My Mother My Wife Ch. 08

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When I awoke the sun was high in the sky; Clara’s side of the bed was empty. I lay with my head propped up on both our pillows and contemplated the day. What was I going to say to my father? Nellie? I wondered how Clara was going to act towards me. My thoughts were interrupted by a knock and my mother’s voice, “Wakey, wakey! Can I come in?”

“Come in,” I answered.

Nellie opened the door and entered carrying a steaming mug of coffee. She was dressed in a pink wrap, prim with long sleeves and reaching below her knees. “Good morning,” I said. She put the coffee down on the side table and sat on the bed, leaning forward to kiss me; the quick kiss turned into a long kiss, our lips together, our mouths open, I could taste her fresh apple-taste. I had not yet brushed my teeth so was reluctant to let the kiss get too passionate. Besides, it was great just having her mouth against mine, the promise of passion there for the taking.

I broke the kiss to ask, “Where are the others?”

“They went for a walk on the beach. Early.” She smiled, “I’m sure they have a lot to discuss. Umm. What was going on last night?”

I blushed, “Were we making a big noise?”

“Enough to wake the dead! Not you, but Clara; sounded like you were strangling her. Michael was worried.”

“Sorry,” I said as I sat up and took the coffee cup in my hand. Nellie kicked off her slippers and lay on her side full length on the bed, her head on my stomach; I ran my fingers through her hair, my nails softy scratching her scalp.

“That’s nice,” she sighed. “Now, tell me about last night.”

“Well…” I hesitated.

Nellie lifted her head and looked up at me, “You don’t have to be shy. Tell me.” She lay down again and I resumed massaging her scalp.

How to tell it? “When Clara came to bed she lay down on the furthest part of the bed, covers up to her ears. I felt a bit sorry for her, although I don’t know why…”

“Because you’re a nice person, that’s why.”

“You’re biased,” I said, half joking, half serious. “Anyway, I leaned towards her to talk and she thought I was going to make a pass at her or something; she told me not to dare! I snapped. I threw yesterday afternoon in her face. She was mortified.” I stopped, thinking that I had said enough.

“And then…”

“I was so angry I…” I hesitated.

“You what?” Nellie urged.

“Well, I told her that I wanted her to wank Michael while we were watching.”

Nellie bolted up onto her elbow, her head turned towards me, her mouth open in shock. “No, you didn’t!”

“I’m afraid I did.” I felt foolish.

“How did she react?” Nellie was still looking at me intently.

I felt myself blushing again. “She protested, but there’s a bit of history here. The other day I showed her the video we took of them on the pool deck, and was using that as leverage to force the situation. You know, to perform in front of us. I’m not sure what I was thinking.”

Nellie lay down again. “And…”

“I… Well, I asked her, told her rather, to demonstrate how she was going to do Michael.” I stopped in embarrassment.

“Go on.” I remained silent. After a long moment she moved her hand up and over my cock, now flaccid and lying on my stomach; I was naked under the duvet. I immediately felt the warmth and my body reacted automatically. Nellie gripped my hardening member and moved her hand gently up and down. “Go on,” she repeated.

“Clara started masturbating me, but it was all wrong; too hard, too fast, no feeling. I had to guide her.”

“Do you think she didn’t know, or was it that you were trying to manipulate her and she was playing dumb?”

I thought a moment, “No, I think she’s been a tease for so long she has never learned to pleasure a man. She has driven them mad with unrequited desire so that when the real thing came along she didn’t have to do any work; the guy is finished in thirty seconds flat. And that is, as you know, the end of that.”

“It didn’t look that way to me with Michael the other day.” Nellie’s hand was warm and tight around my rigid cock.

“I think she’s met her match with Michael, more than her match! He controls her with a rod of iron.” I told her about the riding crop and about the spanking, hiding, that I had given her later, and about how much it seemed to turn her on.

Nellie pulled the duvet down and took my penis in her hand with no fabric between her fingers and my shaft; I could feel the cool air as she blew on the head. “So, what happened next?”

“I told her to play with herself, like Michael had in the forest, so that I could see.”

“Did that turn you on?”

“Mmmm.” I said spreading my legs a bit and Nellie massaged my testicles. The way we were positioned I could not reach her breasts. “Take your wrap off so I can see you.”

