Nick Fucks His Mother Ch. 01

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Author notes:

I have edited this and cleaned it up to a point where I’ve changed/edited what happens in the story. I’ve added a sort of “introduction” of sorts…which I hope helps.

I’ve tried to add a little detail as I know my “action scenes” are rusty. All feedback is welcome! XxX

It’s edited to a certain point (certain parts are unfinished) as I’m re-writing a part of the story in Chapter 2 so it hopefully makes sense.

Nick was an only child, which made his ‘alone time’ that more enjoyable, that more pleasurable you could say. Over the years, seeing as he was about 21 years old, Nick had built up quite a collection of porn on his computer as he was a shy child but enjoyed masturbating.

Everyone was in bed, supposedly asleep, all apart from his mother. She rose from her bed quietly and exited the bedroom, her toes stepping lightly on the wood floor. She clutched her dressing gown in her fingers, feeling the tightness as it wrapped around her body and squeezed her tits together. The house was cold and she shivered slightly having left the warmth of her bed.

She had known for a few years what her son got up to a night as he masturbated at his computer, watching porn video after video, cumming into a stained pair of boxers that he kept hidden afraid that his secret might make his mother look at him differently. She knew because he was his mother and didn’t think of him any less. He’s experimenting, isn’t he? She thought to herself.

Everyone needs that release, don’t they? She asked herself as she closed her bedroom door behind her and heard the latch clicking softly. Her husband continued to snore away loudly, oblivious to his incestuous wife creeping ever closer to her son’s bedroom.

This particular night, after another argument with her husband, they had both acted in front of Nick that they were happy. She had woken up in the middle night and felt that her pussy was drenched, needing her own release too. She knew what she must do, though it felt so wrong.

Approaching his bedroom she slowly pushed it open, hearing the sounds of him masturbating, his boxers rubbing against his cock. She lowered her dressing gown, exposing her large pale breasts to him. My nipples are already hard, she thought… His bedroom door creaked open and bright light spilled into Nick’s room. He sat there with a pair of old boxers stained with cum wrapped around his erect and throbbing cock, the computer screen displaying a scene of two girls playing with their large tits — a blonde and a brunette. His mother stood before him, her pale breasts exposed to him, her bright pink nipples erect. The aureoles stood out, puffy and swollen, daring to be sucked on.

The light brushed the back of her body so that a shadow spilled across Nick drowning him in darkness for a moment. Her dressing gown was pulled half-way down her body so that it was just above her waist.

Her hands gripped the gown loosely but she felt her hands losing their grip, almost as if she wasn’t in control of her body any longer. She was biting her bottom lip, already seeing how big Nick had gotten since puberty hit as he slowly pulled his boxers away.

“M-Mum, what are you doing?” Nick asked, half-expecting his mother to scold him for masturbating. Instead she had that look in her eyes of wanting sex.

Her voice was low as she whispered to Nick, stepping further into his bedroom: “I’m sorry to intrude on your…private time, honey, but Mummy is just so horny.” She said, letting her dressing gown fall to the ground and exposing herself fully now. Her hands came up to play with her tits slowly, bouncing them in her hands. She stopped for a moment and pinched her nipples with her thumb and bahçelievler escort forefinger, pulling on her nipples moaning softly.

Nick studied his mother’s body having always been fond of her large breasts for years, letting his eyes move over every inch of her and letting his eyes linger on her pussy the longest, before returning to her face .It had a thin line of hair that was kept neat and looked wet.

His mother stepped inside and closed the door softly, picking up her gown as well, and shut the door as quietly as she heard the latch click. They were both now in darkness once again. She moved around Nick and sat on his bed. “Carry on,” she said, motioning for Nick to finish masturbating.

Nick didn’t need to be asked twice, but this time he let his boxers fall, wanting to deliberately cum everywhere. His cock throbbed and pulsed, wanting release. He clicked the space bar and the lesbian scene resumed, as the blonde girl began to suck on the brunette’s tits; his hand resuming masturbating.

“Mmmm, so you are into large tits.” His mother said, her eyes moving from the computer screen to his erect cock. She sat there not sure where to look — the screen or his cock, this was so exciting! “Mmmmm, wow, you are big aren’t you?” She teased, muttering something like ‘bigger than your father’.

