Neighbors Ch. 02: The Fall

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The Fall

Matt brown heard Luke come in the back door. He wondered why he came in that way instead of the front door. He had seen him coming down the street. Luke came into the living room from the kitchen.

“Hey, Luke. Have a good time tonight?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Luke said. He hoped that his face was not still flushed from his orgasms. Little did his dad know. He had told him he was going to a game at the park.

“I didn’t see ya at the park. I came by to watch the game with ya.”

Luke stopped in his tracks, trying to hide his panic. He tried to think of an explanation.

“Oh, sorry dad,” he began. He lied. “I forgot I promised to do some work for Miss Chambers.”

“Oh. Well, it’s no big deal. Did you get it done?”

“Yeah I did, dad. I got it done.” Man, did he buy it or not? He didn’t need his dad watching his every move. That would certainly make his nightly trysts difficult. He would have to be careful.

The next night, as Luke sat in his bedroom waiting for the magical time to arrive, he wondered if his dad ever needed any relief. He hadn’t had a girlfriend since Luke’s mom died. That was thirteen years ago. Man, how could he just not do it? Oh well, that was his dad’s life.

Jane Cross had company. Her friend Sarah had come for an overnight. Two tears younger than Jane, the bubbly blue-eyed blonde had been Jane’s closest friend for most of their lives. The house Jane was living in had been Sarah’s parent’s house at one time. Jane had always loved the house and she and her late husband had purchased it from Sarah’s mother after Sarah’s father had passed. Sarah had long hair that she usually had tied up in a bun, and a pretty face. She was shorter than Jane, with a fuller figure and larger breasts. Jane was glad she was there, but was trying not to let Sarah’s presence interfere with her evening ritual.

At 7:55 Luke left the house quietly, hoping his father didn’t hear him. When he got to the window he heard voices. They were in Jane’s bedroom.

“Damnit,” he thought.

He decided to wait it out.

“I always loved this room.” Sarah was saying. John and I used to stay in here when we stayed with mom and dad. Sarah was walking toward the window.

“There’s such a nice view of the lawn and the trees, and there’s always a breeze too.”

She was right at the window now. Luke had to slink back and get tight against the wall next to the window to avoid being seen.

“Oh! Your yard boy must have a stool out here, Jane.”

“Oh, yes.” Jane tried to appear calm about it. “H must have been trimming the top of the shrubs.” she answered her friend.

“Wow.” Luke thought. She’s pretty cool. She didn’t even sound nervous.

“He must be coming back to finish them. Anyway, you must be tired from the trip, Sarah. Wouldn’t you like to just shower and get a good night’s sleep tonight?”

“Yes” Luke thought. Get rid of her.

“You can use the bathroom upstairs next to your room.”

“I guess that’s probably a good idea.” She said as she returned toward Jane. “Are you going to bed too, Jane?”

“Yes, I have a routine. I’ve been retiring about 8 every night for quite a while.” Jane told her. “We can talk tomorrow.”

“I guess without a man in our lives we have some pretty old fashioned habits, huh?” Sarah quipped.

“It looks that way, Sarah. Have a good night, okay? I’m really glad you’re here.”

“Me too. We’ll talk tomorrow. Good night, Jane.” Sarah finally left the room.

Luke waited for a few minutes. He wasn’t sure what to do. Finally he moved to the window. Jane was waiting for him, looking right at him. She held her fingers up to her lips as if to say “Shh.” Then she held her hands out as if to say “Wait”. Then she went into the bathroom and he heard the shower. He positioned his stool, climbed into it and waited for her.

Jane hurried her shower, but took some extra care to make sure her shave was smooth. Since he had shaved himself, she thought, he must like that. Then she rubbed baby oil all over her flesh so it shined in the bathroom light. She was ready. Sarah had interrupted her plan so it would have to wait until the weekend, but there was still tonight. She put on only her robe, simply so she could make a show of removing it, and entered the bedroom. She started toward the bed, then stopped, and came halfway to the window. His eyes were huge, his heart beating like a bird’s. She was no more than ten feet away from him. She stood facing him and smiled into his eyes as she dropped the robe. He was furiously jacking on his cock and she was watching every stroke. And then she spoke.

“My god” he thought. “She was going to talk to him.”

“Slow down, dear. Slow down. “She whispered.

Luke stopped stroking so fast and just sort of fondled his cock as he came down a little bit. He decided that was good, he didn’t want to cum too soon.

