Nellie Ch. 04

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My mind was empty as I lay in the sand, relaxing and absorbing the brilliant sunlight. My body was still a bit wet with seawater from a dip into the ocean, and my muscles still ached from the activities of last night and this morning. I loved going to the beach. The sun, the surf, the sand, the people – it was all so much more alive than winter could ever be.

I looked up at the sound of someone approaching, disturbing the sand with each step. Sure enough, it was none other than my lovely fiancée, Danielle, wearing a bikini that made her look hotter than the sun.

“Looking good,” I said, craning my neck to watch her approach. I wasn’t alone; I didn’t have to look to know that more than a few people were most certainly watching Danielle out of the corners of their eyes. Her bikini was as black as her short hair, and very modest as far as bikinis went. Her melon-sized breasts didn’t spill out of the large cups of the top, and the bottom had enough fabric to it that it didn’t vanish into the crack of her perfect ass. Still, she had the type of body that could make a hazmat suit look sexy.

“This just in,” she said, spreading out a beach towel and lying on it face-down. “The sky is a lovely shade of blue.”

“And you say I have a big ego,” I laughed, returning to my resting position.

It was June. Back home, it was hot and muggy, and our AC unit was struggling to stay alive. Here at the beach, it was still hot and muggy, but the presence of sand and surf magically turned what would have been unbearable in the city into one of the perfect dog days of summer. Sadly, our own dog wasn’t with us on our short vacation, due to the beach house’s strict no-pets policy. While we relaxed at the beach, Buster was chilling with Dani’s parents, who were no doubt doting on him like a favorite grandchild.

With the little dachshund being pampered like he was at a spa, the two of us had driven up alone. We were seeking some escape from the constant stresses of planning a wedding, despite knowing that taking a weekend vacation would just make the rest of the week harder. But it would be worth it, we believed.

You see, planning a wedding is like juggling a live grenade, a machete, and a chainsaw, while standing on stilts in the middle of a river infested with piranhas, and somebody is shooting at you with an automatic rifle. There were a thousand things we had to keep in the air, with unexpected changes happening every other minute. Making seating arrangements that wouldn’t result in any arguments, the catering, the paperwork, the decorations, the photographer – this weekend was going to be good for the two of us.

Actually, I tell a lie.

The three of us.

The third member of our party walked out of the surf towards us, looking like a classical painting wearing a dark green one-piece with a deep v-cut to show off as much cleavage as possible. Nellie, Danielle’s nineteen-year-old cousin, combed back her long, dark hair, dripping with salt water, as she strutted up the beach. She shared my fiancée’s curvaceous body shape (with slightly smaller breasts and a somewhat cuter butt), and she attracted as many stares as Danielle had. Instead of coolly ignoring them, she met them with a confident smile, and sometimes a flirtatious wink if she thought the person staring was cute enough. A teenaged boy on the receiving end of one such wink turned bright red, and I heard his mother ask if he had remembered to lotion his face.

“Glad you could join us,” Nellie said as she settled down on her own beach towel, salty water shining on her skin. My eyes ran a marathon up her body, paying special attention to how the water beaded on her full breasts, sometimes forming tiny rivers as they streaked down into the deep valley.

“I had a bit of a mess to clean up,” Danielle said, resting her head on her hands. She winked at me, reminding me of what sort of mess it had been, and how much fun we’d had making it. “How’s the water?”

“It’s great,” Nellie said. “If you ignore all the jellyfish.”

Danielle scowled. “Looks like I’m not going in, then,” she said.

“I’m just joking,” Nellie laughed. “Not a single jellyfish to be seen, seriously.”

“Just because you didn’t see them doesn’t mean they’re not there,” my fiancée said with a shiver. She loathed jellyfish with a passion, and refused to stick so much as a toe into any body of water that she even suspected was home to one of the gelatinous creatures.

“Big baby,” I said teasingly.

“It’s called reasonable caution, sweetie,” Danielle said. “Will you lotion my back?”

I shot up, happy to help. The ties of Danielle’s bikini top flew apart beneath my fingers, and I massaged the sunscreen into the smooth skin of her back. I took the opportunity to brush my hands against the sides of her breasts that spilled out from under her body, making her stir appreciatively. “You’re going to be a bronze goddess by the time we leave,” I said, returning to my towel.

“I don’t really want bronze,” yakacık escort Danielle purred, like a cat resting in a sunbeam. “I just don’t want to be so pale that nobody can tell where the dress ends and my face begins.”

