Paul and Sherry Ch. 04

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A chilly, early November rain drizzled against the windows of their third story Brownstone apartment. Soft classical music added to the quiet ambience of this lazy Sunday afternoon, a perfect day to be stuck inside.

The spacious living room was cozy warm and the young artist sat on a low, padded stool. Wearing a sleeveless white blouse and bikini panties, Sherry’s talented fingers leisurely worked the charcoal over the white canvas, drawing one of her favorite subjects. Centered and posed upon the oval braided rug, her nude lover, Annie, knelt on haunches.

Short, curly hair framed a pretty face and Sherry now concentrated on the finer lines of Annie’s petite frame, capturing the exquisite details. Lovely pear shaped breasts were capped with dark brown nipples that seemed to burst from surrounding delicate pink areolas. Soft, brown eyes gazed towards the high ceiling and tanned arms relaxed along smooth tanned legs. Annie’s dainty wrists lay across her knees, pressed together bound by an invisible rope.

An almost undetectable sheen of perspiration gleamed within Annie’s freckled cleavage, “Are you ready for a break?” Sherry asked, finishing the inverted toes, placing the chalk down and stretching her cramped fingers.

“I am…if you are.”

“How about if I make some tea?” Sherry rose and walked to the kneeling woman.

“Maybe…just some water…I could go for that.” Sherry knelt down, lightly kissing Annie’s forehead and brushed aside a misbehaving curl. Moist lips brushed against an exposed ear, aggressively moved onto her sleek neck and bit softly, causing a delicious tingle over Annie’s naked skin.

“Mmm…I love this neck…” Sherry murmured, lightly turning Annie’s chin so their eyes met and pressed her supple lips over the awaiting mouth. Tiny electrical sparks were passed back and forth, both sets of wet tongues eagerly dueling.

Breaking the kiss, “Mmm…I love your eyes…” Sherry rasped, brazen fingers cupped the underside of a breast, lewdly tweaking a turgid nipple.

“And…Mmm…God I love these nipples!” Their eyes locked in place Annie’s look was glazed as Sherry’s fingertips squeezed harder.

“And…okay…everything else too. Guess I just love all of you!” Sherry giggled happily. She sensed seriousness, quiet sadness from her lover’s mood and searched her eyes for a clue. Normally lively and bright, Annie now appeared sullen, transformed and delicately withdrawn.


“What hon?”

“I’ve been such a bad girl. You know. I think maybe I need to be punished.” Annie’s eyes looked down and Sherry began to think. She thought of the two or three times Annie had suggested something like this before. Sherry had assumed it was merely a game and shrugged it off. She remembered the make-believe games she and Paul had innocently played, pretend whippings and the sort.

“How do you think the bad girl should be punished?”

Annie’s eyes bore into Sherry’s, “She should be spanked and very hard.” Sherry noticed the way Annie’s bottom lip quivered. Well, if that’s what she wants, let’s just see how far this will go. Sherry stood, grasping Annie’s hand, led her to the sofa and sat down.

“Okay bad girl…lay across my lap…” Annie obediently laying her naked body full length over Sherry’s thighs.

~Six Months Earlier~

In the cramped dormitory room, Sherry fretted needlessly over what to wear and after mulling over several choices, she settled on the initial decision anyway. Fixing her hair and makeup for the umpteenth time, Sherry glanced at the neatly lettered invitation atop the dresser. Here we go, she thought.

Two blocks down from the field house, Sherry strode up the smooth stone steps, sucked in her breath and pushed the doorbell of the sorority house. A bright eyed girl with straight blonde hair greeted Sherry with a welcoming smile, took the folded card and ushered her inside.

After thirty minutes of introductions and shaking hands of sisters with names impossible to remember Sherry had that eerie feeling of being alone in a crowd. She’d nibbled on the hors d’oeuvres, a dated Bob Dylan ballad was playing in the background and the room seemed stifling. Do I belong here?

Something or someone caught her attention and Sherry diverted her gaze to the 3 women standing next to the bay window a few feet away. The woman in the middle with short curly hair smiled at her. Hastily scanning the pretty figure wearing a blue dress that highlighted a trim, sleek body, she casually put down the glass tumbler and began to walk towards Sherry. Disconcertingly, her mouth suddenly felt dry.

“Hi! I’m Ann. Everyone calls me Annie…” extending her hand towards the younger girl, “freshman…I assume?”

“Uhh…yes…1st year…” she stuttered, “I’m Sherry…” gripping the offered hand, gratified with instant warmth and a friendliness calming her fears.

“Checking the place out I see. Anything to get out of the dorms, huh?” She teased with openness.

“Well…yes. Thought I’d see kartal escort bayan what it’s all about…” Annie’s eyes searched out Sherry’s expression, darted about the room, its furnishings and gabbing females, then leaned in close enough that Sherry could smell her light perfume.