Jane took a step closer to the window and stopped. Then she did that thing with her hips. She thrust them out so her bald mound maltepe anal escort was prominent. It was almost in his face. He stopped breathing for a minute. His balls were on fire but he did not make one stroke up his shaft. If he had, he would have gone off. He licked his lips and then stuck his tongue out as if he was trying to reach her. She swiped a finger through the wet slit, opening it up more.

“Oh fuck.” he thought. How was he gonna keep from coming?

She smiled at his predicament, pleased that she had gotten to him so easily. She grabbed a tit and brought her nipple to her mouth to suck on it.

Luke wanted to respond but he wasn’t sure how. He didn’t really think about it, he just did it. He swiped a dollop of pre-cum off his cock and brought it to his mouth and sucked it off his hand and fingers.

Jane’s heart skipped a little when he licked his own cum off his fingers. She whispered again “You filthy, filthy boy.”

They were both excited that something had changed with the addition of direct communication. She moaned out loud, and then remembered Sarah. She went to the bed and laid down in her usual pose, with her legs spread wide. She returned to the usual routine. Soon she was moaning over and over in total abandon to her lust. Luke was stroking slowly trying to delay another blast of cum on the window screen. Then he heard a knock on Jane’s bedroom door.

Sarah had heard Jane moaning. She had a good idea what Jane was doing. Sarah had been doing the same thing. She wanted to join her but didn’t know how Jane would react. She had longed for a sexual relationship with Jane for so long. She didn’t want to wait till tomorrow to talk. She was so lonely she just wanted to share her self pleasuring with her friend.

Sarah called through the door. “Jane? Jane, are you alright?”

She knew she should wait for an answer, but she didn’t. She opened the door and entered Jane’s room. Jane grabbed the edge of the bedspread and tried to cover her naked body. When she curled it up over her the vibrator fell to the floor. Luke had scrambled off the stool and retreated back out of sight again. Jane’s face was red and she had no idea what to say to Sarah. But Sarah, god love her, she was not gonna be denied.

She picked up the vibrator and walked to the bed. “It’s okay Jane. ”

Jane just looked at her, beginning to understand.

“It’s okay.” Sarah said again. Sarah slowly pulled the bedspread back to reveal Jane’s nakedness. Then she dropped her own robe exposing her own naked body to Jane.

Luke heard the vibrator start to hum.

Sarah slowly placed the vibrator across Jane’s clit and dragged it down through her sopping wet cunt. Jane’s eyes went into a flutter and she couldn’t stave off the orgasm that swept through her body

Luke was peeking now. He could hardly believe it. There were two of them. But he could not let Sarah know about him.

When Jane came down from her orgasm she realized that Sarah was enjoying the vibrator on her own glistening sex. Sarah’s eyes were closed and Jane took the opportunity to look for Luke. She saw him smile a huge smile. Jane smiled back at him. She looked as if she were drunk.

Luke raised himself up on the stool rail to show her his cock. She licked her lips. He climbed back down so he could retreat if he needed to. Sarah was still standing next to the bed with her back to the window. Jane reached out and slid her hand up Sarah’s thigh. Sarah opened her eyes and looked at Jane. Sarah was looking right back at Jane. She was nodding her head.

Luke heard Sarah say one single word.


He looked in and saw Sarah open her legs. Jane’s hand slid up into her friend’s pussy. Jane looked into Luke’s eyes as she began to finger Sarah’s dripping pussy lips and clit. Luke thought he saw Jane flip her head back as if telling him to move. He climbed back up onto the stool and started jacking his cock again. It didn’t take long. His whole body was on fire with lust.

Jane smiled at him and whispered “Go.”

Luke went home and lay on his bed for hours. He couldn’t sleep. Hs body was so fucking turned on. He jacked off three more times that night. “It’s a good thing tomorrow is Saturday,” he thought. He wasn’t gonna get much sleep.

Sarah and Jane continued to play for more than an hour. They came together several more times. They tasted each other. They fingered each other. They even did a scissors lock with their cunts mashed against each other’s, both reaching into the wet sloppy mess of pussies to finger each other’s clit. That was their final orgasm. Then they collapsed, covered up, and slept together.

Sarah woke and found Jane lying there just looking at her.

“That was amazing.” She said.

Sarah smiled back at her before she whispered “I’ve wanted to do that forever. I was afraid you would say no.

