Niece’s Decision Ch. 05

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Daneeka could feel Andrew’s cock through his slacks, and as he pulled her closer to him, one hand on the back of her head while the other cupped and massaged her butt cheeks, she could feel her juices slowly running down her leg. She almost pulled away, not wanting to make a mess on the black cloth of his pants, but guessed correctly that it would not be a smart move on her part. Andrew finally broke the kiss and guided her hands to his belt. Although Daneeka hasn’t been with a lot of guys, she knew what came next and began unbuckling his belt almost mechanically.

Andrew held her hands and slowly whispered in her ear, “Although we have an arrangement, this is not a job. Savor the moment as I did.” He kissed her slowly, her lips, her neck, as her hands relaxed and unbuckled the clasp. Daneeka began to slowly crouch down while pulling the slacks down and eventually was face to face with a silk pair of Kelvin Klein boxers, an unmistakable bulge a few inches away from her face. She felt Andrew’s hands on the top of her head and looked up as if asking for permission to proceed.

Andrew smiled and nodded and that was all Daneeka needed, she slowly pulled the boxers down as well and instinctively rolled her tongue around the head of the cock in front of her. She could taste the precum and as if that emboldened her, she began to slide her mouth over the shaft. Daneeka realized just how much she missed giving blowjobs, she wasn’t a “blowjob slut” as some of her friends labeled one another behind each other’s back, she wasn’t going around giving head to random guys. On the contrary, very few got that special treatment. What Daneeka enjoyed was giving pleasure to those she knew would appreciate it and looking up at Andrew she could tell how good she was making him feel.

Although Daneeka was used to controlling the pace, she suspected that would not be the case here. She soon felt Andrew’s head on the back of her head and looked up at him. “I’ve been waiting for a long time for this, we are about to see just how much you enjoy cum.” And with that last sentence he picked up the pace, “Hands behind your back” he instructed all of a sudden, “and hold them there, do NOT pull away.” She could tell his demeanor changed from playful to authoritative and a sense of submission filled her mind and body. “Relax your throat” he groaned as his pace increased even more. Daneeka saw girls get their faces fucked in pornos but never realized anyone actually did it, Darian certainly didn’t let blowjobs continue much longer beyond getting hard. Regardless, Daneeka knew what was coming and tried to brace herself, she closed her eyes and concentrated on the feeling of a hard cock fucking her mouth.

She could swear she felt it get bigger for a second and then she felt the force of a liquid hitting the roof of her mouth, her tongue, the back of her throat. Wave after wave after wave, she tried to swallow as she felt her mouth overflowing. She felt some of it begin to drip out and considered using her hands to catch it but then remembered Andrew’s command and stopped herself. Finally it was over, she could only imagine how she must look and started to blush. “Lick it clean.” Daneeka heard the command and began to slowly lick up and down the shaft. When she was done, Andrew pulled away and pulled up his pants. “Don’t move, stay just like that.” Again Daneeka obeyed not daring to disobey. She realized Andrew wasn’t a scary guy but the commands and his demeanor made her freeze in place, he had an authority about himself that she read about in books and so she sat there, crouching, naked, her mouth still holding some of Andrew’s cum, the rest either making its way to her belly, or on her face, chin, and the floor.

Andrew returned within a few seconds and pulled her chin up, “Look up at me and smile”. Before she could realize what was happening, Andrew snapped a few pictures. She considered protesting but what good would that do now, there was no turning back she realized again. Not to mention she didn’t want to turn back, the realization slowly crept into her mind. She quickly thought of the people she would hurt if they found out but at the moment she did not seem to mind. “Andrew wouldn’t tell” she thought to herself, “and I certainly won’t either.” And with that thought she looked up at him and smiled beşiktaş escort “Did I do good?… Sir!” she quickly corrected herself, “did I please you Sir?” Andrew smiled, returning to his earlier demeanor. “Go ahead and use your fingers to get the cum off you, make sure to eat it all.” He smiled and added “not that you would mind I’m sure.” He winked and her and went to the bathroom, presumably to clean up.

Daneeka did as instructed and slowly worked the rest of the cum in her mouth, savoring each gulp. She has never tasted so much cum but didn’t mind. “Luckily for him… or me, he tastes pretty good…” Daneeka contemplated as she waited for Andrew to return. She wondered how much time has passed but didn’t dare move from her place on the floor. She heard the toilet flush and soon saw Andrew return, once again fully clothed. A part of her felt let down, she definitely thought sex was coming but not anymore. She let out a small sigh as Andrew approached her; he crouched down next to her and gave her a small peck on her forehead.

“You did good for your first time.” He rubbed her shoulders reassuringly. “A part of me did not expect you to make it this far.” He said as a matter of fact, half to her and half to himself.

