My Shaved Experience Ch. 1

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A few years ago I had a member of my staff staying at my house for a few months while he found a permanent place to stay. By the time that Rory had been living with us for about 2 weeks he asked if his girlfriend could stay for the weekend we agreed since they were sharing a room anyway this would be no inconvenience for the family.

The next Friday arrived and Rory went off the airport to collect Marina. We were sitting around the pool when he returned. I was almost speechless when he introduced us. Before me stood a blonde beauty with the most correctly proportioned body and the face to match. I offered her a drink and asked her if she didn’t want to slip into a bathing suit and join us. She walked into the house and was soon back out with a towel around her; she slowly walked to the deep-end and dropped the towel. She was wearing an awesome white G-string bikini and her full breasts filled the top to perfection while just a slight bulge showed off her hairy pussy. As she dived into the pool I was having extreme difficulty hiding the growing erection quickly forming in my pants.

We sat around the pool until it got dark, drinking wine and talking. We then moved inside to the bar and continued our discussions. As the wine flowed the talk got more and more frank and it wasn’t long before the subject turned to sex. Katherine, my wife, started telling Marina how shortly after we met I persuaded her to shave off her pubic hairs. At first she had resisted as she had had a fairly conservative upbringing and felt that this type of thing was really perverted. After a few days of coaxing she had finally agreed and we had shaved her pubic hair off. She went on to say that since that day she had never had long pubes again and that she now kept them either very short or completely shaved. Marina said she had tried to shave but had ended up cutting herself and within a few days the itchy stubble had nearly driven her crazy. That was where I stepped in! “You have to just use the right technique,” I told her “if you follow my step by step instruction it will work fine.” Marina was very skeptical until Katherine took her through to the bedroom and showed her her own pussy, which had been shaved 3 days earlier. Marina tentatively asked Katherine whether she could feel how hard the hairs were. “Go ahead” Katherine, said, “feel how soft they are”.

The girls came back from the room with Katherine looking slightly flushed and Marina with a sparkle in her eyes. Soon afterwards we all went off to bed. As we lay in bed Katherine turned to me and said “you find her very attractive, don’t you?”

“Was it that obvious?” I asked.

“You sat with your mouth open half the night,” she said.

“What did you guys get up to in here?” I asked, knowing that my wife was very straight.

“I just let Marina see how my shave looked. She did also just feel whether the stubble was hard or not” she said.

“Sheez” I sighed, ” what did that feel like?”

“Actually quite nice” she whispered, ” a woman’s touch is so much softer than you men”. I eventually fell asleep with all these thoughts rushing around in my head. I had never slept with another woman since I had met Katherine and the possibilities in my mind were mind-boggling.

The next afternoon Katherine and the family were out at movies and I was sitting watching sport on TV when I heard a car arrive outside. A few minutes later Rory and Marina walked into the house. Rory had a glum look on his face. His cell phone had just rung and he had been called out to a breakdown on the plant. No idea how long it would take. He quickly changed into his work clothes and was gone.

Marina walked into the lounge and told me she had something to show me. As I followed her she walked straight into the main bedroom and then through into the bathroom. She turned around to face me and slowly lifted her skirt. She was wearing the sexiest turquoise G-string I have ever seen. Her thumbs hooked the side of the panties and she slowly slid them down exposing a newly shaved pussy. I stared at her pussy. The lips were completely closed with just a hint of a bump that covered her clitoris. “I took you advice and just wanted to tell you how well it worked,” she innocently said.

“Sheez!” I exclaimed, “that is the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen!” Seeing my obvious erection she lifted her hand to mine and guided it onto her bare mound.

“Feel how smooth and soft it feels,” she breathed. My fingers just rubbed over her mound and I could feel hips gently pushing into my hand. I knelt down onto my knees and slowly buried my face into the soft, smooth folds of skin. I breathed in her heavenly scent. I slid my tongue down her slit and started to push it into her now wet pussy. As I started to taste her juices I heard a car pull up outside. I immediately realized that this was the family home. Marina realized what was happening and quickly pulled up her panties and hurried off to her room. By pendik escort now my hard-on had disappeared and I went out to say hi to the family.

