My Whores Ch. 02

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“Are you sure she’s worth this much” he asked as he handed me the five twenties.

“How should I know. I don’t make a habit of fucking the help. She gets a lot of repeat business so some guys think she’s worth it.”

I put the money in my pocket and told him, “Room 116. Knock twice, wait two seconds and knock twice again. Have fun.”

As I watched him walk away I thought about how I’d lied to him when I said that I didn’t sample the hired help. I’d spent two hours earlier in the day rolling around on a bed with her. She was worth it all right, well worth it.

I went back to the bar, ordered another Bud Light and watched the basketball game on the TV while I waited to see if anyone else wanted some pussy. The bartender and half the guys in the bar knew I was a pimp and if any of them needed sexual relief they knew they could come to me and over the last month a goodly number of them had. Five of them had done business with me so far that night, which was about average, but it was getting late and I didn’t think that I was going to have any more customers.

Jerry, the bartender and the only other guy besides me who got a free ride, slid another Bud in front of me and said, “You need to switch to soda water or something like that. Sitting here and drinking beer all night while you wait isn’t good for you.”

“I know Jerry, but I’m a young guy and appearances are important to us young guys. Sitting here sipping soda water or ginger ale would be just so uncool.”

“Why sit here at all? Mona doesn’t really need a business agent (can’t say Jerry wasn’t a sensitive guy – business agent instead of pimp?), she could just come in here and sit down and she would be hit on in less than three minutes.”

“You know that Jerry, and I know that, and I’m pretty sure that Mona (not her real name) knows that, but this is the way she wants it.”

“Well, that’s not what I really want to talk about. Will Mona do a really big group?”

“What do you mean by a really big group? She did seven at Ralph’s birthday party.”

“My son is getting married and I’m throwing a bachelor party for him. I figure about twenty to twenty-five guys will be there. I got a stripper coming but she told me that anything over ten is too many for her. Would Mona go for helping out?”

“I don’t know, I’ll ask her and let you know.”

Just then my cell phone rang. I answered it, “Hello? Okay, I’m on my way.” I got off my stool, said goodnight to Jerry and went to pick Mona up at the motel room. I knocked twice, waited and then knocked twice again. The door opened and I said, “Come on mom, let’s go home.”

How did I ever get to where I was pimping for my own mother? Several months back my sister and I had gotten crossways to each other and I ended up taking revenge on her by setting her up and they selling her for money. By the time I’d gotten my need for revenge out of my system and told my sister that I wasn’t going to pimp her out anymore she had decided that she liked it. One night after driving Roxy home from a gangbang I came home to find my mother waiting up for me. She told me to sit down and then she said, “I know what you and your sister have been up to young man, and when your father leaves on his trip tomorrow you and I are going to have a little talk. Now, run along to bed and plan on staying home tomorrow, at least until I’m done with you.”

I didn’t sleep all that well that night as I lay in bed wondering just what mom knew and just how she had come by it. And if she did really know had she found out about it from someone or some place where Roxy’s husband could find out about it too?

Dad was at the front door, suitcase in hand, getting a goodbye kiss from mom when I came down stairs.

“Take good care of your mother while I’m gone” he said to me as he turned and left.

Mom and I watched him get in the car and back out of the drive and then mom turned to me and said, “In the kitchen young man.”

I followed her into the kitchen and she pointed at a chair and said, “Sit!” From the curt way she was speaking and from her tone of voice I figured that I was really in some deep, deep shit and it seemed that I was right when I heard her say, “How in the world could you be so despicable as to force your sister into becoming a whore?”

How was I supposed to answer that? All I could do was look down at the table and shrug my shoulders.

“Oh no young man, no silence and no shrugs. I want an answer to my question and you are not going to leave this room until I get one.” It took her ten minutes of brow beating me before I finally told her the story of how I became Roxy’s pimp.

“And now she is doing it because she wants to and she likes it?”

“I guess so. She keeps making me set her up with dates.”

“How much do you get for her?”

It was weird talking to my mother about this kind of stuff so she practically had to drag every little piece of information out of me. I explained how I had arrived at Roxy’s price and mom said, “She only does gangbangs?”

I shook my head yes and mom asked, “How much would you get if she only took one customer at a time?”

“Since she is limited where time is concerned – she has to be home by the time Dave gets home beşiktaş escort from bowling – a hundred to a hundred and fifty. If she could do an all nighter maybe five or six hundred.”

