My Sis and I… Ch. 02

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Before continuing this story I would like to make a brief commentary on the feedback I have received. I would like to thank those that liked it. To those that left rude comments, I don’t care. I write for my pleasure… Let me be clear, while I like the pleasantries exchanged between myself and a few of the other readers I will make no bones about telling people how I feel.

I AM a former Marine. That is not up for debate, either accept it or don’t. I have made love to my sister, accept it or don’t. I don’t care what people think. I post these stories so that I can share my experiences with everyone good and bad.

That being said, please from now on if you are going to criticize my stories, do so in a respectful manner and think before you write.

Again thanks for the pleasant comments, and keep them coming!

Chapter 2: My Sis and I, a new beginning!

We went about the rest of our day without saying a word, I felt so strange. I mean this was my sister that had just given me, quite possibly, the best blow job I had ever received from ANYONE! It was incredible.

I had to go to the bathroom to think for a few. I sat on the counter and just thought, “Why on God’s green earth did I let my sis just suck me off like that!?” I kept running it through my head and I couldn’t think of a single reason why I wouldn’t let her blow me other than “It is incest.” That’s the only thing that held me and her apart in my mind.

I left the bathroom with a single thought in my head. “How can I get into her pants?” I had no clue as to where to even start. I kept it going through my head as to what I would do. I would romance her, I would just take it, I would take my time and wait… The list I formulated was nothing like me. I couldn’t come up with an easy way of getting into her pants when she had just simply walked up and took what she so obviously wanted while I laid on the couch… Oh the memories I’ll have of that blowjob!

I had to get my mind right so I grabbed my fishing poles and headed down to the pond. It wasn’t a big pond, but it gave me a enough room to think and there were a few spots that were well shaded enough that I could remain comfortable nearly all day. I was not a big guy by any means but if I were any larger I wouldn’t be able to fit in my favorite little “secret” hole. This tiny spot was a magnet to big fish. I could pull 8 and 9 pound bass out of here all day and not get bored.

I had a pack of cigarettes and a tackle box full of new baits I wanted to try out so I knew I would be here a while. I heard the fence rattle so I knew someone was coming over from the apartment complex to either fish or feed the ducks. The fence is only a few feet high, more designed to be an annoyance than a stop to people coming over to fish. The “Backyard Pond” group had decided to put the fence up by our complex because our landlord didn’t want to pay to have someone mow the grass there. Needless to say it was a stupid reason.

I was looking over at the front of the pond to see who had come over the fence when a hand on my shoulder had jerked me back to reality!

“SHIT!” I half yelled, half gasped out.

“I’m sorry Mikey, I didn’t mean to scare you. It’s just that-“

“We haven’t talked since this morning, I know Jules.” I couldn’t help but look down. She was more intimidating to me than any Drill Instructor ever had been. Julie has a softness that makes you scared to hurt her, a passion that can scare you and a heart of gold. This can make her very naive at times, but nonetheless beautiful.

“Look if you are upset at me I’ll understand, I’ll just leave you to your fish and go back home.” She seemed so sad, like I had hurt her.

This nearly tore a whole in my chest. I never wanted to hurt my sister, I loved her more than anything and I would never hurt her purposely. I guess me not saying anything to her for the rest of the day had affected her more than I knew.

“No, stay please Jules, we should probably spend a bit more time together eh?”

She smiled a bit and sat in the grass next to me. She was wearing a pair of short denim shorts, not so short that it made her look slutty but god she looked good in them. Half way down her thighs and a little plaid shirt on with it. Her shirt was a buttoned up to just under her collarbone. Letting enough of her skin show to entice but not enough to be thought of as cheap.

She sat next to me and started rambling on about this morning, about what it was like for her. All I could think of was “Dear God woman you are amazing!”

“Mike, I want you to know that I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t really love you. I really do, you have always been so good to me. You were always so good to me and mom. I just hope you know it wasn’t ever forgotten. The day you left for Boot my heart was broken. I hated seeing you leave because as much trouble as I gave you, I always loved you so much.”

“Stop, just stop a minute please!!!” I was trying to wrap my mind pangaltı escort around what all she was saying. “Look I know you love me, that was never a question. I know you cared for me. I just am having a rough time with this whole brother sister lover thing, I mean it’s just… So wrong!”

