Nikki Lit – “Torture”

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Kayla had rejected his advances, tried to talk him out of lusting for a woman her age. Suede was single and looking and she was married and content. Her being married was established within seconds of their chance encounter, but this wasn’t a deterrent to him. He was persistent and confident, and she found this sexy. When she finally let down her walls, letting him in, she felt youthful when they interacted. She was playful, aggressive at times, and flirtatious when they sexted. She admired his ability to arouse her from flashes of images and brief conversations. Suede wanted to be taught by the seasoned, and Kayla was a willful instructor. Always being certain to remind Suede that love couldn’t enter their playtime and that her husband and family would always remain first in her life, she added that she would however gladly make time for him when he was able.

They had an odd relationship. He knew how to push her buttons getting what he wanted from her when he wanted it, then disappearing for a stretch when she pushed his buttons or refused his request. Kayla used words and imagery to turn him on. In response, Suede teased her enough to get her wet and wanting, and he was good at teaching her a few things as well.

Suede was a man of few words – imagery being his primary language – and what a language it was, and this language of lust worked well for them for quite a while. Being a young man, he valued things that were materialistic in nature, which were completely valueless to her. This wasn’t a dig at Suede’s lifestyle or goals as a youngster, but Kayla had lived long enough to see value in other qualities in people.

They were opposites in that Suede found importance in being able to provide for Kayla, wanting to wine and dine her admitting, “If I had the money, I would pay for everything.” She graciously batted away the idea knowing he didn’t have the means to accommodate herself and him, and so found his monetary desires unnecessary for feeding the lust he ignited in her, and her already hedonistic nature. She valued him and him alone. What he did outside of their relationship was irrelevant. Suede’s presence was all she wanted. She wanted to be in the same space as him, but she need to feel comfortable – a private luxury suite perhaps – in order to feel at ease and ready to give herself to him completely uninhibited.

They had discussed meeting for quite some time, their age difference was substantial as she was the elder of the two by nearly two decades, but their lust for one another was mutual, or so it seemed. She humored him with small gifts: movie tickets to take girls out on dates or enjoy with friends, kadıköy escort free coffee to refresh himself or his female du jour, or just a little pocket cash to play around with at an amusement park with his boys. Kayla outright refused to be Suede’s sugar mama, but thought nothing of giving him small gestures of kindness, as she was young once and enjoyed many of the things that he craved to experience but lacked the means to do so. He enjoyed these gifts, and occasionally requested more of them, to Kayla’s dismay, but she complied when the mood struck her. She never wanted anything monetary in return for the gifts she gave him, all she wanted was for Suede to stand by his word, to do exactly what he said he was going to do. She had ample opportunity to cease communication, and for a while she did, but something brought her back to him…repeatedly. So she kept giving him what he wanted until…

She checked the weather from her phone when she rose. It was slated to be another uncomfortably hot summer day in Los Angeles. The morning temperatures had already reached 93ºF (35ºC), and it was only 8:00 am. By noon Los Angeles would be scorching in the heat of the summer sun. As she routinely did, Kayla rolled over and kissed her husband, and got ready for a day at the office that she had no plans on going to. She was awake and anxious about the day ahead.

The day had finally come to collect. Being of sound character, Kayla’s word was as ironclad as an oath. Suede wasn’t much of a talker, so when he told her that “You just never listen,” she was all ears. She remembered his longing words, “I want to fuck you. I already told you. I swear any day, Monday through Thursday I’m free. Just book a hotel and we’ll have fun.” She was now holding Suede to his word.

Because Suede and Kayla really didn’t talk much about their daily lives, Suede didn’t quite know Kayla’s taste, and in doing so previously stood her up, and without explanation, left her to pay and sit in an inhabitable motel room in the middle of nowhere alone. Frustrated, but making the best of a bad situation, Kayla used the time alone to work.

Kayla was a woman of means and held higher standards for herself and Suede, and she scolded him for standing her up. So when they agreed to meet again, he provided suggestions and smartly made her responsible for hashing out the details of his newly suggested rendezvous location. She researched the list Suede provided on her own. Disappointed again, she deciding not to reserve a room at all. She also decided to not tell Suede; and without a place to fuck, she alone planned to kağıthane escort play things by ear. Kayla figured if he wanted her, he would bend to her desired location.

