My Sister Paulie

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Hi, my name is Ryan and I would like to share my story with you. My family is typical to the point of being boring. My dad’s name is Paul and mom’s is Kathy. They both work even though the family could get bye nicely on dad’s salary alone. My sister’s name is Pauline and of course she was named after dad. We call her Paulie. She is 20 years old. At 18 I’m a year and a half younger than she is.

Paulie is married and her husband is serving in the Army. He is a Sergeant stationed in Hawaii. Paulie receives a monthly allotment from the Army and she also works at a local bistro type cafe, you know the type, to have a little extra money. Sometimes she works the early shift starting at 10:00AM, sometimes it’s the late shift to cover the dinner and after movies bunch. They are somewhat better tippers so she likes the late shift. I work at the local pizza shop with irregular shifts covering whenever I’m needed.

My story really starts with Paulie getting ready for work a few weeks ago. She was working the early shift and it was a little before nine in the morning. I came out of my bedroom to use the john but the door was closed so I knew Paulie was in there. So I went out to the kitchen to see if there was any coffee in the pot. It was empty so I decided to make some. Problem was that I could not find the filter basket. Looked all over the kitchen. I was about to give up when I called Paulie to see if she knew where it was.

I heard the bathroom door open and she called to me saying she couldn’t’ hear what I was saying. So I go down the hall and Paulie was standing in the bathroom with the door open fixing her hair. She asked what I wanted but I was a little distracted because she was wearing a pajama shirt, unbuttoned but not showing much, and panties. I could see the dark patch through the semi transparent panties.

After a second I told her I couldn’t find the filter basket. She laughed and said she was sorry that she had used it to drain some grapes and had put it and the grapes in the refrigerator. Ah ha, that’s why I couldn’t find it. She told me this while continuing to fix her hair and the pajama shirt opened and closed slightly across her breast but never really uncovering them. As I was still wearing the jersey shorts and tee shirt that I usually wear to bed and my dick was starting to respond I figured I had better get out of there in a hurry or I was going to be embarrassed.

I made the coffee and went back to my room to get dressed. As I passed the bathroom I could see the door was still open and Paulie was finishing up and putting her stuff away. I told her that the coffee would be ready in a few minutes and she asked if I would put some bread in the toaster for her. I decided not to change just yet and went back to the kitchen.

A few minutes later Paulie came in wearing a short pleated skirt and white blouse. The top three buttons of her blouse were open and her bra was peaking out. I started to wish I had changed out of the shorts as I was getting hard again. I couldn’t help notice her legs as she sat kind of sideways at the table.

Paulie was not being careful I kept getting good looks up her skirt. I could see the panties as she moved about having her breakfast. Leaning over for something her blouse gaped open and her tits were in full view almost to the nipple. We chatted aimlessly about nothing. With each of her moves I was drawn to her, first getting shots up her skirt and then down her blouse. Breakfast was forgotten by me.

This became our routine. On the days she worked in the mornings we would have variations of the same thing but each one different and better in my opinion. Several days later when I got up Paulie had left the bathroom door open and I could see she was again getting ready for another day.

I stopped to say good morning but the real reason was to see if I could get another look. She turned to me standing in the bathroom doorway and continued to brush her hair. The pajama etiler bdsm escort top pulled open a little on each stroke of the brush and her nipples were just peaking out.

The panties rode low and just covered her pubic hair. As we spoke I stared to get a tremendous hard-on and didn’t try to cover it or turn away. We were just brother and sister talking. Then the pajama shirt pulled away and one breast was out. Paulie looked down but didn’t try to cover up. I, in all my wit and wisdom, mumbled something and went to the kitchen.

After she left for work I jerked off to the memory of her and how sexy she looked. The rest of the day was just normal stuff but I was starting to look forward to the next time. I spent the rest of the day kicking myself for not taking a chance and sticking around. After jerking off two more times that day my cock was sore but it was worth it.

For the next five days Paulie worked the evening shift and I didn’t get a chance to repeat our morning routine. But the next morning she worked early I was ready. I had been awake for a while when I heard the bathroom door open. I had been awake for about an hour slowly stroking my dick bringing myself to near orgasm and the backing off. After doing this several times I was about to come in my bed so I grabbed an old tee shirt laying on the floor quickly stroked to completion and shot my cum into the shirt as I thought about Paulie.

