Our Family Calendar Ch. 03

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A lighthearted romp through some intimate family photo shoots.

In Chapters One and Two I told you all about our decision to create a Family Calendar as a Christmas present to be sent to our various and many relatives.

And I brought you through the weeks prior to the calendar being created, the story culminating in the actual, rather chaotic photo shoots for a calendar that was supposed to have two facets, a ‘nice family’ calendar for our relatives and a ‘nude family’ one for us.

But before the end of the first day Dad had over-imbibed on the wine and while he was snoozing Mum and I finished off the photography. However, Mum also added that extra ingredient – sex – after which the photographs were anything but clean! I’d imagined that we’d all want to show off in our photos but I had no idea that my siblings, not to mention our mother, would ‘open up’ in so many ways!

Eventually Dad woke again but by then we’d finished and Mum hustled Dad away to sleep off the wine while we all took an overnight break as well.

So Chapter Three will continue the story of Dad’s attempts to get some photographs suitable to send to our various relatives, his efforts constantly blighted by the sexual activity all around him!

By the time my story begins again, Dad would have an opportunity to run through and edit the myriads of photos – and he was in for an almighty shock when he viewed what we’d been up to while he’d been out of it!

So off we go again, although I’ll just mention that if you read Chapters One and Two first, you’ll get up to speed more easily…..

And while you’re reading this Chapter, I’ll be busy compiling what I’ve planned to be the final Chapter of this story….


Late the following afternoon each of us were to be seen cautiously popping out from our bedrooms and quickly withdrawing – until we heard Dad in the lounge and then we all rather carefully assembled in the hallway. If Dad was ready then we’d better be ready too but fireworks were going to be erupting……and safety in numbers seemed to be recommended.

Tim and I appeared first and we scanned each other as we stood in the hall waiting for the girls. Tim was again wearing his very brief shorts and singlet, both garments with more holes than material but the effect was right – to show off his very muscular and tanned body – something he’d already done all too well to the girls! I checked myself out; I too was in what I called my Tarzan outfit – Mum’s idea of an explorer’s gear, but it was ok. Flimsy and far from ideal for pushing thought undergrowth it was just for the photo shoot really and nothing else.

“You wearing underwear?” I asked and Tim shook his head.

“You?” he questioned by reply and I too quickly shook my head – we both wanted to be ready for action, it seemed!

Suddenly the two girls appeared, twittering away like a pair of sparrows – although both looked much more like a pair of half-plucked exotic finches, with bits of bare body on show here and there.

Liz’s arse was only half covered and her top was “ripped” across her chest revealing that she wasn’t wearing a bra and that the view of the underside of her large breasts was just as alluring as the view from above! Angie was a bit more demure but nevertheless she presented more than enough in the way of allurements. The difference with Angie being that what she had ‘just’ covered her; although the merest movement seemed to reveal a breast in its entirety, or perhaps only a nipple, or maybe an entire buttock….or even reveal a glimpse of her unshaven, unclad pussy!

I drew a deep breath as my brain summarised the situation; Dad would have had a chance to see and to edit the photos from yesterday by now and I would be surprised if he wasn’t some deep shade of purple by now! I shuddered to think what he’d thought of them – all those we took of us fornicating as he dozed! And now we were about to come before him, exposing our bodies like a load of porn stars!

Dad was going to go ballistic at us once we were all assembled – we were all about to walk into an enormous bear trap, or so we thought!

Rather reluctantly we all headed to the lounge but somewhat to our relief there was no sign of Dad. Instead Mum was there, smiling broadly as she welcomed us with open arms to the “photographic studio”, also known as the lounge.

“Don’t get worried, kids,” she said, soothingly, “Dad’s ok now. He nearly cracked up last night when he saw all the action; especially when he saw me riding on Chris’s cock!”

I blushed heavily but Mum continued to smile, “But I think he was just shocked more than anything else.”

We chuckled between us as Mum spoke; an indication that we were still nervous….but Mum soon settled us down.

“And as for watching you two girls toss him off – God, that was so exciting! That was the key – he was hard as a rock in moments – he loved it! He must have watched that ten times!” she said, “Thanks for videoing it Chris, that was great planning.”

“Wish we could video the whole bostancı escort thing,” said Liz, “We’d be able to have so much fun afterwards…..”

“Perhaps I can talk Dad into getting a proper video camera before we do the whole family shoot then,” suggested Mum and her eyes told me that she’d succeed, whatever objections Dad came up with!

