Old Boyfriend and His Son

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Alli Rae

I recently went for a couple of weeks to visit my parents. They still live in the country town where I grew up. The second day I bumped into a guy I had an affair with more than 12 years ago. Paul is older, now about 50. We stood on the street corner and as we talked I admired his rugged good looks and that smile that always made my knees weak. Even though he was a little heavier and his hair was getting grey, he looked damn sexy. I could see there is still quite a spark there and when he asked if I wanted to have a drink we both knew what would happen.

In fact we never made it to the pub. Instead we went to his workshop (he is a plumber) and after he got us both beers, we leaned against the big tool bench side by side and chatted. I was very conscious of his thigh against mine and before long he was finding a reason to touch my knee or arm as he told me something. He went to the rusty fridge to get more beers and when he came back he held my wrist, pulled me ankara escort slowly to him, his open mouth going over mine.

It was a long hot kiss and by the time his lips pulled away from mine, my blouse was undone and my breasts were all horny from his rubbing. While we kissed again he shrugged his overalls off and there was his thick penis soft to my touch. Another kiss and he said he really missed my blow jobs. In a minute I was on my knees sucking his beautiful cock just like I used to. His smell and taste were instantly familiar and also the way he took over when he was close to cumming, held my head and fucked my mouth.

I called by the workshop the next day and he had his son with him, a good looking boy now 18 and an apprentice to his dad. We just chatted but I think the boy could see there was something between his father and me. He is a good looking lad, unruly dark hair, dark eyes, his father’s broad shoulders, a bit gawky still but filling out escort ankara from all the physical work.

Paul said they were off camping that coming weekend, out where there’s some good fishing. He smiled at his son and I could see they have a strong bond. He mentioned that he’d be working late to finish off some accounts, finalise some orders so they could get away early the next morning.

I took the hint and later that afternoon, well after closing time, went back to the workshop, knocked on the rear gate. My heart beat hard when he opened, pulled me inside and kissed me. We had sex on the tool bench, our clothes beneath me as he thrust that big cock deep, stretched my vagina deliciously wide. He talked about how sweet it was to fuck me again, how he’d often thought about it these last years. Later, as we shared a beer, I said I remembered how sometimes we were so hot for each other that we would do it twice before he went home to his wife. His eyes twinkled ankara escort bayan and he put a hand behind my neck, pulled me to him for a kiss. I went to my knees again, sucked him till he was hard and then leant over the bench so he could enter me from behind.

He fucked me a nice long time, spanking my butt occasionally, saying he missed having a slut like me around. This sent me into a bit of a fantasy that I was with him and his son on their camping trip and he tells me that its time his son lost his virginity, that I should be his first woman. I let the boy make love to me, try and make it gentle and special. But Paul says no, no, son. This woman is a slut. You can fuck her any way you want, do anything you like to her. Don’t worry, she will enjoy it. And he shows his son what he means, fucks me roughly, pulls my hair, spanks my tits, fucks my arse. His son is a fast learner and for the rest of the trip I am their fuck slut.

This fantasy makes me cum and Paul chuckles, says I’m still a hot little cracker.

I don’t see him again for a week, but we get together again before I have to leave and again I have the slut fantasy while he bends me over the work bench and fucks away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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