Promising Family Modeling Careers Ch. 02

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Mary was looking right into the eyes of her son, Paul. She said: “ You are such a lovely boy I’m very proud of how handsome you are. Now try not to be too shy with your mum. I want you to feel at ease when you are shaving me. I know things are happening which are a little unusual, but it is so beautiful. I was so proud of you and your sister during the photo session. You both looked so sexy and gorgeous. You know your mum got quite aroused too. So don’t you ever be shy or ashamed when you get aroused like you did. Your lovely young cock looks so good when it’s hard. You should be proud of your own body.

I want you to shave me too because Stuart wants me to do some modeling . Now for a start just touch your mum’s vagina. Feel me. Get comfortable with touching me intimately.

She was standing in front of her son, both of them naked. He looked at her so shyly. He was bright red with embarrassment. Mary’s legs were spread and she was arching her back so that her vagina was pushed out. She looked so hot and available. Paul’s cock was again really hard. Mary thought with pride to herself: “Is my boy ever not hard.” Paul said: “Mum I feel so embarrassed. It feels wrong to be touching you there between your legs. She replied: “Darling if you can’t touch your own mum there who can you touch? You’re my own flesh and blood, my own little boy. Don’t let shyness stop you. I know you want to touch me. That’s obvious by your lovely cock. Never be frightened to do anything with your mum. I’m yours my dear, your very own. If you feel sexy towards me and want to be sexy with me, just tell me. I love you being aroused with me”.

Paul wanted to touch his mum more than anything but his shyness had frozen his hand. He couldn’t bring himself to touch his mum’s lovely vagina which was being presented to him. Mary kissed him, smiled and took his hand and put her hand lovingly around it, and placed it on her escort ataşehir sex. Her hand stayed on his as he touched her. Oh how she loved the feeling of her own son’s hand on her so intimately. Paul felt so hot. He felt his hand belonged there. Mary said: “Put a finger inside dear. Feel how hot and wet your mummy is. That’s it darling. Move it right in. Does mummy’s vagina feel nice?” Paul felt the heat and wetness of his mother’s opening. His finger slid in easily because Mary was so wet and excited. He moved it in and out. She tickled her son’s balls lightly as he did it, moving around to his anus with a finger feeling the entrance. She gave him a very loving open-mouthed kiss which was a lover’s and a mother’s kiss deliciously all in one.

“ Mummy your vagina feels so hot and wet. I love feeling you. You are my beautiful sexy mummy. I love you so much.” Mary told Paul how special he was to her. She was so full of joy and excitement she kissed him and kissed him, all over his face: his cheeks, his eyelids, his nose and finally back to his lips which she licked and licked. Then she put her tongue right in her son’s mouth again, swirling it all around inside, going in deep; almost fucking her son’s mouth with her tongue. She took hold of his hand and took his finger out of her vagina and then moved his sticky fingers onto her breast and put her finger into her own wet vagina in place of his. She played with herself as her son fingered her nipple.

They were looking lovingly into each other’s eyes. Mary took out her wet slippery finger from her vagina and played with her son’s nipples. He could feel his mum’s sticky wetness on his nipple. They played with each other’s nipples together as they looked into each others eyes. A warm, loving and very intimate feeling surged through each of them. They were extremely aroused. Mary’s vagina was dripping with her secret love juices. kadıköy escort Paul’s cock could not be any harder. There was pre-cum starting to ooze out of its tip. Mary noticed this when she lovingly looked at her son’s cock. She said to Paul: “This is so wonderful my dear, mother and son wet for each other. It’s just how it should be.”

Stand still darling and let mummy see. What a sight for a mum to behold, her shaved smooth boy in front of her. The smoothness made him seem like her little boy again. She bent down and looked closely at her son’s dripping cock and could not resist licking the pre-cum juices from the little hole. She flicked her tongue around the opening and actually put it inside the tip. Then licked down the shaft to her son’s balls. She was bending down really close. She licked right under his balls. She was looking up between his legs from her position on her knees under him. Her head was right there. Her tongue followed the line of his balls right under towards her son’s anus. She held his cheeks apart so she could clearly see Paul’s anus. She put her finger back into her sopping wet vagina and retracted it. It was shining with her juices. She traced this wet finger around his secret opening, tickled him and then slipped it right in her son’s anus. It went in easily. It was so wet and slippery from her own juices. At the same time she moved around in front and lovingly licked his cock and placed her lips right around it, sucking gently. Well this was just too much for Paul. He couldn’t hold back. He came with a huge gush into his mum’s warm and inviting mouth. He shuddered and shook and kept filling his mum’s mouth with his cum. She didn’t hesitate, she swallowed it all. What a special feeling it was to have her son’s thick sticky juices slide down her throat. She licked her lips.

As Mary came up for air Paul said: “I’m so sorry mummy. I should not have cum maltepe escort bayan in your mouth like that. I should have saved myself. Please forgive me.” “ Oh darling don’t be sorry. It was beautiful. I expected you to cum like that. How could you possibly hold back the way you were. Mummy loved drinking your sperm. It was so good.” She patted his bottom and said: “ Next time you might cum somewhere else my love.” She winked at him and smiled, then kissed him gently on the lips. It was a warm kiss full of love and understanding. They both tasted his cum as they kissed. The scent of their sex juices wafted around them.

“Look dear it’s getting late. You didn’t get far with shaving your mum, but never mind. What we did was better anyway. I notice your little sister was too shy to come and be shaved, just like her brother hey? Oh well not to worry. I tell you what: you can shave both of us tomorrow. How’s that? It will be very sensual. I’ll show you how. We’ll leave plenty of time so we don’t have to rush it,” she added with a sexy knowing smile. Paul nodded shyly. Mary took him by the hand to his bedroom, undressed him like old times and tucked him in bed. She kissed him softly on the lips. Then, as her hand crept under the blankets and touched his cock lovingly, she whispered in his ear: “ Dream all about shaving me and your young sister. Goodnight dear.” “Goodnight mum. Thanks for a beautiful time tonight.”

Paul lay quietly in bed. The scent of his mother’s sex juices and his own were all around him. He put his fingers to his nose and breathed in deeply. He could feel his mother’s presence again. But now he was also thinking of his little sister. Shaving them both would be joy itself. He was trying to imagine her scent and his mum’s together. How beautiful. What would happen? His hand went down onto his cock which was once again rock hard. He started to slowly stroke it thinking about his beautiful young sister. He imagined her lovely face in front of him, kissing her red lips, touching her everywhere. Mum there too. All of them nude and hot together as a loving family. He came so hard, all over his sheets. He didn’t think his mum would mind.

End part 2.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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