Paradise Lost…and Found!

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It was late afternoon. The sun was hot. Not even the cool breezes from pounding waves could help.

Evelyn desperately needed to take a dip in the pool — a shallow, fresh water basin, fed by a tall waterfall from the mountains. The sparkling turquoise water was surrounded by a sandy beach that ended where the jungle began.

Evelyn carefully looked around. Kevin was no where in sight. She hadn’t seen him all day. He must have gotten up early to hunt on the other side of the island.

Feeling secure, she untied her animal skin halter-top, which barely contained her large, lush breasts. She stepped out of her bikini-like bottoms, which were made of the same material. Tossing the ragged pieces of clothing onto the sand, she waded into the waist deep pool and dived under the surface.

She instantly felt a sense of relief as the water lowered her body temperature. Rising like a goddess, she came back up, arching her back, whipping her sun-streaked hair over her head, thrusting her breasts forward.

Rivulets of water ran across her chest, against her flat stomach, and down her long, toned legs. Her nipples crinkled into full erection, sticking out from her breasts like two stubby thumbs. She smiled briefly at the pleasurable feeling.

For a moment, she forgot everything, losing herself in the freedom and joy of being totally naked in paradise.

* * *

Kevin secretly watched her from the jungle. His cock was rock hard, sticking out from under his loincloth in a long, thick erection. He had been having increasing difficulty controlling his erections. Today, there was nothing he could do to make it subside. And it was driving him crazy.

All he could think about was how much he needed Evelyn. How much he needed to touch her big breasts. How much he needed to suck her thick nipples. How much he needed to pound his heavy cock into her vagina. And how much he needed to cum inside her. Over.

And over.


He was so desperate to have sex with her it was hard for him to think straight. Thoughts of her filled his mind, his body and his erection with a hot, urgent longing. And it could only be relieved by one thing.

Her body.

Her incredible body.

Nothing else mattered.

He took off his loincloth and knife belt. While Evelyn’s back was turned, he silently slipped into the pool. As he quietly waded toward her, his bulbous cockhead poked out of the water in front of him as if he was following an angry, one-eyed snake.

He surprised her from behind, reaching around her chest, cupping her large breasts in each hand, sinking his fingers into her firm flesh. He was amazed at how heavy they felt and how touching them brought him so much joy.

He moved his fingers to the center of each boob, tweaking her already hard nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. They felt so firm and rubbery. He couldn’t wait to wrap his lips around them and suck them deeply into his mouth.

At the same time, he pressed his swollen cock against her firm buttocks. His erection was so long now that his cockhead was literally poking into the middle of her back.

All he needed to do was gently rub her labia to get her pussy juices flowing. Then he could slide his cock inside her and slam his hips against her ass cheeks.

* * *

Evelyn was stunned. “KEVIN!” she screamed angrily. “STOP IT!”

She grabbed his wrists. Using all of her strength, she wrenched his hands down from her chest, twisted and turned her body, and broke free from him. Then she pushed back in the water so that she was safely out of his grasp.

Her breasts heaved up and down as she panted from the exertion. “I told you not to touch me like that!” she yelled at him.

“Why not?” he asked. “We are the only two people on this island. We both love each other. And we both need each other.”

She was livid.

“BECAUSE I’M YOUR MOTHER!” she yelled.

With that, she slapped him across the face with the palm of her hand so sharply that his skin burned red through his dark tan.

There was a long moment of silence between them as the sound of her slap echoed against the mountain wall.

She could not believe how aggressive he had been. And she couldn’t believe how hard she had hit him. “How many times must I tell you?” she asked. “Incest is wrong.”

Saying the “I” word, she suddenly felt self-conscious. She covered her breasts with her arms and hands. Then she turned and marched out of the water.

He followed her. “No it’s not,” he protested. “At least not to us. Dad is dead. I’m 21.

“And we are never going to be rescued!”

On the shore, she turned her back to him and hurriedly put back on her bottoms and her top. She jiggled her breasts into the cups so they held her chest in properly. Her nipples, still taut, poked against the rough material.

She turned back to him, looking him straight in the eye. “You just don’t get it,” she said. “The moment we cross that line we give up all hope.”

