Nasty Sister-in-Law

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I always looked forward to our meetings.

Jen was my sister-in-law. At 35 she was Hollywood material. A local surgeon made sure there were plenty of curves topside, while Jen made sure her ass was a perfect heart shape. We met every Sunday for a poolside cookout, where I always ogled her scrumptious body. My wife Sara didn’t much care for that, but she didn’t really have much choice. I hadn’t resigned being male.

On this particular occasion, Sara got a call from her best friend asking her to meet at the hospital. She apparently got her hand mangled in a food processor, and wanted Sara’s companionship while waiting for the doctor to stitch her fingers back together.

“I’ll be back in a couple of hours guys.” Sara called out. “Please save me a steak, OK?”

“OK” Jen and I said in unison.

“Well, Jen.” I intoned. “It’s just you ‘n me.”

“Yep.” She smiled, looking down at the kitchen floor. “But I think we can still have some fun, don’t you, Jack?”

“Naturally.” I said, as I watched Jen in her sexy bikini, carefully exit the kitchen and go lay down on a large towel at the edge of the pool.

Jen had on a bikini that made me start to go stiff. Her nipples pointed straight out, and were barely able to be concealed by the small triangular fabric patches. But the main attraction was the T-back bottom, and how it maximized the curves of her ass. Jen was looking fantastic.

“Jack?” She said. “Can you help me with my suntan oil? If I’m going to keep this tan, I’ll need some help putting on plenty of oil, OK?”

“Not a problem.” I told her as I reached for the oil. “Just relax and I’ll get you very slick.”

As Jen lay down on her stomach, she reached around and released the strap from her top. Both tits compressed under her weight and naturally pushed to the edges, where I got a lovely look at them. She had no tan mecidiyeköy escort line, which meant anything was possible.

I started squirting oil along her spine. I used entirely too much, knowing I would have to rub longer to make it appear even. Jen felt electric to my touch. She was so very smooth and tan, which heightened the incredible sexiness of the moment.

“Don’t forget my legs or my bum, OK?” She almost whispered.

Your ‘bum.’, I quickly thought, ‘How could I forget that sexy bum.’ What an interesting and flirtatious way of asking. “OK..” I returned. “I’ll get you slick all over.”

I poured more oil out of the tube directly on her ass cheeks and just inside her thigh. Carefully moving her leg over, I massaged first one leg, and then the other all the way up to her pussy. I even bumped into her pussy several times “accidentally.” I brazenly let my hands push the fabric of her T-back hard against her asshole. For my efforts, I was treated with small moans and grunts. They were the sounds of a girl enjoying herself very much under my touch. The bikini bottom had a side snap, so naturally, I had to unsnap it. That gave me an unfettered view of her gorgeous, now slick ass. After a few more minutes of what had now become overt sexual foreplay, Jen turned over, threw her top completely off and said “Well, Jack. Don’t stop now.”

“Mmmm.” I said. “I’ll be glad to continue.”

I took a huge squirt of oil on both boobs, and a generous splash right onto her shaved pussy. I took her left boob in both hands and squeezed, and finished by tweaking her nipple very roughly. Jen seemed to respond well to that as she arched her back. I did the same thing to her right tit, too, and again Jen arched her back in desire.

My cock was getting way to hard to be constrained, so I stood up and pulled nişantaşı escort my bathing suit off.

“Oh, my. This is going to be fun.” She spoke, looking up at my engorged member.

“You sure you want to do this?” I quipped, knowing the answer beforehand.

“Go for it, Jack.” She said. “I’ve been a big fan of hard cocks.”

That was all the ‘green light’ I needed. Since she was now lying on her back, I decided to straddle her luscious tits and place my cock right in between them. Jen knew just what to do. She quickly oiled up my 8 inches and started to jack me off between her nasty mounds. I quickly caught the rhythm and had my cock poking thru and into her mouth with each stroke. Jen was so slutty, and I didn’t hold back anything.

“Come on you little slut. Help me fuck your face, you greedy little whore.” I challenged.

“Mmfmm. Omoomm.” Was all she could manage to respond, especially with my slick cock banging her lips and the back of her throat. But her body and movements told me what I needed to hear. Jen loved to fuck, and she loved the attention I heaped upon her tits and face. I let myself go even further, too. On some strokes I pulled my dick out of her mouth and slid it along the side of her nose, fucking her face on the outside. When I did, she managed to ‘encourage’ me with dirty, panting noises.

“Want me to cum on your face, Jen?” I asked.

“Oh god yes!” she responded.

I pushed her arms and hands beneath her body, so she could no longer ‘help’ my face fucking, and started to fist my dick. The end of my cock was right next to the tip of her nose, and beginning to drip pre-cum drops onto her cheek. Finally, when I couldn’t stand it anymore, I told her to suck on my balls as I jacked off huge splatterings of cum all over her face.

Jen never even whimpered. otele gelen escort She just slurped up everything she could find and enjoyed the male juices she was bathing in. Her face was a train wreck of nasty male orgasm and she loved it. Exhausted, I flopped over onto my back, while Jen finished licking her fingers clean.

“Jack?” She asked. “Can you do me a favor? Since I ‘took care’ of your needs, how’s about doing one of mine?

“What do you have in mind?” I responded.

“Well,” She purred. “I have always been partial to getting fucked in the ass. I just love the domination of it, and the way it stretches me out when I’m in the doggy position.”

What a perfect slut, I thought. Not only is Jen nasty, but she has a few of her own kinky desires that dovetail nicely to fit my own filthy needs. The very thought of entering her ass and pounding away on her tight, slick asshole made me hard again. “Let’s do it.” I said. “Now.”

She wasted no time. Jen got up on her knees and elbows, and then with her left hand, reached around and started to finger her asshole. “Gotta make it ready for you.” She said, with a nasty look on her face. She even managed to wiggle that tight, athletic ass back and forth while she fingered herself in preparation.

I stood up and began fisting my pole, and wiping excess oil onto it. I stood right behind her and without any fanfare; I jammed my dick hard into her asshole. Jen’s whole body shook, but she managed to push back into me, signaling that she was ready to let the fucking begin. God was she ready. She slammed her butt over and over onto my greased cock, and relished every thrust I made with a grunt and moan. I fucked Jen hard. Very hard. And she loved it.

Soon she began to tighten up and began to cum. She was growling like a cat in heat, my dick still pushing hard into her asshole. She widened her stance with outstretched palms, but with her ass still pushing hard against my engorged dick. And it was in that nasty position she came. And came. And came.


Jen and I finally decided to stop fucking when it was obvious Sara would be hurt by our actions. But, oh what a ride!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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