My Sisters-in-Law Pt. 03

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Carrying on this series, the third of my sisters-in-law is my wife’s brother’s second wife. She is younger than the other women and although still quite attractive, she is short in stature and a little bit plumper than the others. That’s not to say anything bad about small, plump people (and women in particular) because she still gave me cause for dirty thoughts with her much more outgoing and physical nature. Belinda was the type of person for whom a quick hug and peck on the cheek wasn’t always enough and our hugs in particular always seemed to last a few seconds longer than anyone else. I always thought she wanted to drag me into her large bosom and hide me in the cleavage between her large, soft breasts.

They were always the first in the family to have a party in the winter or a barbecue in the summer, and always with vast amounts of alcohol available for anyone to consume, which they usually did and to excess. Apart from Belinda that is – she didn’t drink at all which I found strange given that her husband was usually the first to start and last to finish on these occasions!

So there we all were, a fine, sunny summer afternoon in the back garden, enjoying a few pre-barbecue drinks and catching up on the family gossip. The barbecue was lit and the coals hotting up nicely with the smoke drifting away lazily on the gentle breeze. Belinda was busying herself in the kitchen sorting out salads and side dishes to accompany the mountain of meat that they usually offered to the hungry guests – I’m sure some of them fasted for a couple of days before these gatherings to make sure they got more than their fair share!

I wandered through the kitchen towards the bathroom just in time to bump into Belinda, who was carrying a jug of cream and a bowl of coleslaw to the dining room table.

“Ooops! Sorry …” we both said, “I should have stopped or moved quicker!”

The cream and coleslaw mix ran down the front of my shirt and jeans and Belinda frantically mopped at it with a large clump of hastily gathered kitchen towel. Although this was enough to clean up the surface debris, there were a number of stains up and down the front of my clothes.

“What can we do to clean this mess up?” Belinda asked.

“I’m fine,” I said, “I’ll just nip into the cloakroom and clean myself up.”

“Let me help you,” she said, “I can see where the mess is … although you might need to take your shirt off.”

She said that with a sly smile and a glint in her eye, and I got the idea that she wanted to make sure I was cleaned up properly before going back out to the party.

Locking the cloakroom door behind her, Belinda turned to me and put a finger to her lips.

“Keep quiet,” she said, “otherwise someone will wonder what’s going on …”

Remembering why we were in the cloakroom in the first place, I started to unbutton my shirt. No sooner had the last button popped open than Belinda was reaching for my chest. She ran her hands across my hairy torso, pausing at each nipple to brush it with her fingers, making them both harden immediately. She brought her mouth up to my right nipple and gently kissed it before sucking it into her mouth and running her tongue over it. I put my hand on the back of her head and pulled her closer, feeling her large breasts rubbing against my stomach and wishing I could return the favour.

Belinda turned her attention to my other nipple and then slid her hand down over the crotch of my jeans, rubbing my hardening cock gently back and forth across the denim. She moved slightly away from me so she could get both hands on my jeans, undoing the button with one hand and the zip with the other. That gave me the room to reach for her breasts, those big mammaries that had occasionally been the subject of my masturbatory fantasies when I was home alone, imagining her taking her bra off and surrounding my cock with them, giving me a tit-fuck to remember.

Those fantasies were quickly becoming a reality as I pulled her top off and quickly unfastened the plain cotton bra that kept her Double Ds under some control. I grasped a tit in each hand, feeling her nipples harden under my touch. I lifted them up to my mouth and took it in turns to kiss, suck and nibble each one, making them stick out like the proverbial hat pegs. I’d never seen such large nipples, about 2 inches long and just asking to be sucked hard.

By now, Belinda had pushed my jeans and boxers down to my ankles and was playing with my cock as if her life depended on keeping it hard. She rubbed up and down furiously as my balls slapped against my thighs. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer so I pushed her to her knees and wrapped her tits around my cock, pumping it in and out of the substitute pussy hole.

Belinda had opened her trousers and had a hand shoved inside her underwear, rubbing her cunt and making soft squishing noises as her fingers probed her wet hole. She was almost at the point of no return now and her breathing became more ragged as her own orgasm approached.

“I’m cuuuuummmmmminnnnngggg!” şişli üniversiteli escort she gasped, her fingers rubbing her clit and her pussy squelching as the juices flowed over her hand and down the gap between her thighs before dripping off into the soft fabric of her undies.