I had no opportunity to pursue my plans with Marina again that day but hoped that an opportunity would arise the next day. On the Sunday we spent the day around the pool having a barbecue. Katherine removed her top and lay by the pool sun tanning. I walked over to her and suggested she take off her bikini bottom and start working on that ‘all over” tan. She glanced over at Rory and Marina and said “don’t you think they will mind?”

“No” I said, “Marina said last night that she was a bit of an exhibitionist at heart.” My mind was racing at the opportunity to see that beautiful pussy one more time. Katherine thought about it for a few minutes and then slowly slid off her bikini bottom

“Come on Marina, lets get these bottoms off and get that proper tan going,” she yelled across. Marina looked over at me and slowly unhooked her top and thew it to the ground; next she slipped her bikini bottom off and stepped out of them. “Oh great” yelled Katherine “you did it, how does it feel?”

“The skin is so sensitive from only ever having been shaved once that it feels really erotic.” Marina called back. I looked back at Katherine and couldn’t help noticing that she was looking flushed and her pussy lips were glistening from the moisture. Was this just perspiration or was she getting turned on?

The day sped by and it was soon time for Rory to take Marina to the airport to catch her return flight. I hugged her goodbye and as she put her arms around me she whispered, “there will always be another chance”.

The weeks quickly sped by and my unbelievable experience slowly drifted to the back of my mind, that is until a few months later when we were planning our office Christmas party. I realized that this would be my opportunity to progress what had started earlier in the year. As was traditional all spouses were invited to the company Christmas party and we tried to keep husbands and wives from sitting together. I felt that it was my privilege to be able to arrange the table seating and obviously made sure that I was seated next to Marina. The long awaited night arrived and we all met at the restaurant. When Marina walked in I knew my wait had been worthwhile. She was wearing a tiny mini skirt with a white lace top. Under the top she had a beautiful white lace bra and the tips of those inviting nipples could be seen through the thin fabric. As she sat down she let her skirt hike up until I could just see the slightest glimpse of her matching white lace panties. She continued to flirt with me for the remainder of the evening. At one stage she stood up and went off to the ladies room. When she returned she sat down and slipped something onto my lap. I looked down and saw her lace panties lying in my lap, she leaned across and whispered in my ear “a little souvenir for later on” and rubbed her hand across my now throbbing erection. I quickly slipped them into my pocket and fantasized fucking my hand while breathing in her pussy scent. As we got on to dessert I heard her say to the woman sitting next to her that although Rory was very well endowed she always craves sex with men who have enormous pricks. I felt this was a great time to throw in the opinion of an averagely endowed man.

“It’s not the size of the nail but the person hammering the nail” I joked,

“How so?” she asked.

“A really good lover can get you going long before he pulls his prick out of his pants. An educated tongue can be worth much more that a 12′ dick” I retorted. Shortly thereafter the party broke up and we all went our respective ways.

By the time we got home I was so horny, my cock was as hard as a rock. As Katherine slipped into bed a rolled over and put my arms around her. She seemed just as horny as I was as she pushed her newly shaved pussy up against my throbbing cock. We kissed deeply and I felt her hands move down my back and pull my cock hard against her mound. As I rubbed her hard nipples between my fingers she grasped my hard cock and guided it to her wet lips. “I need you inside me” she gasped. I pushed it in about an inch and just teased the inside of her wet pussy. “Fuck me deeper” she breathed into my ear. I then pushed my hard cock deep inside her. She moaned and writhed around as I pounded her waiting pussy. All the excitement of the evening seemed to quickly push both of us over the edge. We lay there quietly, each of us deep in our thoughts. Katherine slid her hands down my body and started to gently fondle my prick. Katherine straddled my body and slowly took my hardening cock into her soft mouth. Above my face I could see her hot pussy with my cum leaking out between her lips and starting to trickle down her thighs. I pulled her pussy down to my waiting lips and tasted my thick cum mixed with her pussy juices. She took my cock deep in silivri escort her throat and as she sucked on my head her hand started caressing my balls. I sucked her pussy until all the juices were soon running down my throat. I then started to suck her clit in a steady rhythm until I could feel that her orgasm was slowly building. I gently inserted a finger into her waiting pussy and let it rotate around the hot walls of her cunt. She started moaning and writhing around until the floodgates opened which quickly sent me over the edge. We drifted off into a blissful sleep.

