New Years with Amanda

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“So what are your plans for new years?”

The question caught me off guard. Sitting around the dinner table with family, celebrating Thanksgiving, new years seemed far off. But, here I was looking across the table at my 22 year-old cousin Amanda, her head cocked slightly to the side, waiting for a response.

“I haven’t given it much thought to be honest. Why?” I replied.

“I thought I might come visit you in the city. Would that be Ok?” she asked nonchalantly, twirling a lock of her wavy brown hair. I was delighted by the request. My cousin and I had always gotten along well growing up. Being just a few years older than her we were always able to relate to each other. Whenever our family got together Amanda and I would inevitably end up off to the side spending time together. The two of us were always immune to the family drama and politics that inevitably invaded our family gatherings.

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t enjoyed watching her grow up. As a kid she had always been a little awkward, but today she stands a healthy curvy 5’8″, with olive skin and wavy brown hair that falls to her lower back, high cheek bones and flashing green eyes. Her chest has blossomed to a healthy C cup and her pleasantly narrow waste that flares out into distractingly wide hips. I have to force myself to keep my eyes up every time she walks away, especially after she came close to catching me gawking several times.

Amanda and I had never spent time together on our own. But now that we were older and I have my own place in the city, it made sense that she might want to come and explore.

“So how do you want to celebrate” I asked her later as we sat together in the backyard.

“Hmm, I’ll leave that up to you, but I’m sure we can get up to some no good.” she answered. Her response sounded flirtatious. I looked her in the eyes and she held my gaze for several seconds. I dropped my gaze, secretly telling myself to stop imagining things. This was my cousin after all.


A month later I was sitting in my living room looking out the dark windows, listening to the clicks and taps coming from the bathroom as Amanda got ready for the evening. I reached into my pocket and fished out my phone, trying to get an idea of how long it was going to take Amanda and I to get to the house party I was taking her to. A few minutes later, the clack of high heels approached. When I looked up my jaw dropped. Amanda wore black high heels that seemed to go on for days. Her long tanned legs were accentuated by a red, form fitting strapless dress that pushed the line of scandalous with it’s hem line. Her hair flowed across her shoulders and chest, framing her face and simply done make up stunningly. I recovered from my ogling as quickly as I could, but I suspected not quickly enough as I caught the flash of a mischievous smile as I picked my jaw off my lap.

“Wow…look at you!” is all I could manage to wheeze. Cursing myself internally for the thoughts invading my mind.

“Yea!” she responded breathily, playfully doing a 360 in mock-modeling fashion. I had a hard time keeping my mouth from falling out of place again as she turned and I saw how perfectly the striking red dress hugged her ass.

“Shall we then?” I blurted, jumping off the couch and heading for the door.

“Let’s do this!” She quipped excitedly.


We spent an hour or two circulating amongst the groups of friends at the first party. I was pleased to see most of the other male attendees had as much difficulty keeping their eyes off my cousin as I did. But when they tried to talk with her she seemed to bore quickly. None of them lasted long. A few more drinks and we found ourselves off to the side together as usual. After finishing another drink, Amanda put her hand on my arm and leaned up against me asking quietly if I wanted to try going to a bar or a club. I couldn’t help but notice how warm and soft she felt against me. Loosened up after my first few drinks, I was also ready to move on to something more happening.

We decided to hop in a cab a go check out the bar scene. We settled on busy spot with great music where we managed to get a table in the corner, just removed enough from the bustle so we could talk. A few more drinks and she was regularly placing her hand on my arm and flashing a brilliant smile. It made ataşehir escort me dizzy and I couldn’t help but notice our evening was feeling more and more like a date. Nonetheless I attributed it to our familial closeness and the drinks, nothing more.

“You know, you’ve always been my favorite cousin.” she confided shortly before midnight, tilting her head to the side, drawing my gaze from my empty glass to her brilliant green eyes. She was sitting facing my chair, her legs crossed one over the other, her red dress riding – if possible – further up her thighs.

“Oh really” I said, holding her gaze this time “Why’s that?”

She kept looking at me, “You know why. We’ve always had…a connection.” her leg now against my own.

“I feel the same way.” I admitted, looking back down at my glass, twirling it in my hands, trying to convince myself that my cousin wasn’t intentionally trying to turn me on.

“And look at you know!” she exclaimed, drawing her leg away momentarily as she straightened up. “You’ve grown up so well: great career, your own place and so handsome…” she let the last words hang in the air for a moment, before sliding her leg back against mine.

I laughed. Maybe it was the free champagne that the bartenders had been passing out on top of all the previous drinks. But I decided to stop analyzing the situation and just see where it led. “You’ve turned out pretty well yourself” I gestured to her body. She smiled, apparently pleased with my response.

“You think so?” she asked demurely, letting her eyes fall, drawing my own with them over her sloping chest down to her exposed thighs.