With the tension eased we relaxed; us lads found cans from the fridge while the girls got glasses of wine; our smiles returning as we absorbed the news about Dad.

“So what’s happening today?” asked Liz, already starting to create ‘poses’ on the settee, her shapely arse twerking nicely as she adjusted herself.

“Dad will be along in a bit but he suggested we all get ready for the next picture – that’s May, so it’ll be Chris’s turn to be with the two girls,” said Mum. We’ll skip the April pictures – that’ll include our Easter family photo….and a video, perhaps!”

“Yeah fine!” said Liz cheerfully, “Can I do the same as I did for February – you know, sit on his cock?”

“Give Angie a chance, for heaven’s sake,” said Mum, “Stop being greedy!”

“Oh Mum, you know what it’s like; you have a bit and then you want more….and that’s what I want. My pussy’s so wet; it’s been like it all night!” moaned Liz, “Ohhhhhh – I guess you’re right though.”

“Well, never mind all that, get posing….then your Dad will be kept happy at any rate,” replied Mum as she pushed the girls towards me, “We’ll worry about the details later.”

We settled down, wondering how we should pose. There was a certain consideration that we should continue to look demure and clean but then we now knew that Dad had seen the photos and we all guessed that he’d be ready to accept some good solid porn! The idea of a polite family calendar was now dead and buried!

And suddenly I realised what we could do, so pushing the girls out of the way I lay down along the settee and waved them back to me.

“Liz, come here, get astride my face!” I said, “And Angie, go and sit on my thighs.”

Understanding immediately, the two girls leapt into place; Liz’s thong flying off as she stretched her legs over my chest while Angie jumped onto my upper thighs and quickly began rummaging in my outfit for my cock!

“Don’t rush,” I said, “Don’t want you to make me cum too quickly….take it easy, Ang.”

More slowly Angie now extracted my rapidly hardening cock from my shorts and sat there, just holding and softly caressing my penis to ensure it remained hard.

And up at the other end Liz was now settling herself comfortably on my chest, mere inches from my face as we all waited for Dad to make an appearance.

“Chris, look – look how wet I am,” moaned Liz, holding her sticky pink pussy lips apart, “I can’t wait for you to start licking me – it’ll be wonderful!”

“Just be patient,” I said, longing to stretch out my tongue, “Wait for Dad.”

Just then Mum appeared beside us, tugging material into place; pulling at limbs; patting dry overheated brows; touching up lipstick and spritzing us with a cooling spray – she’d discovered a useful role in all this and we weren’t complaining.

“For heaven’s sake Liz, get your skirt off!” she said, “You’re hiding everything!”

We’d thought it better to keep things slightly subdued but Mum had other ideas and as she surveyed the scene she spoke out.

“Look – just relax….. I told you I had words with your Dad last night,” she said, “Well, actually I had more than words; he got well and truly fucked last night and he loved it! Like I said, he was completely shocked by the photos but since he’s a horny old goat all they ended up doing was turning him on….so we quickly got over the incest bit, I’m so pleased to say.”

We all breathed sighs of relief again as we heard Mum’s words….and she continued….

“What he actually said was that he was surprised that we’d all managed to stay away from each other all these years!” she said as her hand absentmindedly rubbed over her pussy, “And he was actually not a little bit excited….because he’s always wanted to sample you girls himself!”

“Wow!” said Liz, her hips thrusting forward so that her wet pussy slapped itself over my mouth and nose, “Brilliant – so we’ll be able to use that nice big cock of his then?”

“So long as you don’t wear him out,” said Mum, smiling broadly and still rubbing her pussy, “He is mine, don’t forget.”

“Mmmmmm!” I moaned, my face full of sloppy wet cunt, “Mmmmmmm!”

I managed to push Liz away so I could breathe; while I was loving the so-sweet taste of her lovely lips, her horny hole and her creamy clit, I also needed air!

“Wow Mum, brilliant news,” I managed to add, “Are you available too?”

“You’d better count me in – no way am I going to miss out on a good fuck!” she said, “My turn will come when we do July.”

“What about me?” asked Tim as he stood away from the ‘studio set’, “What happens to me?”

And even though he wasn’t yet part of the show, his penis was already well risen in his skimpy shorts.

“Be ümraniye escort bayan patient darling,” said Mum, stroking his arm, “You’ll be in July too….and if you’re good and promise not to cum, you can give me a good fucking while Dad photographs this lot.”

