Poolside Pleasures Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 – Insatiable Appetite

Sue braced herself against the kitchen counter, her short-silk robe draped open in an attempt to cool off the raging fire of hormones. Just the faint friction from the soft fabric against her chest was enough to kept her head spinning. Trapped in this lustful fog as her sex still throbbed, she was a mess after she’d witnessed her daughter getting ravaged by her friends, as if the pool incident earlier wasn’t enough. She decided to put some snacks together, if not as a mild distraction since she had worked up a pretty good appetite and figured the girls did too.

It was the pitter-patter of bare feet thundering down the stairs followed by a chorus of hushed snickers and giggles that finally stirred her from her trance, now suddenly self conscious of the fact she was still naked under her robe: those toned, muscular legs leading up to her gym-built bubble butt on full display from the back.

“Hey mom, could you bring the snacks to the living room please? That’d be awesome!”

The girls rushed past Sue and were gone in a flash, not even giving her time to turn her head and respond let alone secure her robe. Had she managed to catch a glance at them she might have been suspicious of their demeanor, at least the fact why they came down in just their silk robes.

The girls flung themselves over the couch in typical teenage fashion, giggling at Tiffany as she bounced off the cushions to the floor. Jennifer spread Stephanie’s legs open quickly and plunged the vibe in to coat it one last time, as the girl covered her mouth blushing in shock.

“What? We want a nice fresh coating on there, don’t we?” passing the vibe off to Tiffany to hide amidst their giddy playfulness.

They managed to settle down just as Sue glided into the room. With snack tray in hand and all those hungry eyes on her, she didn’t even notice the TV wasn’t on as she made her way to the coffee table and positioned herself right in the middle of the group.

It was as if ataşehir escort bayan she leaned over in slow motion to set the tray down, her robe hiking up in the back exposing her plump mound to Tiffany who had slipped behind her with the cum-coated vibe. With one smooth thrust it slid all the way in, taking Sue by surprise as the tray crashed to the table so she could catch herself on her palms. She felt her wetness return as it mixed with the residue on the toy, helping it slide effortlessly.

Stephanie leaned off the couch and lifted her mom’s chin to meet her gaze, raising an eyebrow cheekily “So, M-o-m, how’s it feel to have me inside you?”

But before she even had time to respond, the girls to let out a collective gasp as they watched Stephanie close the gap and lock lips with her mom, letting out a stifled squeak as her daughter claimed her with a kiss, and wasting no time slipping her tongue into her mouth as well. Sue’s eyes rolled back as her body gave into the pleasures aided by her daughter reaching up and cupping her cheek. Behind her, the feel of Tiffany’s hand on her ass was amazing as the teen braced herself to thrust the toy in deeper, harder, causing her dangling breasts to sway, peeking out from her robe now barely containing them. Tiffany couldn’t resist giving those firm cheeks some good swats with her hand as making Sue squeal through her make-out session with her daughter.

Not to be left out, Jennifer and Kayla worked quickly to stow everything safely away under the table before they helped Sue out of her robe who offered no resistance. Goosebumps formed on her skin, the chill of vulnerability and exposure playing with her mind. Jennifer dropped to the floor between Stephanie’s legs, stretching up to lick along her slit while Kayla slid along the table on her back to play with both Sue and Stephanie’s breasts. She was amazing with her tongue able to bring both women’s nipples to her mouth, sucking and flicking the tip of her tongue at them while escort kadıköy juggling their breasts in her hands, rubbing her thighs together as her own pleasure builds.

Stephanie arched her back and moaned heavily into her mom’s mouth at the sensations Jennifer brought her, feeling her tongue push past her pussy lips to tease her swollen clit. Using her fingers to spread the girl wide gave her full access to the flow of hunny now gushing from the teen as she went to work lapping it all up, the room now filling with stronger, louder moans as they drive each other on.

With each ass slap, nipple suckle, and pussy slurp, with each thrust of the toy and the heated make-out session at the center of it all was just too much to resist: Sue was in heaven, and she was bringing them all along with her. The sheer sense of taboo overwhelmed her senses as she felt a powerful orgasm coming on strong.

That beautiful succulent squelching sound of fresh pussy juices rang out through the room as Tiffany and Jennifer were relentless to those mounds in front of them. The vibe sloshing loudly as Tiffany pounded away, now working Sue’s clit with her fingers in time with toy, and the tongue lashing Jennifer was dishing out was driving Stephanie wild.

Mother and daughter moaning passionately through each other’s lips as they dove to the deepest depths of lust either had even experienced. Their tongues dancing around hot and heavy breaths as their hands reached for each other hanging on to each other’s neck trying to fuse themselves together. Caught in the heat of the moment the other girls worked frantically to try and sate their lust, selfless in the pursuit to give the pair pleasure beyond their wildest dreams.

Desperation setting in as their bodies frantically sought out that magical release. Harder, faster, till time stopped, and finally the pair were tipped over the edge together to share a massive orgasm. Indistinguishable moans filling the air as their bodies shook violently. Sue maltepe escort reached for one of Stephanie’s breasts while Kayla still tongued them both, and Stephanie slid her hand down her mom’s belly to help Tiffany massage her mom’s throbbing clit to keep her going. Their arms and legs getting weak as riding out this massive climax as they straddled the table when the other three helped them gently to the floor so they lay opposite each other but face to face, their lips finding each other again quickly.

The toy finally pulled from Sue and passed down to Jennifer to use on Stephanie, and Tiffany licked her lips at the feast she anticipated, spreading Sue’s legs wide seeing all that glistening cum. Kayla was more than content to continue playing with those beautiful breasts as she knelt down beside them.

“Gosh, we’re gonna really wear these two out, huh?”

“Maaaybe, but, they love it so much! Just look at em.”

Kayla had her hands full again as she expertly groped and kneaded their breasts, rolling and tweaking their nipples between her thumb and finger, pausing to lean down and suckle them, teasing them with her tongue. Occasionally she would lower her own breast between the kissing pair to feel their lips against her.

Jennifer spread Stephanie’s legs wide and slid the toy inside her and turned it on, sending those warm buzzing sensations through her. She leaned down and latched onto her clit with her lips, smiling as she felt Stephanie rock her hips to meet her motions. Meanwhile Tiffany shaped her tongue like a straw and was sucking Sue’s tender clit as well, fingers inside the woman, massaging her g-spot. In no time they were sharing another fantastic climax together.

“Gosh that was quick.”

“We got em goin now, don’t stop!”

Tiffany contributed with a muffled ‘Mmhmmm’ as she refused to detach her mouth from Sue’s pussy.

Their minds were truly and completely melted as each orgasm got stronger and more intense, forced deeper into their sea of lust. The kisses they shared were the sweetest and strongest taste either had ever experienced in their life, and their poor pussies ached and throbbed insatiably as orgasm after orgasm was ripped from them, as if these girls weren’t gonna stop till they passed out from exhaustion.

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