Jane put a finger to Sarah’s lips as if to say “Shhh” Then she moved closer to Sarah and took a nipple in her mouth and started kurtköy ucuz escort sucking it. Sarah responded by stroking Jane’s head and pulling her closer. They played again that morning. They came together several more times. They went back to sleep and rested. Finally, realizing that they were both awake, Jane spoke “Well, I guess we have a lot to talk about, huh?”

“Are you okay?” Sarah asked her friend.

Jane thought about it before answering. She realized she was more than okay. She was happy. She hadn’t felt this kind of happy in a long time.

“I am thrilled.” She smiled at Sarah.

“I am also hungry. Let’s get some breakfast.”

Sarah couldn’t help herself. She leaned in and kissed Jane full on the lips. It was sudden, but Jane didn’t pull back. She accepted the kiss. Sarah was thrilled too.

The two women talked through the whole day. They talked about what had happened. They talked about where they wanted this new relationship to go. They agreed on many things that were simply facts. They had been friends for over forty years. They were both widows. They had both been lonely. Neither of them had many prospects for having a man in their life. They enjoyed similar things, they always had. They were both home bodies, never into the partying, drinking thing. And they were both attractive, vibrant, sexually passionate women, needing someone to share their passion.

Sarah decide she would try to sum things up. “So, I don’t think this makes us lesbians. I mean if a man came out of the wood work we’d both be thrilled, right?” she asked.

Jane just nodded, thinking “or through the window”.

Sarah continued. “So we’re not talking about moving in together, or getting married or changing our whole lives or anything like that. But it sure will be nice to know that every so often we can get together and share some great sex with one another. That is, if you think you’d like to ever do it again.”

Jane laughed at her.

“Want to do it again? I could do it again right now. Of course I want to do it again. It was great.”

“I was hoping you’d say that. We have tonight before I go home tomorrow, right?” Sarah asked.

“Let’s go shopping this afternoon, do something fun together. Then tonight we can abandon ourselves to our new found lust. How does that sound?”

Jane could not believe how happy she felt. A warm, loving friend to share with. And someone she loved and trusted. This meant putting a hold on her other plan, however. She wasn’t sure what to do about Luke. She didn’t want to lose that either. But for today, she was going to go with the flow and just be happy.

“Tonight,” she thought, would just have to take care of itself.

They shopped all afternoon. They bought clothes and jewelry. They had a late lunch and decided they wouldn’t need dinner. They would have an early night. They winked at each other when they agreed on that idea. They even bought some new sexy lingerie. Sarah liked silk pajamas with only tiny bikini panties to match. Jane was definitely the slut of the pair. She loved crotchless silk panties with nylons and garter belt to match. They talked about old times. They reminisced about high school. They reacquainted themselves with why they were such good friends.

When they got back to Jane’s house they walked in the door, unloaded their packages and turned to look at each other. Neither could believe how happy they were. They hugged each other close and kissed. It wasn’t a deep sexy kiss, but it was still passionate in its own way. It was like they were sealing their new relationship.

Realizing it was 7:30 Jane suggested that they shower together. Luke was entering her mind again. She had no idea if he would show up. She was sure he was thrilled watching the two of them, but she was feeling guilty about deceiving Sarah. She tried to formulate a plan to tell her. But, in the end, she thought she could manage this one last evening without Sarah knowing. Then she and Luke would be alone again. It was getting complicated in her mind. And it was more complicated in her heart. She would have time to sort it all out after Sarah left tomorrow. But they had tonight. How she wanted tonight.

“We can use my shower. Let’s go.” She said.

Luke slept late that morning. He didn’t fall asleep until after 4. He got up around 2. He had one yard job in the afternoon but he called and begged off. He knew it would take too long. He was so jacked up about tonight he could barely focus. What would happen tonight? Would they be together again? Was it a onetime thing? Was Sarah going to stay? Would Jane still try talk to him? How cold she? He knew if he was not careful tonight he would ruin everything. It was raining a light summer rain at 6. It was a little cool so he decided to wear sweats in case it got even colder. But the rain or no rain, he would be at the window.

“You goin out tonight dad?” Luke knew his father always went out on Saturday nights.

“Yeah, a little later. Why? kurtköy yabancı escort You need something?”

“No, no. I was just wonderin. I’m gonna walk up to the cages and hang out for a while. Maybe get some ice cream.” Luke was constantly trying to come up with alibis. He hated lying to his dad. Someday, maybe he’d be able to level with him.

