My Yellow Panties

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The summer after graduation was the best of my life. We were all 18 and I remember the excitement of playing with my friends out exploring in the woods where we might end up sunning on a rock after swimming in the reservoir, wearing just our tighty whities. The winter, we would piss in the snow and sneak peeks at each others dicks. I miss the camaraderie and bonding I had with my buds before going off to join the marines.

Later, I wanted to capture that mood again. Nothing compared with the newness of first discovery. I wanted to connect like I did with my best friends when we talked about the girls or found a hidden cache of porn, or compared stories of touching boobs or catching a glimpse of colored panties up a skirt.

I knew I wanted a new bud and hoped to find a guy who wanted one too.

So I placed an ad. It read: “Normal married man wants to watch porn with another bud. Please respond if you know what you want.”

I got a lot of responses the first day it ran and a few more every day thereafter. Eliminating those that were many miles away, or from guys who were too young, I was left with 15. Returning their emails, ten continued corresponding. Of those, five were creeps, three were too young, and two wanted to see naked pictures of my wife rather than find male bonding.

That left one.

He seemed like a nice guy. He was married like me, about the same age, lived close enough, and liked the same kind of porn I liked: straight porn with hot babes, blowjobs and rimming and especially sexy lingerie.

He liked black slutty garters, though I liked innocent pastel panties. (Secretly I would smell my wife’s panties, or wrap a pair around myself while jerking off, and when I was running errands on the weekend I would even wear them, then change back before she got home.)

His wife was to be out of town soon so we made plans to meet at his house. I had a lot of errands so I got busy early in the morning. Half an hour after my first stop I remembered we were to meet so I pulled over and sent an email to confirm. He answered back right away and we agreed on 12:30, right after lunch.

When I rang the bell a normal guy answered, then he invited me in, asked me to take off my shoes, gave me a beer, and motioned towards the couch where porn was already playing on the TV. I was already feeling that kind of connection you can only have with another dude.

We watched some great porn commenting occasionally on a girl’s knockers or ass. Man, I had missed that kind of talk. I mean, you can’t really do that with your wife.

Ten minutes into the second video he asked me “if I minded.” I didn’t know what I would mind but I wanted to be accommodating so I agreed without knowing to what I agreed.

He promptly slid his pants down to his thighs and started groping and manipulating his dick. It reminded me of the glimpses I had seen as a kid, bringing me back to fun times in my mind. I stared straight ahead at the girl sucking the huge cock and wondered if my host was as big as the actor. Remembering stolen glances I took another.

He told me that since it was just us guys I could do the same. I thought about it for a second but fortunately remembered I was wearing my wife’s yellow panties so I declined.

I wanted to look more, to see how big his was but I was afraid he would see me looking. Later, I thought we were on the same wavelength because he said I should take a better look. Under my breath I said, “OK” and tore my eyes away from the hot slut on her knees inhaling a massive black cock so I could look.

I turned my head expecting to see him sitting there with a large pecker sticking up. Instead I saw him stand up, bostancı escort push the coffee table forward, and maneuver himself in front of me. It swayed and flopped like a big tube suspended by rubber bands. As he moved in front of me he said, “Whatca think?”

For the first time in my life I looked closely at another man’s dick. As I looked, I wondered how mine compared to it. His seemed much bigger and loomed large in my vision. Imagining my thumb next to it I carefully estimated its size to be about four inches soft. I think I looked too long and now felt that I had to answer his question to be polite and distract from that mistake. It would only be expected that I compliment his boner. I had planned to say “Nice dick.” but what came out was, “Wow! Amazing.” Embarrassed at my awkwardness I deflected the emotion again by leaning to the side to watch the video. My face was flushed and in my flustered state I couldn’t concentrate on the porn at all.

It seemed like I could feel heat emanating from his tool warming the side of my neck. In my mind anyway, if not in reality.

After a bit I heard him talking somewhere from the distance. “…know you want to. As soon as I saw your yellow whaletail when you bent over to untie your shoes I knew you would.”