I know that this must’ve hurt her deep because she started to turn her head away.

“Julie, I love you so much and if you are wondering if I look down on you at all because of this morning I don’t. What you did for me was incredible. It’s just I don’t want this to be something we jump into and end up hurting worse. I never want your heart broken because of me, and I know it’s already happened once. I know that it isn’t right of me to ask you to wait after this morning. I know that. I just need you to let me think it out, okay?”

“Mike, I’ll give you the time you need. Please just remember that it’s killing me inside not knowing. I’m going back to the apartment, I’ll have dinner ready in about an hour.”

Watching her get up out of the grass and leave without a kiss goodbye or anything was the weirdest feeling. Inside I was so conflicted. My heart wanted nothing more than to chase her down and hold her and kiss her. I never wanted anything so badly in my life.

I went back inside about 45 minutes later to take a hot shower and get ready for dinner. I put my fishing stuff in the spare closet and went got a pair of jeans and a white t out of the suitcase I was using for some of my spare clothes. I went into the bathroom and got the water running, brushed my teeth while the water heater sorted itself out. We had older appliances and sometimes the water took a few minutes to heat up. I always knew that it wouldn’t be so quick so it gave me time to brush my teeth, shave and get a look at my ragged self before getting in the shower.

I washed my hands with toothpaste first to get rid of the fish oils on my hands (this is in no way a lie or an endorsement, but Colgate toothpaste rocks for getting rid of the smell of fish on your hands!) I hopped in the shower and let the water just run over me for a second. Letting the water rinse the tensions out of my body.

After vigorously washing the strain of the day off my body, I got out and dried off. I left the shower to find my sister true to her word. Dinner was indeed ready, mom and her were chattering away about how her day at the cleaners went. I smiled and realized just how much I loved the banality of life. How these two just lived and got through things without having to struggle through a simple conversation like I did was amazing and a bit amusing to me. Don’t know why… Never have figured that out. An advertisement for a new movie came on and Julie immediately laughed.

“What?!” I asked out of instinct more than genuine curiosity.

“Look at the main actor!” She was still giggling.

“Oh hell, are you serious!?” I knew immediately that this was never going to be lived down. The poor bastard and I looked undeniably alike. I knew this was the beginning of the end for me. Her and mom loved giving me hell over random things like this. Letting me know I could have done better than the Military, I could have been famous or something.

“I look nothing like him. He has brown hair and I have auburn hair!” I stated like a moron. Just trying to play it up at this point.

“Shut up! You look just like him and you know it!!!”

“No I don’t, I wear a high’n’tight! He has some kinda dumb little fade!”

We all started laughing like idiots. It was at that moment I realized just how much I loved my sister. I stopped laughing for a minute and finished my plate of spaghetti.

“Anyways, I’m not good at memorizing stuff. I’d never be a good actor! I do however know one thing I’m good at… See y’all later, I’m heading to the pond!”

I took my plate out to the kitchen and rinsed it off a bit. I looked in the sink after getting it all washed off. I shook my head as I realized just how ordered my life had been at Boot Camp. I had even carried a few things home with me. I had not only rinsed the plate, the fork, my glass… I had unknowingly washed them and put them in the clean side of the sink. My mother would probably die of a heart attack knowing that I had done a dish!

“Well mom, you got your wish! I finally did something other than manual labor.” I announced proudly as I walked into the living room.

My mom looked at me with her head cocked off to the side. “Oh lord, Michael, if you broke something I will end you!”

“I broke something, a record, 20 some odd years without doing a dish, I finally did one for ya!”

We all descended into laughter once more as I grabbed my fishing poles and headed out the door with a quick I love you to my mom and sis.

I sat back on the bank next to my favorite little fishing hole with my lure sitting lamely in the water. I wasn’t even trying to catch anything while I sat there. I was just enjoying the pendik escort evening sky.

Letting the hours pass until darkness when I would go home and fall asleep on the couch watching re-runs of whatever sitcom was on at the moment.

I was once again jarred to reality when Julie sat beside me and scared me half to death. She was getting good at sneaking up on me without even knowing it!

