were college students. I got a call from my mother the day before I was to leave for home and she told me that she and my father had won a vacation to Bermuda and they were taking it over the holidays. Since I was an only child I figured that I would just stay at school and enjoy the time alone. I could go hit a couple of bars and just enjoy myself for the next 3 weeks. I had grand plans and had talked to other college students about the best places to go when it all came crashing down.

My phone rang and my mother called to tell me that I was expected to be at aunt Ginny’s for Christmas. “Mom, I already have made plans for the holidays and I don’t want to go to aunt Ginny’s.” Came my terse reply. My mother of course was having none of that. She said that aunt Ginny was so happy that I had helped out Cindy when she started college that she wanted me to bring her with me when we left campus. The idea of spending time with Cindy did not bother me so much I was just looking forward to doing what I wanted to do.

I packed up my car and picked up Cindy and we headed to aunt Ginny’s. Just so you know aunt Ginny is not really my aunt. She is my second cousin. We just called her aunt Ginny and she has never been married. She had Cindy at 17 and never married Cindy’s father since he was just a sperm donor in Ginny’s opinion. It was about an 11 hour drive to her house and we got in fairly late since we had to stop to eat and get gas. We arrived and aunt Ginny was all smiles as she saw us come in the door. She knew that we were tired and showed me where I was sleeping and we all turned in. I was tired and ready to lie down and it did not take me long to get to sleep.

The next morning we all got up and sat around and talked for hours. Aunt Ginny asked me how school went and I told her that it went just fine. She looked at Cindy and asked her the same thing and Cindy said, “Oh mom you will be so proud of me I passed all my classes and I should have gotten top marks in all of them.” I raised an eyebrow at that comment and looked at Cindy and she gave me a death stare so I just looked at the table and kept quiet. Later I asked her how she had really done in the classes and she said she did not know because grades had not come out yet but she figured we would be back at school before they did so she was not too worried about it.

Let’s just say Cindy was wrong. Grades came out and were sent to our homes or whatever address we had them mailed too within a week after we left for vacation. I had mine sent to a buddies house so that he could call and tell me what mine were. Cindy’s were sent to her parents’ house. I got a call from my buddy telling me that my grades had come out and that I got an [A] in all but one and that class I got a [B].

I was not concerned with the [B] since the class was taught by a teaching assistant and all he did was stand at the front of the room and kadıköy escort read the book to us so I only went to the class on the test days after that. I read the book and figured if I got a [B] or better I would be happy with it and I am.

Cindy was not so lucky. Her mother got ahold of her grades and I was walking up the stairs to do something and I could hear her mother yelling at her as they headed my direction. I quickly dove into the first available room to stay out of the line of fire and then saw the closet so I went in there because I did not want to be in the middle of this. I figured once they finished I could just let myself out as if nothing had happened. The problem was they came in the room that I picked to hide in. They could not see me but I could see them through the slits in the door and aunt Ginny was fuming.

I had never seen my aunt so upset before. She went in and sat on the bed and asked for an explanation to the grades that Cindy had received. Cindy did not try to tell her that she had done her best because she was smart enough to know that it would only irritate her mother more. Her mom just looked at her and said, “You have to be kidding me, we sent you to school and all you can get are a couple of [C’s] and the rest are [D’s]. I expected a great deal more from you than this young lady and you told me that you were getting top marks in all of them.”

Cindy knew she was in trouble and her mother was extremely irate and she looked at Cindy and said, “You lied to me.”

Cindy said, “No mother I didn’t lie to you I just could not get the marks up high enough at the end of the semester.”

“Then you shouldn’t have waited till the end of the semester to worry about it and you should not have lied to me about it either and I am going to do something about it right now.” Aunt Ginny replied angrily.

“Oh mom, please don’t say that and please don’t do that. Dean is in the house and he might either hear it or walk in on it and I don’t want him to know.

“I really don’t care if he hears or sees what is about to happen to you young lady now take your clothes off right now and assume the position. If I have to wait it will be worse, much worse, and I don’t think you can handle that right now.” Aunt Ginny said in an exasperated tone.

I of course heard the words take off your clothes and my ears perked up and my eyes got wider because this I wanted to see. Standing in the room Cindy started taking off all of her clothes. Her mother just stood there and stared at her until she was completely naked. Cindy was a sight to behold. She has perky tits that were at least a large “C” cup and her pussy did not have a hair on it anywhere and her ass or my God her ass was fantastic. Once she was naked, aunt Ginny said, “Get on the bed and assume the position because this is going to be the worst case of S and S you have ever received.

Again my ears perked up and I could not believe what I was seeing. Cindy had walked up to the bed and crawled up onto it on all fours. She spread her legs wide and had her cute little ass up in the air as high as she could get it. Her pussy and asshole were completely on display and my cock was as hard as steel. I could not believe that I had been lucky enough to be in the wrong place at the right time. Aunt Ginny told her to put her head on the bed and to keep it there.

Aunt Ginny walked around the room for a few minutes and then went to the chest at the foot of the bed and opened it. When she lifted the lid Cindy started to cry. Aunt Ginny was not amused and she looked as if she did not care how much crying Cindy did she was going to receive the punishment she had promised her.

