Neighborly Relations Pt. 13

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CHAPTER ONE, Queen Bitch

It would be an overstatement to say that nobody liked Cherie Mosswell. Lots of people liked her. They just didn’t like her for long. Though they didn’t want to admit it, her family was pretty much in the same boat. The day she moved out of the house was a blessed day for one and all.

“Where is everyone?” Cherie demanded as she started toward the stairs, her stout little face set in a determined glare.

“Hey, Cher.” Tillman emerged from the upstairs hall just straightening his tee shirt and wearing a smile much larger than Cherie would normally warrant. “What’s up with you? Get fired?”

“It’s summer time you fool!” his sister exclaimed, hands on her hips. “I get vacation just like everybody. Two weeks.” She stared her brother down as he descended the steps two at a time. Her lower lip stuck out defiantly, giving her round face a look of comic hostility.

“You better start working out, Tilly,” she said. “Little hop down the stairs got you sweating. You in damn poor shape.”

“Yeah, well you could do with some exercise, too,” he retorted, knowing he shouldn’t get into it with her right at this moment.

She glared at him as he passed her, looking poised to strike. She was five foot two, a round woman with a round face and round breasts that seemed to have been attached as an afterthought to her round body. Her backside was round and then some. All of her body was firm, and there was nothing really fat about her roundness. She was just built round.

Tillman looked at her in a different light now. She wasn’t unattractive. No, on the rare occasions when she smiled, she was quite pretty. And her body was something that most men would like to tussle with at least once. He began wondering what she was like sexually, and what she liked to do. No, the question would be what she would be willing to do. He couldn’t picture her doing anything in bed without lengthy negotiations and downright begging.

“Where’s Daddy?” she asked.

“Downstairs, I think,” Tillman said, casually. “Should be up in a minute. Mom’s upstairs. I think she was taking a shower, or something.”

Cherie began walking up the stairs. “I’d have been here sooner ‘cept for the damn road construction. I’ll just go up and . . .”

“You staying for the whole two weeks?” Tillman asked quickly, stopping her at the second step.

“I’m not spending my vacation here, fool,” she snapped at him. “I’m just stopping in on my way to New York. Why in hell would I want to spend time here?”

“Because we’re your loving family,” Tania said as she emerged from the upstairs hall. She was belting a robe and wearing her slippers, but, thought she’d brushed it, her hair was still a bit frazzled from her recent activities.

“Yeah, sure, Mama.” Cherie kissed her mother when she got down the stairs, her nose crinkling just a bit. “Guess you haven’t showered yet,” she said.

“No, I was just about to,” Tania said sourly.

“Still little Miss Tact, aren’t you Cherie?” Tillman laughed.

“Shut up, you fool.” She rolled her eyes and turned back to her mother. “You don’t mind putting up with me for a couple days, do you? I’m gonna meet a girlfriend in New York this week. Be back here for the weekend. That okay?”

“Of course,” Tania said. “Are you hungry?”

“I stopped for a burger when I was driving around through all that damn construction. Took me a good two hours extra. Always fixing but it never gets fixed.”

“Well, you’ve got to learn to read a detour sign,” Tillman said.

“Hey, kitten,” Robert said as he came out of the kitchen, forestalling Cherie’s retort to her brother. “Moving back in?”

“God, Daddy, you should be so lucky,” Cherie said, smiling for the first time. When she looked at her father, she was always in a better mood. Not necessarily a good mood, but certainly better.

“Yes, we should.” Robert gave his daughter a big hug while winking at his wife over her head. “Come on and I’ll rustle up something for you to eat.”

“That would be great, Daddy,” she said, following him to the kitchen.

Tania eyed her son closely. “Be nice,” she said. “No matter what, be nice.”

CHAPTER TWO, A Good Day’s Work

Terry Carter kissed her husband at the front door at a quarter to eight on Monday morning, bidding him a good day at work as he left. Once he was out of the house, Terry hurried to dress the children, Kyle and Kristy, and then called Jennifer Peterson.

“Hi, it’s Terry,” she said to her friend when she answered. “I know it’s short notice, but I got called in to do some short term subbing at the school. They’re just starting the summer session and a teacher broke something or other. Their bad luck is my good, I guess. I was hoping you might be able to watch the kids today. I’ll line up something else for the rest of the week. No, no, you don’t have to do it. I couldn’t impose on you like that,” she said, countering Jennifer’s arguments for her to baby istanbul rus escort sit all week even while hoping she might do just that. Finally, after arranging for Jennifer to come over in about ten minutes, she ran to the quickly to get ready for her day.

