Nancy’s Spanking Therapy

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Treat women with love and respect. That’s always been my feeling about women. Women give so much of themselves to men, unconditionally, and ask only for love and respect in return.

Nancy, my girlfriend, and I had been living together for ten years, at my condo. This is a true story and, during that time, we had been exploring ourselves, emotionally, psychologically, and sexually.

Now, there was NO problem for us in any of these areas. We explored a lot of erotica together…threesomes with her girlfriend…anal sex with my cock fucking her…in her asshole…dildo play (both in her cunt and up my ass)…mutual masturbation…sensual domination…Polaroid parties…you name it…we did it!

We were two broadminded individuals, sophisticated and open. I was handsome. Nancy was a knockout. She was 32, stood 5’6″ tall, and kept herself in shape. She had brown hair, shoulder length, and big brown eyes to match. Her complexion was olive. She wore light makeup…only to accentuate her beautiful skin. Her favorite lipstick was shades of red.

She always wore nice jewelry and clothes. Her body was her most outstanding feature. Here was a woman who treated her body well…always working out. She had well proportioned shoulders, which tapered to a slim waist, firm thighs, and gorgeous legs. Her legs were nicely framed in nylons.

Nancy’s breasts were a 36C. I loved to caress and suck on her nipples with my tongue. Occasionally the tip of my cock would rub them to erect excitement. Her best feature was her small waist, which led down to her beautiful hips. A high-cut cunt, not stretched down, but riding up high between her legs.

Nancy always kept her pussy hair trimmed…not just a mound of hair, but cut into designs intended to turn me on, to get my cock rock hard. Her cunt lips folded into a pink mound of Venus. She had a nice ass, not small, just right for caressing and holding, as I occasionally did, while smelling and ataşehir escort licking her tight pink hole. We loved anal play. This was a total woman, a desire of every man, and I was the lucky man to have her, any way I wanted.

From time to time, this woman had her moods…you know…bad hair day…I’m fat…that time of the month…none of my clothes fit…all those feelings pent up inside. I was always able to help her through it. The return was worth it to me.

The payback, for both of us, was we loved to fuck each other. Balling was for us, the secret we shared, and lived. She would take my cock any way she wanted, suck it off in her mouth, fucking it up her ass (with a dildo going in her cunt at the same time).

I used to make her wear vibrating panties. Sometimes while we were in public, I would remotely turn them on…watching the embarrassment on her face, while she couldn’t help squirming as the vibrator tickled her cunt. Her expression was priceless.

We would shove fingers up each other’s assholes, being both submissive to each other. The toys were endless…anal plugs, vibrators, whips, blindfolds, etc. We were the adventurous twosome indeed.

Everything was fine until about a year ago. I noticed real mood swings after she got a job in a lawyer’s office. She did paralegal work and often would come home very moody. It was wrecking our relationship. I had to take some action…to snap her out of it. She was being a real cunt, and I didn’t like it.

I knew just the therapy Nancy needed. Not too harsh…but loving and erotic. Just what I felt she would be okay with. A “bare-bottom spanking,” lovingly and respectfully administered. All because I loved and respected my woman. That was it. AND I HAD A PLAN!

Last Thursday was the time. “Hi honey, how are you,” I asked when she came in the door. She muttered a reply, totally out of character for her, and I knew it was avcılar escort the right moment. “Come here Nancy, I want to talk to you,” I said.

She put her purse and groceries down and came into the living room. “What’s up honey,” she asked, her brown eyes looking somewhat apprehensive. I was sitting on the couch and she stood waist level, in front of me. “I want to talk to you, love, about your behavior of late.” She was puzzled and started to sit down. I said, “don’t sit, just stand there.” She was really confused now. I put both of my hands around her ass cheeks and I held her firmly. I could feel her garters underneath her skirt..

I said, “Sweetheart, I love and cherish and adore you. I know you KNOW it.” She said, “Yes, and I love you too.” I continued the conversation, “but lately, your behavior is slipping.” She agreed, her head bowed slightly, as a small tear rolled down her cheek. “I am sorry, but my boss is a fucking asshole, and he is treating me like a dumb cunt at work.” “I knew that, “but you don’t have to carry that attitude home for the both of us.” She agreed and said, “I won’t do it again Peter, and I do love you. Trust me honey.”

“I do trust you sweetheart, but this is about attitude…not trust. I just feel you need some corrective discipline, and a spanking would probably help you see things right, and get our feelings back on track.”

Nancy was dumbfounded over my comments, and a little blush came to her face. A slight erection was felt between my legs. After a pause, she answered, “okay, but please don’t hurt me.” I replied, “Nancy, I love you, and I adore you. I wouldn’t hurt you for the world. Please trust me.” Nancy replied, “Okay, but what do I do”?

Nancy had just come home from work, with that heavy bag of groceries. She was always trying to please…it was her nature. I told her it would be best to remove her business suit, so as not to get it wrinkled. avrupa yakası escort She looked fabulous in it. She carefully removed it. She was wearing a black, two-piece suit, jacket and skirt. She had on pale pink lipstick, and a small gold necklace around her neck.

At this point, she stood in front of me in just her intimate apparel. She wore a teal colored bra, with holes to let her nipples show through…just to give a teasing outline for the male co-workers to see. She enjoyed teasing men at the office. Nancy’s breasts were her best feature. Next, she had on a teal colored garter belt, a wide one, not skinny, which added definition to her pussy area. She had on nude colored nylons, attached to four garters. Erotic indeed. She had on her semi-heels. I started to get an erection, but it wasn’t visible at this point.

“Now you are ready for your little therapy session, just the way I want you,” I said, starting to get excited. “And, from now on, you will address me as ‘SIR’, while you are getting spanked and thanking me for each smack you get on your ass. Do you understand”? “Yes SIR, I will,” she answered back.

“Lay over my lap, cunt, and get ready for your therapy,” I said. She willingly obliged, as she let a little whimper out. I pulled down her teal thong, and her ass was presented to me. I could also see the pink folds of her pussy, just as they started to show themselves from the tip of her asshole. I caressed her ass before the first smack. WHACK!

“Ouch,” she squealed! “Did you forget something”? I said, “Did you forget to say something to me”? “Oh yes, thank you SIR,” she moaned. SMACK! My hand came down on her ass cheeks again, and they started to get a little pink. “Oh, thank you SIR, Peter,” she repeated. SMACK, SMACK…my hand was starting to pick up a rhythm and she was starting to cry.

I could see the session was already producing some results. “I’m sorry SIR, I won’t behave like a bitch in front of you again…or tease my boss, or the men in the office. Please stop…please stop,” she cried out. “Not until your stop behaving like a whore at the office…teasing the men with your tits like that. I know exactly why your boss is treating you the way he does. It’s not difficult to see that.”

To Be Continued…

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