She felt him stand up and slowly pull her up to his level. Without any instruction, Daneeka leaned in and wrapped her arms around Andrew. His breath against her neck made her feel secure, she missed having a man to hold if even for a few minutes, and from her experience, that’s what the guys she knew were “men for a few minutes”. She smiled at the thought running through her head and felt Andrew hug her, his hands rubbing her back, her ass, slowly running a finger in between her cheeks, as if to tease. Just as if she began to think that sex was back on the table, she heard Andrew speak up

“It’s time for you to get dressed; it has been almost an hour and a half since you dropped your kids off. Let’s not keep your auntie waiting.” He chuckled at the last part.

Daneeka contemplated whether pouting would do her any good but quickly remembered earlier events and slowly started to get dressed. She could feel Andrew’s eyes on her, watching her every move. At certain times he would stop her, when she put on her thong, then again when she put her bra back on, and snapped a few more pictures. She didn’t protest, in fact she began to realize just how much she enjoyed posing for him. She could feel his desire; he wasn’t just trying to “get off” but rather take in the experience that was her and him. Finally she got dressed and he opened the door for her, letting her exit first as she felt her hand squeeze her ass. She heard he enjoyed anal play, one time her auntie let it slip when she had a few to drink that “tonight will probably be anal fun, Andrew’s fantasy come true” but she quickly dropped the topic when Daneeka started probing with more questions. Before leaving Daneeka asked if she could use the bathroom as well, her wish was granted without hesitation and after relieving herself, she decided to brush her teeth so as not to appear suspicious. She didn’t know if someone, anyone could smell cum on her breath but definitely wasn’t ready to risk it.

They made their way to his car and drove in silence, each lost in their thoughts regarding the last hour or so. Daneeka knew she enjoyed herself and was pretty confident Andrew did too. She began to wonder what future meetings will bring and whether she would be able to handle them. After all, the last hour was pretty tame; her mind wondered to all the toys and accessories and wondered when those would come into play, if at all. Before she knew it, they were back at the restaurant parking lot. She felt Andrew reach over and kiss her deeply, she kissed him back, her hands slowly tracing his head, ears, back of his neck, as she felt herself begin to melt again. Again she felt Andrew pull away just as she began to feel that sensation in the pit of her stomach

“You really must go. I am not happy about it either but we will see each other again.” He smiled as he petted her cheek. “Soon.” He added as he saw the frown on her face.

She opened the door and exited the car, Daneeka debated turning around but knew she agreed to follow his instructions. She got in her beylikdüzü escort car and looked over, Andrew stayed behind to ensure she got in her car and motioned for her to leave first. As she exited the parking lot, she was full of emotion, some were primal desires thinking about what just transpired while others focused on the future events. Now that she was again alone, her mind was flooded with possibilities, all of them more risqué than the one before. She knew what she was going to do as soon as she got home and pushed the gas pedal slightly to pass the car to the right of her.

When Daneeka arrived at her house, she found her auntie lying on the couch, curled up under a blanked. “The kids must be asleep.” She thought to herself as she carefully nudged her. Her aunt semi-jumped up but then realizing it was Daneeka, she smiled, and almost winking, asked “did you have a good date?” Daneeka mumbled something along the lines of “it was just a few girlfriends” but she could tell her aunt was not convinced. However she didn’t push and Daneeka wasn’t going to volunteer any additional information. After her aunt left, Daneeka went to check on the kiddos but they were sound asleep. Her home felt very quiet, at peace however Daneeka was anything but. It was still fairly early so she decided to draw herself a bath. As she undressed, she couldn’t help admiring her body again in the mirror.

Despite having two kids she looked great, while genes certainly played a role – her metabolism was through the roof, she also worked out a few times a week. Subconsciously she knew that her and the “baby daddy” may have to part ways sooner or later, likely sooner than later, and her mom always told her that “no one wants to marry a fattie”. Yet she still had imperfections, the stretch marks weren’t completely gone, regardless of how much cocoa butter she used. Her once perky tits sagged a little, despite wanting to look the way she used to, she believed in breastfeeding 100%. Thinking back to earlier in the evening, she realized that Andrew never once commented on any of those things. His eyes were filled with desire, he loved “unwrapping his present”. It was nice to feel wanted, not just to get off, but to feel desired.

She admired herself for a few seconds longer in the mirror when she noticed a quarter sized white spot under her chin and realized she missed some of Andrew’s cum that managed to drip down there. She slowly wet her middle finger and wiped it off. Her first instinct was to clean it in the bath water but then she had a silly idea, and decided to mix it with her juices. She pushed the finger in and began to slowly fuck her kitty while staring at herself in the mirror. Daneeka closed her eyes and though back to an hour ago when she felt his strong fingers penetrate her, his hands holding her, his lips on her neck, her lips, the explosion he caused…the last thought was too much for her and she found herself covering her mouth with her hand so as not to wake up the kids.

