On the Dance Floor: Audrey Sins

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On the Dance floor: Audrey Sins

After four refusals nobody else bothered asking Audrey to dance, and no one around the joined-together tables in the dim lit oldies club gathered for the engagement party of a visiting overseas based family member was even surprised by her refusal to dance. The entire family and few close friends in the twenty person group of revelers knew that Audrey was not the party type, being a born-again Christian, and at age forty five was still girlishly shy and introverted. It was mostly due to her religious fervor that her marriage came to an end two years ago.

After two hours had gone by I got up from my seat opposite Audrey, went around to where she was sitting and held out my hand. All eyes looked at us and smiles brightened the faces; I guess everyone knew she wouldn’t likely refuse me like she’d done the others. They knew Audrey and I were tight. They were right. After only a brief hesitation she graced the table with a shy smile and took my hand. As if reading from the same script, two voices from around the table shouted simultaneously.

“Keep she on de dance floor for two hours.”

Others joined in, all urging me to keep Audrey dancing for a long time. Knowing how shy she was, I could feel her blushing and discomfort at the attention paid to her as we walked away from the table. We headed for the dance floor nearest our table, but because of the congestion, I skipped it and took her to one further away, only to find a similar situation.

Seconds after I held Audrey close to me in a casual but close dance stance, the fronts of our bodies barely touching, I felt a familiar but shockingly unexpected thrill run through my twenty-five year old athletic body, causing it to glow hot. On the one hand I could understand the stirring below my waist, it being I was in the close embrace of a beautiful and juicy woman, under dim lights, with nice music playing and a few drinks in my head, and hadn’t fucked in six months. (A long story best left untold) So, being in a prolonged horny state such a reaction seemed only natural. But on the other hand I was somewhat startled, because this was Audrey, this was not some hot stranger or one of my sexy cousins sitting around the table who had earlier, unreservedly pressed their hot young bodies against mine

This was a woman I’d always had great respect for, a woman who always has my back no matter what and would never let me down or disrespect me, so she deserved some decency, self-control and respect from me. I tried to keep body contact to the minimum for the sake of that. But after about two minutes of careful stepping and turning on the packed dance floor, my resolve was shattered with help from clumsy, inexperienced dancers bumping into us from all sides, causing us to be constantly clutching each other and pressing our bodies together for balance.

I felt my cock arrogantly disregard the ‘no fishing in this pond’ sign and against strong mental effort to keep it in check began to stretch out and reach for the pink salmon under the thin black dress. By the time the slow song approached its end I had a full blown erection throbbing in my briefs, and in the heady state of previously stated influences, now heightened by the lack of reason usually caused by a hard on, I was deliberately, but in a subtle manner so as not to arouse suspicion, letting it press hard against or glide along the soft thighs or lower belly when we turned or I made forward steps. To her credit Audrey did not acknowledge the intruding presence.

The DJ led us smoothly into the next song without pause and throwing caution to the wind, being led by the hard arguments of my smaller head as opposed to the weak ones of my bigger head, I drew Audrey into a closer embrace. ‘It is a much slower song’, I told myself for want of a sound excuse, as I let let my hard cock press searchingly into her private softness. I felt her body immediately stiffen and retreated, but was instantly sent crashing back into mine because of a bump into her rear by another clumsy amateur. She again tried to pull away, but I quickly made a turn and a short step forward, bringing us back to square one.

She trembled slightly and shifted, effectively moving the hard cock away from the soft region below her waist, the less private thigh. I held her firmly in place with the hard sex stick against the new playground. The song was long and slow and didn’t really require much stepping so I held her firmly and gently rolled my hips. I let go of her hand, which she then rested on my shoulder as I wrapped mine around her upper back, pulling her against my chest, crushing her ample and soft bosom into it. I dropped the other hand which had been just above her waist, to a lower and much more intimate spot just above her butt crack, resting the meaty side of my palm on the round, elevation.

I rested my cheek against hers — nothing unusual between people slow dancing — she did not pull away. Once again her body broke into a gentle tremor but after a few seconds it ceased and she appeared to be in acceptance ankara escort of the strongly intimate embrace, allowing me to bump and glide my hard cock against her groin. She did not reciprocate my hip movements, but neither did she try to retreat from the bold intrusion.

