My Sister Annie and Me Pt. 01

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All characters are over 18 years old.


It was just a flash, two or three seconds, but it changed my view of my sister forever. Until that moment, she’d been my little sister. Sometimes needy, sometimes annoying, often just in my way. But now she was all grown up. She was 18, but even so I didn’t yet see her as a woman. Then she dropped her towel and I saw her body. Still wet from her shower, glistening, her pale skin shining. A few freckles on her shoulders to go with the ones on her cheeks — common for a red-haired girl.

I’d noticed her breasts before of course — I’d seen them grow from bumps to lumps. They were pert now, full, with pinky-rose nipples the size of peas surrounded by rosy circles. Her stomach was almost flat, just the hint of a tummy, then a gradual vee shape descending from rounded hips that drew my eyes like magnets to the wispy red-brown pubes that failed to conceal her plump pussy lips and the cleft between them.

I stared. She covered up quickly.

“Jesus Daniel! I didn’t know you were home!”

“Yeah, sorry.”

She blushed a little and held the towel closed around her bum as she walked to her bedroom. I watched her. Her back was still dripping from her wet hair, smooth, supple. My cock twitched. It surprised me, I was still thinking of Annie as my little sister not as an attractive young woman.

We’d not been close growing up, but our father left us when she was 17 and I was just 19. It hurt her more than me — I never got on with him. Since then we’d become a little closer and that had enabled us together to help our mother get over the separation.

Mum’s shifts started at 4, I usually got home about 5 but today I was half an hour early. Annie pointed that out, shouting to me from her room.

“Yeah, I got a scratch at work. Boss sent me home.”

Annie had put on a white t-shirt and black track pants, and crooked her head around the door frame, still fluffing at her shoulder-length russet hair. “What happened?”

“Metal splinter. Wasn’t paying attention.” I held up my bandaged hand.

“Shit Danny. What kind of crap bandage is that? You been to the hospital, or a doctor?”

“Nah. Boys at work sorted it.”

“Bullshit. Let me see.”

She put her towel on the back f the chair next to me and knelt to examine my hand. I saw now that the bandage was loose, amateurish and a bit grubby.

“I’ll change it. Mum’s just left for work.”

She got the family first aid kit and unravelled the dirty one, carefully peeling it from the wound. She got some warm water and bathed off the dried blood and grime.

At first I watched what she was doing. But then I noticed the v-neck of her t-shirt flagging forwards and I saw her cleavage, right down to her belly. I couldn’t help but look. Her focus was on my injured hand, but when she looked up to ask me something about the accident my eyes were slow to meet hers. If she saw where I was looking she gave no sign, but I felt a twinge of guilt. As she began applying the fresh dressing, I chanced to look again.

Without taking her eyes off what she was doing, she smilingly said: “Jesus, Danny. Getting a look at my naked bod wasn’t enough?”

Her eyes flicked to mine, I saw her grin, and then she looked back down to finish her work. I thought I should say something, nothing came to mind, so I stayed silent.

“There. That’s done.” She stood. “But you should go to the clinic and make sure there’s no infection.”

“Yeah, tomorrow. Thanks, Annie.”

I watched her as she took up the towel, fluffed her hair some more and walked back to her room. I watched her hips, bum, thighs, and I got wood.

Rising guilt had no effect. It was a full-on hardon. I saw my sister’s pretty pussy in my mind again. Her bare tits. That cleavage I’d studied. I got up to go to my room and as I walked past Annie’s door, I glanced in. She’d taken off the track pants and was in little white panties. I was just in time to see her pull the t-shirt over her head. I saw her tits again in her mirror. I stopped and stared. She saw me in the mirror, clutched her t-shirt to her chest and said: “Danny!”

Again I was silent. I was looking at her bare back, tight bottom in skin-tight panties, smooth creamy thighs. I looked into her eyes, stupidly, then noticed she wasn’t looking at the reflection of my eyes any more. She was looking at the reflection of the tent in my pants.

I didn’t recognise the look on her face. Disgust? Confusion? Abhorrence? Maybe interest?

“Danny, please!”

“I’m sorry, Annie.”

I went to my room to get out of my work clothes and shower. My room had a connecting door to the bathroom. In the warm spray, awkwardly trying to keep one hand dry, I tried to wash the images out of my mind. My cock almost went soft again. Almost. I finished washing.

I pulled the curtain aside and stepped out of the shower. I reached half-blinded for a towel and froze. Annie was in there with me.

“Jesus Annie! What…”

“Fair’s fair, right?!”