For a good while, we were silent as we sunbathed, soaking up rays and relaxing our tired bodies. Just as the urge to take a nap began to creep up on me, it was disturbed by the sound of one of my partners moving. I opened my eyes to watch Nellie stand up. She turned the simple action into a spectacle, casually pronouncing her best features for the whole beach to see. As she reached her full height, she stretched her back, making her prodigious breasts strain against the fabric of her just-a-bit-too-small swimsuit.

“I’m gonna head back up to the house,” she said, shaking her towel free of sand. “I’ll be up on the deck if anybody wants me.” Her voice was a perfect shade of smoky that Nellie had mastered; we all knew what she was implying.

“Give me a few minutes and I’ll meet you up there,” I said, keeping my eyes on her beautiful legs.

“Good,” Nellie said, beginning the short walk up the beach towards the house. “I’ll need someone to lotion me up.”

I watched her go for a little while, admiring the way her hips and waist followed her leg with each step she took. She made it look unintentional, but I knew better. She was soaking up the sideways looks she was getting from half the beach like Dani and I were soaking up sunlight.

I lay back down, though I really wanted to follow Nellie every step of the way up to the house. I could wait a few more minutes. “She really was joking about the jellyfish, by the way,” I said to Danielle. “The water’s great.”

“No way, you two are in cahoots,” Danielle said. “Trying to trick me into touching a jellyfish.”

“We are not in cahoots,” I said. “At least not about the jellyfish thing. Definitely in cahoots about other things.”

“I know,” Danielle said. “I’ve been in cahoots with both of you.”

We both smiled at our not-too-subtle innuendo. “This weekend was such a good idea,” I sighed.

“Mm, I know,” Danielle said.

“It’d be even better if you’d go into the water with me.”

“Shut up, Derek.”

“Yes, dear.”

After a few more minutes, I couldn’t stave off my growing desire any longer. I rose from my towel, though with nowhere near as much razzle-dazzle as Nellie had managed. I still caught a few women stealing glances at me – I’m a good-looking guy, I will admit – which was good for my ego, overinflated as it was. “I’m headed back to the house. Help Nellie with her sunscreen. Want to come?”

“I’ll join you in a few,” Danielle said, fixing her smiling eyes on me. “Have fun.”

The beach house we had rented was a gorgeous place, and because Danielle’s parents were good friends with the owner, it was cheap. Two stories tall, modern architecture, right on the beach – it was amazing. Not the kind of house you could imagine living in year round, but was absolutely perfect for the summer. Danielle and I had come up here a few summers ago, and we had both decided that our favorite feature was the rooftop sunning deck. A big open space where a sunbather could relax without worrying about any spying eyes. We’d really enjoyed that.

Once inside the house, I bounded up the two flights of stairs to the rooftop access, taking them two or three at a time in my eager rush. I knew that Nellie was eagerly awaiting some company. Her swimsuit was downstairs, draped over the back of a chair like a wordless invitation. I could hardly wait.

At the top of the stairs, I threw the door open, and was immediately met with the sight of a goddess. Nellie lay on the deck, her totally naked form glowing in the sunlight. She opened one eye and smiled at me. “Took you long enough,” she said, adjusting her position and making her gorgeous breasts move enticingly. “I was starting to get lonely.”

“And we can’t have that happening,” I said, setting my towel down on the deck next to hers. Up here, we were at the same time exposed and secluded. Nobody but the seagulls could see us from above. None of the neighboring houses had a rooftop deck, so we didn’t have to worry about being watched from the sides. And thanks to the angles and the railings, nobody could see us from the beach. The only person watching me as I peeled my swimsuit off was Nellie, and I didn’t mind the way she was looking.

My cock stirred as it was caressed by the salty wind, and I made a show of stretching for my audience of one. She licked her lips. “So,” I said, casting a shadow on Nellie as I stood over her. “You said you needed some lotion?”

Nellie rolled onto her stomach, her cute, round butt glistening in the sunlight. “Just my back. I don’t want to have any ugly tan lines.” She pointed the bottle of low-strength tanning lotion out to me.

“I think tan lines are sexy,” I said, grabbing the bottle and spreading a dollop of lotion onto my hands. “Very striking. zeytinburnu escort Draws the eye more than a solid tan does.”

