Peach Fuzz: Henry Grooms Debbie

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This eighth installment of this story finds 18 year old Debbie Blair sneaking over to her neighbor’s house to let her 67 year old boyfriend groom her.


Monday was not a great day for Henry Wilcox, as the senior citizen woke up with an aching back courtesy of him acting like a teenager the night before, climbing out of his young neighbor’s bedroom as if he was the 18 year old in this relationship.

Debbie called Henry that night from her bed, a mattress that the old man had gotten to experience himself, and when he told Debbie about his back woes she got rather upset and seemed to feel guilty but Henry brushed it off.

“I’ll be fine in a day or two,” the senior assured the teen, who seemed incredibly eager to shed her virginity.

“Can I still come over later tonight Henry? Will you be able to shave me?”

“Absolutely,” Henry said, warming to the idea of the task of shaving the peach fuzz under Debbie’s arms.

“My legs too,” Debbie added. “Just the insides of the bottom of my calves.”

“I think we can handle that.”

“This is going to be exciting Henry. I love you touching me.”

“The pleasure is all mine honey. You come over when you can sneak out, and please be careful,” Henry reminded her, not wanting anything to happen to Debbie en route.

When Debbie arrived after dark she was clad in her pajamas and slippers, something she had done frequently of late, and while the old man feared for her safety and would often drive her back home the short distance, the thought that she was so eager to see him touched the senior citizen.

After Debbie showed him her usual affection upon seeing him, she whipped off her pajamas and stood naked before him, no longer shy about showing off her nubile form.

“Ready?” Henry asked, and after she nodded he said, “I’ve got everything ready in the bedroom.”

“This is so exciting,” mecidiyeköy escort Debbie declared as she skipped down the hall, the dimples in her buttocks winking at the old timer along the way. “Plus I won’t have to listen to Mom complain about me walking around hairy.”

“Can’t have that, although I have to admit it’s strange that your mother looks under you arms.”

“Oh yeah. She can’t get over the fact that I’m not 8, I’m 18! She checks my nails to make sure they’re clean and neat and I have to show her I brushed my teeth,” Debbie explained as she jumped on the bed where Henry patted. “She can see my pits because the blouse I have to wear is sleeveless. I know she’s weird.”

“I’d say,” Henry agreed as he shook the can of shaving gel and squirted some on his palm before rubbing into the down that grew on a small area of the insides of her calves.

“You said you did this before to girls?”

“Oh yes, several times,” Henry recalled.

“Were they hairy like me?”

“No Debbie,” Henry chuckled, recalled the one young Greek woman who was so hairy that he needed a second blade to finish her legs alone. “I don’t know where you got the idea that you were hairy but you’re easily the least furry 18 year old girl I’ve ever seen.”

“I feel hairy though,” Debbie said as she leaned up on her elbows and watched as the old man slid the sharp blade up and down her leg, making quick work of the fuzz, and as he lathered up the other calf she asked, “Do you want to shave my pussy too?”

“No honey,” Henry said as he looked at the little spray of golden hair that sparsely surrounded her sex. “It’s your body and you can do as you please, but I love you just the way your are. Makes you look more mature besides.”

Henry set down the razor and ran his fingers through the silky growth, and when he felt dampness he stopped and merter escort asked, “Are you wet Debbie?”

“Can’t help it. I get excited whenever you touch me,” Debbie admitted. “Does your back still hurt?”

“Some. Why?”

“I was hoping you would make love with me tonight like we planned,” Debbie admitted. “My grandfather is going to be here any day now.”

“I know.”

“Jennifer told me that he wants to do me – and do me with you at the same time,” Debbie said. “As long as you are my first I don’t care.”

“You can always tell him no,” Henry suggested.

“You don’t know my grandfather,” Debbie said, and after Mr. Wilcox finished with the other leg she reached down and checked the work. “Wow! Super smooth. You do better than I do. Now my pits.”

“Ah yes, those furry armpits of yours,” Henry chuckled as Debbie put her hands behind her hand and watched the old man shake the can again.

“It’ll sure save me time in the shower tomorrow morning,” Debbie announced, and Henry nodded as he looked at the little patches of barely visible seedlings in the centers of her otherwise creamy underarms and wondered how he could stretch out what would only take a brief swipe of the razor.

“Ooh!” Debbie cooed as Henry rubbed the gel under her arm and the foam formed. “How come when you do things to me it feels so much better than if I do it?”

“I don’t know honey,” Henry said as he wiped the sweat off his brown with the back of his hand.

“You’re getting excited too aren’t you Henry?” Debbie asked. “Is your dick hard?”

“Yes,” Henry gasped as he gently set the blade on her soft skin and swept it upward, and after spreading the rest of the gel inward, made a downward stroke before taking the damp washcloth and wiping the crater clean.

“How did you do Henry?” Debbie asked.

“I’ll check honey,” Henry said, pendik escort and with that he leaned forward and bowed his head so that he tongue could retrace the area the razor had cleared.

“Omigod when you do that I get all shivery inside,” Debbie squeaked.

“Me too Debbie – must do the other one now,” Henry said as his now shaking hands tried to do the same to her other side, and while he managed to get it done perspiration was practically squirting out of his pores as he checked his worth.

“Does you back still hurt Henry?” Debbie asked, adding “Please say no.”

“No,’ Henry grunted, tossing the shaving equipment aside and reaching into the drawer for lube while Debbie leaned over and yanked his pajamas down so hard the snap tore off.

“I love you honey,” Henry whimpered as he lathered up his slender prong before climbing on the bed and parting Debbie’s thighs.

“I love you too Henry,” Debbie cried as she felt his manhood push into her pussy like the toy had before, and it was so tight that Henry knew he wouldn’t last so he just thrust as fast and hard as he could while looking at the headboard instead of the writhing little woman beneath him.

Debbie came quick, mercifully, and after she stopped yelping and squirming Henry groaned himself, pulling his cock out of her pussy just in time to spit his milky seed into the peach fuzz and onto her belly just to be sure.

“Oh Henry that was so good,” Debbie chirped as she hugged the shaken old timer. “I’m an actual woman now, not just by the calendar either.”

“We can do better,” Henry wheezed. “I can do better.”

“Wow, that’s scary because that was awesome as it was.” Debbie said.

As it turned it Henry was correct. The next night he made love to Debbie the way he had wanted to, not like an animal but like the experiences love maker he was, and they met the next night as well.

After they made love that night, with Debbie riding his cock like Annie Oakley on a bronco, the young woman gave him the news Henry Wilcox was dreading to hear.

“He’s coming tomorrow,” Debbie said coldly. “Grandpa.”


Thank you for reading. The final chapter follows.

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