Nick stopped when his mother spoke as he thought of a way to test the waters a little bit, his hand rested at the base of his cock. It throbbed and pulsed, the veins showing clearly as it was at its most erect. “Mum?” Nick asked, turning his head slightly.

“Yes, honey?” His mother smiled at him. Her cheeks reddening slightly as she blushed.

“Can you…um….can you…,” He hesitated, unsure of the reaction he would receive.

“Ask away, Nick,” His mother placed a hand on his thigh, rubbing it up and down slowly and softly, edging up towards his crotch. She moved Nick’s hand away and held it.

“Can you let me cum in your mouth?”

“Why of course you can!” His mother said and spoke no further, opening her mouth widely.

Nick got up from the chair and moved closer to his mother, positioning himself. Their skin rubbing together only causing Nick’s cock to throb harder as it begged for release.

“I’m going to fuck your mouth, okay?” Nick asked and his mother nodded, eagerly waiting. She wanted to pleasure her son in any way she could, any way her body would allow her to.

He slowly pushed his cock inside mother’s mouth all the way as her mouth clamped down on it. Then Nick moved his hips back and forward like a piston, thrusting his hips back and forward, pushing his cock all the way down her throat and making her gag before he pulled his hips back. His mother’s mouth and her saliva made his cock slick and wet making it very easy for him. He gripped her hair tightly with one hand, trying to force his cock deeper and deeper, whilst the other pushed the back of her head.

His mother looked up at him as she saw his eyes closed with pleasure, enjoying the moment. She used her tongue to lick him as he thrust into her mouth. One of her hands slowly made its way down to her crotch, where she began to play with herself, teasing the skin. God, I’m really wet, she thought to herself; why is my son turning me on so much? Is it because I’m finally realising he’s a man?

Nick kept up the same pace, his hips frantically moving back and forth, pushing his cock in and out of his mother’s mouth. He groaned slightly, feeling his entire body begin to sense that his orgasm was near; even masturbating he didn’t last long.

He pulled his cock from his mother’s mouth, letting the tip of his cock slide against her tongue bahçeşehir escort then her bottom lip and slowly opened his eyes. His mother winked at him seductively.

He used his hand to jerk his cock roughly, pulling the foreskin back and forth to create friction. He was so near and so close to orgasm, he could almost feel it rushing up from the tips of his toes, right up to the top of his head then back down, exploding out of his cock.

“Let me help you, honey,” His mother said as she grabbed his cock firmly and began to jerk off with amazing speed, her hand a blur on his shaft. She pulled his foreskin back and forth, knowing he was about to cum.

Nick groaned loudly as cum shot out from his cock, unable to restrain himself any longer. It came out in long stringy shots, first powerful, then less and then dribbled from his tip. He managed to fill his mother’s with cum (which she happily swallowed); whilst some landed on her face, and then some hit the floor beneath him. He breathed heavily but soon calmed down, his knees finally buckling after some time and he collapsed onto the bed.

Using a nearby towel she stood and cleaned off Nick’s cum and when she was done she placed it in the laundry basket. She sat down on the edge of the bed, deciding it was her time to get off.

His mother spread her legs widely, displaying how wet she was, using two fingers to spread her pussy wide. “Would you like to finger me, honey?” She whispered to him, drawing out the words.

“Yes, Mum, I would love to finger you.” Nick edged closer to his mother so that they side-by-side, her knee brushing Nick’s thigh.

His mother woke up slowly and looked at the clock on Nick’s bedside. Christ, it’s 2AM, she thought. Rising up from the bed, she looked over Nick who was sleeping peacefully but naked. Cleaning herself up with a towel, she left it in the laundry basket and picked up her dressing gown off the floor and re-dressed herself, noticing she was still heavily wet downstairs despite her earlier orgasm.

I guess that’s a date with my vibrator, she thought to herself, hesitant about taking it any further with her son.

She lightly kissed Nick on the forehead and then she exited his room, making her way back into her bedroom. Quietly entering the room, she crossed it and found her vibrator stashed amongst her underwear in the chest of drawers, wedged deep in the bottom in good faith no one would ever find it.

“I’m sorry we’ve not seen each other lately,” she whispered to her vibrator. “But I’m sure that will now change.” She looked at her sleeping husband and grunted with displeasure, exiting the bedroom and making her way downstairs for total privacy.