When the song ended she tentatively released me but I kept holding her and whispered in her ear, reminding her of the instructions I’d gotten from the folks at the table. This brought a little chuckle from her and without further resistance she allowed our bodies to come together. I resumed grinding against her, this time a little more to her middle. Soon after I felt her fingers clutch my shoulder with a pressure that hadn’t been there before and her cheeks pressed harder onto mine. I responded with increased pressure in my rolling hips.

“You’re beginning to remember how to slow dance old girl,” I said jokingly, leaning back and looking into her face.

She smiled then chuckled, and said, “Looks like that old boy.”

“Good, just relax and have fun.”

Halfway through the song her body began to gently move against mine, matching my movements with just a slightly lesser intensity and I took that as a cue to dive deeper. I forced my hard, muscular right thigh between her softer, fleshier appendages, using my leg to nudge her long, slightly bowed legs apart. With only a slight hesitation she assumed the position and let me fit neatly between the thigh gap, my hard cock smashing onto her soft pudenda, and when I started to move she deftly started to move with me as her fingernails dug into my back and to my surprise she started softly humming along to the song.

Earlier reservations seemed to have been dissipated, her body’s only mission now, to please as she received similar pleasure. I lowered one hand to cover a fluffy butt cheek, sinking my fingers into it. Following my instinct and her seemingly total surrender to pleasure I let the other hand move up between our tightly glued torsos to cover a soft heaving breast. She lifted and positioned her hand to mask the sweet indiscretion from possible prying eyes. This was far from likely because since sometime during the second dance the dim coloured lights over the floor had been turned off. I gently massaged the soft bubby and Audrey rubbed her pussy against my hard cock even when I stood still.

By the time the fifth song was in progress, the slow and sensual Wings, classic ballad, ‘Let me roll it’ we were truly both lost in teasing each other’s bodies and senses, and when I took her hand and lowered it to my turgid dick, she grabbed it eagerly and forcefully massaged it between trembling fingers and sweaty palm for about twenty seconds before removing it and resuming the smashing of her hot mature pussy against the hard wood in my jeans with a daring eagerness. It was not long after that I heard a passionate hiss in my ear and felt her body rocking violently as she broke up into orgasmic spasms. Her knees seemingly weakened and I had to grip her firmly to keep her from falling.

She remained shivering in my arms for a long time even as I continued to mash her pussy with gusto, hoping to also experience an explosion, but it didn’t happen, for halfway through the next song Audrey pushed against my chest with her palms and started turning away. I could see the sudden horror and worry on her face. I released her and followed her off the dance floor. She told me she was going to the bathroom. I accompanied her there and also went into the gents. As I headed back to our table a feeling of shame and disgust overtook me, and it didn’t help that Audrey gave me a tormented looking stare when she returned. Fortunately only three of our group were at the table and were seated away from me and Audrey, so in the dim light they couldn’t discern our tortured faces.

How could I have been so callous and self-centered to disrespect and betray the trust of this wonderful woman who was like a best friend to me, and had always been nothing but good to me. To escape the burning embarrassment I danced almost incessantly with my cousins and other family friends until we all left the club.

Inside the cab, Audrey and I both pressed against our corner of the cab as if trying to get away from each other. We didn’t utter a single word to each other during the fifteen minute ride home.

Inside the house we both remained silent and went to our respective rooms. I felt truly miserable. I stripped naked and lay on my bed. Five minutes later I put on one of the boxers I usually slept in and went to the little bar cabinet in the living room and fixed myself a strong drink; I wanted to be knocked out. Audrey came out of her bedroom wrapped in a towel and headed for the bathroom. When she saw what I was up to she asked me to fix her a drink as well, instructing me to leave it on the night table in her room. She hardly ever drank and only lightly, but I thought with her being in a similar mood and the fact that she’d asked for a drink, a tall, strong cocktail was in order.

On her way back Audrey gave escort ankara me a weak little smile that was nevertheless a great comfort. I let about fifteen minutes pass before I got up and went to her room. The least I could do was offer an apology for my shameful behavior.