Daneeka licked her fingers eagerly and imagined licking Andrew’s cock after he finally decides to fuck her. She thought of their juices mixed together as her tongue would lick his length, swirling around the tip before pushing himself completely in her mouth. Daneeka decided to continue letting her imagination run wild in the bath, she could feel the all-too-familiar sensation building up again. She put on a shower cap and climbed in, she felt that the water has started to cool down a bit and made a mental note to not stay in too long. Once she submerged to her neck, Daneeka rested her head on the back of the tub as she placed her feet against the opposite end.

She closed her eyes and began thinking of the assortment she saw laid out, her mind jumping from toy to toy, wondering how each one will be used. She started with one finger, then added another, and before too long she realized she had 3 fingers working their way in and out. It hurt, she was a firm believer in Kegel exercises and made sure to do those regularly, at least once a day. Daneeka wondered if Andrew would notice, her auntie never had a baby so she felt a little self-conscious and worried about their first time but knew it was out of her control and so she pushed the thought to the back of her mind beyoğlu escort and concentrated on the pleasure radiating through her body.

She soon felt her pussy muscles tighten around her fingers yet again and she let out a loud moan, forgetting for a second she wasn’t alone in her home. Daneeka lost count of how many times she orgasmed today but could feel her kitty getting sore and decided to drain the water and run a shower. She soaped up quickly, being careful with her tender areas but decided to try something before rinsing off. She squeezed out some more body wash and slowly spread her butt cheeks with her left hand. Aside from a few “accidental” slips, she never had a cock in her ass but was always curious if she could handle it. She certainly knew that Darian would tear her pretty badly, and at times he threatened to do just that but settled on using his index finger as he fucked her doggie. The act initially seemed gross to her and she was always worried about being 100% clean, not to mention an accident, she heard horror stories from her girlfriends but never knew if those were just urban legends that they would use to tease her.

Over time however she realized she enjoyed the submissive state of mind it would put her in, Darian noticed that and stopped asking, simply started doing it when he felt he urge. Unfortunately just as she would get into it, she would hear the familiar groan and felt his body weight shift off her as he would lie back on the bed, exhausted from a three minute marathon he just ran. Daneeka knew that she wanted more but was afraid to ask, Darian often commented how only “homos” would fuck their girls in the ass. “Yes, the hypocrisy was strong with him,” thought Daneeka, knowing that if she gave the thumbs up, he wouldn’t think twice. She knew that would not be the case with Andrew, she simply accepted that it was going to happen and wanted to see what was in store for her. She suspected that even if it hurt, he would push on, maybe slower, maybe more gently but the act would happen. She felt a certain amount of acceptance in that thought, she knew she could always leave and never felt she would be in any kind of danger and so she pushed on.

She circled her opening a few times, teasing it slightly, massaging some of the body wash in. Daneeka didn’t know if body wash was the best lubricant but didn’t really have anything else at hand so this would have to do. Slowly she pushed her finger in, she must have gotten an inch or two in but in her mind it may as well have been the whole thing. She decided to slowly massage the tip of her finger in and out which helped her relax and she soon felt more and more push in. When she felt the finger go in halfway, she decided to take a break. Using her left hand, Daneeka slowly rubbed her tender kitty while keeping the middle finger of her right hand in her ass. The mixed sensations of pain and pleasure drove her wild and she let her mind wonder again, thinking of Andrew penetrating her from behind while she rubbed her pussy.

Before too long she managed to push her finger almost all the way to the knuckle where she moved in and out a few times but felt a strange sensation, as if she needed to use the restroom so decided to leave it in while her left hand carefully rubbed her now engorged clit. Without minutes her last orgasm of the day shook her body and she almost collapsed in the shower. It wasn’t as pleasurable, there was a certain amount of pain coming from both her kitty and her now penetrated ass, but it may have been the strongest she has ever given herself. Daneeka realized it was time to stop, “can you imagine what would’ve happened if I slipped and fell?!” the crazy thought ran through her mind. “The embarrassment alone…no I can’t, I need to go to bed.” Daneeka realized she was arguing with herself but made up her mind and quickly rinsed off, lathered her body once more but not allowing herself to get caught up, rinsed off again.

She turned the shower off, and began to dry herself off when she looked over at the phone which was blinking, indicating a missed text or call. She barely finished drying herself off as she grabbed the phone and read a short but to the point text from Andrew,

“Tomorrow, same hotel. Noon. Ask the concierge for the room key.”

Daneeka’s heart raced, she felt giddy inside and caught herself from trying to squeal in delight. She finished drying off, brushed her teeth, checked on the kids, and collapsed in her bed. She was still horny but the day, or rather evening, has been exhausting and before she could help herself, she passed out with a smile on her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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