I thrust my cock upwards between her tits and rubbed it against her lips, hoping she would want my semen on her tongue and down her throat. My cock was now aching as I continued to fuck Belinda’s tits and I could feel the spunk start to surge from my balls, up the length of my prick and finally bursting out onto those wonderful, huge breasts and onto her face and eager tongue.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned as the globs of sticky fluid dropped onto her bare bosom.

“Give me your sticky load,” Belinda gasped again, “Cover my tits with hot spunk!”

I looked down at her, kneeling in front of me, her tits and face covered in cum, her hand still inside her knickers, gently rubbing her wet cunt.

“You are a dirty, horny MILF,” I laughed, “I’ve got to fuck you properly … I need to feel my cock inside you.”

“The time will come,” she replied, “A bit of patience and careful planning and you can fuck me all day long.”

“Now we need to get this mess cleaned up … oh, and get those cream stains off your shirt!”

I found my shirt in a heap on the floor and Belinda dabbed at the dried stains with a damp cloth and some soap. I’d pulled my jeans back up and she dabbed at the stains on them too, perhaps rubbing more than dabbing, and I could feel my cock starting to lengthen.

“Uh-uh,” I said, pulling Belinda’s hand away. “No time for a repeat now!”

She moved away and gathered up her clothing, putting her magnificent tits back into the restrictive hold of her Double D bra cups.

“Come over again next week, I’ll be all alone because Joe’s going back to Libya with work for 2 weeks.”

“You know I will,” I answered and kissed her gently on the lips, giving her arse a slap before I unlocked the door and slipped out into the kitchen, hoping nobody noticed my guilty smile and damp patches on my clothes.


The two weeks since the party had dragged by and my mind was permanently filled with the images of Belinda’s wonderful tits covered in cum. I don’t know how I had managed to carry on a normal sex life with Alison but I’m proud to say that I serviced her needs more than adequately, filling her mouth and pussy with my load on more than one occasion.

Then I had the chance to call in on Belinda when I had to go to the town they lived in on business. It was only a quick errand but the opportunity to stop off on the way and see Belinda – or more specifically to see her tits – again was too good to pass up. Luckily my boss was fairly easy-going so when I said I would take my lunch break at the same time as I ran the errand, nothing was said.

I quickly sorted out the paperwork I had to drop off and after some small talk and declining the offer of a coffee in the accountant’s office, I found myself back in the car and on the way back to the office. I had to go a little out of my way to reach Belinda and Joe’s place but that was the last thing on my mind as I pulled up in their driveway. I walked round to the back of the house and saw Belinda busying herself in the kitchen. She looked up and smiled, beckoning me in through their conservatory and into the kitchen.

“I was hoping you would call,” she said with the traces of a smile dancing across her lips.

“Yeah, so was I! I think I’ve managed to wangle an hour of two off work by running errands and then taking a lunch break.”

“That’s good,” Belinda smiled again, “I think we need something to eat …”

With that, she took my hand and led me through the hallway and up the stairs, into their guest bedroom.

“I don’t think it would be a good idea to use my bed …” she said, “I wouldn’t be able to look Joe in the eye again if we’d done this there.”

She led me into the bedroom and pushed me onto the bed. Then she straddled me and began unbuttoning my shirt, pulling it from the waist of my trousers and over my head as she tired of the apparent chore of unbuttoning it fully. As she did this, she leaned forward to run her mouth up and over my chest and flicked her tongue over my now erect nipples, sucking them in turn as she did so. Her mouth sought mine and her tongue mashed into my mouth with the fervour of a starving woman.

Her hands fought with my belt and zip, grabbing at my very stiff erection, pulling it through the fly in my boxers before she began to masturbate me furiously. My cock oozed pre-cum and Belinda rubbed it along my shaft as she milked me as if her life depended on it. She rubbed her pubic region against my thigh, moaning softly to herself as I reached for her tits and freed them from the restraint of her blouse and bra. I reached for her nipples and sucked on into my mouth as I pinched the other between thumb and forefinger, making her moan taksim anal yapan escort even louder.

