Nantucket Vacation Ch. 01

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Every summer, my wife and I go on vacation for a week with Abby, our daughter, to a nice, warm spot near the water. This year, we returned to one of our favorite spots – Nantucket. It was Abby’s last summer before college, and she seemed to want to spend every moment with her friends. Rather than drag her along unwillingly, we allowed her to invite one of her friends to join us, knowing that would make her happy.

I was secretly delighted when Abby informed us that she had asked Karen to accompany us. Abby is relatively popular and has several close friends, but none as pretty or well-proportioned as Karen. Karen is also eighteen years old, but carries herself with more maturity and confidence than her peers. She has long, dark brown hair that spills over her shoulders and settles casually at the top of her well-formed breasts. She smiles easily, moves gracefully, and seems to be curiously aware of her effect on the opposite gender. I occasionally harbor fantasies involving Karen, but expected they would never come true.

After the short ferry ride and even shorter drive to the rented house, all four of us began to unpack. My wife made a grocery list, and I went to the market to stock up on supplies for the week. The rest of the day was spent generally settling in and relaxing, my wife and I inside and Abby and Karen at the beach. Even though I greatly enjoy spending time by the ocean, I’m not much of a beach person. I’d rather spend my time inside with the warm breeze cutting through the house, stretching out on a lounge chair on the generous deck, or relaxing in the outdoor hot tub that beckons from the corner of the deck.

It took very little time for Karen to make herself right at home. When not wearing bathing suits, she and Abby wore thin T-shirts and shorts – revealing plenty of smooth, shaven skin – and no shoes.

I didn’t fully appreciate until the trip how truly personable and magnetic Karen really is. Besides her obvious beauty, she is intelligent, thoughtful, well-spoken, and has interesting ideas and opinions on many subjects. After the second day, I became consciously aware that I had developed a bit of a crush on her.

* * * * *

On the next day, Monday, Karen and Abby came inside just in time for lunch. As they stood at the counter preparing their sandwiches, they debated what to do that afternoon. The conversation continued in earnest as they turned toward the table, and Karen was so preoccupied that she didn’t realize that she had approached the chair I was already sitting in. She finally noticed just as she started to sit down, but it was too late for her to keep her balance. She fell right into my lap with a startled scream, and then she and Abby both burst into laughter. Karen was laughing so hard that she didn’t make any immediate move to stand up, so I remained pinned beneath her body, her butt pressing directly on my awakening member and her slender fingers wrapped tightly around my right arm. As she attempted to regain her composure, she jokingly explained bağdat caddesi escort that she enjoyed sitting on older men. It didn’t take long for her to settle down, and with a soft apology she soon moved to another chair.

Abby and Karen continued their debate about their plans for the afternoon, and eventually went for a bike ride. I tried to push the incident out of my mind, but it did nothing too weaken my fantasies of her.

Later than night, after my wife had gone to bed, I sat on the easy chair in the living room watching TV. Karen and Abby wandered in together and asked what I was watching. Abby went to the sofa and stretched out, leaving no room for Karen. When Karen motioned for her to move over, Abby resisted, complaining that she was too comfortable. Karen glanced at me, and then back over at Abby.

“Well, I like sitting on older men’s laps anyway!” she announced as she walked over to me and sat down right on my lap. Abby didn’t seem to care, or even find it strange, and I pretended as though it was no big deal. Karen leaned back, settling her body against my chest, and draped her right leg over mine. I placed my left hand on her left shoulder and tried in vain to concentrate on the TV show. I willed myself to stay limp, but my penis had other ideas. As the blood rushed to that part of my body and pushed up against Karen’s bottom, I knew she would feel it.

Sure enough, as we all silently watched TV, I could tell by her shifting that Karen could feel me harden. She didn’t say a word and tried to let me think she didn’t notice it as she slowly and subtlety rubbed herself over me.

I was so turned on and so engorged that I periodically flexed my groin muscles, pushing myself more forcefully against her weight. She flinched just a bit each time as she continued to rub in circles. I gently massaged her shoulder and neck with my left hand, very subtlety pushing down to increase the pressure on my lap. There was nothing overt about our actions (Abby didn’t notice a thing), but Karen must have known what she was doing to me.

We sat in this position, quietly and slowly rubbing our bodies together, for an agonizing twenty minutes during which I remained harder than I’ve ever been. When the TV show ended, Karen pushed heavily against me as she stood up. Abby stretched and came over to kiss me goodnight. I could tell from the way Karen looked at me, eyes sparkling with mischief, that she was considering kissing me goodnight at well. Sure enough, she leaned over, placed her hand on my thigh, and kissed me on the cheek, just grazing my lips. Then both of them left the room on their way to bed, and I took a cold shower before slipping into bed and spooning my sleeping wife.

* * * * *

On Tuesday evening, my wife and I sat across from each other in the spacious hot tub while Abby and Karen watched TV inside. As we talked and shifted our bodies beneath the water, our feet would occasionally brush each other. I kept my foot in bağdat caddesi olgun escort contact with hers, rubbing it gently back and forth across her shin. She stopped talking, leaned back, and sighed contentedly. I continued massaging her feet and shins as we both gazed up at the darkening sky.