A few weeks we held our New Years party. As the house started to fill up we were all very busy welcoming people and getting the barbecue fires going and I didn’t have much time to think about anything else. At about 8pm I was standing at the bar relaxing when Marina walked up. She was dressed in a pair of tight jeans and a white vest. I noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra and I could see the dark patches where her nipples were pressed up against the vest. She took my hand and led me to the dance floor. We had been dancing for a while when a slow number came on. Marina put her arms around me and pressed her firm body up against me, she guided me to a dark corner of the dance floor and gently started to kiss my neck. As our bodies were slowly mingling on the dance floor I felt a gentle tugging at my shorts. As I looked down Marina firmly grasped my now hard cock and gave it a squeeze. “Tonight” she said, ” you can try to prove your ‘educated tongue’ theory”. I nearly came on the spot. I rubbed her pussy through her jeans and felt her hips rotate their response.

The biggest challenge that now faced me was how I would be able to slip away from the pool house to the main house without Rory or Katherine noticing. I looked over to the bar and saw that Rory had joined a group of guys sitting at the bar doing their best to kill my tequila supply. His legs were already wobbling. Marina followed my gaze and whispered ” leave him to me, just get your side in order.” I looked around the room for Katherine and finally saw her squatting next to the pool talking to a guy in the pool. She was wearing a tiny red mini skirt and I noticed that the guy in the pool was getting an unobstructed view of her panty-clad pussy. Under normal circumstances I would have beaten the shit out of him for trying to hit on my wife, but for now she was out of the way. Marina broke our embrace and made her way to the bar to speak to Rory. She quickly refilled his glass and I saw her slip something into the tequila. Rory quickly slammed back the tequila and put his glass down ready for another. Marina slipped over to where I was standing and said, “give him a few minutes and he will be off to dreamland.”

“What did you put in his drink I asked?”

“I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately and the doctor gave me some sleeping tabs to try and get my body back into a routine” she answered, “they should take about 10 minutes to work”. Shortly thereafter we saw Rory wobble off to the couch and lie down. Within minutes he was softly snoring, oblivious of the loud music playing in his ear or my hand on his girlfriends hot pussy. I glanced across to the pool and saw that by now Katherine was sitting on the edge of the pool with her feet dangling in the water; the guy she was with was resting his chin on his hands with his face not more that 10 inches from her pussy. I took Marina by the hand and said “lets slip up to the house”. She squeezed my hand and whispered, “you lead the way, and I can’t wait.”

We slipped unseen over the lawn and as we approached the house I looked back to see if anyone had noticed our departure. I saw 2 figures move from the pool house into the shadows following us up to the main house. I hung back against the side of the house to see if we had been spotted. I could not believe my eyes. Here was my wife running up the lawn holding the hand of the guy from the pool. By the way they were keeping in the shadows it was obvious that neither could see Marina or I watching their every move. They quickly slipped into the house and down the passage to the bedrooms. We followed and saw them go into the first spare room; they didn’t even bother to close the door. I took Marina by the hand and we quietly walked around the house to the spare room window. The curtains were slightly open; enough for us to see my wife’s lover on his knees with his head buried deep in her pussy. His towel was lying on the floor and his hard cock was sticking up, ready to impale her hot pussy. I heard a gasp from behind me and saw that Marina was vigorously rubbing her pussy through her jeans. I couldn’t wait any longer and quickly led Marina into the main bedroom.