Nellie sat up and slipped the wrap off her shoulders. Taking her arms out of the sleeves she lay down again and resumed gently manipulating my cock and balls. I could feel the precum start to ooze from the pee-hole as she played with me, almost like mini orgasms. maltepe escort I could still not reach her breasts, nor see them fully, but I rubbed the side of her chest and the side of her left breast as far as I could reach using the flat of my hand, just touching the skin.

“How did she play with herself?”

I felt a new warmth and knew that Nellie had taken the tip of my cock into her mouth. “She slipped the middle and ring fingers into herself, hard and fast; the other fingers rubbing either side of her pussy lips.” It felt right to use vulgar terms. “Then she would pull and twist her clitoris; she was really rough! And the more aroused she got, the rougher she got.”

“What were you doing while this was happening?” I could feel the breath from her mouth cool the wet tip, then it was warm again.

“Clara was masturbating me like I showed her. I had my hand down her top squeezing her nipples; I’ve never felt nipples that hard! They were like erasers. The harder I pinched and twisted the more excited she seemed to get.” I could see Nellie’s chest moving, breathing fast. “Does talking about this turn you on?” I asked in turn.

“Yes.” I felt the vibration through my cock rather than heard the word as Nellie answered; I could see her nodding. I felt cool air, “Who came first?” Warmth again.

“I did,” I said. “I told her to time her hand with the ejaculations. I came all over the place.”

Coolness. “Don’t make me prompt you! Tell me the rest.”

“Only if you turn around so I can do to you what you’re doing to me.”

“Not until you finish telling me the story. What happened next?” Warmth

“I moved down between her feet so I could watch what she was doing. Funny, in the time we’ve been married she never once allowed me to see her pussy up close. It’s beautiful; big clitoris, delicate lips, smooth as a baby’s bum. Picture book.” I paused picturing her pussy, “Protruding inner lips like a rose, pink and slightly crinkled, deeper red in the center.”

“Anyway, she was pounding in and out, pinching and squeezing her clitoris; I mean really hurting herself. This must have been a huge turn on because she was literally oozing nectar, it was flowing like a stream out of her pussy and down between her ass cheeks, a thick milky fluid; she would dip her fingers in and spread it around. She was making a lot of noise and I was worried it would disturb you guys but I wasn’t about to stop the bus at that point.” I stopped, again visualizing the picture. Nellie had me deeper in her mouth swirling her tongue around the head.

“If you carry on like that I’ll cum in your mouth!” I said. She stopped moving and lay still with my cock in her mouth; we both lay still. Slowly the impending orgasm moved away again.

I continued, “I wondered how much of my hand she could take up her pussy so I pursed my fingers and pushed, using lots of her natural lube. Suddenly my whole fist was inside! It was hot and tight and wet; Clara went mad. The more I pounded into her the wilder she went. In fact, she grabbed my hand and rammed it into her, like she was doing on the deck with Michael the other day.” I showed her the nail marks in my skin. “When she came, her contractions were so strong it hurt my hand. I’ve never experienced anything like it! That’s when Michael came and knocked on the door.”

We were still for a bit. “Now turn around,” I instructed.

“Okay, how do you want me?” Nellie rose up onto her knees and I gazed at her full mature body with the slightly sagging breasts, the little tummy and the full thatch of blond pubic hair; I could not imagine anything more erotic. In my mind’s eye I compared this image with that of Clara, a pretty picture but in no way sexual or erotic.

I reached out, took a handful of pubic hair feeling the firm flesh below, the bare lips, the warmth, the moisture. “I want you to sit on me.”

Raising her eyebrows she started, “I thought… “

“I want us to go at your pace for a change.” I lay back, plumping two pillows under my head.

Nellie moved up over me, her knees straddling my hips. Her eyes staring at me as she flexed at the hips and ran her warm pussy lips along the length of my cock, her juices making them slick, sliding easily over the full length. “Like that you mean?” There was a mischievous smile on her lips.

“Mmmm” I groaned in response; such a simple movement, so exciting.

Nellie cupped a breast and fed it to me. I held it with my left hand and took the nipple between my lips and started sucking, taking the hard nub between my upper teeth end tongue and rolled it from side to side, quite hard. Nellie closed her eyes and rubbed her pussy against my cock, up and down; her bare lips were so smooth and warm. When my cock dislodged to one side she reached between us and, without breaking her rhythm, continued to pump her hips back and forth.

I moved my mouth to the other nipple and gave it the same treatment. I was surprised when I tasted a slightly salty liquid being expressed. Nellie continued to moan softly mecidiyeköy escort and pump her hips.