And then mom floored me. She opened her housecoat and said, “How much could you get for me?”

She was naked underneath the housecoat and she did a slow turn in front of me. “I know I’m not as hard bodied as Roxanna, but I’m not in bad shape. Come on, what could you get for me?”

I just sat there and stared at her, stunned by what was happening. I’d never seen my mother naked before and I’d never had an incestuous thought where she was concerned, but the lush body that I was looking at changed all that.

“Well,” mom said, “It looks as though I still have what it takes” and I saw her looking down at my crotch. I sleep naked and all I had put on to come downstairs was a bathrobe and sticking up out of the bathrobe closure was my hard cock.

“I guess that answers the question of whether or not I can appeal to a male customer base, but you still haven’t told me what you could get for me.”

I just sat there too astonished to speak. “What’s the matter, do you have to sample the merchandise first to establish a value? Well come on then” and she took my hand and pulled me up off the chair. I meekly followed her to her bedroom and watched as she shed her robe. Then she came over to me, slipped my robe off my shoulders, took hold of my cock and led me over to her bed.

I finally managed to shake myself out of the fog that I was in and I said, “Look mom, I don’t think that this is a good idea.”

“Don’t call me mom. You are not my son, you are my pimp, and a pimp has to have a good knowledge of what he is selling.” She laid down on the bed, “Come on. If you could fuck Roxanna you can fuck me. Now get up here and lets find out what my price should be.”

As I said, I’d never thought of my mom that way before, but spread out on that bed and looking up at me was all it took to get me thinking that way. My cock was rock hard and I moved between her spread legs. She looked at me and said, “Aren’t you going to spend a little time getting me ready?”

I still had no idea what game she was playing here, but she had been shocking me since the moment dad left and I felt that it was time to push back.

“No. If you are going to be a whore you need to get used to doing without foreplay” and I pushed my cock between her pussy lips and shoved. She gave a little cry as half my cock drove into her. She was tight; God but was she tight. I pushed a little more and got another little cry. One more push and I was all the way in and then I settled down to just fucking her. Was it weird fucking my mother? Yes, but no weirder than what had taken place to bring me to her bed in the first place. I’d been doing my sister for some time and hadn’t been hit by a bolt of lightening. What I did think about was what it was going to be like living in that house from now on and I wondered if I could handle that.

On the bed under me mom had stopped making her sharp cries and she was staring up at me with an unreadable expression on her face and I just had to take another shot at her.

“If you want to make money as a whore you will at least have to fake it. Nobody is going to want to pay good money for a whore that just lays there.”

I saw anger flash in her eyes and suddenly everything changed. Mom’s legs came up and locked behind me and she hissed up at me, “Fuck me damn you, just fuck me!”

Those words, coming from my mother, flipped a switch somewhere in my head and suddenly she wasn’t my mother any more; she was a piece of ass wanting a cock and by god I was going to give it to her. I drove into her and her hands grabbed at my ass and pulled me to her as she mouthed obscenities in my ear.

“Fuck me damn you, slam your cock into me. Come on motherfucker, make me cum you bastard, make me cum.”

I responded, oh Jesus how I responded. I was slamming my cock into her as hard as I could and I wanted to both cum so hard that I would blow the top of her head off and not cum and just fuck her forever. Her obscenities turned into moans and then cries of, “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh god don’t stop, please don’t stop” and then she had a loud orgasm and her nails dug into my ass and she urged me to cum. “Give it to me baby, give it to me” and I did. I thrust in and held myself against her as I emptied my balls into her hot cunt.

There was silence between us as we lay side by side on the bed. Possibly because neither of us knew what the hell to say. Finally the silence got awkward and I broke it, “Just what the hell was this all about?”

“Why, didn’t you like it?”

“Of course I did.”

“So then, how much could you get for me?”

“Not near as much as you would be worth but you haven’t answered my question. What is this all about?”

She laid there quietly, staring up at the ceiling for several moments and then she said, “I was desperate. Your father hasn’t made love to me in over a year. I don’t know if it’s because he doesn’t love me anymore or if it is because he is always so tired from his work and the traveling. Maybe he even has a girlfriend beylikdüzü escort out there on the road who is getting what I need. I’m still young and I’m healthy and I need sex.”