She stopped tugging on my cock long enough to lift herself up from the bed to unbutton her trousers and slide them and her knickers down and off into a crumpled heap on the floor. She rubbed her hand across her hairy mound and plunged two fingers into her wetness, rubbing the nub of her clitoris with her thumb. I could hear how wet she was as her pussy squelched with each push of her fingers and I moved around so I could lick her pussy and play with her tight rear hole.

Her juices ran over my mouth and chin as she continued to frig herself and I used the lubrication to force my tongue into her arse, probing past her anal sphincter eliciting louder groans from Belinda as she sped towards orgasm.

“Ooohhh,” she moaned, “that feels fucking fantastic! Put your finger in there too!”

I used her juices to lube my finger and slowly pushed into her pink rosebud. My finger slipped in as far as the second knuckle before she stopped me.

“It hurts a bit,” she moaned, “But it feels so good! Wait for me to get used to the feeling before you push any more.”

I returned my attention to licking her hot, wet pussy and as she pushed herself against my mouth, I felt my finger being sucked deeper into her arse. As she moaned and writhed with my tongue lashing against her pussy, her arse moved against my finger and soon I had one finger deep inside her anus and a second was quickly lubed with her juices and slipped in alongside the first, stretching her wider than she had ever been stretched before.

“Ooh,” she grunted, “That feels painful but it’s so good at the same time! Be gentle …”

“Of course I’ll be gentle,” I whispered through the forest of curls in her groin, “You know I wouldn’t want to hurt you. Perhaps it would be better if you were on your hands and knees? That way I could make it easier for me and not so painful for you?”

We moved around so Belinda was now on all fours, her head buried in the pillows and her arse pointing up in the air towards me. I lowered my head and slipped my tongue into her sphincter, causing her to jump and moan even more than she had done earlier. I tongue-fucked her arse while I lubed my fingers with her pussy juices, preparing them for another assault on her back passage.

I pushed two fingers into her arse and then, as she adjusted herself to this invasion, twisted my hand a little with each push to make her rear passage wide enough to accept my throbbing cock. I added a third finger and Belinda winced with the pain caused by the extra width.

“Ow!” she exclaimed, “That does hurt!”

“Sorry,” I replied, “I know, but it’s only for a moment and then you’ll feel such a wonderful sense of pleasure.”

I moved my hand gently back and forth and her passage relaxed further, leaving a hole that was now big enough for me to push my erection into. I positioned my cock head at the opening and pushed gently into her. I felt the helmet pop beyond her sphincter and into her arse and stopped to allow her to adjust for this new intrusion.

“Feels strange,” Belinda panted, “But I’m OK. Push into me more … gently though!”

I pushed my cock into her by another couple of inches and then stopped again.

“Don’t stop now,” she moaned, “I’m OK! It feels so good … God, I’m, cumming!”

The feeling of a cock in her anal passage had pushed Belinda over the edge and she was now experiencing new sensations that sent signals to her brain and to her pussy causing her to have her first anal orgasm so quickly. Her muscles were gripping my cock, pulling me deeper inside her until I was fully in her arse and my balls were swinging back and forth against her perineum and even the lower edges of her pussy lips.

Belinda’s right hand was frantically rubbing against her clit and her fingers were dipping into her very wet pussy so I could feel them rub against my cock through the thin membrane that separated the two channels. My hands were now working on her pendulous tits as they swung freely below her. Her nipples were rock hard and almost two inches long as I squeezed, nipped and pulled them.

She was panting and groaning as she bucked under my pounding, hissing through gritted teeth as my cock rammed into her tight arse. My balls were swinging beneath me as I fucked her and she reached between her legs with one juice soaked hand to cup them gently, massaging them as the hot, sticky contents bubbled up and along my length.

I could feel my orgasm approaching as I rammed my cock into Belinda’s arse but I didn’t want to cum in her back passage so I quickly pulled out and pushed into her wet, hot pussy which folded around my length like a glove, her muscles milking my stiffness to drain it of its contents like a condemned man attacks his last meal.

Belinda herself was rapidly approaching orgasm, her breathing was laboured and her fingers were flitting between rubbing her clit and pinching taksim bdsm escort her nipples. She was moaning and rolling beneath me as her pussy got wetter and pulsed with the exertion of milking my cock.

“I’m cumming,” I gasped as the exertions of Belinda’s cunt muscles finally reaped their reward. “Nff, Oooh, Aaah” was as much as I could say as my cock jerked violently, my spunk jetting out into Belinda’s hot, tight wetness, coating the walls and seeping out of her hole as my cock pushed in and out in the last throes of ecstacy.