What did he know I would want? Wait, what? He knew I was wearing panties. Nevermind that they were not a thong. What would he think of me? Would he kick me out? Had I blown my chance to have a porn buddy? I looked up at his face to see what he would do. Several emotions flashed across my own face while I waited with slack jaw.

“I guess you don’t want to touch it? I would have bet that a sissy in girl’s underwear would want to touch it first.” I rejected that notion in my mind. I was not a sissy. I wore panties because I love pussy.

My face burned hot in shame but at the same time I desperately needed to know I had not humiliated myself beyond repair. That he would forgive me for being a sissy.

His hands reached out to touch me. I thought this would be the reassurance I needed. They slid around the sides of my face then he interlocked his fingers behind my neck. Thinking he was accepting me again I breathed a sigh of relief. But I was wrong.

He pulled my head forward. He was going to touch his red throbbing cock to my face. Like a college initiation, this was to be my penalty for wearing panties and looking too long. I could smell a manly musky aroma blended with soap as it closed the gap.

Stiffening my spine I resisted. I didn’t think to use my hands to push him away I just begged with my eyes while tensing my back. Simultaneously, I could see the muscles in his biceps tighten. Any second he was going to rub his meat around on my face. Would he forgive me then? Could we go back to normal after my penance?

Again I was wrong. He never saw this as a time for forgiveness or punishment. He never intended to rub his thick, but only semi-erect, sausage on my face.

His eyes pierced mine and I couldn’t bear it any longer. I looked away and down, directly at his half-swollen beast curving gracefully over a huge set of shaved balls. There were still some wrinkles in it but it also defied its own heft with a hint of firmness. Like I said, it was easily twice the thickness of mine. I saw it twitch almost imperceptibly then eject a single clear drop at the slit. I thought about what that drop would feel like when it touched me. Would it be sticky or slippery? Would it get into my hair? More drops appeared, many more. They started to collect there on the end of this big knob, then like molasses, ever so slowly, the glob of pre-cum started büyükçekmece escort to drip. I feared it would drip onto my slacks leaving a wet mark. But my fears never materialized.

Again, I heard his voice from above me, “I was hoping for consent but there are other ways.” It didn’t make sense. I glanced up. In his eyes I saw no glimmer of gamesmanship. This wasn’t him looking for adventure like me. He wasn’t seeking male bonding. He wasn’t winning some contest in which he showed me I lost when I let my panties be seen. What I saw was lust. Lots of lust. Pure lust. Unbridled lust. And it was directed at me.

His arms flexed again. In an instant his thick slimy dickhead was partially between my clenched lips. I could feel a copious amount of wetness being left there by the bending peristalsis of his spongy peter. Shocked, I attempted to squirm away but his dominant arms kept me from turning either way.

He held my head still in a vice-like grip while continuing to worm his dick at my mouth. Gradually his persistence paid off, his soft cock was bending and dodging around my efforts to deny it entrance, gaining ingress millimeter by millimeter.

Once the whole of the head was inside me I knew I had no hope and the rest of the passage would not be successfully refused. I didn’t allow him in, nevertheless he commented that he appreciated the tightness of my pussy-mouth that much more.

He pulled my head and rocked his hips until eventually I felt my lips pressed hard against his belly. My teeth cut into the inside of them just a bit as he switched to a headlock grasping my head tightly against his humping torso.

I knew it was fully inside me. My jaws were stretched pretty wide. The whole front of my mouth was filled, depressing my tongue which could not avoid so much contact with another man’s unit.

At this point that was the aspect if this event which was indelibly burned into my memory. It wasn’t that his dick was in me. It was that every bit of it was married to every bit of my tongue. I went looking for male bonding and what I got was that his cock was bonded to my tongue. The smoothness of the dickskin and the wetness of my tongue only made the contact that much more palpably real.

He eased up his grip on my head just gently holding his hands on both sides over my ears. Using his arms he moved my head back and forth so that his slick dick and my slippery tongue slid over each other repeatedly. I realized that fighting him made it worse so I chose the easier path. He noticed the change right away saying, “Everyone wants to suck my big monster.”