“But why this way? You could have an affair on your own.”

“No I couldn’t. An affair would mean an emotional entanglement and I don’t need that. I still love your father.”

“Well you could just go out one night for a drink and let yourself get picked up. There wouldn’t be any entanglements in a one night stand.”

“I tried that, several times, but at the last moment I always chickened out.”

“So the question still is why this?”

“Because I found out about you and Roxanna and I figured that if you were nasty enough to do your own sister you would be perverted enough to do me. And I was right, wasn’t I?”

“All of this whore, pimp, and how much could I get was all show?”

“No baby, it is what I really want to do. I overheard your friends talking one night while you were playing cards and you thought I was out. I heard about what they were doing with Roxanna and it excited me. The more I thought about it the hotter it made me feel and finally I got to where I wanted to try it. To try it I need a pimp and I only know one pimp – you.”

“You are really serious about this?”

“Yes I am.”

I was silent for several moments as I looked at her and then I thought, why the fuck not. I was asshole enough to do it to my sister when she didn’t want to, why not my mom when she did. “Well okay then. Just how do you want to do it?”

“I don’t know; that’s why I need a pimp.”

“Well I have news for you mother; I don’t know how to be a pimp. Just arranging for my friends to bed Roxy doesn’t qualify me for my pimping license.”

“I’m sure that you will find a way dear.” Her hand moved down to my dick, “Meanwhile, I’m a little out of practice and I need to be ready when you bring me my first customer. Come along baby, help mommy practice.”

It was a long day and an exhausting one. I feel asleep in mom’s bed, but I woke up alone in the next morning to the smell of frying bacon. I took a shower, got dressed and headed down the stairs. Mom gave me a big smile when I came into the kitchen, “Good morning sweetie. I’m fixing you a big breakfast before you go to class. I want you to keep up your strength. You will hurry home from class, won’t you?”

I nodded a yes and wondered just how I was going to be able to keep my strength up in order to stay up with mom and Roxy. I was going to have to come up with some way to get mom a few customers just to keep the pressure off me. And I knew that there was going to be a lot of pressure if yesterday were any indication. Mom said she had gone without sex for over a year and it sure did look like she was trying to make up for it all at once.

As far as getting mom customers I was stumped. My buddies were no good for it for a couple of reasons. One, they weren’t rich and they couldn’t afford both Roxy and mom. Second, if I sent them to mom and thereby deprived Roxy she would be pissed at me. No, I had to find another way to take care of mom.

Two days later I was still no closer to knowing what to do and I was almost a physical wreck. Mom met me at the door when I got home from class and didn’t leave me alone until I left for school the next day. Besides the physical exhaustion I was also falling behind on my studies. Just when I thought I was never going to solve the problem I was given a gift from the gods. I was giving Mike a ride to class and he asked me if I thought Roxy would like to do a couple of guys not in our immediate circle. I asked him what he had in mind and he told me that his uncle usually had a poker party every Friday and this coming Friday was the birthday of one of the guys.

“My uncle is looking for a girl to give Ralph as a gift and then of course the other five guys will want a taste.”

“Sorry dude. I’m sure that Roxy would like to do it, but that’s not one of the nights that she can get out.”

“Shit! I told my uncle that I thought that I could get him a girl.”

I didn’t know if mom would go for a group for her first time, or ever for that matter, but I would sure find out. “Don’t panic just yet” I told Mike, “Maybe I can still help.” I took out my cell phone and called home. When my mom answered I said, “Mona? When is your significant other due back? Saturday morning? Good. I may have something for you.” I described the situation and asked her if she would be interested. I was surprised when she said yes. Some how I just hadn’t thought that my mom would go from no sex for a year, to just me and then right to a gangbang. I hung up, “All set” I told Mike. “When can I talk to your uncle?”

“How about tonight after class?”

Mike’s uncle owned a bar and a motel on the East Side of town and he was busy tending bar when we got there. Mike introduced us and Jerry got right down to business.

“How much and is she any good?”

“She’s fantastic and how many men are we talking about?

“The usual group is five, but tonight we might have seven.”

“Eight hundred and you guarantee her safety.”

“That’s a little high, isn’t it?”

“Look, beyoğlu escort a hooker walking the street gets fifty bucks a pop. That’s one quick fuck and you are out of there. For eight hundred you get the lady for as long as you want her and I think that for eight hundred that’s a bargain.”

