My Sex-Packed Holiday Ch. 06

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The story so far:

On holiday in Devon with my parents and my brother Matt, we make friends with Abi and her daughter Sally. So begins a series of increasingly exciting sexual adventures.

• Chapter One – I accidentally stumble across Matt fucking Sally. Abi catches me watching them, and she masturbates with me while we both watch.

• Chapter Two — That evening, I tell my brother that I saw him with Sally. We each masturbate, and he ejaculates on my body.

• Chapter Three — The next day, I meet Sally on the beach while skinny-dipping and sunbathing topless, and we fuck.

• Chapter Four — That night, Sally asks me to film her and Matt fucking. Afterwards, they film me masturbating.

• Chapter Five — The next day, I have a filthy sex session with Abi, in which I first pee on her and then fist her.

Now read on…

Not surprisingly, Sally’s mum wanted to clean herself up before going to have some lunch and find her daughter, so I went back to my own room for another shower as well. While there, I pushed a couple of fingers up into my pussy, and wondered how on earth I’d managed to get my whole hand up inside Abi’s – not just five fingers, but right up to the wrist. I certainly couldn’t do it with mine; I was much too tight. Just thinking about it made me want to come again. I even made myself pee a little, and watched the pale yellow stream run down my leg and mix with the water in the shower cubicle.

After such a sexually-charged morning, it was almost a relief to go down to the beach and spend the rest of the day with my family, doing the sort of stuff normal people do on their holidays; things that don’t involve fisting and wee. Sally went back to the hotel to meet up with her mum again, and I got on with my sunbathing. My mum had taken her bikini top off to sunbathe, so I did the same, hoping to get rid of the tan-lines round my breasts. It was nice to be down on the beach relaxing, and I even had a little nap in the sun.

We saw Sally and Abi again at dinner, and Abi thanked my parents profusely for looking after Sally, and bought them a bottle of wine as a thank-you. Abi caught my eye and smiled conspiratorially at me, as well she might.

After dinner, I went for my usual post-prandial stroll along the cliffs. The weather was still lovely and warm, so I went right round to the headland and sat on a rustic bench listening to the waves breaking over the rocks below and thinking over the day’s sexual exploits yet again. After a while, this made me feel a bit horny (also yet again), so I pulled up the front of my dress and began to stroke myself through my panties. Pressing against the soft bulge of my pubic mound, I found the line of my slit between my labia, and pushed the material of my panties into the groove, making quite a nice little wet patch. Before they got too soaked, I decided I might as well take them off altogether, so, after checking no-one was looking, I pulled them down my legs and stuffed them into the bottom of my bag. Then to stop my dress getting wet as well, I pulled it right up round my waist and sat with my bare bum on the bench, hoping I wouldn’t get any splinters. Opening my legs a bit, I pushed a couple of fingers up inside my soft, warm passage and enjoyed the squish, squish, squish sound that they made.

Masturbating in the open air was such fun, and I licked my fingers several times, enjoying the taste of my juices. I didn’t go so far as to come, but just enjoyed getting myself nicely wet. After a bit of this, I began to feel like a drink. I texted Matt to see if he fancied joining me, although I suspected he might be with Sally, making up for lost time.

I took the short-cut across the fields to the “Winchester Arms”, the closest of the three village pubs to the hotel (but only just — it was a small village, and you could pretty much roll out of the back door of the “Winchester” straight into the “Ship Ahoy”, and the “Smuggler’s Hole” wasn’t much further). Anyway, luckily the same girl was behind the bar as last time, and she didn’t even ask to see my “Over 18” ID card — remember your customers, a good rule for pub staff. The pub was pretty full, but on such a warm night it was nice to take my pint out to the garden at the back. Surprisingly for such a warm night there were only two other people there (a middle-aged couple chatting quietly), so I found a table to myself under a tree a şişli üniversiteli escort bit further away and got ready to enjoy my drink.

Then my phone bleeped, and there was a text from Matt: “In pub, where r u?”

I texted back “gdn” and a few moments later he wandered down with a pint of his own.

“No Sally?” I asked with a grin. “Have you worn her out?”

He laughed. “Not yet. But her Mum’s still got a guilt trip about last night, so they’re having a mother/daughter bonding session in the lounge.”

“A bit different to the sort of bonding we were all enjoying last night,” I observed.

He gave me a cheeky smile, and delved into his bag, pulling out his laptop. “Talking of which, I’ve uploaded the video. Want to see it?”

I glanced round to make sure we weren’t likely to be disturbed, but the other couple were still chatting away over by the back door. “Let’s have a look then,” I said, and he put the laptop on the table between us and switched it on.

I moved a bit closer so we could both see it together.

“Have you shown it to Sally yet?” I asked.

“I haven’t had a chance,” he said. “But you deserve to see it anyway, since you were the one behind the camera.”

He clicked on the video link. I watched as it started, slowly at first with the two of them kissing, but then quickly got naughtier as Matt began to play with Sally’s breasts. I felt a little tingle as the camera registered the stiffness of her dark nipples, wet with Matt’s saliva. It felt a bit weird watching something that I’d filmed myself, and I began anticipating when the camera was going to zoom in, and which bits of action were coming next.