“Kind of dull. Huh?” she said with a sly smile.

“Uhh…I don’t think. Well…kind of…you know…”

“C’mon…I’ll show you around…” Annie grabbed Sherry’s elbow, steering the newbie and giving Sherry the ten cent tour while making more introductions and small talk.

“Hey…I’ve got some chilled wine at the apartment. What do you say we get out of this stuffiness?” Sherry only nodded, taken by Annie’s sparkling eyes, her own expression obviously one of relief. Their age difference immaterial, they instantly liked one another.

“God…I’d die for a place like this!” Sherry exclaimed while sipping Chablis and coveting the spacious apartment with tasteful, practical furnishings. In the room’s subtle lighting Sherry relaxed as her new friend prattled on, grateful for a sounding board and finding common interests.

“Yes…well I do enjoy the digs but my Dad is freaking out. You see…Marilyn, my roommate…well former roommate I should add…flunked out and now he’s footing the entire bill.” Annie shrugged nonchalantly.

During the next few weekstheir friendship grew. Having similar schedules they’d meet at the campus cafeteria or for Dunkin’ Doughnuts coffee. Sherry felt quite at ease spending time at Annie’s place studying or chatting or just sharing humorous stories.

One Saturday evening they decided to take in a movie at the old run down, local theater, giggling like schoolgirls while sharing popcorn and a Coke with two straws. The film starring Meryl Streep was romantically well done and during a tender, teary eyed scene, Annie innocently reached for Sherry’s hand, their fingers interlocking.

Before walking up the wide steps into the apartment, Annie impulsively hugged Sherry and braced against the wrought iron railing, placed a sweet kiss upon her unsuspecting soft mouth. Their lips brushed delicately under the dim street light.

“What…what was that for?” Sherry asked with a racing heart. Annie smiled, kissing the tip of her nose, “Isn’t it obvious?”

The heavy oak door closed in the foyer, insuring their privacy and in each others arms, they kissed again. This time mouths were hungrily fused, their lips mashed harder and pinned near the wall, Sherry felt Annie’s breasts erotically crushing against hers. Sherry’s fingers sifted through thick curls, inhaling her shampoo as Annie wetly kissed along her neck.

“So…tell me…” Annie mumbled between licks and peckish kisses, “have you…ever been…with another woman?”

“Umm…w-w-well…sort of…” she stuttered as bold hands palmed her full bra, then grasping lower, pulled the shirttails up and out of her jeans.

“Sort of?” Annie giggled while slowly unbuttoning the crisp white blouse.

“Yes…m-m-my best friend and I…growing up. We…uhh…” Sherry’s mind raced between the knowing fingers and flashes from the past.

Back then she and Denise were inseparable. Living next door and only 2 months apart they shared everything. In the nearby, quiet barn they experimented with kissing and youthful sexual awakenings. Uninhibited, the pair touched and explored nude bodies and mutual masturbation naturally happened. Denise had an enormous crush on Sherry’s older brother. As an added twist, for Denise’s delight, she would “pretend” to become Paul in their fantasy world. “We’re not lezzies…are we?” A naïve and concerned Sherry blurted. “Hell no Sherr! C’mon…tell me about his cock. I know you’ve seen it. Tell me.” Denise panted with eyes closed, strumming her clit rapidly.

Blouse on the floor, Annie ogled the newer sight, “Ooo…lacy. Did I mention red is my favorite color for underthings? Hmm…matching panties I’m hoping?” Annie’s breath was near and sweet. Unclasping the back, she dropped the frilly bra and cupped Sherry’s bare breasts. Nipples crinkled from the freedom and the attention. Sherry sighed as pouting lips lightly bussed one turgid target, then feathered across her flat midsection.

Kneeling, Annie deftly unsnapped the front and the zipper sounded loud in the hushed hallway. Moisture formed as her trousers lowered and obligingly Sherry kicked off her sandals and stepped out. She trembled as Annie’s cheek pressed against her pantied mound.

“Mmm…so pretty. I love small…tight…bikinis. And the girl inside them.” She murmured. Embracing tightly, they kissed again. Annie’s tongue eagerly darting inside Sherry’s open mouth. Panting with desire Sherry reveled as her bare breasts crushed against Annie’s cotton top.

Breaking for air Annie gasped, “You’re…not…nervous at all…” which sounded like a question and statement all in one to Sherry’s foggy state.

“Oh. Annie. I…ohh…” her voice wavering, scrambling for the right words escort maltepe that weren’t there. Their crotches sensuously rubbed and Sherry’s labia oozed with arousal. Tenderly grasping her hand, Annie led them towards the bedroom, Sherry’s heart fluttering in anticipation.

