Naughty Pleasure Market Ch. 08

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The hour when Matthew was going to officially became a sex slave has finally arrived. There were so many conflicting emotions raging inside of him: fear, excitement, sadness, arousal… Even though he felt ready to being this new life, his heart was racing, in a negative sense.

The house wasn’t brand new, perhaps they’ve just bought it. It was modern looking, had few floors, a pool and it was certainly spacious – not that any of that was supposed to matter for the slaves. These were clearly benefits for the doms.

Master Goldman lead boys to club’s doors but stopped them before entering. His cold eyes and smug smile could mean only one thing: he wanted something that would bring them some kind of discomfort.

“Before I let you into our sweet, little sex dungeon, let’s discuss the most important rule that applies to all slaves here. Inside the house, you are never allowed to cover yourself from dominants’ sight. That means few different things. Firstly, your rooms will have no doors, bathrooms no locks and you will have no right for privacy or intimacy. Catching you plotting or hiding possession will end with painful punishments. It’s worth a mention that informing a dominant about another slave’s wrongdoings will get you rewarded. Secondly, you’re not allowed to wear any sort of clothes, under any circumstances. If you’re cold at night, you can cuddle with another slave or choose to froze, but you will not use covers. You also need to get rid of the reflex of covering your intimate areas with hands. Doms will punish you on spot for doing that. So now, get out of your clothes.”

“Here?” David asked angrily, gazing at the seemingly empty street.

“Which part of «inside the house you are never allowed to wear any sort of clothes» is so difficult for you, dumb bitch?”

“Well, I hope your neighbors will inform the police while enjoying the view…”

“I assure you that I could fuck you in the middle of this street and they would respectfully mind their own business.” Boys started stripping down. “Obviously, any dominant inside the house is fully allowed to touch you in whatever way they want and they can punish you if you refuse, object or without any reason at all. What you need to know, though, is that you won’t be raped here. No forceful penetration of any hole will be tolerated, from anyone. A dom can give you an order, he can keep punishing you for disobedience until you finally obey, but he can’t just skip the part of giving you an order and take whatever he wants with force.”

Matthew kept looking at master Goldman with blushing cheeks and love in his eyes. So it looks like master Goldman will be their protector from anyone who wants to hurt them without clear consent. As if Matthew needed another reason to worship this man.

“Wait, what?! They won’t need a reason to punish us?” As per usual, David was ready to complain.

“Obviously? There’s plenty of sadists here who get hard seeing defenseless boys like you suffering. For this purpose, we provide plenty of space, tools and slaves they can torture.”

Matthew’s dick was pulsating inside of his tight cock cage. Why this, of all things, was making him so excited? Was he really that depraved already, to impatiently await his first meeting with a true sadist?

“Alright, leave your clothes here, you won’t be needing them in a while,” master Goldman said, opening the doors.

Right after he entered and his huge back revealed the insides of the house to their sight, the boys felt immediately intimidated. The huge living room was full of people – naked people kneeling in a row, next to each other. All of them were skinny twinks, just like Matthew or David, who looked up at them, curious of who came in. Matthew quickly joined them, kneeling in the same row. David, more hesitant, ultimately did this, as well.

It was ridiculous to say the least. More than ten naked boys were silently kneeling on the floor, while some unknown, clothed man was chilling on the couch in front of them, with feet in socks on the table, eating chips and watching something on his phone, uninterested. Matthew looked at the curious guy next to him, who was watching his caged cock. Quick look at all slaves’ crotches assured Matt that he was one of the two boys who were additionally humiliated by chastity device. It made him feel like he stands out and he suspected that it’s pendik escort bayan quite dangerous to stand out as a slave.

“Okay, Ruben, get ready for beginning,” master Goldman said to the man sitting on a couch. “Prowler! Come down, you little bitch. We’re starting!” This time he yelled at someone staying on the floor.

Master Goldman came in front of the slave row, standing majestically still. Matthew couldn’t get enough of him, he found everything about him attractive: his muscles, the bulge in his sweatpants, hairy calves, even his perfect toes still visible because of his flip-flops.

The guy sitting on couch and the other one from the floor finally approached them as well. They stood next to master Goldman, who now has begun his speech:

“I’m master Goldman and I’m the official god of this house,” he said, without his smug smile this time. It could be Matthew’s crush speaking, but in his opinion, seriousness didn’t take anything from his roguish, sexy, dominating attitude of a bully. “Next to me you can see two other gentlemen. Master Davis,” he pointed at much younger, but similarly well-built man, who was on the floor by the time they arrived. Unlike master Goldman, he was an objectively attractive male. Half of the slaves here were watching him, enchanted. “And master Ramon.” This was the guy from the couch. He had a darker skin tan, was tall and chunky, but in muscular sense. His face was rather handsome, too, but in a less prince charming way and more of a pervy uncle one, as he was around age of 40. It’s worth a mention that he had a huge, black tattoos on his arms. Despite his loyalty to master Goldman, in his thirst, Matthew wouldn’t mind few slaps in the face with his cock. “I strongly recommend treating all three of us with uttermost respect and obeying any order we give you, as we’re not only your superiors, but also your protectors and caretakers.”

