My Son Had An Erection

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I am a mother to my son Paul, aged 19 and my daughter Siobhan. I have been divorced for almost six years. This story is about my night I first had sex with Paul.

I was at a family wedding along with Paul, Siobhan and her boyfriend. Paul and I had booked separate rooms at the hotel that night and Yvonne was spending the night at a local B & B with her boyfriend.

The wedding reception was well under way and for the most part, I sat with Paul having a few drinks and chatting away. Paul was a quiet boy and had a few short romances with several girls, but nothing serious.

We had been up dancing together in the early on in the night and with only about an hour left to go before the reception was over, the band was playing a number of slow pieces. Paul asked me up again for another dance and of course, I accepted his offer. I had never slow danced with him before.

Paul was looking smart in his dark grey suit and I was wearing a light summery knee-length dress. I put my arms around his shoulders and he wrapped his arms around my waist. We danced slowly along to the music and as we did so, had a few quick conversations with the other people on the floor as they past by. We knew almost everybody who was there.

The second slow song had just begun, when I looked at Paul and gave him a big hug, pulling him close as I did so. I realised straight away that he had an erection. I could feel it pressing against me as we hugged.

It felt strange at first, knowing that my Paul was getting turned on by his mother, but he was a young lad and no as hot blooded as any other young male. When I got over the initial surprise of feeling his erection pressed against my body, I remember thinking to myself about how embarrassed he must be so I pulled him a bit closer and said to him that he might have a bit of bother walking back to his seat. He just smiled at me and I smiled back, pushing my waist forward slightly and pressing my body against his erection. As I did so, he tightened his grip around my waist.

As the slow pieces were about pangaltı escort to finished, I tugged him gently and began to dance him towards our seats. When we were close enough to the seating area, I quickly turned my back and pulled him along by the hand so that he could walk behind me, hoping that would help to hide his erection until we were back in our seats. It all happened very quickly and I think it all went unnoticed by the other guests.

Safely back in our seats, we both took a good drink from our glasses to settle ourselves down. I was not sure what to say next, so, using the table as cover, I discreetly took hold of his hand and told him quietly that it was nothing to be embarrassed about, that it was normal and I had seen it all before. He told me he was okay and that he hadn’t expected it to happen and gave my hand a gentle squeeze. I placed his hand on my lap and began to stroke his finger but more so as a comfort rather than for sexual reasons. Having felt his erection against my body when we were dancing, I admit that I was a bit aroused but again, that was normal to me. Since my divorce, I had never been with another man and therefore had never fulfilled my sexual desires except through masturbation.

Finally, the wedding reception ended and we all began to make our way back to our hotel rooms while Siobhan took off with her boyfriend. I wasn’t feeling tired and neither was Paul, so I invited him into my room so we sit for a few hours and have a nice quiet chat together.

Paul sat down on my bed and I threw off my shoes. I wanted to get into my nightdress so jokingly, I told Paul not to look as I changed in case he would get too excited. He laughed as I took off my dress and with my back turned towards him I undid my bra before slipping into my nightie. It was a light blue coloured lace design that just covered the top of my thighs.

I went to sit down on the bed beside Paul and as I did so, I knew he was glancing at my breasts so as I climbed onto the bed, I knelt forward, giving pendik escort him a glimpse as they dangled beneath my nightie which had now dropped down enough for him to get a nice view.

When I sat next to him, I saw that he was getting another erection. This time, I was also becoming more aroused and I took his hand and placed in on my thigh. His fingers began to stroke my skin so I reached over and gently began to rub his erection with my hand. He was still fully clothed at this stage so I told him I would satisfy his urge. I knelt across his legs and began to unbutton his trousers. I could feel my nipples getting hard and I was very sexually aroused. With his trousers now opened, I pulled the front of his boxers down to allow his cock to pop out. It was so hard and stood straight up. It was a good length and nice to look at. I got off the bed and took off my nightie, standing there with only my panties on. Paul stood up and began to grope my breasts, cupping them in his hands as he used his thumbs and gently rubbed my erect nipples. As he did so, I began to undressed him until he stood there completely naked. I really admired his nice body and his soft smooth skin. He put his hands on my waist and pulled me against his body. My tits pressed against his chest and his cock pressed against my body. His hands slipped down the back of my panties and pushed them down until my ass was bare. His hands groped my cheeks and his fingers slipped between the crack of my ass. I felt his fingers pressing against my bum hole. Then he slipped back inside my panties and slid his hands around my waist to the front and pushed them down as far as he could. I opened my legs enough to allow them to fall to the floor.

His fingers reached between my legs and he began to rub my vaginal crack that I had shaved nice and smooth for the wedding reception. I could feel my sex juices running down the inside of my thighs as he teased my pussy. Then his slipped his fingers inside and I gasped as he pushed them in deep. I grabbed his hand and helped rus escort him work his fingers, pushing them in and pulling them back out faster and faster as we both became more aroused and mad for a good fuck.

I grabbed his waist and pulled him towards the bed. As I fell back onto the mattress, I spread my legs wide open and pulled him between my thighs. With his feet still on the floor and me lying with my legs apart and my ass hanging off the end of the bed, he slipped one arm underneath my waist to support my body as his cock went straight in, spreading my pussy lips apart and thrusting hard into my vagina. It was an intense fuck. His cock pumped my pussy like mad and my ass bounced up and down in rhythm with his thrusts.

He let loose and I could feel the squirts of cum as he pumped himself load deep inside my vagina. When he had finally squirted out his last drop of cum, I grabbed him by the back of the head and pulled his face between my thighs. He licked my pussy and I could feel the mixture of wet sticky cum and sex juices being spread over my vaginal lips and my inner thighs as he worked his tongue between my sex crack, his lips covered in everything that flowed from within my vagina.

By now, we had both satisfied ourselves. My vagina was beginning to dry up, Paul’s cock had yet to recover fully from his earlier exploits inside my pussy and that ended the wild sex we had just experienced.

Paul climbed onto the bed and lay down on beside me. We hugged for a short while until he slid his body down and began to suck my breasts, nibbling and gently biting my nipples between his teeth, sometimes flicking or sometimes licking them with his tongue until he would make my skin tingle and I would pulled his face tightly against my tits.

Tiredness was now getting the better of us both. With a few nice warm hugs and some lovely soft kisses, we wrapped our arms around each other and fell asleep.

I never in my life dreamed that I would ever have sex with Paul and that was our first time. It was a wonderful experience. We are both single and we both have sexual desires. Paul is still at home with me and Siobhan has moved in with her boyfriend. We do not sleep together at night but we do still have sex when either of us desires it and I will tell those tales of sex at a later date.

Olivia xx

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