“Mike, are you alright. You haven’t been very talkative at all today.” She seemed genuinely concerned.

“Yeah, I’m good. Just relaxing. What’s up?”

“Can I use this one?” She asked pointing at the pole that was sitting unused.

“Sure, knock yourself out. Just be careful you don’t hook yourself.” I smiled as I watched her do exactly as I had done and just let the line sit out on the water.

She had this concentrated look on her face. Her nose wrinkled up a bit. She had a cute little button nose and when she wrinkled it up the way she had it made me smile a bit. It looked so comical her sitting there staring at the bait that she was obviously not doing anything to. Just letting it sit there.

“This is stupid. Why aren’t they biting, you catch them all day here!”

“Well, reel it in slowly…” I smiled knowing what was about to happen.

“Are you sure? Your bait is just sitting there too!”

“I’m not trying to catch anything other than a nap.” I said with a little hint of laughter to my voice.

“Oh!” She started slowly reeling in the little crank bait I had on the line.

“MIKE!!! I think I have one!!” She seemed so surprised.

I watched as she fought what was obviously a good sized bass. It hopped out of the water and she kept on reeling it in as fast as she could. “Mike help me!”

I was laughing at her as she fought the fish into the the little spot we were sitting. When she finally got it up on the bank she dropped the rod and kinda shrieked. “Get it off, get it off!!!”

I did so quickly enough that I knew she had to be impressed by the muscle memory that went into the simple act of taking a hook out of a fishes mouth. I held it out to her. She had just landed a 7 pound Largemouth.

“EW!” She scrunched her face up. She was always the girly girl.

I put the fish back in the pond and we started finally talking.

“Julie, set the rod down for a minute. I want to talk.”

She sat beside me and laid out as I had been. She turned on her side to face me.

“You know if we go down this path we have to be sure right?”

“Yes Mikey, I know.” She seemed scared of what I was saying.

“You know that I love you right?” I asked plainly.

“Yes, and I love you so much”

“Good, then in my mind it’s settled. Hopefully you don’t have a boyfriend that we are going to piss off!” I laughed knowing full well she didn’t. She might just jumped out of her skin if it were possible she was so excited. “Grab that rod and let’s head inside.” I picked up my tackle box and rod and went back into the house.

We watched a few episodes of some sitcom. So much had changed for us. Hopefully this was what we needed to have. I really prayed that this was going to be what we wanted!

We all said our good nights and mom and Julie went to bed. They each had come over and gave me a hug and kiss. One from a mother, one from a lover. Thankfully our mom didn’t notice Julie reach down and pinch my butt behind her back!

That would have been hard to explain!

I slept truly good for the first night in ages!!

When I woke up I had my cup of coffee and sat down on the couch. I took the blankets off and read the morning news. I still enjoyed the funny papers and enjoyed working my way there through the random news articles.

I noticed the water running in the kitchen. Julie was up. I walked into the kitchen and was shocked to see her there. She was wearing a set of pj bottoms and a sexy little top. “WOW!”

She turned and laughed. “Never thought I’d get that out of you!”

I walked over and wrapped my arms around her. Smiling I leaned down and kissed her, feeling her perky tits against my chest through our clothes. I could smell her hair, her neck seemed so soft. Her hands on my hips as I kissed her… Needless to say I had gotten an insane hardon from just kissing her.

She noticed and leaned down and jokingly patted the head of my dick through my pants, “Hello to you too!”

I smiled and picked her up in my arms. I kissed her passionately. I felt her pressing her lips against mine just as rough as I was hers. I carried her to her bedroom and laid her down gently. We laid there kissing for a few minutes before she pushed back against me.

“Mike, I love you, more than anything, but if you keep kissing me like this and don’t do anything about it… I’ll kill you!!” She said with the most insane look of desire in her beautiful eyes!

I kissed her and made her wait just a minute more. I leaned back up and pulled her top off of her. rus escort God her tits were more amazing nude than they were in that sexy ass top she was wearing! Her nipples were extremely hard. I kissed down her neck to her nipples and started sucking on them one by one. While I sucked on one I teased the other between my fingers.

