My Older Sister Pt. 03

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After my sister had cum in my mouth and orgasmed uncontrollably I realised that I could probably do almost everything I have ever wanted to her. I began moving towards her face with her cum still in my mouth, I opened up her mouth by squeezing her cheeks and released a big ball of spit In her mouth saying ‘swallow it’. She swallowed it all and looked at me with a filthy look.

She looked at me and said ‘That is the best head I’ve had’. She grabbed hold of my hair and pushed it back down to her soaking pussy as I began licking her out once again.

Wrapping her legs around my head this time and pushing my head down as she grabbed hold of my hair screaming off the top of her voice as she orgasmed ‘Don’t stop, don’t stop’.

I made her squirt all over her couch as well as my face this time as she quivered all over and began crying with pleasure. My cock was rock hard at this time however I wasn’t sure if she would suck my cock. My face was covered in her juice as I asked her for a towel to wipe my face.

She got up with tears still in her eyes saying ‘What have you done to me’.

I asked her ‘what do you mean’to which she replied ‘Your a fucking bastard’ pulling up her jeans and running upstairs to the bathroom.

Shocked, I had just given her the best head of her life and she had left me there with a big hard cock.

I followed her anyway as she got out of the bathroom and said ‘We really can’t do this’.

I was angry at this point and said ‘Its all about you isn’t it, you’ve just cum in my mouth and squirt on my face and now you fucking remember’.

She began crying to which I took her hand and led her to her bedroom. I took her face and began kissing her passionately as she stood there. I told her ‘I love the fact that you cried with pleasure, If that’s what you do I want to make you cry all night long’.

She replied ‘I hope you mean that’.

I halkalı escort told her to take off her clothes to which she replied ‘Everything’.

I said ‘yes’. She took off her top and jeans leaving her sexy heels on as well as her bra and panties. I asked ‘to take off your panties and give them to me’. She did this and I wrapped them around my cock.

I sat on the bed as she bent down on both her knees. She took my shorts off completely and looked at me as she put her mouth around my rock hard cock with her hands rubbing it up and down gently. She looked at my face as she gave me head for about 5 minutes. I could tell she didn’t give head often as I said ‘spit on it’.

She bought her mouth next to mine and said ‘Why don’t you let me borrow some’ so I released a big load in her mouth gently.

She went back down and spat on my cock as she gave me head with her cum stained panties around my cock.It was at this point I said ‘if you think before was good wait till I stick my tongue down your arse’.

she moaned and said ‘I want you to do the most dirtiest things to me tonight, we are both alone and I want it to be filthy’.She said ‘take everything off darling’ which I did and then got onto the bed lying on my back with my 9 inch cock.

She crawled up the bed from the bottom on her knees towards my cock and took it in her hands as she gently stroked it, we again did not take our eyes of each other. I told her to ‘spit on it’.

She replied saying ‘I can’t, my mouth is dry’. I then leaned over saying ‘open you mouth’ as I gave her my saliva. She took it all in and then released it on my cock whilst rubbing it with her hands. She finally placed her lips on the tip on my cock and began kissing it slowly as I did to her. I couldn’t take any more as she let go of it and placed her hands on my chest and went down on my cock, moving her harbiye escort hands up and down my chest as she gave me head.

She gave me the best I have ever had as she looked at my reaction to her giving me a blowjob as she had it in her mouth. I kept say ‘How does it feel do have your little brothers cock in your mouth’. I took one of her hands and pulled her towards me as I tasted my cock in her mouth, my tongue was deep in her mouth as we both exchanged saliva over and over again. She moved back down the bed to carry on sucking my cock, placing herself between my legs with her arse up in the air.

I then couldn’t take any more and asked her ‘ride my face’. She bought herself over to me and squatted on her feet as she placed her pussy in my mouth facing towards the metal railings and holding on tight to them. She came all over my face as I stuck my fingers in as well and there were juices all over my face, she screamed with pleasure as she came for another time and her legs gave in (once again) as she rested her pussy on my face!

She said ‘this is wrong’ as she got up and walked to her cupboard. She looked at me and said ‘these are for you Mr’ throwing a pack of condoms at me as I smiled.

I told her ‘I don’t wear rubbers’.

She said ‘You going to have to thought cause I am not taking a risk with my own brother’ and she threw a pack of ‘fetherlite’ condoms.

I got up and got hold of her, turned her around and bent her over the bed, with her stomach on the bed and legs together with her feet touching the floor. I began licking her from the back of her ankles slowly as I worked my way up her left leg and then down her right. I then went for the ‘tester’ and stuck my tongue in her arsehole as she moaned loudly saying ‘you filthy bastard’. I stuck my tongue down her arsehole and began tongue fucking it, I loved every minute of it.

She ikitelli escort then said ‘Put it inside my pussy now’ as I placed the condom on and slowly slid my cock in her pussy. She was still in the same position with her head buried in her bed.I began to fuck her as she screamed louder and louder and came over my cock once again, she grabbed a pillow and began biting it as she got banged by her younger brother. I took hold of her arms and began pulling them whilst she lay there on her stomach with her feet on the ground. She came again and began crying as she buried her head in her bed.

I asked her ‘what’s up, you okay?, am I hurting you’.

She replied ‘no, your making me feel special and alive’. I carried on and she started quivering whilst squirting.

I kept her in the same position as i fucked her there for about 25minutes. Pulling her hair, arms, licking her back as I fucked her and whispering in her ear telling her how ‘dirty’ she was. She kept on cumming over and over (she came about 6 times just in that position) and all I could see was my cock covered in her white juices. I pulled my cock out slowly and with my finger wiped some of the cum off the condom, I then tasted it in my mouth and said ‘I love tasting your cum sis’.

She asked me ‘is it nice?’

to which I replied ‘it tastes beautiful just like you’.

She began moaning and told me ‘carry on banging me’

We banged for a full hour and never once changed position as she came over and over again. She quivered, cried, screamed, and moaned as she enjoyed the best sex of her life.

Eventually she said to me ‘I don’t think I can stand’ as she got up slowly with my cock still in her. She nearly collapsed as I grabbed hold of her and began banging her whilst we both stood, she placed her hands against the bed and leaned into me whilst she moved up and down on my cock.

She began saying ‘I can’t cum any more, fuck me you have dried me out’ however came once again and asked me ‘how the fuck are you doing it’. She then turned around and asked me to stop in a quiet voice with tears of excitement in her eyes.

We both stopped lying next to each other on the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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