“God, I love this bit,” I commented, as the video progressed to the scene where Sally sucked at Matt’s cock, licking and slurping at it. “She’s a great cock-sucker.”

“You’re telling me,” agreed my brother. “And you’ve done a great job with the camera. Way better than it would have been if we’d just set it up ourselves.”

Not only that, but I was starting to get turned on by it all over again. It had been enough seeing Sally’s big bouncy breasts and perky nipples, but now that she was sucking vigorously on Matt’s cock, I could feel myself start to get a bit more aroused. I just knew how wet I’d be between my legs, and longed to touch myself there, but didn’t want to be the first to start. I looked at Matt, and wasn’t surprised to see the swelling of his cock in his trousers. It didn’t look fully hard yet, but even as I watched it seemed to expand and press against the material.

He seemed to be trying to look at me to gauge my reaction, but looked away embarrassed when I caught him peeping.

“Hey, you don’t need to get shy,” I said with a smile. “Don’t forget who filmed this. I’ve seen a hell of a lot more of your cock than I can see now.”

Was it watching the video that was getting him aroused, or was there more to it than that? Was it maybe watching it with me, his own sister? Whichever it was, I could see how long and hard his prick had got already. On the computer screen, I watched as the same cock, now slick with Sally’s juices, thrust in and out of her juicy pussy. I looked at Matt and he was stroking his cock through his trousers. As I watched, I saw a little damp patch appear through the denim, where a spontaneous emission of pre-cum lubrication had obviously spurted out and soaked through.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. I put my hand between my thighs and squeezed the soft, yielding bulge of my mound through my light summer dress. Without saying a word, I pulled up the hem under the table, revealing more of my bare thighs, and finally the fact that I had nothing on underneath.

Matt was watching. “Jesus, Annie, do you never wear any panties?” he said, as he saw my bare pussy.

“I had them on earlier, but they were getting in the way.”

“You mean you’ve already been diddling yourself?”

I nodded sheepishly, “Just a bit.”

Now I could feel directly the heat from my pussy. Letting my fingers slide down between my legs, I felt them get all hot and wet as they found the sticky line of my slit for the second time that evening. I pressed my forefinger between my already swollen labia and let it slip into my hole. I couldn’t help letting out a little sigh, and saw Matt looking at me with a smile.

Putting taksim anal yapan escort his hand under the table, he casually undid the button on his trousers and pulled down the zip. Slipping it inside his boxer shorts, he rummaged around until he had managed to drag his cock back up from down his trouser leg. It sprang out like a jack-in-the-box, the head already poking out from the foreskin. He put a couple of fingers around the shaft and gave it a couple of short pumps.

He was trying to watch what was going on in the video, but I caught him cast an occasional look at me fingering my bare pussy as he played with his cock. He was just gently fondling the tip, giving the stiff shaft an occasional squeeze.

I was even more turned on now, and not just by what was going on in the video. The sight of Matt playing with his cock was so hot. It felt wrong to be so excited by it, but I couldn’t help myself, it was so thick and hard and shiny. I wondered what it would feel like to hold it in my hand. So what if he was my brother?

I caught his eye, and without saying a word reached over and put my hand round his shaft. It was very warm, and I felt it twitch excitedly at my touch, while Matt let out a sigh. I squeezed it gently and gave it a few slow pumps.

I hadn’t planned to go any further, but, as I watched, another little drop of clear liquid bubbled out of the tip of my brother’s cock and began to run down the shiny knob. How could I let it go to waste? Quickly I bent over and caught it with my tongue, licking round the knob until I had found every salty drop. The tightly-stretched skin felt smooth, and I carried on sliding my tongue round the sensitive rim of his cock-helmet.

Matt let out a gasp. “Oh fuck, Annie,” he whispered, and I saw his fists clench. “You’re my sister, you shouldn’t be doing this.” A few beads of sweat had broken out on his forehead. I tried to blank out the fact that this was my brother’s cock, and forced myself to think of it as any old knob I was sucking off at a party for a dare. Carefully I licked up and down his full length, feeling the heat radiating off it as it bobbed against my face. I let it rest against my cheek as I kissed the root where it emerged from his jeans, then licked right back up. When I got to the top again, I kissed the knob, teasing him for a moment before I put him out of his misery.

Slowly, I put the whole of my brother’s cock-head into my mouth and closed my lips around it, sucking gently and pressing the tip of my tongue against the little slit in the top, wriggling it back and forth, before licking round the head again while squeezing and pumping up and down on the hot shaft. Then I steadily lowered my head onto it, taking more and more into my mouth. Using my tongue, I bounced his cock around inside my mouth, pressing it into my cheek so it bulged out, then licking and sucking at it like a particularly warm lollipop.

Matt was muttering away under his breath; variations on “Oh fuck” over and over again. I slipped a hand down below the base of his cock and fished his balls out of his boxers. I played gently with his sack, his hairs tickling my hand, while I sucked harder on his shaft. I lowered my head further and further, seeing how much I could take before I began to gag. After a couple of tries, I managed to take almost his full length, the tip just bending round the back of my throat.