They agreed on a Thursday, so Kayla scheduled the rest of the week off work. A day for her would-be lover and the remaining three, long, and much-deserved leisure days were delegated to spending time with her family; but their day, Thursday, would be special.

Thursday was for Suede, the young man whose advances she had rejected several times before she finally let him into her world. Thursday was for them – a day to escape their realities for a couple hours or maybe for several hours of blissful, uninhibited, lust-filled fun. After botched attempts to meet a few times prior, the day was finally here – a day of play with the “boy toy” that had penetrated her psyche again and again, yet off and on, for the past few years.

Suede was young and had given her the currency of money shot after money shot, willfully bestowing upon her images of a cock so fair that the true man behind the imagery, the real Suede, was still unknown to Kayla. She was finally going to meet him. She wanted to see him. She needed to see him in person. Who was this man behind this incredibly photogenic cock?

Suede and Kayla had shared many images, but pictures only went so far. She needed to look him in the eyes, to smell him, to taste him, and to savor him in the moment. Her schedule for the day was wide open to be consumed by him, and she wanted all of him on deck for just a little while.

Thursday morning, Kayla woke up looking forward to the day ahead, but she was met with a familiar uneasiness. She knew that feeling – the feeling of rejection. A feeling she was all too familiar with especially when it came to Suede. He was young, indecisive, and loyal to his lifestyle as it was.

She would wait to check her phone for she knew she would see another cancellation, another averted meeting from this man she so desperately wanted to meet face to face. She thought, “There is no way he would reject me again. He promised.” She stepped into the stream of warm water and showered, letting the water clear her head and her doubt, making sure the parts of her body that she wanted explored by him were extra clean and ready for his exploration. She was going to be ready.

To prepare for this much-anticipated meeting, the evening prior Kayla gave herself a manicure and pedicure with a fresh paint in the deepest noir she could find. With her nails and toenails glistening, her hair washed, her pussy neatly trimmed and every crevice kartal escort of her flower detailed for his approval, she exited the shower, dried herself off, and gave herself a once-over in the mirror and smiled. Content with her appearance, Kayla dressed neatly but not too casual, choosing a long skirt; low-cut blouse; a black bra and no panties; and simple, black strappy sandals.

Finally in her car, Kayla started the ignition, fastened her seatbelt, and turned the AC up to the maximum. Grabbing her cell phone, she reluctantly checked her messages while the car warmed up. There it was staring back at her. “Sorry, I don’t think I’m going to make it.” She took a deep breath allowing the immediate boiling of rage to subside before replying, “Get out of bed, I’m on my way.” Not knowing if Suede would see or reply to her message, she set off to the destination of their arranged meeting.

Hours went by, as she aimlessly drove around a part of town she hadn’t seen in years. A part of town she had spent much of her own youth. It was a case of half waiting for him, half looking for him, and then finally he was there. Suede slid comfortably into Kayla’s passenger seat. She verbally welcomed him, handed him the cash he’d previously asked for, looked him in the eyes briefly and waited. Hoped. There they sat in her car. He was finally in her space. The energy was palpable. Suede had somewhere else to be.

Kayla was tortured by Suede’s ways, and shattered by his images. Although not proud of it, the reality was she lusted for a cock that belonged to a man she would never savor. He was not tender or reasonable. He was not compassionate or complementary. He did not listen to her. Except for fucking married women almost twice his age, Suede scored low on all the things where a man should score high. There, she blushed as the thought went through her head. She had admitted the truth.

She imagined this would have ended differently, but 10 minutes later, she watched him get out of her car. Suede opened the door, tapped the seat, said a brief goodbye, and he was gone. The boy toy she invested in had disappeared from her life forever, and she felt a deep sense of loss.

Time went by. She did not think of him, or so she told herself. It was not true and the memory of Suede did not fade. Months later, Kayla still wondered would he ever attempt to win her favor once he had experienced life, love, heartbreak, and loss. Would he see there was more to her than just a quick fuck in the back seat of her car or a rent-by-the-hour motel? Would he recognize it was more than young bad boy fucks horny married woman? Would he try to renew a relationship that couldn’t be defined? Would he then be able to, would he want to, confront their past? Would Kayla herself be in a place to reconsider any of it? Each time Kayla had this thought, she revisited his images, and her breath quickened, her panties moistened, and she checked her text stream. Again, no word from Suede.

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