Terry had prepared for her day by taking a room at the Comfort Inn with two medium suitcases containing what she felt she might need for a few days. That would allow her to leave the house dressed like a school teacher and still be able to look the part of an escort once at the hotel without having Jenny see her leave carrying suitcases.

She was checking her hair in the bathroom vanity when Jenny Peterson knocked and entered. “Hello! Your cab is here!” she called.

“Oh, goodness,” Terry said, sounding flustered as she hurried out to greet the other woman. “Thank you, Jenny. Thanks a million.”

“No problem. And, if they keep you on, don’t you worry about it. Summer school is only a month or so anyway, right?”

“I suppose so. Thanks again.” On impulse, Terry placed one hand on the side of Jenny’s face and kissed her on the lips. “You’re a life saver.”

“Get going so you aren’t late,” Jenny said, shooing her out the door. “I’ll see you later.”

And so Terry escaped the house carrying a briefcase that contained her special cell phone and the appointment list she’d jotted down on her pad as well as the hotel room key. She got into the cab and asked to go to the airport.

It only took twenty minutes to get to the airport. Once there, she took the shuttle to the motel and entered through a side entrance and went directly to her second floor room. It was nine o’clock.

Terry tore off her teaching disguise and hung it quickly. A garter belt was out, but she put on a pair of lace top stretch nylons and sheer panties as well as a low cut maternity bra. Then she took a maternity dress from her case and held it up to herself before the mirror. She wasn’t looking for sexy. The underwear would do that. She was hoping to emphasize her pregnancy with a dress that was just a week or so too small for her. When she put it on, her breasts swelled up at the scoop neck and her belly filled the skirt so much that it didn’t hang even at the hem but rose in front about an inch.

Terry smiled. She couldn’t look any more pregnant than that.

She took a double bed sheet out of the other suitcase and spread it on top of the hotel comforter. There was no telling what germs were on that thing. Besides, she imagined that call girls would have to cover their beds in something if they were to have any great number of clients in a day. They couldn’t spend all their time changing sheets, could they?

She was ready by nine-twenty. Stepping into a pair of flats, Terry paced the room a moment before going down. She didn’t want to be waiting in the small lobby. Pregnant or not, loitering might attract the wrong type of attention.

Okay, let’s get busy.


Laurel Cassidy carried her suitcase down from their suite at nine twenty-five that morning. The twins were lagging behind, of course, and her father and already taken Sharon and Gail down to pay the bill. It was time to take the plunge into a new life.

It was going to be a very interesting life, maybe not to her liking, but interesting anyway. The whole concept of group sex was a bit frightening to her. And sex outside her family was more frightening still. She hadn’t done it with anyone but her father or brothers in nearly a year. If she didn’t need to risk disappointment, why bother? It wasn’t as if boys were beating her door down to get at her pussy.

She got into the mini van with Sharon and sat beside Gail strapped into her chair in the back seat thinking that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Danny and Tillman were very nice, after all. Even if they didn’t find her body alluring, they’d at least be kind about it.

“Ready to go?” Sharon asked.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” she said, trying to sound chipper. It was the truth, after all. She wouldn’t know how ready she needed to be until after she got there. Then it would be too late to do anything about it.


Elaine stood at the counter in Forget-Me-Not florists and waited for someone to come through the door. She’d already done the watering and cleaned the counters. All she needed now was someone to order something. Her boss was busy in the back making an arrangement of flowers for someone’s sick room, but that was it so far for today. The business worked like that: you were extremely busy until you weren’t, and then you were extremely bored.

As she stood at the counter, she was thinking of a place downtown that she’d read about on a less than reputable website. Casbah Adult Books and Novelties was apparently more than books and novelties. It had been built in an old movie theater, and they’d left enough of the theater to show vintage porn or host porn parties. The other thing they had was a Gloryhole.

Elaine kadıköy escort couldn’t escape the image of an anonymous cock poking through a hole cut into a wall and a woman kneeling to suck the stranger dry. She couldn’t quit thinking of the possibilities, and wondered how fast a woman could move men along the line if she tried hard enough. How much cum would she get in that manner?