I could hear his breathing getting harder and rougher, which suggested he was getting close to ejaculating. But I’d had to stop playing with myself, and now I decided I’d make him wait a bit while he did something for me first. With a deliberately loud slurp, I pulled up my head, letting his cock bounce out. Grabbing his hand, I put it on my pussy. “I’ll finish you off in a minute,” I promised, “But I want you to do me first.”

“Oh fuck, Annie, I don’t know,” he gasped.

“Come on, bro, don’t tell me you haven’t fantasised about your sister’s sweet little pussy,” I teased. “You’ve watched me masturbating twice now. You know you want to taste me.”

“Ah shit, I do,” he admitted. Edging closer to me, he rubbed his hand slowly over my bare thigh, stroking and squeezing it gently, caressing the soft inner flesh. I could feel his hand shaking slightly as he touched the edge of my vulva, hot and sticky. His fingers stroked up my mound but then, after taksim bdsm escort a quick look round, he slipped off the bench onto the grass, kneeling down under the table right between my legs. He slowly moved them further apart, exposing my pussy properly, already glistening with moisture.

Running his fingers over the firm flesh of my thighs, he leant down, and I could feel his warm breath on my private parts. Then his face was right in my crotch, and his rough tongue began to lick up and down my slit, sliding between my outer lips without quite entering me. Gently, one at a time, he sucked my labia into his mouth and tickled them with his tongue. Then at last he pressed his tongue as far into my warm, wet hole as he could manage and wiggled it backwards and forwards against the soft passageway.

“Oh bro, that’s nice,” I whispered. I ran my hands over my breasts and noticed with pleasure how visibly perky and aroused my nipples were, even through the two layers of my dress and bra. I rubbed them with my fingers, feeling the soft flesh give under my caresses. I’d almost forgotten the video was running, and I glanced at it to see that it had reached my masturbation session at the end. God, that was weird — watching myself masturbating on video while Matt licked me out for real.

As I watched, Matt moved his mouth up my slit and found the hard little bud of my clitoris. He sucked it into his mouth and gently circled his tongue around it, sending delicious tingles through my body.

“Oh yes, that’s it,” I gasped, pushing my crotch into his face. I felt his hand on my pussy again, and sighed with pleasure as he slipped a couple of fingers into my tight little hole. He pumped them in and out for a few moments, then curved them up to reach the soft spongy sensitive area just inside my entrance. I choked back a little squeal of pleasure.

Continuing to tickle my g-spot, he flicked his tongue backwards and forwards across my clit. My breath was coming quicker now, as his tongue and fingers propelled me inexorably towards an orgasm. I clenched my fists and arched my back as I came, riding the pulsating wave of tingling, quivering, excitement. As I lay back gasping on the bench, Matt pulled himself back up onto the bench again. His face was glistening with a coating of my sticky juices, and his semi-erect cock was still sticking out of his trousers, bobbing invitingly just in front of me.

Bending over again, I popped it back into my mouth and began to suck hard on it, feeling it start to swell up again to its full size. I rubbed the shaft and licked at the tip until it was shiny and purple again. Then, for a change, I licked down to the base and took his whole hairy scrotal sack in my mouth. With one bollock in each cheek, I ever so gently kneaded them with my mouth, taking care not to squeeze too hard. Then I licked back up his shaft, and began to suck seriously at it, really concentrating on the most sensitive area, wanting to make him come. I hadn’t really thought about whether I was going to let him ejaculate in my mouth, but it seemed a shame not to finish things properly.

As if on cue, “Oh fuck, I’m gonna come,” he gasped, and I felt him start to shake. Pulling his cock back a bit, I rested it on my tongue, and just licked round the rim of the helmet. Then I felt his cock pulsate, and the first spurt of hot semen filled my mouth. That first dollop I swallowed, feeling the soft salty goo run down my throat, but the next spurts I held in my mouth, until his cock was almost floating in a sea of spunk. Some of it escaped from my mouth and dribbled down his shaft, but I managed to keep most of it as I let his cock slip out from between my lips. With a smile, I opened my mouth and let him see it all sloshing about, before closing my mouth and swallowing it all in one go.

“Fuck, Annie,” Matt managed to gasp out at last. “That was, like, just wow.”

“I don’t know where all your spunk comes from,” I said. “Have you got another pair of bollocks somewhere, working overtime making the stuff?”

He grinned, licking round his mouth. “You made quite a lot of juice yourself,” he said.

I smoothed down my dress. “I always seem to,” I admitted. “But all this fresh air’s tired me out — I need some sleep. Are you coming back?”

“I guess I’d better,” he said. “It’s probably too late to see Sally again tonight.”

“Are you never satisfied?” I said. “If you don’t give that thing a rest, you’ll wear it out.”

“You can talk,” he said, which was true enough. I did love sex, though it occurred to me that so far I hadn’t managed to get a proper fuck so far on this holiday. But I hadn’t gone short on orgasms, so to be honest I decided I could live with the situation, for the time being at least.

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