It grew stiff and harder, though it always retained some ability to flex. As he thrust into me he went a little further each time. After fifteen or so thrusts it was at the back of my mouth and I could still see about two inches remaining.

Reaching down he grabbed my penis through my slacks and squeezed it all over. My dick was hard and he noticed right away. He told me that I must be enjoying his cock like all the other cocksuckers. The word stung. But I was hard and my dick really was enjoying this.

Immediately, I embraced the word and decided that indeed I wanted to be a cocksucker. What better way to relate to a guy. Women relate that way all the time. I wanted a guy friend and I wanted to suck his cock and I wanted to feel like a woman while I did it.

I sucked.

As soon as I started sucking he told me I was a good sissy bitch. The affirmation was wonderful. I wanted to please him so I sucked harder and with more enthusiasm.

I could comfortably get his cock to the brink of my throat but no more. çağlayan escort He said, “Dont worry Baby, we’ll get it in there together.” With those words he tilted my head back a bit, repositioned his hands behind my head and pushed his cock at the same time that he pulled with his strong hands. I gagged. I sputtered. My eyes teared up. But I failed to get any more inside.

Picking up a towel he looped it around the back of my neck and used it for leverage. When his cock reached the back of my mouth he told me to swallow, then, with his fists wrapped around the ends of the towel he didn’t let up but kept up the pressure until his cock forced its way into the depths of my being. We did it! We got it all in there! And it wasn’t the length that was the problem but the width. He held it there for a few long moments then pulled it out.

I breathed heavily gasping for air then all I said was, “Again.”

“Oh yea, I’m gonna fuck that slutty mouth and nut all my cum down into your tummy.”

I opened wide licking feverishly at his fantastic cock then let him yank on that towel again impaling me with his manhood. He let loose with a torrent of filthy words pulling on the towel with a vengeance as he fucked my face.

I loved the feeling of being used. I loved that it was forbidden and dirty. I loved that I was doing it with a guy, which seemed to be a culmination of feelings I had had in my younger years. I let him abuse me like a sex doll and couldn’t wait until he filled me with nasty cum. I tried to suck but sometimes his pistoning was too fast to let me participate in any active way. Submissively, I sat in front if this man, nothing more than an oral fuck toy.

Growing tired he pulled out till just the head of his cock was sealed between my cocksucking lips. I suctioned as hard as I could willing his cum to shoot me.

He asked me where I wanted it and I pointed to my mouth. But he asked again, this time asking if I wanted it straight down my throat or if I wanted to taste it.

He told me that whatever I answered he was going to make my wish come true but only if I jerked off for him while he spermed me. Not letting his, soon to erupt, beast out of my mouth I stood enough to lower my pants. He commanded me to leave the panties on and to jack into them.

Since my wife never voluntarily tasted mine I mumbled that I wanted to taste it.

He began again with renewed fucking, this time going slowly, moaning and relishing the feelings of a wet warm mouth and tongue.

I grabbed my dick through my wife’s panties and pulled furiously. It took no more than a minute for me to be ready to cum.

Sucking on a big cock, waiting to be shot full of cum, and jerking into a pair of panties pushed me to the edge. I said I was about to cum.

No sooner had the words left my mouth than he let loose with a rocket of spoo so voluminous that I felt it coursing through his cock.

I locked my lips on his throbbing cockhead and he took hold of my head keeping me stuck on the end of his pole. Though it’s not like I was going to stop slurping.

My body jerked and twitched a little as I came. I wanted to throw my head back in the throes of passion but of course, being held, affixed to his gushing firehose, I had no choice.

For whatever reason, he counted the spurts out loud as they jetted out. Seven in all. They were big. Bigger than mine. His cum found every crevice in my mouth coating my tounge and sloshing around on his slime covered cock. It tasted good – like friendship would taste.

When he was finished shooting he played around in my mouth with his softening and soft member for a few minutes letting me get it all.

As I packed up to leave we both kept saying things like “That was good.” or “Great cum.” I even thanked him for the blowjob.

I walked out the door with a wobble in my knees and nodded when he told me to drop by next weekend.

I would love to hear your comments on any of my stories. And if you liked my story please vote.

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