I moved my right hand down to her hip and pulled her back and forth, matching her movements, just making them harder. Nellie raised herself slightly and, using both hands, positioned my cockhead at her hot entrance and with one thrust, embedded me fully in her, our pubic hair meshing. “Aaaah…” she moaned softly, biting her lip then sliding the tip of her tongue over the bite-mark.

Abruptly she leaned forward bending her back, pulling her nipple from my lips. Her tongue was already sticking out of her mouth when our lips locked; she kissed me hard, her tongue deep in my mouth. Her hips were bucking up and down my shaft and my hands on her hips were forcing her deeper with each plunge. Then she was cumming, ramming her pussy against my cock, her clitoris hard against my pubic bone. There was nothing subtle about her movements, a wild bucking movement threatening to dislodge my cock at each withdrawal, then slamming down again our pubic bones grinding together.

“Don’t stop, I’m cumming!” she said into my mouth. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming! Aaaah! Aaaah…” She sat up straight and threw her head back, her arms outstretched, grinding her clitoris hard against me. After about a minute she relaxed and fell forward against my chest. “That was so good…” She said between pants. “Sooooo good. Have you cum yet?”

“No,” I answered.

“How do you want to cum?”

“Lying on top of you so I can watch your face. With your legs closed tight. Like last time.”

Nellie straightened one leg and we rolled over together without separating. I moved my legs outside of hers trapping them there, squeezing, which in turn squeezed her cunt around my aching cock. I could feel her whole body under mine from top to toe, her soft breasts pressing against my chest. After a while I started doing push-ups, my toes and elbows on the bed, our only point of contact my cock almost completely withdrawn from her clinging cunt; then down, full contact. Nellie squeezed with her internal muscles; the sensation was exquisite! I was not going to last long like this and said so.

Nellie licked her fingers and reached round behind me and found my anus, cool and slippery “Yes…” She licked the fingers of her other hand and they joined her first hand, rubbing, pressing, stretching open. This was too much for me and I rammed home as hard and as deep as I could, feeling my orgasm break over me; I pumped my hips hard as I gushed hot sperm deep in her cunt.

Completely spent, I collapsed onto her chest gasping for breath. I thought idly that, while the previous series of orgasms had been completely mind blowing, the acme of sensations, nothing compared with this one! I loved Nellie so much.

We lay there like that for a long time, maybe twenty minutes, lost in our own thoughts. I no longer thought of Nellie as my mother, rather as my exotic lover, knowing exactly what I wanted, what I needed.

Nellie stirred. “We had better move before the others get back. Not that I care, but it will save an embarrassing scene. I need to clean up; you’re such a messy boy! I can feel you leaking out of me; we’ll have to change the sheets.”

Reluctantly I rolled over, my now flaccid cock pulling free of her warm hole. As I stood up I heard the garage door open. “Quick, that’s them!” Nellie jumped up and, housecoat in hand, ran naked out of the room. I turned the duvet over and pulled it straight, smoothing it with my hands, then I plumped the pillows, placed them at the top of the bed. I could hear the garage door closing and the click of the car doors; I only had seconds left before they entered. What to do?

If Michael and Clara had been doing what Nellie and I had been doing, Clara would head straight for the shower. I grabbed my trousers from the floor next to bed and my book and ran for the stairs, taking them two at a time. As I swung round the landing I heard the garage inter leading door open. I ran on.

In the lounge I pulled on my trousers. It was cold in here and I would have been wearing a shirt and possibly a jersey as well. I looked around. Nothing. I put the open book on the couch and went through to the kitchen. The washing hamper was standing at the washing machine; I grabbed one of my dirty shirts and pulled it over my head. I picked up the kettle and slowly walked towards the basin, waiting for Michael. I could hear him descending the stairs as I turned the tap and was busy filling the kettle when he appeared. “Would you like some coffee?”

“Please.” Michael moved round to the breakfast counter and sat on a stool. “Er, I think we need to talk.”

I placed the kettle onto its stand, turned it on, then moved opposite him and stood with my hands on the counter. I’m sure I must have reeked of sex and my hair was all over the place. “Yes, I think we do.”

Michael hesitated, looking down at his hands. “I’m sorry you had to witness that little scene on the beach. I believe I, we, got carried nişantaşı escort away. But what’s done is done; no going back now.” He looked me in the eye. “I understand from Clarissa that things are not going so well between the two of you. Again, I’m sorry to hear that. What are your intentions?”