“Since tomorrow morning, our house will welcome new doms,” the youngest of masters started speaking. “There will be two kind of them: those that will come to live here permanently and those that will be coming just to receive service from you or to relax and then leave. You’re expected to serve passionately to the both groups, but it’s in your best interest to bootlick the first one especially, as they can invite you to spend nights with them, in their rooms, which are much more comfortable than your own quarters. Speaking of which, slave rooms are in the basement. You’ll have bunk beds at your disposal. There’s more slaves than beds so you can either sleep together in pairs, switch every few days or establish hierarchy and push the weakest units onto the floor. When it comes to sex, you’re free to enjoy each other’s company. Different club houses have different views on this, but we consider this as a form of training.”

Matthew raised his eyebrows. Slaves fucking each other? Aren’t they all just needy bottoms? Well, since Matt’s cock was caged anyway, he didn’t need to worry about being asked to top anyone. There are positives to everything, it appears.

“In a moment, you will be allowed to stand up and get to know your new basement,” the third guy has spoken, revealing arousing, thick accent. “But to spice things up, we have a special offer. For those of you who feel like their new position in society is unfair, we have a rare opportunity: a position of an alpha slave. It brings some really nice perks unavailable for regular servants, but it’s not easy to achieve. In three hours, we will meet here, again. If some of you is interested in becoming an alpha slave, he has to force at least five of his colleagues into submission. They will have to prove their obedience by kissing your feet in front of us all. But there’s one catch. If you will step out as an alpha slave candidate and then fail to prove loyalty of minimum five other slaves, both you and your followers will be punished and permanently marked as the lowest in the hierarchy.”

Matthew discreetly looked at David. Jock’s focused face was a clear indication of interest in this topic. Well, personally, Matt did see him in a role of an alpha slave, but then he didn’t really know the other boys. Perhaps there were some other cases of rebels pushed onto their knees. Apparently, Matthew’s look summoned David’s attention, as he looked back at him.

“You will be the first one to become my maltepe escort bitch,” he whispered, with pure anger in his eyes.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way,” Matthew whispered back, respectfully. He did find the idea of obeying sexually to a guy younger than him quite odd, but it’s not like he had anything to say in this. David was physically stronger than him and he would eventually find a way to force him into obedience. Matthew realistically assumed that in his current place, he could do nothing but say “yes, sir” and just allow people stronger than him to toy with his body in whatever way they wanted.


After welcome speech, masters ordered all slaves to enter the basement and then they closed the door leading out of this sex dungeon with no rules, where slaves were expected to dominate one another in order to build some sick dynamic. Matthew didn’t need this to know his place in the hierarchy, that’s why he just assumed to do whatever he was told, while half of the slaves started racing towards their bedroom, to place dibs on the remaining beds. With three other slaves, Matt just stood up still, not interested, already accepting his place on the floor this night.


Matt looked at one of the slaves silently accompanying him and his eyes became wide with surprise but also happiness.

“Moe!” Matthew whispered, surprised.

His friend from college hugged without any hesitation, ignoring the fact that they were both naked. Matthew could not appreciate enough how incredibly nice it felt to have his nice, furry chest warm up his own in this cold dungeon. Their dicks must’ve touched as well, as he looked down, surprised by cold metal’s touch.

“What’s that?” he asked, confused, looking at the metal keeping Matthew’s dick in check.

“Chastity device,” Matthew mumbled. “They’ve said my dick was too big and it would be disrespectful to have it free in presence of dominants…” While Mohammed was admiring his humiliated cock, Matt looked at his handsome face. “But what the hell are you doing here, man? How did they get you? I never expected you… well, you know… to be gay…”

“You can’t have a Muslim family, be gay and not be stealthy about it,” he answered, smiling, but with touch of sadness. “Long story short, some sexy guy hit me up on Grindr… blonde, blue eyes, muscular. I asked whether he’s a top or a bottom but he said he wants to do experiment in other way… When I came to his place, he told me to…” he paused, a little bit embarrassed. But then he remembered how shameful his entire life already became and figured there was no reason to play a prude, “…lick his asshole. Let’s just say I was very into it… way too into it… and they’ve got it on a video, me making out with guy’s dirty ass. If my family would ever see that, they would…” he clearly didn’t even know how to name it.

“Don’t beat yourself up, Moe. Almost the same thing has happened to me,” Matthew tried comforting him. He still remembered with excitement how his evening with Phillip played out. It started like a normal date, a beginning to a serious relationship. And then he just casually ordered him to kneel and start licking the curly hair on his ballsack, only to leave him like a cheap whore after he blew a load. “Apparently there’s a lot of filthy pigs like us…”

He smiled and demanded another hug, which Matthew delivered quite happily.