After cleaning up I jumped out of bed and walked down the hall rubbing eyes. Paulie was standing in the doorway, again brushing her hair. I said good morning and asked if she would like something for breakfast. She said coffee and toast would be good. But I couldn’t bring myself to leave.

I wasn’t going to cut and run like I did the last time. I openly looked her over going from boobs to crotch. The panties today were sheer and almost transparent. I could see her pussy lips plainly against the material. I wanted to touch and taste and today I wasn’t leaving.

Then Paulie turned to the mirror and continued to brush her hair. Bending over to pull the hair forward gave me an excellent view of her ass. I walked behind her as she straightened up. I could see her tits plainly in the mirror and I was getting full hard. I reached into my shorts to pull my cock up and put the head under the waistband. I think Paulie started to regret letting me get this close because she excused herself and went to her bedroom to get dressed.

I went to the kitchen confused and all confidence shaken thinking I had made a bad move and messed up a good thing.

Later that day I was home when Paulie came in about 3:00 in the afternoon. Still wearing the short pleated skirt and white blouse she looked great. I bet she got lots of tips in that outfit. Saying she was tired and hot she reached under her skirt and pulled down her pantyhose and panties.

Tossing them aside she commented how good it felt to get those off. I asked her to sit with me on the sofa and gave it a pat. She came over and as she sat she leaned against me commenting again on how tired she was. As she sat her hand rested on my leg and I casually let my hand settle high on her thigh but on top of the skirt.

We talked about the day and Paulie gave my leg a squeeze as a punctuation mark of some comment she had made. Automatically I returned the squeeze and let her skirt slide up a bit. As I looked down I could see there was a lot of leg showing and knowing there were no panties I was getting more excited. My cock was growing by the moment and was becoming obvious at my shorts were tenting badly.

It was almost like a choreographed dance. We knew we were in uncharted country as far as our family was concerned but neither of us wanted to turn back to safety. As we talked her hand would pat and squeeze my leg and mine would make little circles on her thigh with my fingers now touching skin. The pats, squeezes, and circles became more etiler elit escort bold and now with her skirt pushed up my fingers make contact with her warm pussy lips.

Immediately her hand slipped into my shorts and found my cock. Her hand felt warm as she slid the skin back over my uncut cock. My fingers found their way between her pussy lips that were wet with her juices. It was odd that now that we continued to talk and fondle. I could not believe what we were doing. It seemed that if we didn’t acknowledge what we were doing it couldn’t be wrong.

But then something suddenly did go wrong. Very, very wrong. Without warning Paulie started to cry and sob uncontrollably. Tears rushing, crying for some reason I didn’t understand. All I could do was pull her close and hold her and ask what was wrong. I could feel her breasts pushing against my chest with each breath. I didn’t know how to deal with this. Had what we had been doing upset her this much?

When the sobs finally cleared Paulie told me she had received a letter from Garrett, her husband, two weeks ago telling her that he wanted a divorce. He had met a girl in Hawaii and he was sorry but they planned to get married. He had told her that he would not oppose any conditions in the divorce and said he would come back home on leave and file with a local attorney to make the necessary arrangements. She could have what savings they had and he would make sure the allotment would continue until the divorce was final.

After telling me the story Paulie settled into my chest and finally the tears and occasional sob faded. I guess she had cried herself out because after a while her breathing became deep and regular. She had cried herself to sleep. I slipped off the sofa and lay her head on a cushion and lifter her feet so she could stretch out on the sofa. As I did her skirt came over her hips and I stopped to admire the sight of her pussy as her knee was slightly bent leaving her legs open.

After a short look I covered her with a small afghan. She slept there until mom and dad got home. I was careful to keep her covered and picked up her panties and panty hose and put them in her room. This was a complete shock to our parents when they came home and heard the story. Everyone liked Garrett and never thought of him becoming involved with another girl.

This event seemed to bring Paulie and myself together ever closer. Whenever we were together there was touching and holding. We went out for dinner and shopping together. I tried to be the big brother and give her some reassurance when her spirits were down. As the days passed we went to movies together and in the darkened theater our hands found each other’s and it was more like a date.

The following Monday when our parents were gone to work and the morning routine returned. I lay in my bed slowly stroking my cock thinking about how sexy my sister is. Stroking faster I could feel the pre-cum being spread by my foreskin.