In the near darkness, Sherry sat on the edge of her bed, the satin coverlet cool against her skin and Annie lit two pillar candles placed on the dressers top. With her back to the girl, she removed her top and sports bra quickly followed by shorts and undies. She turned slowly and Sherry drank in the full frontal nudity: the sweet smile, pendulous breasts with large, dark areolas, tan lines that accentuated her full pubic jungle and sleek tapered legs. Entranced, Sherry watched her swaying hips undulate the few steps toward the bed.

Crawling on top, Annie patted the lonely spot in the center of the bed, inviting Sherry to lie beside her. Annie brushed away a strand of hair and lightly kissed Sherry’s forehead, nose and lips and sighed, “Guess I wanted you…wanted this from the first time I saw you…”

Finding the composure to speak, Sherry blurted, “Oh Annie…you’re so beautiful and…”

Annie giggled, “No…no… my sweetie…I’m just a plain Jane but you…you’re the beautiful one…” Their mouths fused again, tongues instantly dueling, naked breasts rubbing as sexual desire heightened and swapped between the two.

Pursed, wet lips traveled down Sherry’s neck and captured an aroused nipple, licking and chewing the erectile tissue. Sherry moaned as ticklish fingernails crept up and down sensitive inner thighs, teasing the lacy leg openings of her panties. Spreading her legs apart, knowing fingers traced the outlines of Sherry’s nether lips. She was now leaking.

Using the flat of her tongue, Annie laved Sherry’s armpit while palming her prominent Venus mound.

“Y-y-you…really…k-k-know how to…ohh! K-k-know how to…turn a woman…on…!” Sherry gasped writhing under her spell.

“Should we take these off?” Annie offered, her warm breath next to Sherry’s ear.

“Oh God yes. Please…oh yes…” Grasping the elastic waistband, Annie removed the tiny bit of cloth and held them up under her nose, inhaling the pungent musk, her own pussy forming a very similar scent.

Laying spread eagled on the bed, Sherry’s pose seemed to say: take me. Snuggling around to Sherry’s left side, Annie’s legs wrapped around the stretched out left leg, pressing her tufted mound just above Sherry’s left knee. Sharp teeth nipped an earlobe, the tip of her tongue snaked into Sherry’s ear and fingernails continued their sexy, random search across her exposed, naked torso.

At long last, the fingers zeroed in towards her moist core. Pubic hairs were erotically tugged, long sleek digits opened engorged lips, anointed with liquid syrup. Annie delicately painted Sherry’s stiffened bud with the sauce, wet fingers massaging each side of the stalk, then entered Sherry’s tunnel with a squelching sound.

Two fingers deeply embedded, toying near her G-spot, Sherry’s hips ground upward, mashing herself against the smooth palm, “Ohh…fuck ohh Annie…please…PLEASE…don’t stop…I…ohh…”

Annie had no intention of stopping. She marveled at the lovely girl, lost in the throes of lust, her right hand gripping the bed sheet, tummy muscles tightening.

She floated higher than ever before. Her rigid body pummeled by sweet waves of ecstasy. The petals of Sherry’s cunt fluttered and gripped the lengthy invaders, screaming wantonly.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh-hhhhhhhhhh! Arghhhhh-hhhh!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhh-hhhhhhhhhh! Fuckkkkkk-kkkk!”

Her skin flushed, thrashing herself against the pressing curved palm. Entering the glorious realm of an all consuming orgasm she was utterly lost, moaning through each rhythmic pulse.

“Ohhh…mmmm…” Sherry mumbled repeatedly. The peak and intensity of her orgasm fulfilled Annie’s voyeuristic delight, her spirit loving the girls unashamed and rewarding explosion of passion. Suddenly Sherry’s muscular legs snapped scissor like, trapping Annie’s wrist within her ultra sensitive crotch. Dribbling uncontrollably, her leakage formed a small pool, soiling the soft coverlet.

“I…can’t…please. I…move…ahh…” Sherry whispered through parched lips, making no sense, her pillowed head lolling from side to side. Extracting her hand from the vise grip, Annie lewdly licked her fingers, tasting Sherry’s sumptuous froth and dimly aware of her own seeping arousal while snugly pressed against Sherry’s smooth thigh.

Around exams and final papers, the next two weeks were blissful. Annie keenly honed Sherry’s Sapphic desires and within the comfy apartment, rarely clothed, they passionately fucked and devoured one another. They seemed insatiable, as if on a honeymoon of sorts.

All too soon they stood on the Brownstones steps, hugging and crying goodbyes for the summer. Each headed in opposite directions, phone calls, e-mails and texting would pendik escort have to suffice until…late August.

~Six Months Later~

Her palm caressed the sculpted, alabaster derriere, admiring its fleshy roundness and minute dimples.