Her door was halfway opened. The bright lights were on. I looked in and saw Audrey sitting on the edge of her bed, glass in her hand. It was empty. Her body was upright but her head was bent, looking down towards the carpeted floor. I entered and slowly walked toward the bed. She had on a short, pale blue, sheer nightdress which had ridden far up her light brown thighs allowing darker blue shiny panties snugly covering her crotch to be seen. I could also see her nipples. I’d seen her in that nightdress a couple of times two weeks ago and had been shocked. She usually never wore such revealing night clothes, even while dad was still here. Against my wishes I felt my cock stirring as I looked at the lovely mature woman. Her pixie cut, natural hair had sparse streaks of grey in the light brown, brought to prominence by the lights in the roof above her head.

The pressure in my shorts kept building, slowly but surely as I drew closer to her. The cock was truly acting against the mood of my remorseful mind. I stood over her in silence for several seconds before finally whispering one word.


She looked up at me with big blazing olive eyes, pupils dilating. The normally flared nostrils on her small but wide nose looked to be more flared than usual. The full overturned bow-shaped and pretty lips were slightly parted.

“I’m sorry mommy, I shouldn’t have done what I did, it was shameful and disrespectful … I … I don’t know what got into me. I tried but just couldn’t stop myself.”

She didn’t say anything, she just held my gaze with her fiery eyes. We stared into each other’s souls for long seconds, searching for whatever — until she looked away and put down the glass. She turned back and once again looked into my eyes. She lowered her eyes to look briefly at my tented shorts, then looking down at her body, pulled the hem of her nightdress down, to cover the previously exposed crotch.

“It’s alright honey, you’re not entirely to blame; I played a part too, remember.”

After a slight pause she continued, “And even if it were entirely your fault, I would forgive you … I love you too much … you’re my everything … I’m proud of you.”

Some relief flowed through my head like it had been invaded by strong weed, and I felt a lightness replace the heavy burden of guilt I’d been carrying the past couple of hours. With the lightness, I also felt my cock experience a sudden burst of energy and tented my shorts heavily.

“Thanks mommy, that makes me feel a little better, but I’m still a little bit ashamed … I love you too, and again I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay baby, I understand … and to be honest I think I needed that little release. I had too much pent up inside of me. I think it was good for me. Thanks,” she said, smiling sweetly.

I saw her look down and stare wide eyed at my shorts, looking like she’d been instantly hypnotized. I turned and walked away quickly. Just as I stepped out the door I heard her say, softly but with urgency.

“Come, darling.”

I turned back and walked into the room led by my riled up cock. I slowly crossed the room and when I was about two feet away, she stood up. I stopped, my legs trembling slightly. I found myself looking over her shapely, tall, slim-thick body, with a mixture of love and lust. There was a little smile on the full lips. I noticed for the first time that there were still traces of her red lipstick. My eyes settled on the full round breasts only half held by the cups, nipples straining against the thin material. I let them move down the soft belly to the light enabled bump of womanhood seen through the nightie, and the thigh gap of her slightly bowed legs. I heard her whisper.

“Please undress me.”

Her words took me by surprise and I stood still for a while, not doing or saying anything, just staring at her.

“If that is what you want darling.” She said.

“I want to mommy, I want to now and for always.”

I reached out and as my hands touched the nightie shoulder straps I heard her coo.

“Oooooo, baby.”

I pulled the straps down her sides and fell to my knees in front of her. After she had stepped out of the nightie I grabbed both heavy, soft butt cheeks and pulled her close to my face. I buried my face in her sweet smelling crotch, deeply inhaling her woman scent. I hooked my thumb in the panty waist and dragged it down her hips and smooth creamy thighs all the way to the ground, stopping for a moment to lick, with long strokes, the slightly hairy and turgid lips. I took a single finger and stuck it into the crack of her thick, neat lips, and with the aid of her natural lubrication I sent the finger up into her warm pussy channel, feeling the walls grasping and releasing the intruder. Audrey lifted a leg and placed ankara escort bayan it on the bed, and grasping my head in her hands stood still as I slowly finger fucked her.

After a while I pulled out the finger and with both thumbs, parted the folds and stuck my tongue into her pulsating, soft pink core. Her leg was still on the bed, her hands still on my head, fingers grasping my dreadlocks as I tongue lashed and sucked her sweet pussy, she grinding against my face, smearing it thickly with her natural juice.