She walked away kartal escort from him toward a path into the jungle. “I’m going back to make dinner,” she said. “You need to cool off and get rid of that…that…”

She couldn’t get herself to say the word. Finally, she spat out, “That thing between your legs.”

* * *

Evelyn ran as hard and as fast as she could. After more than a mile, her chest was pounding and her body was soaked with perspiration. When all her nervous energy was gone, she fell to her knees on the path and started crying in big, heaving sobs.

What was she going to do? Since his 21st birthday, Kevin’s sexual advances had become increasingly forceful. It had taken all her strength to escape him in the pool. Although she had hated doing it, slapping him must have shocked some sense into him. At least enough to keep him at bay. But she couldn’t give in.

She couldn’t.

She still had hope that someday, somehow they would be rescued. They were not doomed to spend the rest of their lives alone on this island.

Kevin was her only child and she loved him dearly. He was a good Son. They had always had a wonderful relationship. And they had worked so well together these past three years to survive.

She played with her wedding ring, which she still wore on her left ring finger. Her husband Daniel — Kevin’s Dad — had rented a private jet to take them from Sydney to Los Angeles. The plane was struck by lighting and crashed into the South Pacific. Evelyn and Kevin were the only ones who lived.

Somehow, they found their way to this uninhabited island. It was very difficult at first – both emotionally and physically — but they learned how to make do. Kevin taught himself how to fish and hunt. She figured out what plants to grow and how to cook everything. They turned skins into clothing, although it was so warm they didn’t need much. And they built shelter for sleeping and storage.

The only thing they had not figured out was sex.

She knew that going without real sex was particularly difficult for Kevin. He was handsome, a star athlete in high school and popular on campus. Before the crash, he had had sex with at least a half a dozen girls in high school and his first year in college. All of them were beautiful with voluptuous figures.

Evelyn knew that he regularly went off into the jungle to masturbate. Over the years, she had heard him moaning different girls’ names. Then last year…

Please, Mommy! Help me! Help me cum!

She was horrified when he first did that. She had shuddered at the thought of her Son jerking himself off, thinking about her. But she learned to accept it. After all, she was the only woman in his life. Considering the circumstances, as his Mother, it was just something she had to understand.

As for herself, she missed her husband greatly. Not only did they have a great marriage, but they also had had an incredible sex life. So, from time to time, she, too, would sneak off to masturbate. Every once in a while she got the feeling Kevin was spying on her, but she never said anything.

A few months ago, to her surprise, she found herself thinking about her Son while she played with herself. The more she tried not to think about him, the more she imagined her Son touching kissing her…sucking her breasts…licking her clitoris.

Then one night…

Oh, God, Kevin!

When she climaxed, she had actually called out his name.

Shocked at her own thoughts, she had decided to stop masturbating. She didn’t want to do anything to temp him.

Or herself.

And then today. She sighed. Drying the last of her tears, she got up and walked toward camp. She and Kevin had overcome so many hardships together. Hopefully, they would survive this one.

They had to.

* * *

Kevin spotted her on the path. Racing through the jungle, he leaped out in front of her, blocking the way.

“MOTHER!” he cried.

He was still naked. His penis stuck out from his hips even longer and thicker, his bulbous cockhead drooling strands of pre-cum, his balls swaying heavy. There was an intense gleam in his eyes. His long brown hair was a mess.

He stepped toward her. “I…NEED… YOU…NOW!” he cried, spitting out each word slowly and deliberately. It was all he could do to speak as primal cravings pulsed through his mind, his body, and, most of all, his cock.

After Evelyn had left him by the pool, he tried to get rid of his sexual urges. Falling to his knees on the sand, he grabbed his cock with both hands and began pumping it up and down like there was no tomorrow.

He tried not to think of his Mother, but he couldn’t help it. Having touched her nipples, all he could think about was how erect they had become and how much he needed to suck her. Having rubbed his cock against her buttocks, all he could think about was how erect he had become and how much he needed to fuck her.

He shut his eyes tightly, recalling the last time he saw his Mother playing with maltepe escort bayan herself in the jungle. One of her hands was squeezing a giant breast. The other was buried between her smooth thighs. Her body glistened with sweat.

“Oh, God, Kevin!”

