My Sister’s Boyfriend Lance

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I knew when I saw the new black metallic BMW Z4 in the parking lot she had landed a big fish. I just couldn’t figure out how she did it. I laughed to myself as I ran a finger across the finish, it was as cleaner than the sheets the guy was fucking on I thought to myself.

I was just back from University for the summer, well, hopefully not for long. Staying with my family over the summer was not my idea of a good time, but I had lost my job and my roommate, Tyler had kicked me out for none payment of rent. Actually I think it had more to do with the fact he found me with Melanie, not cool since he and I had a sexual relationship as well. Left with just a change of clothes in my backpack, my stuff now belongs to him. Well, one of my shoes went flying past my head as I was leaving, since it was no longer a pair, I decided he could retrieve it from the hallway. Melanie and I are over too, Tyler made it pretty clear to her we were together. I think I will have a bruise on my cheek where she slugged me, if I don’t already.

Coming home will be a total surprise for everyone I thought to myself, but it turned out to be a bigger surprise for me. Opening up the door to my bedroom, nothing was left to the imagination, as I found my sister Veronica naked and writhing in the sheets with Lance Brockton, 28, eldest of the Brockton sons and heir to the fortune no doubt. I stood in shock for a moment.

“Fuck, sorry!”

I closed the door in a hurry, a little too quickly, more like a slam. I squinted my eyes shut, I knew I had just made things worse.

“Anthony you’re home?”

“No, I am still away at school.”

“Oh, you stop that.”

Mom took me in her arms and gave me a big hug. She was always glad to see me no matter what.

“So, what happened? Why are you here? You have a fight with Tyler?”

“MOM!, I gasped . She knew about my sexual orientation, but she had promised not to tell my dad, that was supposed to be left up to me.

“All I asked was if you had a fight with Tyler, nothing sexual. Your father is snoring away, a truck could ride through and he would not wake up, stop worrying. Now, tell me why you are home.”

“Um, Yeah, we did have a fight. I am not sure I will be going back to stay with him. Could we please change the topic?”

About that time, Veronica stepped out of my room. Thank God for small favors. She would have an explanation for everything. How she would explain being only 18 and sleeping with Lance in my room, I just had to hear.

“Mom, explain to this moron that this is my room now.”

“What? Her room?”

“Yes dear. It was much larger than hers, it only seemed fair, since you are off to college and she will be staying here.”


“Your sister has to repeat her senior year.”

“Oh, so now who is the moron?”, I glared at her. She slugged me in the shoulder. At least not the face, I had enough pain from Melanie.

“So, where is my stuff then? In her room?”‘

“Well dear, what you did not take with you, has been bostancı elit escort bayan packed away in storage for quite some time. I converted your sister’s room into a sewing and craft area. You will have to sleep on the pull out in the family room.”

This was an insult, added to injury. Not only had I lost both my girlfriend and boyfriend, my apartment and job, but now my room to my baby sister. I was not sure what could be worse. I wanted so badly to spill the beans about Lance being in my room, excuse me, I mean her room. But I was too tired to start anything.

“Go back to sleep Veronica, sorry your brother and I woke you hun.” Mom hugged her and went back to her room.

I shrugged and went for the kitchen. At least I would have some food before sleeping on that damn hard couch. I had just finished making a huge sandwich when I turned around, and there was Lance, in just his boxers. He was buff, tanned, his abs and pecs were yummy. As I wrapped my mouth around my sandwich, I felt my jeans getting tighter and hoped the kitchen counter was hiding my reaction. He walked closer and smiled at me, then reached out and put his finger on the corner of my mouth swiping in an upward motion, then sticking it in his mouth.

“Mayo, mm, looks good. What kind of meat you got?”

I nearly choked to death on that one, and then he slapped my back, which was making the situation worse, not better. Dropping my meal to the counter top, I tried to catch my breath. Not sure which was more embarrassing, choking to death in front of the guy or my growing erection.

“You okay?”

Tears were now coming out the corner of my eyes, but I could breath. I couldn’t believe with all that had happened in the last twelve hours that my libido was still working on overdrive.

“I’m fine, just got it down the wrong hole.”

“That can be a problem. Glad you are okay though. I don’t think you have a wrong hole for my meat.”

“Excuse me?”

He grabbed my ass cheek, “You heard me.”

Blushing , I leaned back against a bar stool, stumbling. This was too weird.

“Sorry. I don’t swing that way dude.”, that was all I could think to say. It was a lie, but man, he was here with my sister.

“Your penis says otherwise, but that’s your business. Just here for a soda.” He opened the fridge and grabbed a can, opened it and swallowed. He nearly took it all in one gulp. By now not only was I hard, I had a wet spot of pre-cum on my jeans. I slid my hand down to hide it, but it was too late. His eyes followed my hand, then he put his hand over mine.

“You really are turned on by me. Nice bulge.”

He turned and left the room.

My heart was racing a mile a minute. Suddenly I felt less hungry and more horny. I decided I needed the bathroom more than anything at the moment. It shared a wall with my old room. That is when I heard the bed start to hit the wall. I did the only thing I could. I concentrated on every rotten thing I had ever seen eaten on the that bostancı çıtır escort reality show. I coaxed my hard down enough to get the piss out and went back to my sandwich, sat on the couch in the family room and sighed.