She released my head and threw herself onto the bed. Laying on her back with her ample ass almost on the edge, knees bent, slightly thick thighs spread wide, her olive eyes sparkling with lust for her son’s cock. Her full breasts, creamy-red were spread across her chest, the brown nipples hard and extended. Under the bright light I could see that her beige complexion had now taken on a red pleasure glow. She reached her hands behind and ruffled her pixie hair, as if saying ‘I’m ready to rumble’. I stood up and pulled my boxers down and stepped out of them. Standing over the naked body of my mother in all its sexual glory, I immediately pictured how I was going to fuck her plump pussy. I reached for two pillows and put them at the edge of the bed. She wasted no time hoisting her thick ass onto the pillows.

I watched with wildly pumping heart and lurching cock as my lovely mother spread her legs wider and gently stroked her thick vulva, and then like a pornstar stuck a finger inside, took it out and tasted it with outstretched tongue. She stuck it in again and then offered it to me. I stepped forward and took the offered finger into my mouth. I sucked on her finger for a while before taking hold of a foot and bringing it to my mouth, licked her toes before sucking on each one of them individually. When I was finished with the toes I leaned over, nibbled and licked her inner, upper thighs. Skipping her pussy I licked from the low cropped pubic mat of hair all the way up till I was chewing on soft belly flesh and probing her navel depths with my tongue.

I moved up and started sucking on a turgid nipple, giving it little bites. I left the other breast alone and going further up, placed my mouth at the bottom of her neck to the side and sucked hard, leaving an instant hickey. I moved down back to the breast I’d skipped and blew wind on it teasingly. I lowered my mouth over the nipple in preparation for taking it in while at the same time lowering my hand to my cock. While she was waiting for the feel of my mouth sucking on the nipple I quickly centered my cock, pushed forward hard and luckily, found the right spot. I entered her smoothly, and sent my cock deep into her. She screeched in surprise.

I held both her ankles, spreading the sweet lady wide and began fucking her with long, slow, deep but gentle strokes, shifting my body every minute to hit a different spot inside her. She was looking at my face all the time as I maintained the same steady, deep, gentle stroking, not letting go of her ankles buy occasionally sucking on her toes driving her wild with passion. Her passage was like silk around my shaft gliding to and fro and I could tell she was enjoying the deep but careful, slow strokes searching her core hole. And when I probed the sole of her foot with my tongue, she suddenly let out a long moan, unnnnnnnnh, shook, stiffened and then bucked wildly in the throes of a huge orgasm. I gripped the ankles tightly and pressed my cock hard to the hilt in her, preventing any chance her breaking free as she bucked and hollered like a crazy woman.

“Ooow … oooohh, oooohh … aieeeeeeeee … wooooooo … unnnnnnnnnnnnnnh, aaaaaahh … aaaaaahh, oh gawd, oh, oh, oh, until the sweet torment fizzled away.

I threw the pillows away and turned her onto her side, let go of the leg on the bed but held the other one high as I threw my right leg across the one on the bed and leaned onto her. In that scissor-like position and with one hand gripping a breast, I continued the long deep strokes until I felt that It wouldn’t be long before I reached the line; only then did I slightly increase my pace but switched to short steady strokes. As I was about to come I let go of the ankle and leaned forward. I placed one hand under her arm and gripped her shoulder while I put the other hand under her neck. in that acrobatic embrace I made my last few quick jabs before flooding her pussy with cum. She spread the free leg wide as I pumped cum into her, jerking and trembling furiously.

I released her and we both fixed ourselves properly on the bed, lying on our backs, holding hands.

“Thanks, honey, I needed that … thanks for staying with me and making this happen … you could have backed out, you had chances, but you were brave for both of us. You started it and carried through.”

A thought occurred to me and I delved into my memory and found pieces of evidence that my mother had been sending me sexual signals for a couple of months. The short sheer nightie was one. The dropped bath towel from around her body only a week ago. The sudden wearing of short shorts, and thin blouses, attributing it to the hot El Nino season. The partly opened bedroom door twice when she was in bra and panties only. She rose up on one elbow and looked into my face.

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