“Come on then Mum, I’m getting all hard and ready now,” moaned Tim, pulling aside his shorts to show off his erection, “Let’s get started now, please.”

“Put it away and wait,” she replied, “We won’t be long…..”

As she spoke we heard Dad approaching, humming cheerfully to himself as he arrived, eventually waving energetically to us, and we all waved back with relief showing in our actions.

“Hi kids!” he said brightly as we waited with bated breath, “And I thought we brought you up to be a nice clean living family!”

He shook his head theatrically before moving closer to us.

“I don’t know; let you do your own thing for a few hours and that’s what happens, eh?” he chuckled, “Wish I hadn’t had so much of that wine….but then again, perhaps it wouldn’t have happened if I’d stayed with it.”

He surveyed us all before he spoke again.

“Anyway, I’m over the shock, so don’t all panic,” he said, “It’s not exactly how I expected my kids to behave….but then again, had I been in your shoes, I bet I’d have done the same!”

At lest he’d managed to get us to relax sufficiently to carry on comfortably now…..

Dad sauntered closer to us, a broad smile playing on his lips, a long bulge showing at his groin.

“So this is the May set-up is it?” he said as he kissed Angie on the lips, “Hmmmm, like it – dirty little nymphs at play in the summer sun, eh?”

He lifted Angie’s brief skirt and slid his hand down over her pussy, her smooth skin allowing his fingers to slide easily between her lips.

“Feels good,” he said simply as he licked his moistened fingers, “Can’t wait until we do the family ones!”

He moved towards my head and bent down to view Liz’s pussy from close range.

“Now that looks delicious!” he said, “That’s going to be a real juicy mouthful!”

He gave Liz a kiss too as his fingers slid up and down her slippery cleft as well.

“Gorgeous!” he sighed, his hand rubbing over his groin, “Can’t wait!”

“Actually darling, you’ll be doing June with the kids – you might not have all that long to wait!” said Mum as she consulted Dad’s notes, “You’ll be after this shoot – Chris will have got both the girls ready for you, won’t he?”

“Mmmmm,” groaned Dad, his hand sliding up and down his growing penis, “I’d better get to work then!”

“What shall I do while you’re filming?” asked Mum, closing in on Dad and running her hands down his body, “Would you like me to get you ready too?”

His reply became inaudible as Mum and Dad kissed deeply, Dad’s hands squeezing her buttocks while her hands slid down to his groin. She looked over her shoulder and winked at us, almost at the same time as Dad did too!

And now, knowing that the shoot was about to begin and also knowing that we had both our parents’ approval, I pulled Liz back towards my mouth while I felt Angie begin to massage my cock more energetically once more.

“Slow down Angie,” I said, “Unless you want me to cum over you.”

Liz however had no compunctions about getting on with it; already her pussy was plastering itself over me once more, her delicious juices wetting my lips and my tongue.

“Don’t you slow down Chris,” said Liz eagerly, “Come on – I can cum loads of times….keep going, please!”

Rather than drown in her liberal juices I pulled Liz to me and with a broad tongue I began slurping up the deliciously warm and scented fluid that coated her sweet lips, delving the tip of my tongue between her inner lips to her very hole itself, gathering ambrosia by the tongueful and filling my mouth with her offerings. Liz began moaning and squirming on my chest; her sweet buttocks rubbing over my body as she became more and more excited.

“Ooooh fuck Chris,” she cried, another gush of lubrication wetting her pussy, “Oh God – you’re good, that’s brilliant….yes, yes….there – ooooooh fuck!”

My tongue was working overtime, sliding up and down her crevice, slipping into her vagina, caressing and teasing her clit and Liz was loving every moment of it.

Gradually her actions and movements increased in randomness as she neared her first orgasm and I held her there, slowing my actions so as to prolong her excitement.

In the meanwhile Angie had been far from idle. She must have torn away my shorts or something because she now had access to my balls as well – and her finger was even insinuating itself down further to my arsehole itself. I felt my hips unconsciously lifting upwards to accommodate her probing while her other hand played havoc with my cock.

I knew I was leaking copiously; I could feel the way my cock seemed to swell each time another small eruption of precum forced itself up my shaft and out over my knob. I could feel each release of precum as it cooled on my kartal escort knob before Angie’s fingers and thumb spread it out and down my shaft.

And I could feel the way that Angie was becoming more and more excited as she played…..

