Neighbor Fantasy Ch. 01

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Brad stepped out from the bathroom, drying lightly his hair with the towel in his hand. He was, aside from the towel fluffing back and forth on his head, naked as he walked towards his bedroom. The house was empty that night, with both parents out for date night, a tradition they kept every Friday without fail. Brad also had a younger sister by three years, but she was going to be spending the night at her friend’s home, another tradition for Friday nights.

In this way, Brad had become quite used to having the place to himself, though he was often too busy in his fourth year of university to manage anything too wild. Walking into his room, Brad heard his phone vibrating on his desk. Tossing the towel onto the bed, Brad walked over to read the message from Mike, one of his oldest friends. It was nothing urgent or of any importance. Most of the time they simply sent jokes or new forum postings from one of the many games they played online, and it was a welcome distraction during the busy days of work and learning.

Before Brad could see what Mike had sent him, his attention was pulled away by an unexpected noise from outside. Brad glanced out the window by his desk, which faced the backyard, and also provided a significant view of the yard belonging to the neighbors, the Roberts. There was a decently sized pool and two patio chairs next to it, where Brad had at times been fortunate enough to catch glimpses of Mrs. Roberts sunbathing.

Mrs. Roberts was a little older than his mother, and had a daughter only a couple of years older than Brad. She kept in shape with yoga, having run into her at the a nearby gym, and she swam often. Though short at 5’4, she had a shapely body with great curves, and over the years Brad had come to love sneaking a peak at her if she lay out in the sun, however infrequent those voyeur sessions were.

The noise had come from the patio doors leading from the home to the pool area. Brad watched as the familiar small feet of Mrs, Roberts came into view. And then –

Brad found himself nearly choking on the air.

Mrs. Roberts walked out, graceful as always, carrying a pitcher in one hand and a glass in the other. What stood out now was the skimpiest string bikini Brad had ever seen in his life. It was red, or at least, the little bits of fabric were red. The material strained and barely covered any of her breasts, which were large and perkier than other women her age. Brad watched, eyes wide, as Mrs. Roberts swayed her hips with each step, pausing to set the pitcher and glass down on one of the patio chairs, and then turning to bring the second closer to the first. As she did, Brad saw that the bottoms were actually a thong, with hardly any fabric separating those lovely, well toned cheeks.

Without having noticed, Brad had brought his hand down to his cock, slowly stroking back and forth, finding himself rock hard in a matter of moments. He watched as Mrs. Roberts poured herself a tall glass of whatever the drink was, it looked like a blended margarita mix, and down half of it all in one go. She topped off the glass once more, and then sat back on the patio chair to take in the sun, sipping often at her drink.

Brad stood, hardly moving a muscle but maintaining his rhythmic stroking. He thought about speeding up, about giving himself a quick release and then getting to work on his assignments. But another part of him flatly rejected any rational thought. The other part of him seemed to repeat itself in his mind over, and over again:

Mom and Dad are out for the evening, they never come early. Little sister is out until tomorrow, maybe even Sunday. Mrs. Roberts has always let him use the pool to swim laps in years past. It would be totally normal for him to go down and take a swim. The worst she could say was no, and then I’d come back and get to work.

These were the ideas that ran through his mind, over and over and over again. It was not that he göztepe sınırsız escort doubted himself in these points, for they were all true. It was that he was truly, absolutely, terrified and shy about actually going down there. He found himself running circles in his mind, playing out how he could get down there in as nonchalant a way as possible.

Mrs. Roberts meanwhile, has finished her drink and poured herself another. The pitcher looked nearly empty, and it came to Brad that if he chose to do nothing, then that would be it. He would go to work and forget about this opportunity. Yet, if he stayed here and continued to be scared, a chance at…who knew what exactly, would slip through his fingers.

In that moment he decided, walking to his dresser and searching for his swimwear. He did not have any sort of trunks that one would wear to the beach, but instead donned a tighter fitting pair meant for swimming laps, which he often did at the college pool. Brad strode out of his room and down the stairs, pacing around the kitchen while his erection died down, finally he found it possible to slip it down in the trunks without much trouble, noticeable, but not as obvious.

Brad stepped towards the patio doors, took a deep breath, and said, “One, two, three – Fuck it!”

