My Wife Hands Me Over to My Dom Ch. 04

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The week since Susan my wife, shared me with Carl my Dom, passed so fast! We had great sex every night! It seemed like what Susan saw Carl do to me made her much hornier and she demanded sex from me every night. This always entailed me eating my load out of her plump juicy cunt!

Tuesday rolled around and once again I found myself being led into Carl’s house by my hooked asshole with Susan in control of the leash. When we were in, Carl introduced Susan to David, a bear of a man with a big beard who was sitting on the couch. Carl did not bother acknowledging or introducing David to me.

“David loves to spank and fuck a nice tight sissy ass!” Carl told Susan. “I hope you are ok with this.”

“Has he been tested for diseases?” Asked Susan.

David handed her the results of a recent doctor visit and this calmed Susan.

“Well let’s get started!” Carl exclaimed as he led me into the bedroom by my hooked and leashed asshole. Susan and David followed us in close behind. Susan sat on the Lazy-boy chair and David fondled my hooked ass some.

“Strip but keep your panties on.” Carl commanded.

I quickly striped down to my pink lacy panties as did Carl who then arranged the pillows by the headboard and leaned back against them. He already had some gay porn playing on the TV. He made me lay on my stomach with my feet on the floor and face in his crotch.

David was fondling and kneading my pantied ass and it was turning me on like crazy! If it were not for the cage I would be rock hard!

I teased Carl’s cock with my tongue just licking it lightly enjoying how it grew. Suddenly I felt a hard slap on my left but cheek. It was hard and pushed my head into Carl’s cock. For the next five minutes David spanked my pantied ass hard while I sucked on Carl’s cock. I was almost crying it hurt so much. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Susan stroking herself.

David then striped and I saw that he had a huge cock! Much bigger than Carl’s. Probably about 9 inches long and thick.

“Take your panties off bitch!” Carl commanded. “David is going to fuck you long aksaray escort and hard.”

I quickly took my panties off and seeing a huge wet spot in them I sucked my precum out of the material. So tasty but I couldn’t wait to get Carl’s and hopefully David’s seed too!

“Look at him!” My wife exclaimed. “He is so impatient to get some cum in his mouth that he is sucking it out of his own panties!”

The guys laughed and Carl told me to resume the position. I hopped back onto the bed and gladly engulfed Carl’s cock again.

David removed the hook from my ass throwing it onto the floor. I felt empty but that was soon to be rectified. I felt a cold spurt of lube on my well spanked and burning ass and I knew I was going to be treated to a good ass fucking. David also lubed up his cock and pushed it onto my asshole.

I was scared. Thankfully I had Carl’s cock in my mouth to calm me down and act as a pacifier. I just concentrated on pleasuring Carl as I felt the blunt head of David’s dick push on my asshole. Thankfully David just applied firm yet gentle pressure. I pushed out and slowly his head entered. It caused a crisper but less intense pain than the hard smacks that he had just given me a few minutes earlier.

Once the head was in he just held it there while I winced and sucked on Carl’s shaft. David was good, and he waited until I stopped clenching before he started slowly rocking forward and back with minute thrusts. When he saw that I could handle it he added some more lube onto his shaft and started increasing the thrusts working himself deeper and deeper into my guts. It hurt and felt good at the same time. Soon I felt his hips resting against my cheeks and I knew he was all the way in. David now grabbed me by the pelvis and really pulled himself into me hard. I had never felt so full before in my life and even though it hurt some I loved it! I could see Susan in the recliner with a look of awe on her face!

David now slowly pulled out. It felt so damn good but I wanted him back in! He kept pulling out until only anadolu yakası escort his head was lodged in my ass and then, thankfully he pushed slowly back in again. He repeated this four or five times. Each time pulling my pelvis really hard and grinding his hips into my ass cheeks. The sensations had turned to pure pleasure by now and David knew it.

David started picking up the pace and soon he was slamming into to me fast and furious. This would push me forward onto Carl’s cock. I just let it happen and enjoyed feeling Carl’s head push into my esophagus. After a few minutes David got tired and he just rested deep in my bowels. It was a feeling of complete fullness and I luxuriated in it. While he rested I kept Carl’s cock head lodged in the entrance of my throat and just massaged it by trying to swallow it down. I could tell that Carl loved it!

Once David recovered he started my ass pounding again. He would fuck me hard and furious for a few minutes and then just rest deep inside of me for a minute or so. While he rested in me he loved smacking my right ass cheek and just fondling my ass. I could understand this, since it was nicely exposed with me being on my spread knees with my head in Carl’s crotch and my ass sticking out over the edge of the bed.

After a few iterations of fast fucking and resting I felt David putting my pink panties on my lower back just above my ass cheeks. He rested deep in my ass for a bit and then started a series of long slow strokes in and out. He impaled me slowly and deeply like this about five times and just pulled out. I could hear him grunting and I knew he was cumming hard. I was sorry and humiliated that he was not cumming in my ass and I wondered why he didn’t want to breed me. (I later learned that Carl had forbid him to cum in my ass.) Soon, I felt my panties get heavy and sticky and I understood why he had put them there on my lower back. He came all over them!

This was too much for Carl and his cock swelled, unleashing a series of massive loads of cum into my mouth! I kept all of his cum in my mouth ataköy escort with his cock and kept on gently sucking on him. I only started to swallow his down when he softened up. This gave me a good long time to savor it. It was so good and I was thankful for his gift.

When I finally let Carl’s cock out of my mouth Carl told me that since I love sucking cum out of panties, David has a gift for me. I felt David lift my cum sodden panties off my lower back as I sat up and turned around. David was holding them by the edge between his thumb and index finger and just handed them to me. They were soaked with a huge load of cum and white globules that were too thick to soak into the material clung to it in a gravity defying act of rebellion.

I knew that there was only one thing that they wanted me to do and I wanted to do it so bad myself! I took those cum sodden panties and started sucking the thick globules of cum off of them. I was in heaven as I devoured them. I then inserted the material into my mouth and sucked all of the soaked in fluids. They were delicious! The essence of a strong man and I felt blessed to be able to taste and ingest the loads of two bulls.

I was still sucking on the panties when I felt my wife insert the hook back into my ass. I was probably gaping so much that it would have fallen right out if Susan had had kept the leash taught.

“Get those panties back on!” She commanded. “You have a lot of work to do tonight!”

Susan thanked Carl and David for giving her such a great show as I put my wet panties back on. It was humiliating feeling the coldness of saliva soaked panties on my skin but I was thankful that I had been given the chance to suck David’s load out of them. I finished getting dressed as Susan kept tension on the leash and explained to the guys that I was going to be her servicing her pussy for hours that night!

She then yanked on the leash and led me outside to the truck. Little did I know that while I went back to work Susan met up with a young man and his friend who both fucked her and filled her pussy with their loads. When I came home that night Susan’s pussy was taped shut with duct tape. She had taped both of their loads into her pussy to save them for me!

I knew that I was a lucky cumslut sissy as I knelt between her legs, still in my pink and now stiff panties, removing the tape, to start my duty of cleaning her cum filled hole!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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