Marina slipped off her shoes and crawled onto the bed. She lay back and giggled, “Let the lesson begin!” I crawled onto the bed and took her beautiful body in my arms. Our lips met. I rubbed my throbbing şirinevler escort cock against her hot pussy and felt her push back with equal force. I started kissing her cheeks and slowly moved down and kissed her neck. My hands slipped under her back and pulled the vest up over her head. She lifted my shirt off and pulled our bodies together. I could feel the now hard points of her breasts pressing into my chest. I continued kissing down her chest until I reached her hard nipples. My lips caressed her nipples and I took each one in my mouth. As I sucked her areolas into my mouth, my tongue flicked the tips of her nipples. She started to moan loudly and I just hoped that Katherine was too busy with being pleasured to notice the sounds of our lovemaking. I moved down her flat tummy and slid my tongue into her tiny belly button. She had her hand on my head and was gently rubbing her fingers through my hair. I unbuckled her belt and as she lifted her hips off the bed I pulled her tight jeans down over her hips. I turned my attentions to her bare feet and gently started rubbing them with both hands. I slipped each toe into my mouth and sucked gently on them. I had never been much of a “foot” man but the effect it was having on Marina was certainly changing my mind. I traced my kisses up her legs and made my way up her legs, ever closer to her panty-clad pussy. My kisses eventually reached her inner thighs. My tongue traced little circles around her thighs and moved up and around her pussy. My nose detected the sweet smell of her pussy. Her panties were wet and I could see the shape of her pussy lips clearly. I buried my face into the panties and used my tongue to find her hard clit. I rubbed up and down her slit with my tongue while my lips sucked at the wet spot of her panties. Her hands were now pulling my face deep into her pussy. My tongue snaked around the elastic of her panties and I started flicking her clit. Marina writhed around on the bed and moaned, “Take my panties off and tongue my pussy.” I slipped my fingers into the lace band of the wet white panties and slipped them down her legs. In the dim light I saw her pussy had been newly shaved. “I had hoped something like this would happen” she said ” I shaved my pussy this afternoon. I bent down and slowly ran my tongue over her neat smooth lips. The contact with the newly shaved pussy had her moaning quietly. I ran my tongue slowly in ever decreasing circles until at last it touched her swollen clit. I ran my tongue down her slit and slid it into her dripping cunt. By now Marina was bucking her pussy against my face and I felt her juices running down my cheeks. Within seconds I heard her yell, ” I’m cumming” as even more juice leaked from her pussy. She lay there panting. I felt my rock hard cock pushing in to the bed and I could feel a wet spot had formed. My tongue resumed its rhythmic licking of her clit. I gently slid my finger into her tight pussy and while I sucked her clit my finger started rubbing against her pubic bone deep in her cunt. This immediately sent her over the edge once again. She took my hand and pulled me up to her. She kissed me on the lips, her tongue slipping into her mouth. “Hmmm” she said, “there is nothing quite like the taste of pussy!” “Lie back and enjoy,” she giggled. Her hands ran down my chest and her lips moved down onto my nipples. She sucked each nipple into her mouth her tongue rolling around and around. She sat up and let her long hair fall down my tummy and onto my thighs her soft hair caressed my balls as it cascaded over my hard prick. Her full lips sucked the head of my cock into her mouth. As her head moved down the hard shaft, her tongue ran around the edge of my head. I could feel my orgasm starting to rise from deep in my full balls. As my cock started to twitch she firmly squeezed my balls and I felt my orgasm subside. She slowly withdrew and my cock slipped from her mouth with a pop. She pushed the tip of her tongue onto the slit of my cock while her lips teased my head. She ran her lips down my shaft and took my balls into her mouth; her rhythmic sucking of my balls had the Pre-cum dripping from my cock. Her tongue traced up my shaft and she once again took my cock deep into her mouth. By now I could hold back no longer and pulled her head further onto my shaft. With a load groan I felt my cum squirt into the back of her throat. She drank up ever drop. She moved back up the bed and lay next to me, her fingers holding my spent cock.

As we lay there I sensed a movement from the doorway. I looked up to see Katherine standing at the door with her hands buried deep in her wet pussy. She slipped her fingers into her mouth as she stepped into the room. “Is there anything left for me?” she asked. Marina quietly got off the bed and walked around to where Katherine was standing. She took her hand and led her to the bed. In one movement she pulled Katherine’s dress over her head and gently laid her on the bed. “Fuck me in the mouth” Katherine said to me. I straddled her small tits and offered my now hardening cock to her lips. She lifted her head and sucked my cock into her mouth. As I pushed forward I heard her moan. I looked over my shoulder and saw Marina’s face buried deep in my wife’s cunt. “No” she moaned, “I’ve never done this before.”

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