I spread the pre-cum over my cock head with my fingers and then lifted my fingers to my tongue. I like the taste of my own pre-cum. I felt my cum rising from my balls and squirting onto my stomach. After several more strokes my cock started to wilt and I knew it was time to clean up the mess. I keep a dirty tee shirt handy at my bedside just for this reason. Mom is always telling me to put my dirty clothes away but she doesn’t realize what the shirt is for.

This time when I heard the bathroom door open and slowly regaining my hard on I walked into the hall. There was Paulie but this time the pajama top was open which was not unusual but there were no panties. It seemed that she was proud of her body and liked to be admired by me. It was a wonderful sight. Her ass was peeking out from the shirt hem and her breasts and nipples were a delight to see.

I slipped behind her and reaching around moved my hands to her stomach which I could feel tighten and etiler escort I slipped my hand down to pubic hair and further down to her pubic mound and then her open her pussy lips. Paulie pushed her butt back into me as my dick pushed against her ass. Then she reached back and with both hands pulled my sleep shorts down and my dick sprang out and into the crack of her ass.

Paulie turned her head slightly and kissed my cheek. I turned to her and we had our first kiss. As our lips touched our tongues met and the kiss released the passion building between us. I was still standing behind her and let my hands find the warmth of her body. From breasts to stomach, to ass, to pussy, my hands roamed at will.

Paulie reached behind her and pulled my cock into her ass crack as I bent my knees slightly allowing my cock to slide between her legs as she spread them slightly. My cock was now pushing against her pussy and my fingers were inside her spreading the lips. With my fingers I could feel the head of my own dick pushing forward. At this time Paulie leaned forward, reached between her legs, pushed my hand away, and guided my cock into her warm cunt. It wasn’t in deep but it was in. We had now taking our relation to a new level.

As Paulie leaned further over the sink I could see her tits hanging free and I could see myself in the mirror. My hands moved to her breasts and nipples. Taking them one at a time and rolling them between my thumb and finger being careful not to hurt her. My cock had now worked it’s way well into her wet and willing pussy.

Then all of a sudden Paulie straightened up and I thought she had changed her mind but I quickly learned that she was just changing positions. As she turned to me we kissed deeply and the erotic feeling of a sexual kiss with my own sister made it even better. Paulie pulled my shorts down to my ankles and I kicked them off. I pulled off the pajama top I had learned to love and it joined my sleep shorts on the floor.

Paulie now raised herself onto the vanity counter top and spread her legs giving me easy access to her pussy which was now spread open and the lips swollen, pink, and wet with her juices. I took my dick in hand and guided it back to that worm, wet, and wonderful place. As my cock slid in her legs continued to spread and now using her hands she was holding her knees high into the air. There was no modesty here; just brother and sister engaged in a wonderful experience of love, sex, and erotica.

As Paulie pulled me into her and rocked forward to meet my thrusts the feeling radiating through me was intense. The feeling of my cock sliding effortlessly into her wet pussy was such that I knew I couldn’t last long even though I had just jacked off a few minutes ago. After only as short time I knew I was going to come but before that Paulie pulled me into her with such force and held me there that I could tell her orgasm was near.

With one last thrust my cock was buried up to my balls in her and she was holding my ass preventing my release. Her orgasm came quickly with the groans and moans of pleasure we were both making. We both knew that this was an experience we would remember forever and would return to again and again. With her orgasm complete Paulie released her grip on my ass. Over and over I buried my cock deep inside her and pumped my cum into her again and again.

Paulie continued to hold me as I finished and then slipped off the vanity and came to me. We held each other close as the passion slowly faded along with my hard on. After only a few seconds my cock slipped from her as we continued to hold each other.

Paulie was the first to speak and we exchanged words of love and affection and then it was time to clean up. She actually thanked me for being there when she needed someone to love and to hold knowing her marriage was over. Our fluids had intermingled and smeared on the vanity top and now it was time to clean up.

We wiped down the vanity and then took a shower together. Again I got a hard on but Paulie laughed and said we had better save it for later. The shower was not sexual it was more love and affection. Paulie got dressed for work and I got ready to head off to the pizza shop for the afternoon. It was the best day ever but not the last for us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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