The door slid open, and Brad stepped out. For him, there was no going back once those words had been uttered. It was a silly phrase he and Mike used often since childhood, but it held true in its meaning. Once spoken, they had to complete whatever task they set out to do. In truth, the phrase often worked to Brad’s advantage in many aspects of life, helping cast aside the mental block that so often left his friends paralyzed with fear of something so simple.

This was nothing particularly simple, Brad thought as he made his way towards the gate that separates the two yards, but his hormones were seemingly in complete control of the situation. Reaching up to the clasp, he pulled softly, but made sure to pull hard enough so as to announce his presence at the gate. He swung it open and walked in casually, as he had done so many times before with his sister or parents, but this time, alone.

Mrs. Roberts turned and gazed at Brad as he strode in. She smiled, and Brad waved.

“Hey Mrs. Roberts, do you mind if I swim a few laps? I could really use a study break.” He forced himself to keep his eyes on her face, though it was difficult, as she laid on the patio chair wearing almost nothing at all.

She waved him in, “Of course dear, you’re always welcome. I’m just having a drink after a particularly long day at the office,” her reply was kind, and she sounded as though forming the words were more difficult than they should have been.

Brad smiled and tossed his towel down to the edge of the pool before diving right in, stretching out beneath the water, surfacing a moment later to begin swimming back and forth across the length of the pool. He had done as planned, but felt as though a thousand butterflies were fluttering about in his stomach all at once. Too many thoughts were running through his mind all at once:

What was the plan now? Swim the night away? What about Mr. Roberts? He was probably home, but he had not even thought about him.

He thought of swimming a few more hard sets , really get a good workout at least, but then, the calming voice came to him once again.

“Relax man, just talk to her. How much has she had to drink so far?”

The thought seemed so simple, and yet, perfectly straightforward. Brad pushed off the wall and swam hard back to the wall nearest to where the patio chairs were positioned. Reaching the end, he propped himself on the edge, placing both arms down, and worked to catch his breath. Mrs. Roberts sat in the chair, topping off her glass once more, the pitcher now empty.

“Good swim?” she asked, sipping more slowly now at her göztepe ucuz escort drink.

“Yeh, long day at school.”

“I can only imagine.” she replied.

Brad placed his fingers on his wrist, measuring his pulse to take a quick estimate of his heart rate. He felt that she was looking at him, and so, once again not being sure what to do, he went back to a few hard laps in the pool.

The routine seemed to be working quite well, at least from his point of view. He swam four quick, hard laps, and then rested on the edge while making small talk with Mrs. Roberts. This would not be able to go on for very long, Brad thought, as he was getting quite tired, having actually gone to workout on campus early in the morning.

When next Brad came to rest at the edge of the pool, he was given a perfect view of Mrs. Roberts from behind as she walked towards the patio doors, swaying her hips softly from side to side with each step. He worried that perhaps she was heading inside now, but that was not the case. She sat for a moment on the large cushions of the patio furniture against the wall and worked the stereo. A moment later, music that Brad could only really describe as light jazz filled the air. She turned back towards the pool, and stepped forward, then back, then forward again, all to the beat of the music. The glass was no totally empty, and Brad was sure he saw a rosy glow in Mrs. Roberts, a red blush from the drinks she had downed so eagerly.

Brad was not fast enough to catch himself from staring, but Mrs. Roberts did not give any indication that she noticed. Instead, she walked towards the pool and asked, “Would you care to dance?”

Brad did not expect this, and he replied rather sheepishly, “I’m not a very good dancer.”

Mrs. Roberts grinned now, “I’m not that good either, but we can try. I feel a little silly dnacing alone in my yard.”

Brad lifted himself out of the pool, giving himself a quick pat down with his towel. He walked towards Mrs. Roberts and her outstretched arms. She placed her arms onto his shoulders and moved in close to Brad, who had a million thoughts running through his mind all at once. He reciprocated, slipping his arms around her waist, and pulling her in close just as she was doing to him.

Now, it would be incorrect to say that this was dancing, and more correct to call it simple swaying back and forth. Still, neither complained or moved to do anything else but sway to the music.

Mrs. Roberts pressed her chest into Brad’s, and it had the effect of growing his erection inside his swimwear. Luckily, it was rather a tight fit, and not apparent at first. The music went on, and soon Brad felt himself rock hard, and that it was now or never to make the next move.

“One, two, three -“

Brad ran his fingers up the soft skin of her back, finding the bowstring of the bikini top. He gave it a slow pull and felt the knot come undone, and then repeated the process for the knot around her neck. Mrs. Roberts said nothing, and instead, slipped a hand in between the them to remove the top and drop it to the ground.