“Better dress warm. it’s gonna get cooler I think.” Matt told his son.

“Yeah, ok.” Luke responded. Luke’s mind was reeling. He thought to himself “Not where I’m goin dad. Where I’m goin it’s gonna get a lot hotter.” He was secretly smiling to himself.

Before he knew it the clock read 7:55. The magic hour had arrived. His father had left already, thank god. Luke had been lying on his bed naked since his dad left. He got up, slipped on his sweats, with no underwear, and put on a t shirt. This one simply said “SEXY” across the front. He grabbed a sweatshirt just in case and headed out on his familiar path. He walked up the block, crossed the street, and went between the maple trees, crossed Jane’s side lawn to the shrubs. He stood there for a moment, just looking at the window, the window of paradise. He felt like pinching himself to make sure it wasn’t all a dream. Then he slipped in behind the shrubs.

The bathroom light was on. That meant Jane was probably still finishing her shower. He thought he heard the shower. He settled in next to the house, out of site, and waited.

In a few minutes he heard voices. He heard two voices. And the shower was still running.

“What the fuck?” he thought. They’re showering together. He got a huge hard immediately. “Oh, fuck. This is gonna be so fuckin hot.” he thought to himself. “Got to be careful, though. If I’m not careful I’ll ruin everything.” he reminded himself. “They’re taking a long time” he thought to himself. “You’re just being impatient.” he told himself. “Just be patient.” Finally he saw the bathroom light go out.

He heard the bathroom door open. His heart was racing. God, how he wanted to see them. But if he looked at the wrong time he would ruin it. If only he had a way to tell. He heard them walk across the room.

“I love the way the silk flows across your body Sarah.” Jane told her

“Mmm you look particularly naughty in that slutty outfit, my love. But I love the way they draw attention to those sweet pussy lips and that huge clit.” Sarah was hot.

It was silent for a few minutes. Luke couldn’t tell what was happening. He knew he had to find out pretty soon. He couldn’t stand it.

“The breeze is a little cool, Sarah. Let me close the curtains.” He heard Jane say as she walked toward the window. When he sensed she was there he snuck just his head around enough to catch Jane’s eyes as she was right there at the window. Jane smiled at him. She smelled incredible. Then his mind registered what she had said.

“Close the curtains? No, No, please don’t.” he thought.

Jane continued to drop the curtains so they were fully covering the window.

Luke was beside himself. He stood staring out across the lawn.

“Why, Jane? Why did you do that?”

Luke was frustrated. Then he glanced over at the window as Jane was walking away.

“Oh my god” he said to himself. “This woman has thought of everything.” The curtains were sheer heavy lace. He could see right through them but they were dark beige in color and helped to conceal him.

“Oh thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Jane.” he whispered to himself.

She went back to Sarah and he could hear them getting on the bed. He had to see. He muscled up the courage and snuck a look around just the corner of the window.

“Yes” he said to himself. Jane had gotten on the bed first so Sarah would be facing her with her back to the window. He relaxed and settled in to watch. They cuddled for a while, and kissed. Then their hands started roaming all over each other. Luke slipped off his sweats and carefully climbed into his stool, slowly stroking his hard cock. Before long the women were lost in their play. Fingers had found pussies and juices had started flowing. Then he saw Jane crawl over Sarah in an inverted position, a sixty-nine. They were feasting on each other’s pussy.

“I love how you taste.” Sarah said from below. “And I adore your huge clit. Mmm” she added as she took Jane’s clit in her mouth and sucked it.

Jane raised her head from Sarah’s pussy and looked toward the window. Even through the sheer curtains Luke could tell she was making eye contact with him. She spoke loud so he could hear her. “God, that feels good.” She dipped her head back to the splayed slit before her. She licked it and rose up again, looking at him.

“And I love this CUNT.” she said.

Luke felt like she was telling him personally. He heard a vibrator and realized Sarah had grabbed one from the night stand. She was moving it all around Jane’s sloppy hole. She must have been licking it too because he heard her tell Jane “God, you taste so fuckin good.”

Luke was jerkin hard, almost ready for his first cum. Jane was watching him.

“Yeah, stroke it, lover.” Jane said. Luke didn’t know if she was talking to him or Sarah, or maybe both. But he intended to stroke it for her.

“Oh, suck my clit honey. Suck it.” Jane cried out. She came hard, squirting her juice into Sarah’s mouth.

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