My Personal Alarm Clock Ch. 02

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Deep Penetration

Thanks for the positive feedback I received about my first ever submission. This family has a lot to offer I believe in future chapters. A little bit of everything for everyone. As my name implies, I have many avenues I’ll go down with this storyline… I hope you continue to enjoy as I build the storyline and the characters.


Since Mom wouldn’t budge in regards to a little fooling around before I headed off to class I headed to campus with a raging hard-on and the sweet aroma of my mother’s pussy on my lips and in my mind. Don’t you just love when you can smell the lingering effects of sex to keep you smiling all day long?

I couldn’t help but wonder what Dad had in mind for the three of us this afternoon and evening. Ever since Susan made the volleyball team and had Tuesday evening practices, it had become our weekly play time. Dad would take off work a couple hours early and we’d have a few hours to enjoy each other without fear of Susan walking in on us. I do continue to wonder what she knows, if anything… or what she wonders is going on… or if she’s completely oblivious… Oh well, she’ll find out soon enough…

As I stroll across campus for my first class of the day I hear my name being called. It’s Helen… we dated for a little while but it didn’t work out but we remained friends.

“Hey Matt, headed to Psychology?”

“Yep, the usual Tuesday, Thursday grind.” I said with a genuine smile. Always good to see Helen… the girl could suck cock better than any of the “girls” I’d dated. She still didn’t top Mom though… hard to beat over 20 years of experience, right?

“What’s new in your world Matt? Seeing anyone? Any adventures? You know I live vicariously through you!” she laughed.

“No… no girlfriends right now. A couple of first dates but it gets exhausting after a while. You know what I mean… even though you don’t want to, you do a lot of pretending and repeating of your life history… etc, etc, etc.”

“I know, it’s a drag after a while, isn’t it? But I have to say, what I liked most about you Matt was that you didn’t seem to have just one thing on your mind… you know, one purpose, like most every other guy I’ve ever met. Are all men pussy hounds??? Other than you?” she laughed at her own wit.

As I listened to what Helen was saying, I was thinking to myself ‘Well, when you’re getting a blowjob every morning at home, and fun and games several times a week already, I didn’t have to be thinking about and chasing pussy every minute of every day.’

“Did you hear me Matt? Why are you grinning like that?”

“Oh sorry Helen, my mind wandered for a second. Yeah, I’ve actually heard that from a couple of girls I’ve dated. They liked the fact that I wasn’t groping them within 10 minutes of meeting them. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a teenage girl out dating the hormone driven beasts out there.”

“Well you were always a gentleman… except when I didn’t want you to be… I must say, I still think about that gorgeous cock of yours from time to time…”

“Well I must say in return that I think about that amazing mouth of yours… you are very talented and any time you want to reminisce, you just let me kağıthane escort know.” I said with a wink and a smile and she proceeded to hit me in the arm while giggling.

We parted ways as our respective classes were about to start.

Blah, blah, blah… professor talking about the id, the ego, the whatever… Psychology… wouldn’t I love to give that cute little blonde professor a bit of insight into my psychological state and the family dynamic we have at home… Oh the fun that would be to have her analyze what our little family has going on.

So… have you ever sat somewhere, like in class or a coffee shop and lightly traced around your cock just because you like the sensation? During the summer with shorts is when I tend to do it more often… like today… thinking about Mom sucking my cock this morning, the feel of her heavy tits in my hands as I stood behind her cupping them when she was doing the dishes… thinking about what Dad has in mind for Family Fun Tuesday… Daydreaming, looking at the somewhat cute professor as she walks and talks… and talks… Just little circles on the head of my cock through my shorts… feeling myself get harder. I don’t know… just feels good…

Anyway, the day drags on… end of one class, grab a quick snack at lunch and head to class two of the day…

Finally, 2:30 arrives and it’s time to head home. Dad usually arrives around 3:30… Time to get ready . It’s still exciting each week. Never seems to get old. Mom and Dad are amazing… really… The stories I could tell. 😉

I get home, Mom is bouncing around the house smiling and bubbly… she enjoys Tuesdays… she’s the center of attention and she absolutely loves it… craves it I do believe…

She hops over to me as I walk in the door, wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me hard… oh how I love her… on so many levels. Deep kiss, quick dart of the tongues and she bounces away calling out to me as she heads to the kitchen… “Your Dad will be home soon…”

She’s so cute… can you say that about your own mother? So cute in her little sweatshorts, loose t-shirt and no bra… I could feel nothing but soft mounds against my chest when she kissed me… and watching those tits bounce always captures my eye… Have I mentioned how much I love her tits? Big, heavy and sagging just a little… to me, that’s perfect… heavenly… I love to see them hang and sway when Dad is pounding her from behind… there goes my mind again… wandering…

I go up to my room and change into similar attire as Mom… sweatshorts and a t-shirt and head back down. Mom is on the couch having a little snack. I sit next to her and we chit chat for a minute. I can’t control myself and put my hand on her thigh. She smiles as I trace my fingertips around a little… Her legs automatically open just a little, I don’t even think she realizes she does it. Fingertips tracing to her inner thigh as we chat… Suddenly she realizes what I’m doing and playfully smacks my hand…

“You know the rules… not til your father gets home.”

“Just a little warm-up Mom, it can’t hurt anything…” I continue lightly touching and playing. I love kartal escort it as much as she does. Her legs open a little wider, I can see up the loose fitting shorts that she’s shaved perfectly smooth for our play day… my fingers running up and down her leg that’s closest to me… up a little further with each pass… teasing… playing… exploring… my favorite.