Brad moved his hands back down her back, and now to the sides of her hips, finding two more knots. He grasped both, and, hearing no objection, pulled on each, as the little bits of fabric fell from between her legs and onto the ground. Mrs. Roberts said nothing, continuing to sway to the music, her arms tight around Brad, her chest held tightly against his.

Brad was in it one hundred percent now, and knew he had one more step to take. He hooked his thumbs into his own swimsuit and in one motion slid them down past his hips, where they too fell to the ground. Brad’s cock came up to rest between Mrs. Roberts’ legs, naturally between her warm lips. She smiled and swayed her hips, slowing down to feel the rock hard cock tease her.

Brad then moved his hands back around to the small of her kadıköy anal escort back and pulled her in close. The two continued to move in unison as the music played. Mrs. Roberts closed her eyes and moved to the rhythm between them, while Brad moved his hands from the small of her back to cup a cheek in each hand, gently squeezing and helping his cock move in between her legs more easily. Brad felt her wetness now, and he was losing himself in the feeling.

And then, the pair almost fell right to the ground as Mrs. Roberts tripped in a simple step to the side. The effects of her quick drinking had caught up with her, but Brad held tight and kept her upright. Mrs. Roberts laughed and broke away from Brad, taking him by the hand and saying, “Let’s take a little break on the cushions over there so I can rest my eyes.”

Brad followed, mesmerized by her perfect ass swaying back and forth, his own cock moving as well with each step. They reached the patio chair, which was more of a loveseat, and Mrs. Roberts let go of Brad, bending over to straighten the large cushions.

Brad saw his opportunity, and he did not hesitate even for a moment. He stepped behind Mrs. Roberts as she was bent over, placing one hand on her hip, while the other grasped firmly at his cock, lining it up in between her wet, swollen lips, and pushed lightly so that a few inches went in.

Mrs. Roberts gasped, falling forward a bit, but not far since the cushions were right there. Brad pulled most of the way out, waiting to see if there was any hesitation, and seeing none from Mrs. Roberts, moved forward again, this time sinking half of his shaft into her. Both gasped for air now as Brad gripped firmly with both hands at her hips and thrust slowly, but deeply, still as though they were swaying with the music.

Mrs. Roberts looked back, a look of pure lust in her eyes, “Fuck me, fuck me, yes!” she said, her voice low but filled with lust. Brad smiled and picked up the pace, his balls slapping hard against her clit, making her moan more and more and more. A minute passed and Mrs. Roberts pushed back, no longer comfortable with this sort of half-standing position. She sat down and leaned back on the cushions, spreading her legs wide for Brad, who stared at her beauty, but only for a moment, as the lust was in control now. He straddled between her legs and put himself inside her once again.

He thrust faster now, the music no longer dictating the rhythm of his movements. He found himself exploring her body with his hands, holding tight to her hips to pull in deeper, then grasping at her breasts, pausing to squeeze the nipple between his fingers. She meanwhile had one hand on Brad’s chest, and the other dropped to make small, fast circles around her clit. Her breathing came shorter now, as her chest rose and fell more heavily with each thrust. She moaned, and moaned, digging her nails into Brad’s chest. She sucked in her breath as the orgasm swept over her. She tossed her head back, mouth wide open, as he body tensed throughout.

This was all too much for Brad, who watched this splendid beauty beneath him lose all control. He felt the tightening in his own balls, and thrust harder and harder, pulling out at the last possible moment. Before he could grab his cock, Mrs. Roberts beat him to it, grasping firmly and pumping as spurt after spurt of his sperm blasted onto her body.

Brad all but collapsed down onto the cushion next to Mrs. Roberts, who herself barely had the energy to move as she came down from her wonderful high. Minutes passed and slowly, each regained use of their ability to speak. Mrs. Roberts, now a bright red, a combination of the workout and the alcohol, asked, “Are you supposed to be home right now?”

Brad shook his head, looking at her breasts rise and fall as her breath still did not return to normal, explaining that he was on his own for at least a few more hours.

“Perfect,” she replied, “then come have a shower with me, we’ll see if we can’t get you all cleaned up.”

Mrs. Roberts stood, slowly to make sure she did not trip once again, and took Brad by the hand to lead him inside.

Brad followed, imagining everything he would do to her inside, as he watched her hips sway back and forth once more.

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