“I think they look tacky,” Nellie said. She shivered as my lotion-covered hands touched her warm skin, but settled down as I began to move them over the places that had been covered by her one-piece. Her skin was as smooth as silk beneath my hands, and I spent a fair amount of time on her perky rear, squeezing the meat like clay. It was just so much fun to play with. So pliant, yet so soft, and if I pulled them apart, I could get a look at her cute little asshole and inviting pussy.

“I think that’s enough for my butt,” Nellie said, smiling back at me. “Not that I don’t appreciate it.”

I sighed, giving her buttocks one final squeeze. “Alright. Your turn.”

Nellie’s eyes sparkled as I lay down. My half-erection was now as firm as bone, almost eight inches long and respectably thick. Nellie’s gaze was locked on it as she straddled my knees, pouring sunscreen onto her slender hands. I had less surface area that needed lotioning, but she took her time working it into my thighs, her dangling breasts swinging. I shivered whenever her hands came close to my loins, but she always just gave me a coy smile and moved away from it. Finally, she was done, and my thighs were shiny and sticky with sunscreen. The naked college student smiled at me, wiping her hands off on my towel.

“Hey, you missed a spot,” I reminded her, flexing some muscles to make my erection wiggle.

“It won’t be in the sun for much longer,” Nellie said, scooting down my legs. She leaned forwards and dragged her pink tongue up my shaft, though she had a strange look in her eyes. When she was done with her long lick, she pulled a face of disgust. “Ick, you’re all salty.”

Of course; I had just gotten out of the ocean, after all. I licked my forearm, and sure enough, tasted sea salt. I grimaced, and started to sit up. “Sorry. Want me to take a quick shower?”

She grabbed my shoulders and pushed me back down, before opening her mouth and taking me down to the balls. She gave me a few stiff sucks before coming up for air, her hand taking over the ministrations of my shaft. “It’s fine, once I get used to it,” she said. She licked my balls, and giggled. “It’s actually kind of tasty.”

“Better lick it all off, then,” I said. She laughed and took me back into her mouth, her pretty face bobbing up and down as she demonstrated her lack of a gag reflex. “That’s right, take it all.”

When my shaft was bereft of salt, she pulled my balls between her full lips, only one at first, but adding the second one after a few swirling wraps of her tongue. She jerked me off at the same time, staring up at me with her big green eyes. I licked my lips, suddenly thirsty for something sweet.

I didn’t even have to say anything. Nellie pivoted around until her childbearing hips were over my face. I pulled them down, greedily burying my tongue inside of her. She was salty as well, but it mixed deliciously with the sweetness of her insides. A moan shook up Nellie’s body, and she dragged her hips over my face. I lapped at her happily, pinching her clitoris with one hand and teasing her asshole with the other.

Nellie’s first experience with fellatio had been a year ago, and she had impressed me with her natural talent. Now, her talent was tempered by experience, and she was going at me with the intention of finishing me off as fast as she could. Her tongue never stopped moving as her head bobbed along my length, and she made wet slurping noises that added to the atmosphere.

I blew my load into her mouth with a happy groan, driving my hips into her pretty face. She gulped down everything I gave her, holding me in her mouth until I had gone soft. “Yummy,” she said, wiping her mouth. “One more point for me.”

I kept going, even with the satisfied warmth spreading through me, hoping to get another point myself. I got a bit rougher with the clitoris, and pushed my teasing finger into her anus, slowly going all the way to the second knuckle. Nellie made a deep, happy noise, encouraging me to go further.

I heard the door open, and felt the footsteps of my fiancée through the deck. “Hello, you two,” Danielle said, her voice and her footsteps getting closer to us. “Having fun with my fiancé, Nell?”

“I always do,” Nellie said, twitching under my tongue; I almost had her. “Come on, you didn’t go in the water? You’re not even a little bit wet.”

“I wouldn’t say that,” Dani said as she watched us. “But no, I didn’t go in the water. There’s jellyfish in there, no matter what you say.”

“We’ll get you in the water at some point,” Nellie growled threateningly. “Right, Derek?”

“Mmph,” I mumbled, my mouth full of Nellie.

“I’ve said it a thousand times: it’s never going to happen,” Danielle said.

“It’s going to happen. Just you wa-aa-aaa-” Nellie gasped, finally arriving at the peak. She grabbed my knees, aksaray escort mewling and gasping as she dragged herself across my face. More sweet nectar flowed out of her, dripping into my mouth and all over my chin. When it ended, she fell still, gasping like a fish. I pulled my finger out of her ass, and she swung off of me, returning to her towel and collapsing onto it.