“Yea, I mean look at you. Cuz, you look…hot!” it was true, and the liquor was steadily making it seem less and less important to pretend that I wasn’t attracted to her just because she was family. The sudden flush of her cheeks was either her champagne kicking in or her flustered response.

“Thank you…” she muttered, putting her hand on my leg and giving it a long squeeze. I let her rest it there. We moved on to other topics and as the minutes passed the room became more and more of a blur. I wasn’t sure how much time had passed before the crowded bar was counting down in unison.

10! 9! 8! 7!

“So was this how you pictured celebrating your new years?” I yelled over the crowd.

6! 5!

“Almost” she yelled back at me.


“Almost?” I shot back.


The bar erupted. Bottles popped, horns blew and of course couples rang in the New Year with a passionate kisses. I reached out to Amanda and wrapped my arms around her, drawing her in to a long embrace. She held me close, her warm body pushed against mine. We stayed there for what seemed like an unusually long time. All I could hear was the sound of my heart beating quickly. As I pulled away from the hug, Amanda turned her face towards my own. Her lips close enough to my own to feel her hot breath. I was having trouble processing the situation, her emerald eyes and sweet scent were drawing me in, but I instinctually began pulling away, not quite over the fact that this was my cousin. But Amanda was apparently expecting this and quickly pushed her lips into mine. My senses exploded, her lips were burning. And when she opened her mouth I didn’t hesitate to push my tongue against hers and explore it enthusiastically. I placed my hands on her face then through her thick hair, pulling her closer to me. This kiss continued this way for several minutes, punctuated by gentle kisses and mischievous smiles. We both new full well how taboo what we were doing was and the fact that we were in the middle of a crowded bar was contributing to the rock hard mass developing in my jeans. It was a mix of shock and pleasure when Amanda grabbed the bulging mass and kissed me harder. Finally we parted. Amanda kept her lips close to mine.

“Almost…” She repeated, briefly glancing down to my straining jeans before locking her eyes with me again fiercely. She slowly moved her lips close to my ear, “Do you want to leave?” she asked just loud enough to be heard over the din. Her voice betrayed a hint of nervousness for the first time, as if unsure about how far she could push the situation.

I grabbed her hand, “Let’s go.” and led her out avcılar escort into the cool night.


The crisp breeze on my cheeks during the 20-minute walk back to my house snapped back into focus the full reality of what had just happened. Nonetheless, we walked with our arms around each other, perhaps more so for support as we staggered back more than anything else. We walked mostly in silence.

When we arrived back at my house Amanda gingerly climbed the stairs in her stilettos to my 2nd story flat. I fumbled with the keys for a few moments, my hands cold, before opening the door to the darkened entry. Amanda made a b-line for my bedroom (which I was allowing her to crash in for the weekend) and disappeared into the room without a word. I figured that was that. A crazy New Years with a drunken familial kiss most likely regretted by her in the morning. I grabbed some extra sheets from the linen closest, made up the living room couch, stripped down to my boxers and laid down, ready to pass out.


I was half asleep when I heard padding footsteps approaching. When I opened my eyes I could see a shadow standing above me and I immediately sat up. As Amanda came into focus I could see that she had lost the high heels and was now standing in front of me barefoot. But she still wore the skin-tight strapless red dress, her body was framed perfectly by the dim moonlight coming in the windows. I looked up at her “A-Amanda? Do you need something?” I asked disoriented. She leaned down, placing her face inches from my own.

“You think you can kiss me like that and then just pass out?” she whispered. Her face was immediately against mine again, her tongue forcing its way into my mouth. This was a completely different kiss than at the bar. The first had been passionate. This was hungry. My cock was instantly a steel rod and I made no attempt to hide it as I explored as much of Amanda’s body as I could as she stood over me. She pulled away from the kiss, her hands on my thighs and looked down at my massive hard on, then back up at me, smiling mischievously and raising an eyebrow. I looked back at her and she held my gaze as she lowered herself onto her knees in front of the couch. Her hands briefly explored my length over my boxers. She looked at me seriously.

“Wow…you have a really, REALLY nice dick.” she said, clearly surprised. It was my turn to smile mischievously. I’m not a huge guy and I’m not some monster with a 12 inch cock. But at 5’11” and an athletic build, women are usually surprised by my oversized cock.

Her hands quickly released my straining tool from my boxers and began exploring every inch with her hands. With drops of precum forming quickly on the tip, Amanda locked eyes with me once more. As I watched she sucked my entire length into her mouth. She was a master. Starting slow, she teased me, licking and sucking her way up and down my shaft. I began to breathe harder and she forced her mouth down. As I felt myself hitting the back of her throat she swallowed and took me into her throat, pushing her lips farther until they were wrapped around my base. I moaned, already feeling my cock filling with cum. Apparently sensing this too, Amanda made sure I was covered in her saliva and immediately began encouraging the build up, moving her mouth and hands up and down my tensing rod in twisting motions. I began groaning loudly, incredibly turned on by the fact that I was getting the best blowjob of my life from my younger cousin. I could tell my orgasm was near, I wouldn’t last much longer no matter how hard I tried to hold it back.