She şişli elit escort was grinning. I cupped my dick and balls shyly. She laughed. I wasn’t going to lose this tease, so I grabbed my package and pretended to rush at her with it. She squealed and ran from the room, giggling.

I dried myself, dressed, and went to the front room. Annie was on the phone, chatting with a girlfriend as if nothing had happened. So I played the same game.

It was my turn to cook. We were having burgers. Hers was tofu, mine prime minced beef. I sliced the lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese then started to fry the ‘meat’. Annie hung up her phone and sat on the breakfast stool watching me cook.

Nothing was said about our seeing each other naked and the evening went normally. So did the next day, and the next evening. One thing had changed, though. I noticed Annie more. Noticed her curves, her walk, her movements more. And they excited me.

A few nights after the nude incident, I found myself gently masturbating with the image of my sister’s tits and pussy in my head. I felt guilty, but thrilled at the same time. It had taken the leap from a naughty tease to sexual interest, and when I jizzed I whispered her name.

The weekend came and with it the three of us had time together. Sunday was warm. We decided to go to the beach for the first time this summer. My hand was OK, I’d taken the dressing off that morning.

Our mother is basically an older version of Annie. Taller, heavier, fuller of figure but still youthful in appearance and outlook. At the beach, I went straight in for a swim. The water was still cool, Annie wouldn’t come in just yet and mum never did. She just loved to walk along the wet sand and lay in the sun. She wore her trusty black one-piece. It showed her figure well, but demurely.

Annie on the other hand drew eyes on the beach like magnets. She wore a thin-strapped navy blue bikini, more like three triangles on the front and one on the back. If I’d had any doubts that she was now all woman, that bikini blew them away. She was gorgeous and I got a lump in my throat looking at her. And not just in my throat.

I didn’t stay in the water very long. Laying on the sand between my mother and my sister, I couldn’t help but admire their bodies proudly. Especially Annie’s. I lay on my side while we talked, but really I was looking at Annie’s flesh. Maybe she knew, maybe she didn’t. I watched her tummy and tits rise and fall with her breathing, and I was delighted when I made her laugh and watched them jiggle.

It took me a while but eventually I persuaded her to come in for a dip. I ran and dove in; it felt icy after the warmth of the sun. Turning to watch Annie, she was holding her hands high and trying to jump as the waves hit her, squealing at the cold splashes. As she got deeper, she finally lunged forwards to swim a couple of strokes then stood again, not two meters away from me.

“Jesus Danny it’s cold!”

She was right. Her nipples were proving it. I looked away, we splashed each other a bit, swam a few strokes together and stood again. Annie spluttered and made a joke: “You still got your balls, mate? Sure they haven’t dropped off?”

“Not yet. Just less impressive than usual.”

“Hah. Bragger! Although I do recall they are moderately impressive.” She looked sideways at me, grinning coyly. I smiled. She splashed me and I retaliated by grabbing her around the waist. She squealed as I dumped her in the water, spluttered as she came back up. She grabbed me back, tried to topple me. She must have known she couldn’t, but the wrestling was fun. This time I scooped her up in my arms and went to drop her on her back. She squealed and threw her arms around my neck, so there we were, me carrying her while she hung on to stop me dunking her again.

I put her down. “Um, Annie… Your top.”

She wasn’t keen to let go of my neck in case it was a ruse, but she looked down anyway. One nipple was out in the open. She looked into my eyes. “No you don’t mister! I fix that and you’ll dunk me, right?”

I played along: “Fix it and find out!”

There was nobody near enough to see her, or us. Instantly it went from an innocent game to something more charged. She said timidly: “It’s only a tit. And that water’s bloody cold.”

I teased some more: “Mmm, I guess that’s why it’s poking out so much. Damn thing nearly scratched me when I threw you before.”

“Pig! And stop looking!”

“Price of safety, I’m afraid. Nipple out means you don’t get no dunked, but then it’s visible…”

She became serious. “Danny, seriously. It’s funny, but let me go now?” Of course I did, and she tucked her boob back behind the fabric. She was still smiling, and said: “Thank you, kind sir, for allowing me my modesty.”

“My pleasure.”

“I bet it was.”

“Hah! You fox!”

The serious look returned. “Danny, am I pretty?”

“What? Yes, of course you are.”

She smiled, tiptoed to kiss my cheek, and said: “Race you to şişli escort the towels.” She pushed me backwards and I stumbled, giving her a head start. I didn’t try too hard to catch up — watching her wet bottom wriggling through the thigh-deep water and up the beach was worth not winning the race.