Apparently, this gloryhole was primarily heterosexual in use. The website said that the place was popular with men and women on their way home from work on week days and on into the night, when they didn’t close until midnight.

It was about nine-forty in the morning now. She wondered if the day was going to get busier or not. If not, maybe Mr. Wembly would let her go early. He was a kindly old man, so he might say yes. She probably wouldn’t have to blow him, or anything.


“Jason?” Terry had approached a nervous looking young man in jeans and a polo shirt who walked through the door at 9:35. When he nodded, she smiled and said, “Oh, great to see you. So how are your parents?” She led him quickly out of the lobby and away from the bored desk clerk. Once they were safely out of earshot, she relaxed.

“You’re cute,” she said. He shrugged, wearing a sheepish smile. “A little nervous?”

“A little, I guess.”

“Well, let’s take care of those nerves right off, okay?”

When she let him into the room, she said, “Could you unzip me, dear?” She turned and held her hair up for him to run the zipper down in back. He got it down after a bit of fumbling, and then she said. “Now could you help get this dress off of my big old belly, honey? I want us both to get comfortable.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said.

“Do I look like a ma’am?” Terry allowed him to move his hands over her belly and push the dress down and to the floor.

“Well, no,” he admitted, staring at her belly.

“Okay, so just call me Mama, like my ad says. Of course, I’ll answer to a great many things. If you think of any dirty names as we go along, feel free to use them.”

“Can I, you know, touch?” He asked, looking at her reverently.

“Of course, dear. You’re paying for the privilege. She grasped the buckle of his belt and pulled him closer. “While you’re doing that, let’s get you out of these clothes. That nice hard cock might rip something.”

Jason blushed, and giggled a bit at her touch. “I’m ticklish,” he said. “Maybe I better do it.”

“Do it fast,” she said, licking her lips. “I want to see your cock, big boy. I hope you’re not shy.”

The speed in which he removed his clothing was proof that he wasn’t shy at all.

“Nice,” Terry said, when he’d revealed his hard penis. She reached out to grasp his cock firmly and slide his foreskin up and down a bit “Real nice. Let’s get started. Half an hour isn’t much time if we’re going to spend it talking. Hop up on the bed, big boy. Mama’s got something for you.”

Jason hurried onto the bed with his cock waving back and forth in front of him. He was thin but with the muscled physique of a working man, and Terry could appreciate how straight and hard his uncircumcised cock was. He was built a bit like her husband, John, and that gave her a moment of panic as she thought of what she was doing. But they needed the money, didn’t they?

Money. She hadn’t been paid.

Smiling at her own ineptitude, she picked up his pants and laid them on the bed beside the reclining man. “I think you have something for me. Better just lay it on the table there and we’ll have all the unpleasant stuff done with.”

“Oh, shit.” Jason blushed and grinned foolishly as he snatched up the trousers and reached into a pocket. “Probably thought I was gonna try and get away with a free one.” He tossed his money up on the table beside the bedside lamp.

“No, I wasn’t worried,” Terry said as she reached out to stroke one finger lightly along the length of his shaft. “You’re an honest man.”

Jason’s breath came faster at the touch of her finger, and he moaned just a bit.

Terry stood bedside the bed where her belly was within his reach. She undid her bra, letting it fall away, and his eyes widened when her milk heavy breasts fell onto her belly. A single drop of milk escaped her right nipple and dripped onto her belly.

Jason had to open his mouth to get enough air in now. He reached one trembling hand out to stroke over the damp trail on her belly and then reached up to touch the source of the moisture. “That’s beautiful,” he said quietly.

“So is your cock, Jason.”

Terry removed her underwear. Then she picked up a condom package from the table and got up to kneel on the bed. She grasped his twitching cock and pulled the foreskin down to reveal the purple head. She stroked it slowly, and then knelt over to run her tongue up over the shaft and give the glans a brief kiss. When she held him again, stroking, some pre-cum emerged to dribble over the head of his cock. She opened kartal escort the package and applied the rubber to his cock, rolling it down slowly and then stroking her fingers over his balls.

“Do you like to have your balls sucked?” she asked him. She took him into her mouth, sliding down and up to end with a swirling motion of her tongue on the head.

“Oh, yes,” he said, working a swallow in between deep, excited breaths. “I’d love that.”