The vision kept replaying through his mind, driving him into a masturbatory frenzy. He wanted her. And she wanted him, too. “Please, Mommy!” he cried out, his voice echoing against the mountains. “Help me cum!”

He called for her louder and louder, rising to a standing position, continuing to pump his penis, until his erection had swollen even larger and his balls ached from producing too much semen.

He pictured his Mother on her knees on the beach in front of him sucking on his giant cock. He pictured his Mother lying on her back, him on top, pounding his penis in an out of her hefty cleavage. And he pictured his Mother on all fours, while he pumped his cock in and out of her from behind.

Normally, any one of these fantasies would have made him ejaculate easily. But not today. Masturbation wasn’t going to do it. He needed more. And there was only one thing left to do.

He let go of his cock and ran through the jungle.

Straight for camp.

* * * Evelyn stopped abruptly. She was surprised at Kevin’s unexpected appearance and fearful of his wild demeanor.

She had to gain control of the situation — quickly. “Kevin,” she began, trying to be as authoritative as possible. “You need to calm down.”

But she could tell from the crazed look in his eyes that there was no stopping him this time. Gathering all of her strength, she leaped to the right of the path and sprinted through the jungle toward camp. If she could get there fast enough, she could find the wooden club in their shelter and defend herself.

Within seconds she cleared the darkness of the jungle, running into bright sunlight of the small clearing. The next thing she knew, she felt Kevin wrap his arms around her hips and tackle her to the ground.

She fell hard on her side, Kevin’s cock pressing against her thigh. She let out a gasp as he knocked the wind out of her, but the thick grass cushioned the impact.

Holding her around the waist, Kevin got up and carried her with her back against his side. She wriggled wildly, trying to break free. “Let — me — go!” she cried through gritted teeth.

Ignoring her, he marched to the side of the shelter, where two logs, in the shape of an X, supported one end of the structure. He pressed her back against the wood, which was smooth and stripped of bark. Taking a piece of rope, he tied her waist against where the logs crossed each other.

He stretched out her left arm and tied her wrist to the upper portion of one log with another piece of rope. Stretching her right leg, he tied her ankle to the lower portion of the same log. Then, he repeated the process on her right arm and left leg.

“Stop it, Kevin!” she cried. “Stop it now!” She tried squirming out of his grasp, attempting to hit his cock or kick him in the balls, but he moved too quickly.

* * *

When he was done tying her up, Kevin stepped back to examine his work. There was no way she could escape. Now, he could do what he wanted – no, needed to do.

He reached forward and grabbed the top edge of each cup of her bikini top. With a quick tug, he ripped them down and apart. His Mother’s big breasts bounced free, pushing away the remaining scraps of material, which hung loosely from her shoulders.

“No!” she cried helplessly. Struggling anew against her bonds, her breasts swayed to and fro, her nipples crinkling into thick erections.

Kevin had the complete opposite reaction. “Yes!” he exclaimed.

He looked at his Mother’s naked chest in awe. Not only were her breasts large, but they were beautiful and perfectly formed, with only a hint of sag. They were colored a golden tan, a shade lighter than the rest of her body. Jutting out from her chest, they crested proudly off the edge of her rib cage like two big gourds.

He leaned forward and caressed them like objects of wonder. Sinking his fingers in and out of her flesh, he marveled at how her breasts felt so soft, yet firm at the same time. Hefting the big orbs, he was awestruck at how heavy, but plaint they were in his hands.

He moved his fingers to her wide, pebbly areola. At the center of each were her nubby nipples. At his touch, the bumps on her areolae swelled and her nipples grew wider and longer.

He bent his head and began kissing her breasts, going back and forth from one to the other. From time to time, he would stop to bury his face in her deep, warm valley of cleavage, feel the heft of her breasts against his cheeks, and smell her womanly aroma.

Eventually, he began focusing his attention on her right boob, his kisses getting closer and closer to her areola. Once he got to the darker circle at the center of her breast, he began licking her nipple, encouraging it to swell into full erection.

“Mommy,” he escort pendik sighed over and over again like a mantra. Ever since he could remember, he had longed for her breasts. Now he could finally have them.