I worked my free hand down under her pj’s and started gently working my fingers over her clit. She started moaning into my ear. I sat back up and pulled her pants down, I dove straight for my target. I saw her swollen lips and I knew immediately she wanted me as bad as I did her. I spread them between my fingers a bit and started to lick along her lips. She was moaning and gyrating her hips a bit. I felt her hands on the back of my head as I started licking her clit. Her little bud was hard and soaking. Her entire pussy seemed to have just been drenched. God she tasted so sweet. It was obviously still a pussy I was eating but it wasn’t… raunchy, it was obviously a well cared for little cunt. I slide my fingers inside her while she was moaned and jerked on the bed. God she was tight. I didn’t think she was a virgin at this point but I looked up at her puzzled. I knew she had boyfriends who had that reputation of not taking no for an answer.

“I saved it for you Mikey, you have no clue how long I’ve wanted you!”

As soon as she said that I melted. I climbed on top of her and kissed her. She seemed to devour my tongue. She wanted to taste herself on my mouth. I freed myself from my pants and gently rubbed my dick up and down her swollen lips.

“God I love you hun!” I managed to moan out! I had chills run up and down my spine as she gently pulled my hips into hers.

“Mikey, I love you too. Please be gentle with me.” She had a little tremble to her voice, but it was one not of fear. I think for the first time she was letting me see how vulnerable she was with me. How off her guard she was for me.

I gently slid my head in and she started shuddering, God she was tight. I felt her pussy start clenching as I worked my shaft slowly in and out of her. I felt it reach her hymen and she looked at me.

“Mmmm go ahead Mikey, it’s okay. I’m ready for you.”

With that I pulled out and pressed past her cherry. I felt her wince a bit and I waited for her to be ready again. She surprised me and started gyrating under me. Moving her hips hard against my hard dick. I immediately started thrusting in and out of her, not fucking her senselessly but genuinely making love to her. I had my arms under her, my hands on her shoulders. I pulled her down onto my hard cock harder and harder. I knew we were both about to cum. I knew I was close from the tingling in my balls. I knew she was close from the guttural moans and grunts coming from her lips.

“Unghhh MMMMMM F-f-f-ff-FUCK!!!!!” With that she clenched down hard and it sent me over the edge, I could feel her clenching and releasing on my cock as I shot my seed deep inside her.

We laid there panting for a minute or two. I laid my head on her shoulder and gingerly rolled off and out of her. We laid side by side until she got up and ran to the bathroom. “Be back in a minute!!!” She yelled over her shoulder.

I laughed at what I heard next. “Jesus Mikey, how much did you shoot up in there!? HOLY FUCK ITS STILL COMING OUT!”

At this I started cackling like an immature school boy!

I knew I had just given her a load but I guess I lost it a bit more than I knew.

When she finally came out and I saw the look on her face as she saw the red stain on her sheets I knew I was in for it! These were her favorite sheets and they were damn near irreplaceable! Thank GOD for the military being good about paying on time.

“Don’t worry. I’ll get you new ones!” I said reassuringly as possible. “Just get dressed and we will go get something to eat then we will go to the store and pick you up a new set!”

She just laughed at me when I said this.

“You are so cute when you are trying to keep from having your ass chewed. You know that right?”

“Oh you suck! I thought you were mad.” I said dumbly. “Just for that, no new sheets!” We laughed and play fought a bit before we decided it was best if we got dressed and got rid of the evidence of our indiscretions.

After a quick bite at a local diner we went into the little strip mall. There were a few stores that sold sheets, but one that had a really nice selection of silk ones that I thought would make up for the ruined set at the house. I bought her a set of black silk ones that she went positively gaga over.

“I love them Mike!” She had this look of awe on her face.

I quickly tore off the price tag. I knew she wouldn’t want me to spend much on them and these weren’t exactly cheap.

Well… at least I knew there wouldn’t be any blood on this set!

After doing a bit more shopping and picking up a few things for myself and renting a few movies we headed back to the house.

We got home and spent the rest of the day watching movies and relaxing on the couch. It was nice feeling like a “normal” couple for a bit before mom got home.

That night ended just as the previous had. We sat watched tv and ate dinner. We all said goodnight and fell asleep…

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