Aunt Ginny grabbed a ruler that looked to be about a foot and a half long and a paddle that looked to be made of leather that was about the same length except that the paddle portion was round like a ping pong paddle. Aunt Ginny had two items in her other hand that I could not see by the way she was walking and she laid them on the bed where I could not make them out either.

Aunt Ginny looked at Cindy and said, “Well for lying to me you are going to receive 50 smacks from the ruler and the paddle.”

Cindy tried to plead with her mother and it fell on deaf ears. Cindy said, “Mother I can’t possibly take that many it’s been so long since you spanked me.”

“You are right it has been a long time and I believe that it is my fault that I have not done this long before now or you would not have lied to me. I will deal with my faults later but for now we are dealing with your lies and your grades. You received 3 [D’s] and 3 [C’s] from your classes is that not correct?” Aunt Ginny said with a bit of sarcasm in her voice.

Cindy simply replied. “Yes mother.”

“Good for each [D] that you received I am going to give you an additional 20 smacks and each [C] I am going to give you [10] smacks. That adds up to 190 smacks you are to receive this evening. I am sure you will remember them.” Her mother continued maltepe escort bayan to go on.

“I am also going to give you 190 strokes from your little friend I have right here on the bed as soon as I have finished with the spanking.” Aunt Ginny said with disgust.

“Oh my God mother there is no way I can handle that. I have never had more than 20 and it will just kill me. I won’t be able to sit or poop for a week.” Cindy said though her sobs.

At that time I was confused as to what the heck spanking and pooping had to do with one another but I was also unable to see what was on the bed. I did not have long to think about it because Aunt Ginny had picked up the ruler and started to smack Cindy on her cute little ass. She did not go easy on her either.

Aunt Ginny hit Cindy across her ass with the ruler in varying speed and strength until she had given her 50 smacks across her ass. Her ass had started to turn red when aunt Ginny finally stopped and told her she had 5 minutes and they would start again. “I will be back, don’t go anywhere.” Her mother replied as she walked out the door to the bedroom.

I actually thought about leaving the closet for about 2.5 seconds before I decided I did not want to miss any of this. In just a few minutes Aunt Ginny was back in the room with the ruler in hand and she delivered 45 more smacks to Cindy’s very sore little ass. Aunt Ginny again said she would return in about 5 minutes and she left again leaving Cindy bawling on the bed and promising to never lie to her mother again if she would only stop.

Cindy knew that when her mother returned she would start using the paddle and she did not want to even think about the amount of pain it was going to cause on her ass. This time while her mother was gone I stood up a bit and looked at the bed. I could see a tube of KY laying on the bed and what looked like a wooden dowel about 2 inches in diameter. It was about a foot long and looked as if someone had shaped it smooth on one end. Of course this peaked my curiosity and I settled in for the long haul.

About 10 minutes after aunt Ginny left she returned carrying a tube of cream of some kind and she laid it beside the other items on the bed. She picked up the paddle and started in on Cindy’s ass. Cindy howled from the slaps to her ass and her mother just kept swinging. All you could hear in the room was [swish], [slap], [swish], [slap], [swish], [slap], [swish], [slap], [swish], [slap], over and over. I was almost to a point where I wanted to open the door and tell aunt Ginny that Cindy could not take anymore.

Just before I opened the door aunt Ginny stopped and laid the paddle down and told her that she had done well and was one third of the way through her paddling. She reached down and got the tube that I had seen her carry into the room and she squeezed some of it out into her hand and then applied it to Cindy’s very red and sore ass. “Oh mother I am so very sorry for lying to you and I will never ever do it again.” Cindy said with tears flowing down her cheeks.

Aunt Ginny continued to apply the ointment and then she got close to Cindy’s pussy and said, “It looks to me that the paddling you are getting is also causing other issues from what I can tell. You have fluid running down both of your thighs so it must not be all that bad after all.”

“Oh mother I can’t help it if part of it causes me to become excited can I?” Cindy asked her mother.

“I suppose that I will grant you a little latitude in that you were bound to be a spankophile even if you never planned it that way.” Aunt Ginny offered in response.

Cindy had never heard the term before so she asked her what the term spankophile meant. Her mother told her it was someone who gets excited at the thought of being spanked or actually being spanked. Cindy just looked at her mother and then said, “Mom are you also a spankophile?”

Aunt Ginny told her that it was something that always excited her when she was younger but without a man around to help take care of any issues she had she just put it to the back of her mind, but yes she was a spankophile at heart. “We can’t always be what others want us to be sweetheart. We can only allow ourselves to do what makes us happy and follow our heart in the process. If it makes you happy then do not run from it embrace it.” Came a very heart felt response from Aunt Ginny to her only daughter.

“Now let’s get back to business.” Aunt Ginny said as she picked up the paddle and began. [swish], [slap], [swish], [slap], [swish], [slap], [swish], [slap], [swish], [slap], over and over again on Cindy’s red and swelling ass. The only difference this time was that instead of cries of pain there were cries of pleasure. Cindy was actually enjoying what her mother was doing to her and she “ooood and aaaahd” all through the next 32 slaps from aunt Ginny. The thing that I noticed most was that this time the slaps she was receiving were harder than the ones her mother had given her before. After she had finished these she again got out the cream and covered Cindy’s sore ass with ointment. She finished and then said she would be back to finish the rest of them in a few minutes. Cindy did finally start to sob but I was not sure it was because it hurt or the fact that she did not want it to stop.

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