“Fuuck, yeah” I moaned, “Your pussy is magical! It just clamped around me and milked me … Fuck, I’m shattered!”

“Oh, God,” moaned Belinda in reply, “That was fantastic! The first time I’ve had anything in my arse and it felt so good … I thought it would hurt a lot and it did a bit to start with but then it just felt so hot!”

She reached for my rapidly shrinking penis and pulled up and down on it for a while as she recovered her breath.

“I don’t know how you do it,” she said, “but you know what this thing is really for. You certainly gave me a time to remember! Joe’s just a one-way, one-time man; always has been, always will be. He doesn’t know how I finger myself after he’s finished and fallen to sleep. I really need someone to give me more than that.”

As she continued to milk my flaccid cock, I managed to twist myself round so my mouth was over her cum-soaked cunt and I poked my tongue into the opening, tasting my spunk as it oozed out of her. I pushed my tongue into her as far as I could reach and swirled it around, cleaning up dollops of cum. It was a tasty, salty treat for me as my jism gathered in my mouth and I swished it around as I moved back towards Belinda’s mouth before kissing her with an open-mouthed, tongue-thrashing kiss depositing the sticky substance in her mouth and twirling my tongue around hers as we shared the juices. I slid a couple of fingers into her and finger-fucked her quickly and roughly as my thumb rubbed against her large, swollen clit.

Belinda trembled as her orgasm ran through her body making her tits jump up and down like bell clappers and her moans rang around the bedroom almost like nothing I’d heard before.

“Oooooooooooohhhhhh, ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh! Fuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkk, fuuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkk” she screamed, “Yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, OhGodOhGodOhGod” The words tumbled from her mouth in an incoherent stream and her juices streamed from her well-fucked pussy as if the taps were on and you couldn’t turn them off again.

A very large pool of pussy juice formed on the bed covers and I scooped up as much as I could with my fingers before feeding it to Belinda and kissing her deep again to share the taste.

“That was fantastic,” I murmured. “I really love the taste of your pussy and ass. I could stay here all day just licking you down there!”

“And I would love to lay here and let you,” she replied. “But I have to go out and need to get myself ready. I’ll need a shower after this … my pussy is all sticky and my arse is a bit sore too!” Belinda winked as she climbed off the bed and gathered her clothes together.

“I think I need to freshen up too,” I said, “I think I’ll join you – always assuming there’s enough room in your shower?”

“We’ll have to see,” she laughed, “I’ve only ever been in it on my own!”

We wandered naked across to the bathroom, my shrivelled up cock dripping the last remnants of cum on the carpet as it jiggled between my legs.

“I suppose I’ll have to wipe that up?” I asked.

Belinda just smiled and stooped to wipe her finger across the small stain.

“No need,” she said, “This will do the job.” With that she slipped her finger into her mouth and sucked it clean.

“Not as nice as it was earlier!” she giggled, “I hope you have some freshly made that I can sample?”

“I’ll see what I can do!” I said, and absently stroked my cock back into some kind of life.

We walked into the bathroom and Belinda quickly switched the shower on, checking the water was warm before stepping under the spray. I watched as she rinsed the water across her large breasts, making them wobble delightfully, her nipples standing proudly erect once more as she stroked her hands across them. I stepped into the shower and reached for the gel, pouring a liberal amount into my hand and then soaping her tits and back, taking care to spend some time plucking at her erect nipples, eliciting a low moan from her as I pulled each one in turn.

Belinda then poured a large dollop of shower gel into her palm and immediately surrounded my now semi-hard cock with her soapy hands, sliding them up and down as she milked it to full hardness. By now, I had slipped my hands down her soapy body and round to grasp her arse cheeks, pulling her towards me. I knew she would still be sopping wet and I bent my knees until my cock was just beneath her pussy lips, then having positioned myself so my cock was now slightly inside her puffy outer lips, stood up again, lifting Belinda off her feet as I impaled her onto my now very hard prick.

I fucked her pussy hard for a few minutes and then slipped out of her and dropped to my knees. My tongue found her pussy and I licked her clit as my fingers probed her slit. I pushed two fingers into her very easily and curled them round to find her sensitive spot.

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