Mum wasn’t there. We looked around and saw her kicking water in the shallows a hundred meters away. This time Annie and I were facing each other, heads on elbows. I sensed something in her, so I asked: “What is it Annie? I mean, what’s with the ‘am I pretty’ thing?”

“Simon Reeves told me I was plain.”

“Pfff! Simon Reeves? God’s gift to the female of the species?”

“Yeah, I know, but — why would he say that?”

“Cos he’s a dickhead. Or blind. Or gay.”

She laughed. “Or all three?”

“Yeah, definitely all three. Annie, I’ve only just noticed your, um, womanly charms myself. Always thought of you as my little sister. But now…”

“Now that you’ve drooled over my naked body, you mean.”

I looked in her eyes and saw the smile there, so I reciprocated. “Not drooled, exactly. More like marvelled.”

“Oh ‘marvelled’ did you? Hahah. I’m ‘marvellous’ am I?”

“Yeah, actually you are. Look, I haven’t much experience of girls, but you’re as pretty as any of them. Really.”

“And sexy?”

There was no guile in her tone so I answered honestly.

“Yeah. You’re sexy. No I mean it.”

“OK, if you insist! Look, Danny. I don’t know if I’m all hormonal or something, but I’m really mixed up at the moment. Tell me. If I wasn’t your sister, would you, I mean…”

“Would I want to go out with you? Hell yes.”

“No. Would you want to…” She lowered her voice, “Would you want to have sex with me?”

I looked in her eyes. To say no would be to hurt her, to say yes — to my own sister? Where was I to go with this?

She reached over and stroked my face. She said: “It’s OK Danny. You don’t need to answer that.” Then she lay on her back and closed her eyes, smiling. “Your cock answered for you.”

She was right. I’d hoped she hadn’t noticed, but he’d come a little more alive at the thought of sex with her. So I tried to lighten the moment: “Bitch!”


It was how our childhood arguments used to end, only this time we were both smiling. I lay down, almost dozed off. Mum returned, we collected our stuff and went home for dinner.

The week went by like any other. When the weekend came around, mum got an extra shift and went to work on the Saturday. It rained. I was watching TV, Annie read a magazine. Out of nowhere she said: “Oooh, look! A sex quiz! Come on, do it with me!”


“Oh come on, it’ll be fun! Question one. Do you prefer your partner to take the lead, yes no or sometimes.”

“What partner?”

“Come on, just play along.”

“Jesus. OK. Sometimes.”

“Question two.”

“No way! You have to answer too.”

“Oh, OK. I’ll say ‘sometimes’ too then. Two. Do you prefer slow lovemaking or fast?”


“Not an option.”

“But it depends, I guess. Maybe sometimes slow is better, sometimes fast.”

“I’ll go for slow. Maybe one day I’ll try both. Three. At what age did you lose your virginity?”

“Are we both in the ‘I haven’t yet’ category?”

“Mmm hmm. OK, four. Have you ever seen your sister naked?”

“What? That’s not really in the quiz, is it?”

“Yes it is. Come look.” I didn’t. I just said: “You know I have.”

“Five. Did it turn you on, even a little bit?”

The sex quiz, if it even existed, was obviously a ruse. I gulped. But I wasn’t going to back out. “Yes.”

Annie looked at me, I met her eyes. She said: “What did you do?”

I told her the truth. “The images stuck in my head for days. I was tormented. Eventually I gave in and thought about her — you — and I masturbated.”

I saw her eyes flash when I said it. She put the magazine down. Still looking straight at me, she said: “I’ve thought about you naked too. Danny? I know it’s wrong, but, oh shit! Let’s show each other again? Masturbate together? Whaddya say?”

“Shit Annie, no! We can’t! What’s got into you? Did Simon bloody Reeves mess with your head that much?”

“What? No, a pox on him. It’s just that I want to learn, and I don’t want to learn with someone I can’t trust.”

It sort of made sense. My rigid dick thought so.

“Annie, we’re not kids playing ‘show me yours and I’ll show you mine’. Anything we do can’t be undone.”

“But you want to, right?”

My head screamed ‘no’, but my mouth said “Yes.”

In an instant she had stood and peeled her cotton dress over her head. She took off her bra, giggled as she dropped it, and pulled down her panties. “Hurry up, Danny.”

I stood, unbuckled my jeans and pulled them down with my boxers, awkwardly past my erection. My windcheater went next, and we stood, naked, facing each other, each unashamedly devouring the other’s nakedness with şişli eve gelen escort our eyes.

“Oh. I guess I hadn’t thought much past this point, Danny. Haha. I don’t know what to do next.”