Suddenly, my wife pulled her feet back and placed them on top of mine to give me the same treatment I had given her. I lifted my head to look at her and noticed a sly smile spreading across her face. She glanced towards the sliding door, as though to make sure we were still alone, and then lifted her foot up higher on my leg and rubbed it along my thigh until her toes brushed against by bathing suit. I lay my head back down with soft moan, my arms stretched out along the rim of the hot tub, as she flexed her toes against my covered penis, bringing me to a rigid state. I wiggled my hips to increase the wonderful sensation. Before long, her other foot joined the first, and she grabbed my covered penis beneath her smooth in-steps. I groaned again, willing her to continue.

She had no intention of stopping. She pulled one foot back to the bottom of my bathing suit and slipped her toes under the leg opening. As she wiggled in further, I closed my eyes and braced myself. Moments later, I felt the skin-to-skin contact against my scrotum. She interchangeably tickled my scrotum with her toes and rubbed the length of my penis until we both heard the door slide open and Abby and Karen stepping out on to the deck. My wife, far from an exhibitionist, quickly withdrew her foot and welcomed them into the hot tub.

Since my wife and I were across from each other, Abby and Karen settled themselves between us. Karen sat on my right and Abby on my left, and we all enjoyed the wet heat and talked about favorite movies. The hot tub was certainly roomy enough for four, but knees and feet would occasionally cross paths in the center. I was still rock-hard from my wife’s antics, and simply willing my hard-on to go away was impossible sitting next to Karen and grazing her knee.

At one point in the conversation, Karen’s knee rubbed against my leg and stayed there. When it became clear that the knee was intentionally touching me, I looked around at the position of the three women in the tub to make sure I wasn’t confusing the owner of the knee. Karen must have suspected my uncertainty, and she laid any doubts to rest by increasing the pressure against my leg while smiling broadly at me.

I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t get out of the hot tub without revealing my hardened state to all three women, and I wasn’t sure what would happen if I stayed. While debating my course of action, I felt Karen’s hand sliding over my knee and on to my thigh, alternatively squeezing and caressing my leg. Although the movie discussion continued, I gave up trying to pay attention and rested my head back, breathlessly waiting to see how far this would go.

Karen sensed that I was bağdat caddesi sarışın escort submitting to her, and she wasted no time in raising her hand higher and higher until it reached my bathing suit. I sank lower in the tub, willing myself not to moan out loud, and held my breath.

Karen’s fingers slipped under my bathing suit, exactly where my wife’s foot had been five minutes before, and continued their journey until they found my scrotum. She cupped it and gently massaged my testicles, tickling me with her fingertips. Her hand moved up to encircle my shaft and she squeezed it tightly. She loosened and tightened her grip several time, and then commenced to jerk me off within the confines of my bathing suit. The sensation was incredible.

“Are you okay, honey?” my wife asked.

I realized my face was tight and my breathing unsteady. Karen squeezed a little harder and continued pumping as I answered. “I guess I’m just feeling a little queasy. It must be the second cheeseburger I had for dinner.”

I was desperate to get out of the situation, but couldn’t possibly climb out without revealing my erection. Fortunately, Karen gave one last pump and then pulled her hand away, announced that she was going to go read, and then climbed out. The rest of us climbed out soon thereafter.

* * * * *

In bed later that night, my wife and I had passionate sex, and both drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

Sometime in the middle of the night, I gradually became aware of sexual sensations. As I lay there with my eyes closed, the grog slowly lifting, I realized that someone was playing with my penis. It had been hours since the intercourse, so it didn’t take long for me to respond physically to the squeezing and pumping. I groaned softly, turned my head towards my wife, and opened one heavy eyelid. It took just a moment to realize that she was sound asleep, facing away from me.

I immediately jumped fully awake and lifted my head to see what was happening. Karen was kneeling beside the bed looking directly at me, with one hand hidden beneath the covers. I moaned again and she smiled picked up her pace. She lifted her free hand and placed her finger in front of her lips, reminding me to stay quiet as she worked me over.

Then Karen slowly peeled back the covers. She continued to pump as she leaned in closer. I could feel her hot breath against the head of my penis and silently begged her to take me into her mouth. She turned her head to look at me, smiled again, and then turned back and sank her mouth over my penis. She sucked slowly at first, pumping all the while, and gradually picked up the pace. I reached down and placed a hand on the top of her head as she bobbed up and down, vacuuming me with her mouth. It occurred to me that my wife might wake up, but the sensation was far too powerful for me to worry about it. She continued sucking and pumping relentlessly, and I signaled her with my hand on her head that I was about to come.

Moments later, her pace continuing full force, I arched my back, threw back my head and stifled a huge groan as I released a full load into her mouth. She continued, sucking down every last drop, until my erection was gone. Then she kissed me right on the lips, pulled the covers back over me, and slipped silently out of the room.

To Be Continued (depending on feedback)

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