Not far away Dad was clicking madly. Between all the snaps he told us that he was now using a much larger memory card in the camera – not that we cared one bit – and now he’d be able to take so many more photos; he was happy. And while he was busy Mum had settled on her knees with her arms holding his thighs….while Tim was busy behind her, now removing her knickers! Tim’s penis stood proudly free of his shorts, his knob shining and dripping with lubricating precum as he readied himself for Mum’s pussy and she in turn was very ready for his cock!

Hell – if they could do it so could we and I patted Angie on her thighs.

“Come on then, hop aboard!” I said brightly, “I think Dad’s ready.”

“Yeah, come on kids, let’s have some more action then,” said Dad and then, “Ooooh darling, mustn’t do that!”

“Why not?” said Mum as she began to work inside Dad’s trousers, “The kids all saw your cock last night and I want to have something to do while Tim fucks me!”

Dad blew out a gush of air, realising that he was defeated but now beginning to enjoy the erotic situation as his wife found his penis.

“Ooooh Sal, careful, mind your nails,” he moaned, “He’s getting all hard.”

“Bloody hope so,” said Mum as she began to massage his lengthy penis, “Ahhhhh, that’s better.”

Her voice shut off as her mouth allowed her husband’s cock to slip between her lips, several inches of penis sliding smoothly into her practiced mouth.

“Mmmmmm!” moaned Dad, “Stop it – I can’t concentrate darling – hang on a minute!”

And Dad needed to be clicking and concentrating as Angie was in the process of lifting herself onto my cock; her lovely pussy hidden from me by Liz but all the more alluring because of that. Instead of seeing the action I was feeling it; Angie’s hot fingers holding my cock upright; her thighs tightening as they moved up my body and then the warm damp slipperiness of her cosy pussy as it slid down over my cock.

It was my turn to let out a moan as her warmth spread around my tip and softly absorbed my cock until suddenly her smooth flesh made contact with my pubes; she’d engulfed my cock completely.

“Ooooh, that’s better,” moaned Angie, her hips moving to get herself comfy, “Ohhhh fuck – that feels so good!”

Her hips were now grinding her pussy down on my cock, her busy hole sucking and pulling at me as she worked herself off on my cock, aided by my own pelvic thrusts from below.

Back up at the top, Liz was getting very excited now and once again it was all I could do to breathe as her wet gash rubbed hard over my face; her clit skittering over and around my nose, my tongue lashing into and out of her hole, my mouth and chin soaked and slippery with her juices.

She was panting and groaning and jerking and pushing and was quickly rising towards her frantic orgasmic peak.

“Dad, Dad,” she groaned, her hands flapping around, “Watch – I’m cumming! Watch me cummmm!”

I could see the camera lens extending for close-up shots as Liz jerked and jumped violently at my mouth; her bouncy breasts flailing up and down; her lovely nipples hard as tiny pebbles between the fingers of both my hands as I helped her to climax. Her pussy was clamped so hard on my face that I thought she’d hurt herself but instead she was merely driving herself to a higher and higher peak until she suddenly burst right out over the top.

“Aaaaahhhhh yesssss, yesssss, yessssss!” Liz yelled, her entire body shaking and jumping around wildly, “Fuckin’ yeahhhhhh, yeahhhhhh! Oh yeahhhhh!”

I couldn’t say anything in my situation but not far away I heard Angie groan more loudly as my cock must have stiffened even more from the excitement of Liz’s orgasm and thrust even deeper into her sexy hole. Then I also heard another groan….and there was Mum, pushing her bum back at Tim as he thrust his energetic penis into her eager vagina!

And at the other end, Mum had Dad’s trousers around his ankles and she was seemingly doing her best to engulf his entire cock; at any rate there wasn’t much of it to be seen, so she must have had a good seven inches of it inside her mouth.

‘So Mum can deep-throat, can she?’ I heard myself thinking, ‘Gotta have some of that sometime!’

But most of the action was now back ‘down below’ as Angie was now riding me hard, her buttocks crashing down onto my thighs time after time; her tight little wet hole positively squelching as she dropped down onto me and rose again. Tremendous heat seemed to be radiating from her groin; my rigid cock felt as if it was on fire as her pussy worked hard on me, working towards her own orgasm – and probably towards my own eruption.

Angie was crying out in ecstasy as my cock delved deep inside her and gradually her actions became less controlled and more erratic – it wasn’t going to be long before she hit the stops too!

Meanwhile Liz was now, for just a few more moments, totally out of control. Her whole body was a blur of action as she orgasmed hard on my mouth; her pretty features contorted as she enjoyed a magnificently wild climax to her sexy ride.

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