I beckoned her over to the couch and sat her at one end. I sat at the other. From there it seemed natural. Annie opened her legs and touched herself with a crooked, self-conscious smile. I stroked my cock, watching while my sister dipped her index finger inside herself and used the juice to lube her clit.

The sight was new to me. I’d never seen a real one. But I was willing to bet no girl anywhere had a pussy as pretty as my sister’s.

We masturbated and watched each other for a few minutes in silence, apart from the occasional giggle or moan from either one of us. Annie seemed to be just enjoying it, excited but under control. But I was on fire. My voice creaked when I said: “Annie, oh shit girl. I wanna fuck you so bad, right now.”

“No Danny. We can’t.”

“I know. But I’m so hot I’m trembling.”

“So I see. Come closer Danny.”

I knelt in front of her on the couch. Her legs were still wide open, between my knees. I looked at the object of my desire as Annie gripped my cock in her hands. I nearly fainted at her touch. I leaned forwards and supported my weight with my hands on the arm of the couch either side of her head. From that vantage I looked at her pretty face, flushed now with excitement, her breasts straining with her breathing, and down further at my sister’s open pussy as she flicked and rubbed at it.

It was too much. I felt my face redden and my thighs began to jerk. Annie knew what was going to happen and clearly wanted it. Her touch on my cock was maddeningly gentle, yet it made the approaching climax all the more intense for its gentleness. I was about to explode on my sister and neither of us cared.

My ass muscle tightened, my balls lifted high. I was close. The familiar burning in my root and along my shaft rose to an itch. My heart beat like jungle drums, I began to sweat and pant. On it came, a tide that couldn’t be stopped.

“Oh Annieeee!”

I grunted as the first small gob oozed from the end of my cock. I watched it as the second, a jet this time, pulsed out and landed on Annie’s left breast. I was aware of her laughing with delight, as another spurt erupted and landed next to the last. It felt like having a bicycle chain pulled through my cock. Each pulse brought forth my essence and splashed it on my sister’s tits. My mind flashed between images of a gob of cum sticking to her left nipple, a drop already running down the inside of one orb, her mouth open in delight, her eyes sparkling, and always my cock, pulsing, splashing more cum on her.

At the last weak twitch, I simply looked into my sister’s eyes. She was saying “Wow!” but I was in a fog conscious only of my twitching cock in my faraway mind, vaguely registering the fact: My naked sister had jerked me off until I came on her tits.

There was no guilt, only joy. It was mirrored in her face. After some seconds, I knelt up properly and reached between her legs. She was wet there, and I asked: “Can I get you off too?”

She replied: “Maybe later. Oh wow Danny! You came so much! Look at me! Is that normal, that much cum?”

“No. Jesus girl, you did that to me.”

“Yes, I guess I did! Um, you wanna get me a tissue so I can wipe it off?”

I did so. As I walked back my mental camera captured an image. Annie, my sister, red hair tousled around her shoulders. Pale skin, round breasts, erect pink nipples. Legs wide apart still, pussy open and glistening. She’s smiling. And my cum is all over her chest.

I handed her the tissue. She was giggling as she wiped away my jizz.

I needed to give her the pleasure she’d given me. Without thinking much about it, I dropped to my knees beside the couch and just grabbed her thighs to pull her pussy to my mouth. It wasn’t planned, it just seemed right. I’d got my tongue on her labia before she reacted.

“Oh no Danny, please don’t. I don’t think I’d like… Danny?”

She tried to push my head away. I ignored her. I licked at her juices, poked my tongue into her vagina. I found her clit, swollen and a little red, and kissed it. The pressure from her hands on my head relented. Her thighs relaxed.

“Oh fuck Danny. That’s electric!”

I explored with my mouth and tongue, poked fingers into her pussy. Whatever I was doing was working. Annie wriggled under my tongue, panting and groaning. One hand stayed on the back of my head to guide me, the other pulled at her nipples and rubbed her tits.

Her head was back, eyes closed. I hoped her pleasure was as intense as mine had been.

After a couple of minutes Annie’s thighs pressed against my head and she began thrusting gently at my mouth with her hips. She was going to cum. At some point I stopped trying to control my ministrations and just licked and sucked. Annie’s orgasm was building and all I could do was help it along.

She went stiff. I assumed it was starting and poked two fingers deep into her wet tunnel. She squealed and gripped them with her inner muscles, fucking them gently with her hips, then froze again. She stopped breathing, then squeaked as her tummy began to ripple. It spread to her thighs and she exploded.

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