“With regard to what?” I asked. Him? Clara? My mother?

“Clarissa, of course!” He sounded exasperated. “If you had a problem with me I’m sure you would have addressed it already with me. And Nellie; it’s as clear as a pikestaff that the two of you cannot keep your hands off each other. But, let’s deal with Clarissa first.”

The kettle started boiling and, to collect my thoughts, I made two cups of coffee. Returning to the counter I said, “I think I made a dreadful mistake in marrying her. I was infatuated by her, completely smitten. The truth is she’s not the person I thought she was, and I’m sure I’m not the person she thought I was. She’s tried very hard to change me but I’ll never be the person she wants me to be.”

I sipped my coffee. “But, as they say in Afrikaans, the bullet is through the church. We are married. When we get home I’ll try again; certain things have changed between us in the last few day. We understand each other better.”

Michael turned his head and looked out the window, out over the river mouth where the wind was whipping up white foam. “Have you had sex with your mother?” No beating about the bush!

“Yes.” I felt the heat rising in my face.


“Of course,” I said, shocked. “You don’t think…”

“Just checking. I’m trying to think what to do in what, quite frankly, is a very awkward situation. Amongst other things your actions are illegal, mine indefensible.” He paused. “Let me ask you this; if these two women were two unrelated individuals, how would you proceed?”

I mulled over my answer. How would I proceed? “I suppose we would be two couples doing what couples in love do. But that’s an unrealistic answer; these are not two unrelated women, and we are not two unrelated men. It’s all very well thinking of the small head now, but we have the rest of our lives to consider. You’re my father, and I love and respect you; Nellie’s my mother and the same applies. As for Clara, I’m glad that she’s found such passion with you; I’m really happy for her. But in a few days, tomorrow in fact, we’re going home and life must continue.” I looked at Michael, “How would you answer your own question?”

“I have my whole lifetime followed the lemonsqueezer wherever and whenever it has been available. I’m not proud of it but there you are. I know I’ve hurt your mother along the way but we have an understanding; she is free to follow the same road. However, I think women are different.”

He continued, “Quite honestly, I’m particularly taken with Clarissa; spice, passion and education. I would like to enjoy her charms to the fullest for the few hours we have left, as I’m sure you would with Nellie. What do you think?”

I finished my coffee and stood with the warm mug between my hands. “Do we discuss this with the girls? If you and I have consensus, that is.”

“Clara will do whatever I tell her to do, she’s an obedient girl. Nellie is another story. She obviously saw us at Canon Rocks so she’s not oblivious to my situation; and the two of you have enjoyed the forbidden fruit.” He looked again out over the river mouth. “I tell you what; you, or I, can discuss the situation with her and we’ll go with whatever she decides. What do you think?”

I had the feeling that I was outside of my body looking down from the ceiling. Here were two adults, father and son, discussing swapping partners, mother and wife. If this were in a story one would close the book and say, “Oh yeah?”

The reality was that I would give my left testicle to spend the next twenty four hours in my mother’s arms; not to have to hide, pretend, lie. “I’ll have a word with her and see how she feels.” I was scared that Michael would bully her into submission.

Michael held out his hand and we shook, not saying a word. He turned and walked away, up the stairs. I stood there in a trance.

I was still standing there when Nellie walked in, same blue dress as the other day, towel wrapped around her head. “What did Michael have to say? He looked like the cat that got the cream when he came into the bedroom. He didn’t see us, did he?”

“No, I don’t think so.” I told her about our discussion. “What do you think?”

Nellie walked around the kitchen, putting things away in cupboards, rinsing the mugs in the sink, emptying the dishwasher. Eventually she came to me and put her arms around me, her head on my shoulder; I wrapped my arms around her.

She asked, “What now? We’ve opened the cookie jar, eaten some of the cookies, and they taste like more. But, to continue the metaphor, do we want to eat the rest? Empty the jar? Get fat, sick? Or will we savor the rest? What happens next week, next month?”

I stood silent, not knowing the answers, but knowing with all my heart that I wanted as much of Nellie as I could get, even if it was for only one day more. After that… I said, “These last few days have been the fulfillment of a lifetime’s fantasies. Certainly since girls became girls in my head. I would like to be able to love you openly for a short time, not hide in the shadows.”

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