When he couldn’t wait any longer, he opened his mouth widely and clamped it on her nipple, sucking his Mother ravenously while he pressed his hips against her one of her thighs and ground his hard cock against her skin.

* * *

Evelyn looked down at her Son. For a split second, she couldn’t help but fondly recall when she had breast-fed him as a baby. They had spent so many wonderful afternoons in the back yard together, her feeding him milk from her engorged breasts.

In the next instant, she couldn’t believe the horror of what was happening now. That innocent baby was now a grown man, who had bound her up, violently ripped off her top, and was now playing with her breasts and humping her leg like she was some kind of whore.

And there was nothing – absolutely nothing – she could do. There was nothing she could do to stop the wonderful feeling of his hands and lips on her breasts. There was nothing she could do to stop to hungry tugging on her nipples that reaffirmed both her motherhood and sexuality. There was nothing she could do to stop his saliva from drooling out of his mouth and dripping down her breast like excess milk. And there was nothing she could do to stop the warm, deep sexual feeling racing from her nipples to her clitoris.

It had been so long.

So long since she had had sex.

“No,” she said weakly, this time not at her Son, but to herself, as she tried to fight the wave of pleasure beginning to spread through her body.

She had to fight back the feeling.

She had to!

* * *

Once he had slaked his initial lust on his Mother’s breast, Kevin dropped her nipple, now wet and swollen, from his mouth. While sucking her had calmed one part of him, it had only served to further excite another part of him – his cock.

He moved one of his hands down between her legs and began to gently massage her lower lips through the material. “I need to get you ready, Mommy,” he said.

“No, baby,” she whimpered, tears falling heavily off her cheeks. “Don’t touch Mommy there…”

But ne needed to touch his Mother there. He needed to make his Mother as wet as he possibly could.

He moved away from her body, giving her a moment of hope. Then, to her dismay, he reached for the tie holding together the right side other bikini bottom and pulled it open. The material dropped away, hanging off of her left side, revealing her soft, brown bush, already glistening with love juice.

“Yes,” he sighed again as he fell to his knees. He put his hands on her hips and ass cheeks, buried his face in her crotch, and then, for the first time in his life, he began licking his Mother’s labia and clitoris. Her smell intoxicated him.

He started gently at first, lightly touching her lower lips with his tongue. He felt her pudendum swell and grow moist. Then he slowly began flicking her clitoris. Within a matter of minutes, it grew as big as the end of one of his fingers. Her love juice began flowing more rapidly, covering his mouth and dripping down his chin.

Knowing he was sexually stimulating his Mother excited him even more and encouraged him to be more aggressive. He increased his tongue action to the point where he was lapping her labia and clitoris making loud slurping noises like a thirsty dog. At the same time, he moved his right hand down between his own legs and began fisting his cock like a madman.

Mommy was getting ready.

Ready for her Son.

* * *

Evelyn struggled against the ropes, trying with all her will to resist as waves of sexual pleasure began to radiate from between her legs to the rest of her body. She turned her head away, so as to not look at her Son’s bobbing head between her legs. She bit her lip, hoping the pain would distract her. But nothing could stop what was going to happen next.

Each lick of her Son’s tongue sent her higher and higher. She was astounded at how he seemed to know exactly the right way to touch her labia and clitoris with his mouth and tongue. Did he have that much experience with other girls, she wondered? Or was it because….

He was her Son…

And she was his Mother?

The instant she had that thought, a massive wave of orgasmic pleasure pounded through her body. It broke through any dams she had left, washing away her remaining strength. In its wake, she was electrified with orgasmic ecstasy.

Her body quivered uncontrollably. “Oh, God, Kevin!” she cried in both emotional pain and physical pleasure.

“Mommy’s cumming!”


* * *

After she had climaxed, Kevin lifted his face from her crotch. He smiled, his mouth dripping with his Mother’s love. He knew she had wanted him.

He stood up and gripped his erection. His cock felt massive, making him feel powerful and totally in control. Foreplay was over. Now, he needed bury his cock deep inside his Mother. And cum.

He stood up, spread his legs and aimed his cock at her wet crotch.

“Please, baby,” she said weakly. She was still trying to recover from her orgasm. “I’m your Mother. You’re my Son.”

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