“It will sound really bad, but I’m so happy that you’re here. I was so anxious, but with you… well, it’s almost bearable,” Moe whispered. Matthew felt exactly the same way.

After their reunion, they’ve decided to take a little tour. The basement was a very gym looking place, with wall mirrors, gym equipment everywhere and incredibly ugly grey carpet. What was out of place for a gym, was the amount of random couches and little things like lubricant bottles, sex toys, torture devices and condoms resting in plain sight. The slave bathrooms turned out to be a little shock. There was only one regular toilet in a room without a lock; the rest was just a long wall urinal and open showers. The most disgusting discovery was a jar half filled with yellow substance that had a writing on it: “in case you forget that you’re a faggot, drink this.”

“Are you into watersports?” Matthew asked Moe, who seemed very interested with the content of said jar. kartal escort “Bro, I need to know everything about your secret gay life! Especially your kinks!”

“Let’s just say I drank from more than one tap,” he laughed.

Suddenly, an unknown slave has entered the bathroom, with two other slaves bodyguarding him. Matthew recognized those two: they were standing next to them, while everybody else started their ridiculous race. It didn’t take a psychic to recognize the bully aura they spread just with their presence. The “boss” slave had a smug smirk that gave out his huge confidence, but it was something in his dead, shark eyes that gave off another thing – rich kid vibes.

“Hey,” he said, checking Matthew and Moe out. “My name’s Logan. I’ve got an offer for you, guys.” Matthew and Mohammed looked at each other but didn’t say anything. “Submit to me and I will get you two a bed to sleep on together.”

Matthew remained silent, so Mohammed decided to respond.

“Why won’t you submit to me?” he asked, seemingly in a joking way, although the challenge was still up in the air.

Rich kid didn’t really let that get to him. He smiled and pointed at two other boys behind him, looking almost as tough as him.

“Because, like you can see, I already have two guys who pledged themselves to me. We can’t all be alpha slaves and your chances are thinner than mine, even if your friend over here has submitted to you.” Matthew couldn’t stop a smile. There was nothing in Mohammed that would make him unworthy of his obedience, but he was such a sweet guy that it was difficult to imagine him issuing orders. “I can provide you with privileges and protection if you obey me.”

Matthew and Mohammed once again looked at each other, almost as if they wanted to discuss this telepathically. The major thing for them to consider was whether there was any reason not to submit. Neither of them was interested in position of alpha slave and neither had the jock mentality to enforce it. That guy, even though slightly younger, had clearly some bully vibes to him. And for fags like them, it was a smart move to do whatever a bully told them to. The simplest way to stop the bullying in general was to assure the bully that you’re fully aware of his superiority as his loyal bitch.

“Well, you’re making a good point,” Mohammed answered assertively, taking Matthew’s approving nod as an agreement. “If you’re really so much into that political slave game, I suppose there’s no harm in allowing you to do it, especially since you’re offering a bed to us…”

Logan smiled, rather coldly. Probably, because Mohammed’s response was so damn casual, that it didn’t sound submissive at all.

“Sweet.” Logan moved passed them and sat on a little bench. “Let’s make it official, then.” He exposed his big, bare feet to them, while slightly moving his toes in a relaxed way. “Few respectful kisses on my soles should be enough.”

Whatever was left of a man in Matthew started boiling with anger, seeing this guy’s smug smile, knowing what kind of humiliating act he was expecting from them. And yet it was him who made the first move and knelt in front of Logan. Mohammed joined him right after. They placed lips on his soles – Matthew on his left foot, Mohammed on his right foot – and started kissing them.

“Kiss higher, the part of the sole that actually touches the floor when I walk,” Logan instructed Moe. His tone was firm, but not hostile. Even so, Matt noticed anger in his friend’s eyes, as he obeyed silently and placed a kiss just beneath his toes. “Next time respectfully confirm receiving my order.”

“Yes, sir…”

“Alright, that should be enough of feet worshipping for now. There is another thing I want you to do, though. You’re free to mind your own business for now, but if any other slave tries to force you into submission, I want you to agree, but only after reasonable negotiations or receiving threats. And, of course, do whatever they tell you to, just to prove your obedience.”

Mohammed loudly blew air through his nose.

“So you want to get rid of competition by luring them into a trap of false confidence…” Mohammed summed up. “Smart move. Sir.” That “sir” was added after a moment of thinking.

“That’s how you know you’ve kissed the right feet,” Logan answered. “Now go ahead. The more fags you mislead, the better your own position in the hierarchy will be.”

Matthew bit his lip. If David was seriously planning to recruit him into his own alpha slave cult, he would have an unpleasant surprise. But it would also mean that Matthew would have his first mortal enemy in this house.

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