Nick left his door ajar so he could the landing and stairs, also giving him a perfect view of his parent’s bedroom door. After waking up, noticing his mother had left, he now saw her leave her room with a vibrator in her hand and decided to peek on her further; the thought of what his mother was going to do making his cock jump with excitement.

As she got down to the living room, she closed the doors so she wouldn’t be heard (but she could be seen as it was a glass door) and she also made sure all the curtains were drawn — total privacy.

She slowly undressed herself, kicking away the dressing gown, fully naked. She sat down on the sofa, spreading her legs widely, teasing herself with the vibrator. She couldn’t wait any longer and drove the vibrator into her pussy. She closed her eyes and writhed about on the sofa, the pleasure uncontrollable. “Hnnnn, Mmmmm, it feels so good,” she whispered, turning her head from side to side as her gently fell on her face.

Nick could see what bakırköy escort was happening midway up the stairs and couldn’t believe his mother could be this sexy. What do, he thought, watch her fuck herself with the vibrator or intervene and fuck her himself? Intervene, he finally decided after doing an eeny-meeny-miny-mo, and made his way quietly down the stairs. Added to the fact that Nick was also naked with his erect cock standing upwards proudly.

When he got to the door of the living room he saw that his mother was up on the sofa on all fours, plunging the dildo into her pussy from behind.

He knocked on the door quietly, but enough for his mother to hear.

“Huh, what?” She said, opening her eyes and saw Nick at the door, naked and fully erect, knowing she should’ve had sex with him seeing him like that. She stopped, knowing what was going to happen, dropping the dildo onto the sofa. It was wet and slick with pussy juices. She walked over to the door, her tits jiggling to and fro, and opened it.

“Sorry to disturb you, Mum, but I couldn’t help but wondered if you wanted the real thing?” It was half a statement and half a question, as Nick’s eyes suggested towards his member.

‘Come on in then, honey, and fuck me.”

“I don’t need to be asked twice, Mum.” Nick entered the living room, closing the door softly. He grabbed his mother by the shoulders and shoved her down onto the sofa roughly, looking down at her body. His big cock hung in the air, throbbing and pulsing with life. She licked her lips as she sized him up.

He walked over to the sofa and lay down on her body, planting kisses on her lips. With one hand she guided him towards her pussy.

“Yes, yes, there honey, thrust it in.” She pleaded, using her hand to guide towards her opening.

“You’re so sexy Mum.” He said, pulling his hips back before roughly thrusting inside. He felt her pussy expand to him, sucking it in.

From earlier on, they both knew Nick wouldn’t last long. He thrust powerfully, pushing his hips down with force.

“Oh my god,” his mother whispered. “You’re my son and you’re huge!”

“Bigger than Dad?” He asked and her eyes widened a little.

“Much bigger than your Dad, that’s for sure. Now come on honey, cum in me.”

For the next few minutes, they didn’t talk as Nick fucked his mother. No words needed to be said. He moved his hands from her waist and onto her tits, using them as a thrusting pivot, as he thrust his cock in time and time again. All that could be heard, actually, were the squidgy sounds of his mother’s pussy juices and her moans.

“Hnnnn, Ohhhhhh, Mmmmmm, Jesus you’re big honey, your Mother loves a big cock,” she moaned, looking up at the window as she fully extended her neck.

Nick looked at his mother and squeezed her tits tight in his hands, trying to grip her flesh, his fingers and nails clawing at her flesh. “And you have big tits, Mum, and I sure love big tits!”

“Mmmmmmmm,” she moaned. “That’s great, honey, my boy with his big dick and loves big tits.”

“Mum, I’m almost there,” he said, beginning to feel that familiar sensation all over his body before he came.

“Ok, honey.” She said, widening her legs, allowing him full access. “Cum for me honey, give your mother a big load.”

With one final thrust of his cock, he exploded in his mother’s pussy. Cum gushed out of her and flowed down onto the sofa, slowing down as it cooled. He had released so much inside. After a few minutes, he pulled his cock out. Cum began to slowly trickle out of her, falling down on the sofa. His cock grew soft and limp.

“Mmmmmm that was fantastic honey. Now go to bed.”

“You too, Mum,’ he said as he kissed his mother one final time before quietly making his way up to bed.

After cleaning up the mess and gathering her belongings, she soon made her way to bed as well. Within minutes she was sleep and could still feel his throbbing cock inside of her. My son was her last thought as she remembered how he fucked her on the sofa.

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