A tent begins to pop up in my shorts. She notices, smiles and doesn’t say anything. With each pass of my fingers I get closer… the thin fabric of her sweat shorts makes it easy for me to barely graze the crease where leg meets pussy. She shivers ever so slightly. She finally leans over and kisses me. Grabs the back of my head and pulls me to her, kisses me hard and deep. My hand moves up to her breast and give it a squeeze, she moans in my mouth. We’re both so ready for Dad to get home.

We’re kissing harder and deeper and didn’t even hear the door open.

“Well, well… looks like a couple of folks couldn’t wait…”

Mom and I break our kiss and laugh… I say “We held back Dad, just a little make out session” and Mom and I give a little laugh.

“Alright you two, separate ends of the couch until I get back downstairs.”

We do as he orders as we smile at each other like school kids being sent to our corners to think about what we’ve done.

As Dad moves around upstairs changing out of his suit, I look over at Mom who is lightly caressing her breast and nipple through her shirt and winking at me, I do her one better and reach up the leg of my sweatshorts and pull out my cock and start stroking it slowly.

“That’s not fair!” Mom whispers and laughs. “Now you’re just being cruel!”

As I hear Dad coming down the stairs I resituate myself and Mom sits up straight. We both look towards the stairs and there’s Dad… naked with his cock about half hard.

“So! Who’s ready for some fun???”

Mom and I look, smile and wait…

“Ummm, there’s a cock here ready to be touched and sucked, what are you waiting for?”

Mom gets up, takes off her t-shirt and immediately gets on her knees in front of Dad. I take off my shirt and watch as Mom does what she does so well. She looks up at him with those beautiful eyes , runs her hands up and down Dad’s legs. Dad widens his stance a little and watches as Mom takes the head of his cock in her mouth without using her hands. Flicking the little pee hole with her tongue.

As I’m watching I take off my shorts and am on the couch naked now stroking myself lightly and slowly. Sometimes it’s fun to just watch. The erotic nature of it, being the voyeur as you watch your mother suck the dick that 20 years earlier had shot the cum into her pussy to create you. Sometimes it’s mind boggling to think about… but not now. Right now I’m just listening and watching as my Mom takes the full length of my father’s cock in her throat.

I decide I want more and I get down on the floor and on my knees behind Mom and I reach around and cup her breasts… fuck they feel so good in my hands. So heavy. I lift them, bounce them in my hands as I kiss her neck. She moans a little which makes my Dad moan due to the vibrations küçükçekmece escort on his cock.

I pinch her nipples, another moan. I continue massaging, squeezing, pinching as I kiss both sides of her neck. Finally I take one hand and reach down inside the front of her shorts… Yep, shaved perfectly smooth… so fucking hot… so fucking wet… Mom gets turned out so much when she sucks our cocks. You’ve gotta love a woman like that.

As Mom continues working on Dad, I continue playing and fingering her pussy. One finger in… two fingers in… a third… it’s so fucking hot how much Mom can take when she wants to…

Dad says he’s ready for more and Mom immediately gets on all fours right there on the floor… her heavy tits hanging down and Dad positions behind her on his knees. I move in front of Mom and she latches on to my cock like a baby does a bottle.

With no hesitation and no warning, Dad slams his cock right into the dripping wet pussy in front of him. He knows how wet Mom gets and he doesn’t waste any time. Suddenly he’s pounding her. Grabbing her hips, holding her firm as I hear hear him slapping into her over and over. In the meantime she’s devouring my cock and I get into the same rhythm as Dad and we’re both moving in and out of the respective holes we’re abusing. It’s like a beautiful symphony and Mom is our instrument…

Suddenly Dad grunts, stops moving and looks skyward as he floods his wife’s cunt with his semen. He moves back and forth just a little as each wave of his orgasm hits. Mom keeps right on sucking my cock.

Dad pulls out and lays on the floor. My mother immediately releases my cock and moves over to lick him clean. Yet another hot thing Mom does… no matter where our cocks have been…

I watch and she now has her pussy and ass in the air facing me as she sucks Dad clean. An invitation if I’ve ever seen one. I move up behind her and slam my cock into her. She takes it with ease as always and I don’t mince words as they say and I start pounding her. Juices and liquids squishing with each stroke of my cock. Yep… sloppy seconds… from my Dad no less… hell with my Mom no less! Ha!

Pounding, watching Dad’s cum and mom’s juices squeeze out and coat my cock. My pubic hair is soaked with a combination of my Dad and Mom… how fucking wild is that? I think about it as I continue fucking my Mom and it gets me hotter and hotter until I simply explode inside my mother’s cunt.

Like father like son, I stare up at the ceiling as I cum hard and in wave after wave. Filling my mother’s pussy with my seed.

When I pull back, half soft, Mom spins around and starts cleaning me off… She licks, laps and sucks every inch of my cock, balls and all around. I’m still on my knees watching and feeling. My hand in her hair…

With all of that action going on down there I feel myself already starting to get hard again… Oh how Mom loves my ability to “bounce back” so quickly…

But first, there’s something I want from her… I give her a slight nudge and she knows right away and she lays on her back on the floor as Dad lays next to her continuing to catch his breath.

I lean down, give Mom a kiss and can taste a combination of flavors… my cum, Dad’s cum and Mom’s pussy. How much better does it get than that?

Then I start kissing her neck… her cleavage… her tummy… then….

Chapter 3 should be wonderful for many of you into certain fetishes… Be sure to look for the next installment!

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