“Thought so,” Terry said. She lifted his scrotum and sucked one testicle into her mouth, laving it with her tongue as he moaned. She applied the same attention to the other one, and then she sucked them both while pumping his cock slowly with one hand.

“That’s nice,” he said, shuddering slightly.

“But this is the big boy right here.” Terry put her mouth back on his cock, sucking and pumping. “This is the important part.” She fondled his balls with one while sucking and stroking him. “Like that?”

“Yes, oh yes. But, can I? You know,” Jason stammered. He stopped, unsure of how to ask. “Can I play with them? Your tits?”

“You want to milk me, honey?” Terry looked up from his cock and smiled. “I’d like that. My breasts are so full of milk that they’re starting to hurt me, Jason, and I’d love to have you relieve my pressure while I relieve yours. Would you like that, honey?”

He nodded, watching her in awe. Her heavy breasts quivered with every movement, sliding slightly atop her belly when she moved.

“Lean up against the headboard, dear.”

Jason moved farther up on the bed, and Terry straddled his legs, his cock just against her pubic mound. She leaned forward, rubbing her pussy against his cock and saying, “Take a hold of my full breasts. Hold them. Squeeze them. I want to see you milking them.”

Jason couldn’t believe his luck. After all the time scanning the back page ads, he’d never actually called one of the numbers. Not until this one. He couldn’t help but call this one. Maybe pregnant women had always turned him on, or maybe it was because his wife didn’t want to take time to have children. It didn’t matter. The sight of Terry’s growing belly in her ad had given him an erection that wouldn’t quit until he’d called her.

He reached up now and held her breasts, noting the heat and weight of them. He squeezed gently and a dribble of milk emerged from both nipples. The woman above him sighed, licking her lips and watching him. He squeezed harder and was rewarded by multiple fine sprays of milk from both breasts that shot out against his face and chest.

Jason nearly came when the milk hit him. The heat of her milk and the dirty excitement of squeezing it out of her was nearly too much, and the movement of her pussy as she rocked it back and forth almost milked him, too. “Slow down,” he whispered. “I don’t want to be done too soon.”

Terry lifted herself up and over his cock so that just the head of it touched her butt when she moved. She brought her milk heavy breasts closer to his mouth. “Have a little drink,” she said. “It’ll be good for you.”

Jason placed his lips on one nipple and sucked. His mouth was filled with rather sweet tasting milk. It was a pleasant taste, and he wanted more. He sucked harder, squeezing the breast so that it shot into his mouth. He suckled ravenously, swallowing as though his life depended on her flow. As he did, he grasped her broad butt with one hand, and then both, squeezing in rhythmic contractions that matched the pressure of his mouth on her breast.

He wanted to be in her, now. He wanted her hot milk spraying all over him while she moved on his cock. “Fuck me,” he said. “Fuck me and soak me.”

Terry mounted him, taking him into herself easily because the activity had made her so wet. She felt an orgasm coming on, and she didn’t fight it. She moved up and down on his cock, her belly jiggling slightly, and squeezed milk from her breasts onto her partner’s face. And then she came, her pussy tightening on him as she lost her rhythm to the pulse of her climax.

“Fuck me, stud.” Terry got up and lay down on the bed with her legs spread. “Fuck me.”

Jason moved on top of her and opened her legs wider. He studied her swollen pussy a moment, and then he kissed her belly once and positioned himself at the entrance of her magnificent sex. Milk was still dribbling from her breasts as he slid himself into her and began moving deep inside her wonderful, pregnant cunt.

“Oh, yes, honey. Fuck my cunt. And then I bet you want to cum on my tits.”

“Oh, yes,” he moaned nodding. The mention of that brought him just to the edge, and he stopped. He moved to her side stroking his cock.

“I can do that,” she cooed. Terry took him into her mouth quickly, sucking at the head. Then she rolled the condom off and began pumping his cock over her breasts as she looked up at the man kneeling beside her. “Cum for me, baby,” she said. “Shoot all over my tits. I want your hot cum on me.”

The experienced movement of her hand brought his semen up and out in a spurt that hit one breast and ran down between them. She aimed his second shot at the other breast, smiling up at him, and continuing to pump until he was empty and couldn’t stand her touch any more. He stumbled back off of the bed and stood staring at her, dripping onto the floor.

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