“Fuuuckkk. Amanda you’re going to make me cu..” I began.

“Oh no, you don’t!” she said firmly, immediately removing her mouth and hands from my pulsing member. She stood up again, pausing for a moment as if deciding whether to go on, then reached down to the hem of her dress and hiked it slowly up her hips as she shimmied back and forth, her ass swaying. From my seated angle, her freshly waxed pussy came into view, already glistening with her own juices. I almost came just looking at her. Apparently satisfied with leaving the dress hugging her bountiful ass, Amanda straddled my lap and we proceeded to kiss more hungrily than before. Having her on my lap, her body was finally mine to explore as I pleased. avrupa yakası escort I ran my hands from her shoulders down to her chest, and pulled her dress down freeing her perfect C cups. I sucked them into my mouth, drawing moans of pleasure from her as I moved my hands to her ass. I pulled her dress up to her lower back, exposing her incredible curves. I grabbed each cheek firmly while I sucked her nipples into my mouth one at a time, eliciting louder and louder moans. Amanda reached down between her legs and aligned her slit with my cock, grinding back and forth against it covering me in her juices. her smooth warm skin sliding against my own.

“is this what you want?” she coed. pressing her sex against my aching manhood. “Do like your little cousin’s pussy? Do you want to fuck me?”

“God yes.” I groaned back.

She reached down again, placing my tip at her entrance, circling it around her opening, teasing excruciatingly.

“Are you sure? You were just going to go to sleep weren’t you? Do you really want to fuck your own family member?” she spoke in her girlish tone, one she used to use when we were younger to get what she wanted.

“Fuck yes, Amanda please.” I pleaded back.

“I want to hear you say it” she demanded. At this point I would have jumped off bridge to be inside her.

“Jeezus! I want to to fuck you, my little cousin, and fill you with my cum!” I yelled out.

She dropped herself onto me, impaling herself on my cock. We both groaned with pleasure and immediately began moving in unison. She was soaking wet and on fire. I couldn’t believe that I was having sex with my counsin. But here she was, cheeks flushed, sweating lightly, grinding my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. Her skin was perfectly smooth and blazing to the touch, her hair fell across her face as she looked down at me, her chin bowed, her mouth half open. She slid tightly up and down my cock. But, she moved slowly, deliberately, and my desire was growing more and more urgent. I needed to fuck her hard. I grabbed her thighs firmly and started thrusting into her faster. But she immediately sat down on me.

“No…savor it.” she whispered. I tried to take it slow, taking the opportunity to enjoy her boobs and ass with my hands. But as we moved in unison and her moans began to pick up, I couldn’t restrain myself any longer.

“Fuck savoring it” I growled. I stood up off the couch, picking Amanda up with me, staying inside her. I carried her to the bedroom, her legs wrapped around me and dropped her on the bed. She propped herself up on her elbows, her eyes wide, looking taken aback and even more turned on at the same time. I immediately grabbed her hips and turned her over onto all fours, her magnificent ass in the air. I got behind her, spread her knees apart with my own, grabbed and handful of her hair and guided my cock into her with my free hand. I started pounding her from behind. Amanda’s sighs immediately changed pitch and volume to uncontrollable moans. Cleary enjoying being taken from behind. She pushed her ass back against me as I pounded into her beautiful curves again and again.

“you like that you little slut?” I growled. “you like being my fuck toy?”

The dirty talk only seemed to turn her on more, as she gasped and moaned louder than ever, pushing her body back against me, matching every thrust, yelling out in perfect timing,

“Uh! Uh! Fuck! Uh! Yes! Uh! Oh! God!”

I continued the talk, “You like being fucked by your cousin’s bare cock?”

“UH! AH!” she looked back at me, “UH! I’m. UH! Not! On! UH! The pill. AHH! Should we stop?” she managed as I continued to ream her. I looked her in the eyes.

“Amanda, I’m going to fill your pussy with every drop of my cum.” I responded, driving my cock deeper than ever.

“UH! UHHHH! FUCKKKKKKKK!” she shuddered and imploded, an orgasm tearing through her entire body. She shook as her pussy clamped down on my cock. It was enough to send me over the edge. I grabbed her ridiculously narrow waist and buried my dick as deep in her as I could. Exploding with the most powerful orgasm I’d ever had, my cock pulsing, shooting rope after rope of my fertile seed into my cousin, until it was leaking down the inside of her thighs. The feeling of my tool unloading inside her made her orgasm that much more powerful and she screamed my name into the pillow as wave after wave crashed over her. Both orgasms seemed to last forever and when we were finally spent, I collapsed down on top of her my softening rod still buried inside her.

Panting, we slowly separated and turned toward each other.

“Happy New Years” Amanda grinned.

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