Nicola Ch. 02

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How does any father handle his (not so) little girl’s emerging sexual appetites?

There was a long embarrassed silence when Nicola’s father stood at the threshold of the open door, taking in the sight of his daughter stripped naked and with her finger slipped up inside her pussy! The silence continued whilst Nicola panicked at the thought of the large piss stain beneath her bum. What would he do if he guessed that she had been pissing in her room? In the end the door was closed without a word being exchanged. Nicola quickly finished off and brought herself to a thundering climax. Nothing was ever said on the matter but there was a subsequent awkwardness which lingered between the two of them.

Several days after this event and Nicola was still mad at the way her parents had treated her. To Nicola it was a question of revenge. After all she was eighteen years of age and she could fuck who she wanted, be it boy or a girl.

Sliding her track suit bottoms down the long run of her creamy legs she quickly moved back to her waistline so that her panties could follow suit. A second later and Nicola’s perfectly formed rounded bum cheeks were being lowered towards the thickly woven carpet of her parent’s bedroom floor. Wanting to pee in such a perverse and naughty manner was once thing but to actually go through with it was another. Staring down between her parted legs she admired at the view of her pussy slit hovering over the floor she so desperately wanted to christen with her hot pee. The ache in her bladder was acute and dying for release so why could she not go?

Closing her eyes from the view of her pee squat Nicola thought back to the other naughty toilets she had performed over the years. One memory in particular came back in crystal clarity. It had been a while back but she and Verona Mitchell had found an unlocked garage door down by the houses near the cemetery. Butterflies had been dancing in Nicola’s stomach as she slid open the unpainted doorway to reveal a dingy interior filled with old cardboard boxes and forgotten household items. Part of the roof was made from transparent plastic which although extremely grubby still provided enough light for the two girls to select suitable locations ikitelli escort bayan to squat and piss.

Nicola had found a perfect old wooden box which had been the same height as a toilet. A loud hissing sound coming from inside the container announced the start of Nicola’s relief. The delicious feeling of peeing had washed through her body coupled with the incredible warmth coming from between her legs. Enjoying every second she had hosed down the interior of the box and its assorted objects with her pussy spray. It had been a really exciting piss heightened by the knowledge that she was peeing over somebody else’s possessions. Verona on the other hand had discarded her tight fitting black pants which always showed off so well her fit bum cheeks, and had gone to squat bottomless on top of a rusting metal garden table. Nicola had been thoroughly enjoying her own leak into the box when a new sound announced the start of her friend’s piss.

Startled by the wet sound of hot female piss landed on the dust covered floor Nicola had immediately looked up to witness the sight of Verona Mitchell pissing. Her friend didn’t shave and had a thick triangle of auburn coloured pubic hairs nestled between her legs. From the base of her womanhood was shooting a thick clear stream of flowing piss, raining from the air before falling in a deluge of pussy pee to splatter noisily over the floor.

This event had been a cornerstone in Nicola’s sexual preferences. Time and time again she thought back to that fateful day when she had witnessed her friend’s golden shooting piss stream forming a flowing fountain to the garage floor. Peeing in a naughty location at the same time had been an even bigger thrill and she had wondered what Verona had thought of her choice of toilet. After they had finished their respective leaks, they had fled the garage. Verona had never gone back but Nicola had been drawn to the location. Despite the heightened chance of being caught, Nicola had gone back a week later. This time she had ignored her previous toilet spot although she did take a quick peek inside to admire the piss stain still visible on the cardboard kartal escort bayan where her previous pee had landed. This time however she wanted to be like Verona and piss from the table top.

It had not taken long from Nicola to slide out of her jeans and white panties. Naked from the waist downwards she had clambered onto the table before squatting down with her legs spread and her pussy in place ready for action. Several seconds later and the garage floor was one against being subjected to a shower of female piss. The long stream of squirting urine leaving Nicola’s uncovered pussy was completely clear, having drunk nothing but water. In fact she had drunk so much that her squirting fountain of pee showed no sign of abating, a fact that just heightened her excitement. She had peed and peed, watching every moment of her hot piss splattering over the floor in a long deluge of spraying urine. In her mind she recalled how Verona had looked as she had done her pee; the hot yellow stream leaving her slit before arching downwards to the floor below. Nicola’s puddle of pee was already so much bigger and yet she still had tons of piss left inside her. Perverseness had gotten the better of her and before she knew it she had moved her body around on the table whilst her pussy continued to relive her pee. The resulting action had seen her toilet start to spray over the grimy wall leaving a long telling tale of piss in its wake. This had been even more fun. Just before finishing she had hopped off her pee perch and returned to the box she had previously pissed into on her last visit. This time she stood like a boy and had a delicious short pee over its contents. Whatever was inside was once again covered with her piss!

It was when she was pulling back on her jeans that she had heard movement outside the garage. Somebody had heard her pissing and was no doubt wondering what was making the noise. She had only just made it to the door with her fly and button undone, when the main garage door had started to rise. She had run as fast as she could very conscious of how close she had come to being caught. Later on in life she had fucked Verona Mitchell kadıköy escort bayan at her birthday party. Her friend had asked what she wanted for her birthday and Nicola had whispered into her ear that she wanted a pee shower from her pussy. Verona had agreed and they had retired to Nicola’s bedroom. A large towel on the bedroom floor provided an adequate place for their act. Nicola had stripped off before going to lie on the towels beneath Verona’s waiting hairy muff. Her friend had been good to her word and had down a deliciously hot pee all over Nicola’s bare flesh, paying extra special attention to spraying her piss all over Nicola’s erect nipples. Once the toilet was over they had fucked and Nicola had experienced the best orgasm of her entire life. Verona had only been too happy to let Nicola take a pee in her long brown hair afterwards. This had almost been as much fun as being the subject for somebody’s toilet and Nicola had enjoyed the feeling immensely. After that they had been pee fuck pals for a short time before Verona had gotten serious with a girl from college. Nicola, feeling betrayed, had broken into her friend’s flat and had sought revenge by pissing all over the place.

Getting caught seemed to be a feature in Nicola’s life. Just thinking back to the garage and her near miss seemed to be doing the trick. Nicola starred down between her legs at the sight of her parent’s bedroom carpet just waiting for her golden downpour. Seconds later and she was doing it! A hot fat squirting stream of piss leapt from her pussy lips and started to decorate the carpet in a deluge of hot female pee. The damp stain quickly grew as Nicola enjoyed every second of her revenge leak over her parent’s bedroom floor. Of course it would have dried by the time they got home but Nicola would always know what she had done.

After making a suitable stain on the carpet Nicola halted her pee long enough to run open to her father’s underwear drawer. Sliding it open she turned around and placed her wide bum cheeks down in amongst the soft fabrics of briefs and socks. Seconds later and a warm wet feeling between her thighs announced the resumption of her toilet. Hot pee squirted from her lower lips and soaked into the various garments situated in front of her pussy. This was ecstasy for Nicola. As soon as she had finished her incredibly naughty leak she rushed back to her bedroom to fuck herself silly with the aid of her favourite vibrator. Afterwards, sexually sated and recovering from her euphoria she started to worry about her actions. What would she say if her parents suspected what she had done?

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