“Wait and see,” she continued, as if she hadn’t had an orgasm mid-sentence.

“We’ve got until Monday to convince her, Nellie,” I said, sitting up. I licked my lips, eager to taste the last of her sweet honey.

“Not. Going. To happen,” Danielle said again, shedding her black bikini. Her curves had already been on display, but now she showed everything else. Her hard nipples, her round ass, her shaved pussy – I’ve been told a thousand times that I scored huge with Danielle. Without a word, my fiancée sat between her cousin’s legs, holding them wide open and scissoring with her. The young woman writhed with pleasure.

It was as sexy as it was taboo. I felt hunger gnaw at me, and it took me a second to realize that it was the normal kind of hunger. For food. A glance at the sun overhead reminded me that it was about midday; it had been kind of hard to keep track of time this weekend.

“I’m going to make myself some lunch,” I announced, standing up. “You ladies want anything?”

“We’ll be down in a few minutes,” Danielle said. “I’ll eat whatever you put in front of me.”

“And don’t forget to update the board,” Nellie reminded me.

“I will,” I said, collecting my towel and swimsuit and returning to the house. The sounds of sex followed me all the way down the stairs. Other men would have stayed to watch the semi-incestuous sight, but I’d seen it before, and the way this weekend was going, I would see it again.

We were tentatively calling it ‘Passion Weekend’, until someone thought of a better name.

It had been Nellie’s genius idea: a long weekend of uninhibited debauchery, far from any prying eyes, where we could do whatever and whomever we wanted. Nellie had made the painful decision that our taboo relationship would come to an end after the wedding, and with just a week left, it was our last chance to be intimate with her.

Nellie’s parents thought that she was visiting a friend out of state for a long weekend, when in truth she had driven up to the beach house a few hours before us. When we arrived, she answered the door completely naked, and the weekend’s festivities began as soon as we were inside and the door was closed. We had around seventy-two hours together, and we intended to spend as much of that time as possible slaking our considerable lusts.

And we had. Oh lord almighty, we had. Friday night and Saturday morning had been great, and Saturday afternoon was shaping up to be unbelievable.

The beach house’s kitchen was much nicer than the one at home, and I made good use of it. At least, as much as I could while making a BLT. The sandwiches were just being completed as I heard my two lovers coming down the stairs, happily laughing and chattering. They strolled into the kitchen, both of them practically glowing and still completely naked. During Passion Weekend, clothing was optional. With the blinds drawn shut and the doors locked, we were in our own little self-contained world.

“You two have fun?” I asked, putting together the last of the sandwiches.

“You know it,” Nellie said, heading to the fridge as Danielle took a seat at the table. Held to the fridge door by a magnet was a piece of paper with three columns labeled with each of our names. Each had a number of tally marks drawn in; Danielle had the most, followed closely by me, with Nellie trailing just slightly behind. The words ‘ORGASMS CAUSED’ were written at the top of the sheet in big letters. Nellie added one point to hers and Danielle’s columns. “You already added the points from our sixty-nine, right?”

“Yep,” I said as I started setting out lunch. Danielle took one look at the apron I was wearing, laughed, and pulled me down for a sweltering kiss. I smiled, content. “I knew this thing worked.”

“What?” Nellie asked, turning towards the table. “Oh, ‘Kiss the Cook’. Very original.”

“It’s a classic,” I said, feeling very manly wearing nothing but an apron. Nellie rolled her eyes, but gave me a kiss just the same. “Plus, look, if I cover just a little bit of the second ‘o’ like this, it says-“

“Easy, cowboy. Lunch first.”

“Oh, alright.”

We sat down and ate, happily talking and laughing about the events of the day so far. We had no reason to feel any shame about our desires, so the conversations were unfiltered and explicit; almost every sentence used a word that couldn’t be repeated in polite company. We all had plans for things we wanted to do and positions we wanted to try, and the only thing holding us back were time constraints.

“You guys should have seen the way the lifeguard was checking me out earlier,” Danielle said during a lull in the conversation. “I left because I was worried somebody would drown while he was staring at me.”

“I didn’t get a good look at him. Should I be concerned?” I joked.

“Maybe a little,” Danielle shrugged, making her naked chest move in interesting ways. “Kind of hunky.”

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