I am not sure what time it was but I had fallen asleep, sprawled out over the top of the couch mattress. I woke and thought I was back home with Tyler. Large hands were stroking my cock. A moan left my lips, as my legs stiffened and relaxed in rhythm with the strokes. My toes curled downwards then up, as my hips jutted forwards, my ass cheeks tightened and released. It felt so good. Then it hit me that I was home at mom and dad’s, and I opened my eyes. Lance was astride my legs with a big grin on his face, by then I was too enamored to care. I reached up and stroked his massive shoulder. Anyone would be glad to have him in their bed I thought to myself.

“My sister.”

“Don’t worry, she is fast asleep.”

He placed a finger on my lips, then pushed it in my mouth. I could taste my own salty pre-cum on his finger. I did not want this, not with him. Not out of any duty to my little sister, she was a brat, but because this bastard’s family owned most of the businesses in town and the people too. I did not desire to be one of his acquisitions, yet here I was.

Tyler had been my second, my first was my best friend from high school. Neither could deep throat my eight inches, but Lance could. Watching him go down on me like that was more than my poor aching cock could handle. He worked me, licking the slit, tongue fucking my piss hole and deep throating me all of fifteen minutes, when I came. Release was magic, I shivered all over and opened my mouth, sucking in as much air as I could. There was no feeling like it, the best orgasm I had in a long time. Sweat dripped from his forehead, taking my hand, I wiped it away. Kissing the palm of my hand, he kept going, up my arm to my lips, until his tongue slipped between my teeth, slurping at my saliva filled mouth. His kiss was forceful against my jaw, almost painful, but I pushed my tongue against his, and into his mouth. I needed more, I longed for him. Our hands groped as our mouths were glued to each other, his hot breath on my cheek. He rolled me over onto my stomach, his cock slick with pre-cum and lube, sliding it over the crack of my ass, back and forth.

I panted, “Fuck me.”

“I will.” Reaching around and pinching my nipples, his teeth grinding into my neck, then shoulder. “Then you will fuck me.”

“Yes, if I can recover in time.”

“Oh, it will only take me a minute to get you hard again, I promise.”

I was never good at a quick reload, and it usually took me a while to cum. He had already made me lose it in record time and he could do anything with me he chose. His cock pushed in, my ring gave, and I pushed back against him, my being versatile, I really enjoyed bottom when I could. Tyler was a bottom, so I had topped all the time we were together. He slid in and out of me with ease, bostancı elit escort slamming his balls against my ass. My hands gripped tightly at the sheets, trying not to slide off the bed, his powerful thrusts forcing me away. I had forgotten how good it felt to be filled with a cock. Soon he was right, my own penis was engorged and I had to fight the urge to play with it. I touched it just enough to stay up, but not enough to make me shoot, so I could return the favor for Lance. My ass was sore, from nearly an hour of pounding in on me, when he came. His cum dripped down my inner thigh. I squeezed in on his cock, until limp, wanting every last drop of his seed inside of me. Both of us were covered in sweat, the sheets wet with it. He fell beside me, not saying a word.

I ran my fingers over his chest and six-pack, salivating at the site of him. Lance was mine, if just of this moment in time. I didn’t know if I would ever see him again, or how he felt about my sister. I didn’t care either. I was taking him.

“Are you ready for my eight inches?”

“Anthony, do me. Do me like no other.”

Seemed a tough bill to fill. I was to do him like no other? Which other did he mean? I leaned forward and started to suck on his nipple, gently biting it too. He had large nipples, on a large chest from working out. His family had everything under the sun, and now he had taken me. I too would have a conquest. I licked down his treasure trail of black hair, and onto the tip of his penis, licking away traces of my semen left behind. He rolled over on his belly, and I licked and bit my way down his back to his ass. I bit each ass cheek, then I licked the crack. I rimmed him, poking my tongue in as he squirmed on the bed. I spit in my hand, wetting my cock, then pushed in on him. He groaned loudly. Would someone hear? I stayed still for him to adjust. My heart was pounding in my ears. I pulled out almost all the way, then slid back in. The faster I went, the slicker and easier it became. His asshole opened up for me, allowing me deeper and deeper access to him. He was so tight on my cock that I would stop every so often and try to stop the urge to cum. I wanted this to last. I was fucking Lance Brockton, not just anyone, the arrogant one of the family, their heir apparent to the wealth. Lance loved every moment of his fucking. The deeper and harder I thrust, the faster and further he pushed back on me. Each thrust into him made me feel more powerful, dominating him really sent me over the edge. I exploded into him, more cum than I thought possible so soon after creaming.

“You okay.”

“Yeah, Tony, you were wonderful.”

“Anthony. My name is Anthony. Yeah I am wonderful, don’t forget it. I won’t. By the way, I need a job this summer.”

“You used me for a job?”

“Hey, you crawled into bed with me, not the other way around. But no man, I am sure I can find something. You better get going, before my parents wake up.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I have a job, you can wash my cars. I will even let you fuck me and I will pay minimum. Pay for the car washing that is.”

“Ha, yeah right, in your dreams.”

He got up and went back to Veronica, then I heard him leave soon after. I never saw him again, neither did she. I was glad he dumped her too, not out of jealousy, he didn’t deserve a great girl like her any more than he deserved me.

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