“For that much I want a preview.”

“One time or a while?”

“If I’m going to do it I might as well take my time.”

“Tomorrow night work for you?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“I’ll bring her here around seven. Three hundred for until midnight. If you keep her over night add two hundred more. Deal?”

“What if I don’t like her?”

“You owe a hundred for the first fuck and I’ll take her and leave.”


I went home and broke the news to mom. From the way she had been acting that last few days I expected her to say, “Oh goodie” but instead she seemed to pull back inside her self.

“What’s the matter, having second thought about this?”

She was silent for a couple of moments and then said, “No, not really, it’s just that up until now it was just an idea. Now it’s a reality and all of a sudden I’m nervous. I don’t know sweetie. I want to do it, but at the same time I’m wondering if I might not be just fine now that I have you to help me out.”

“It’s your choice, but you have to let me know soon so I can let the customer know.”

“Why don’t you just go on and do your run while I fix dinner. We can talk about it when you get back.”

It was the first time since she had confronted me about Roxy that she didn’t take me straight up to her bedroom as soon as I got home and as I left the house for my nightly five mile run I wondered if maybe mom was beginning to have second thoughts about the whole thing.

When I got back from my run dinner was ready, but mom wasn’t downstairs reading or watching TV. I went upstairs and when I reached her bedroom door I heard the sounds of crying. I opened the door and looked in on her, “Are you okay?”

“No damn it, I’m not.”

I walked over to the bed and sat down beside her, “What’s wrong?”

“Everything. Me, you, this whole mess. God damn your father anyway. None of this would have happened if he would just have been the husband he used to be.”

I lay down on the bed next to her and took her in my arms and held her until she stopped crying and then I said, “We can’t change what we did, but we can stop, and you don’t have to do the other part.”

“You don’t understand sweetie. I have to do the other part. I have to let myself be used by other men. It is the only way I have of getting even with your father for putting me in the position of needing sex so desperately. This isn’t about the money sweetie; it is about revenge. I’ll see your customer tomorrow and I’ll fuck his eyes out and then I’ll do the card party and make everyone there wish he could live in my bed full time. But right now I need to be alone sweetie. Go on and have your dinner and I’ll see you in the morning.”

I was up and off to school before mom woke up and around noon I called home and asked her if she had had second thoughts about the evening. She told me no, that she was determined to go through with it. I told her to be ready to go by six-fifteen. It was a busy evening for me. First I had to swing by the motel and rent and room and then pick up Roxy and get her over to the motel. After getting her and her herd of the evening settled in I hustled back home to pick up mom. She was ready to go when I got there, but I’d never seen her looking like she was. She had on a low cut blouse, a mini skirt and high heels. She did a slow turn in front of me, “Well baby, do I look slutty enough?”


“Of course.”

I opened my fly and took out my hard cock, “There is the best answer I can give you.”

She looked at her watch, “Okay sweetie, but it will have to be a quickie.” And then she giggled, “Jerry won’t be upset at getting sloppy seconds, will he?”

“Fuck him.”

“Oh I will sweetie, but first, lets take care of your problem.”

She stepped out of her panties, bent over the kitchen table and spread her legs, “Hurry baby. Come on my sweet motherfucker and make me cum.”

We were fifteen minutes late getting to Jerry’s.

I introduced Jerry to Mona and then mom said, “You can take off. It will probably take Jerry and I a little time to get aquatinted. I’ll call you on your cell when I’m ready to be picked up.”

Not having anything better to do I drove back to the motel and looked in on Roxy and the seven guys she was entertaining. I don’t know why but I never get tired of watching of Roxy being gangbanged. It might have something to do with the fact that she enjoys it so much. She enjoys it so much that she keeps on doing it even though her husband is back from his one-year overseas assignment. I keep telling her that she needs to slow down some or she’s going to get caught, but she says she’ll worry about that when the time comes. When I got to the motel she was in the middle of a four-way – a guy in each hole – and watching her gave me an immediate hard on. I really wanted to be a part of a three-way or a four-way with her some day, but I didn’t expect that it would ever happen. The guys I pimped her to knew she was my sister and they thought that it was real kinky, but Roxy and I had decided not to let them know about our incestuous relationship so I was pretty much limited to a piece when I dropped her off at the motel and then sloppy seconds when everyone was gone and before I took her home.

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