“God…Annie. You have the greatest ass…” Sherry murmured, “Ready?” she asked her hand poised above. The nude girl didn’t answer, instead clenching and unclenching her cute buttocks as a sign. Okay, here goes Sherry thought, aiming for the closest cheek.

Slap! The initial contact was light but sounded loud and they both jumped in a startled, comedic way. Sherry breathed deeper and aimed for the other. Slap! Was that too hard…too light? She wondered. Slap! Slap! Two more quickly followed adding a tad more to her swing and testing her strength.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Four more, these were stiffer, cuffing blows that skimmed off Annie’s smooth skin. Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Four more making direct contact.

“How’s that…bad girl? Do you like those?”

“Mmm-Hmm!” Annie mumbled which Sherry interpreted as obvious approval. Reacting to this newer thrill coursing through her head: Power. Control. Punishment. Annie digs it and…damn…so do I!

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Sherry’s palm came down harder tingling from the applied blows to Annie’s pink bum. Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! The room seemed to be heating up and Annie’s ass definitely was. After 10 more solid whacks a pronounced blush covered her bum.

“Ow…ow…ow…ow…ow! I’m…s-s-sorry for b-b-being so bad…Mommy…” Somewhere in the recesses of Sherry’s mind a switch was pulled. She felt flushed, adrenaline injected into her bloodstream. Did she say what I think she said? Did she just say Mommy? The pure kinkiness excited Sherry.

“Such a bad girl. Bad girls need to be punished…” Sherry hissed renewing an energized assault. The spanking became vicious; her swings were longer and harder, flailing at Annie’s tenderized ass without mercy. Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Ka-whap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

Sherry’s pussy twitched pleasurably, delving further into their fetish, infused with a sweet wickedness. Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Ka-whap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Perspiration dripped from her forehead and Sherry was surprised at her arm’s tiredness.

Sniffling tears, Annie sobbed as searing pain raced along her hiney. Her entire butt was glowing bright red like terrible sunburn. Have I gone too far? Sherry thought, sadistic little bitch, aren’t I?

In the sudden quiet, the pair breathed heavily and Sherry felt moisture trickling down her thigh. “Annie! Oh my God, you’re soaked!” Sherry hoarsely exclaimed. Between her tensed thighs, Sherry’s fingers moved along sopped cuntal folds, easily slipping inside.

Rearranging themselves on the sofa, Sherry compassionately hugged the quivering recipient of her newfound wrath, who was quietly sniffling.

“Did I hurt you baby?”

“No. Oh no…I…” her words trailing off. Perhaps not the best time for conversation Sherry thought. Retrieving the forgotten bottle of cold Aquafina, they walked arm in arm into the bedroom.

Annie lay back propped up on two fluffy pillows, legs splayed and with a tired, relaxed look. Sherry scrunched comfortably near the foot of the bed and gazed at her naked lover. Her fingernails slowly wandered across Annie’s calves and sensitive thighs. The scent of pungent arousal noticeable.

“You’re so lovely…so hot…” Sherry whispered.

“I bet you say that to…all the girls…” she joked with half lidded eyes.

“Just…this…girl…” Sherry countered, wriggling forward and planting soft kisses on each thigh. Annie brazenly opened her legs further apart, inviting the warm lips for more intimate kisses. Sherry affectionately teased with butterfly pecks around her puffy mons, gently pulling and stretching pubic hairs with her teeth. Annie’s hips rotated.

“C’mon bad girl…use your tongue. Now. I want it…don’t tease me…” Hearing her lover’s plea, the tip of Sherry’s tongue began a slow trek across her succulent labia and darted into her moist crevice. Deliberate, long slow licks finally reached Annie’s throbbing clitoris, flicking and closing her wet lips to capture the circular bud. Annie thrashed, her fingers tangled in Sherry’s hair.

“Oh God…yes! Ohh…yes…” Temporarily leaving the prize, Sherry’s tongue wetly probed her urethra, suckling the tasty fruit from Annie’s delicate inner lips, wafer thin and pliable. Annie’s hips lurched as two slender fingers curled inside her drenched quim, seeking that sacred pleasure spot. Licking wildly, Sherry’s stiffened digit greedily laved her open, exposed sex and began a rhythmic tapping on the underside of Annie’s erect pearl. Annie shivered in delight.

“Baby…ohh baby doll…yes, oh yes. Please…PLEASE…yes now faster…oh God…yes. Right…there. Right…THERE!” Mouth and cunt fused, Annie tumbled over the edge, her screams keening.

“Ahhhhhh-h-h-h-h-h-h-h! Eeeeeee-e-e-e-e-e-e-e!” Remaining motionless, Sherry’s lips surrounded Annie’s pulsating clit, her petals fluttering open like a spring flower. Tightly mashed against the pretty mouth, Annie rocked through an intense, shuddering orgasm. Copious fluids drenching Sherry’s face and chin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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