My Mother-In-Law

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Just a note to say this story is absolutely true. Only a couple names were changed –

A few years ago, my mother-in-law had to come live with us. We found a house with a large basement that included its own entrance and bath, and Karen seemed happy with here own area to live in. It was a bit of an adjustment, but she fit into our lives without any trouble. I got used to seeing her walk around in the mornings in her long pajamas, and she was fine company from 5:30 until 7:00 or so during the time I got home and my wife hadn’t arrived yet.

I hadn’t though of Karen in any way other than as my mother-in-law, and twenty-years my senior, the 58-year old didn’t appeal to me in a sexual way. She occasionally would bend over to pick things up and her cleavage was certainly exposed, but I gave it only a passing glance, although I did notice that Karen’s nipples were quite large, and were sometimes visible even through a sweater, and her breasts were still large and firm.

Te first night she was gone, Karen made me a nice dinner, and when I talked to my wife, she mentioned that her sister was thinking about also getting tits redone. I had caught a good shot of her tits a couple times, and thought they looked great, why mess with a good thing I thought to myself.

After dinner, Karen and I stood in the kitchen and did the dishes. I glanced at her blouse, noticing her nipples sticking out and wondered if she had a bra on or not. I mentioned that Sue said her sister was thinking of a breast job, which was, in my opinion, unnecessary.

“Well, so long as she does what the doctor says, and massages them a couple times a day to keep the muscles loose for a few weeks so they don’t get like your wife’s, they will be fine,” Karen said.

“What, no, Sue’s aren’t bad, I just think that Cindy’s are fine, they don’t need to be bigger.”

Karen looked sideways at me and said, “No, Sue’s are hard as a rock, she didn’t take care of them right after surgery. My came out fine, and Cindy’s can be too if she massages them.”

I couldn’t help myself and looked right at Karen’s breasts. She said, “You can’t tell, but I had a breast job about ten years ago, and they are still firm but soft.”

“Oh, I stammered, I didn’t know. They look very natural.”

“They are, they are nice and soft. Here, feel this,” Karen said, and pointed şişhane escort to her right breast.”

“No, no, I believe you,” I said, “that’s all right.”

“Go ahead, Bob, it’s just a breast,” Karen insisted.

So, I obliged, and cupped her right breast with my left hand. I tried to push inward with my palm to feel her nipple, and she was right, it felt great.

“That’s enough, Bob,” Karen said, and I probably blushed and stammered something, but I can’t remember now.

The next evening I had to work until about 10PM, and when I got home I called down to Karen and she said to come on down to her room and visit.

She was sitting at her computer desk playing solitaire, and I walked up and said hello. Then we chatted for a while and I put my hands on her shoulders and gave her a little massage. As I did so, I tried to get the material of her pajamas to bunch-up a bit in front so I could look down her top. It worked a bit, but I couldn’t see all the way down to her nipples.

“Oh, Bob, that feels real nice. Nobody has touched me for years. Of course it’s really my lower back that hurts, from the accident,” Karen explained.

She told me about her auto accident, and I offered to massage her lower back, “Maybe on the bed if you want,” I said.

When she looked at me I thought I had gone too far, but then she said, “That sounds great.”

She got up and lay down with her long, one-piece pajamas that reached to her ankles and lay facedown on the bed. I reached over and massaged her back a bit, then worked my way up a little.

“Bob, you can’t reach me from over there, you can straddle me if you want.”

I wasn’t sure if it was a come-on or she just wanted it to be easy for me, but I declined. However, my hands were rough, and kind of caught in the material of her pj’s, and I suggested some lotion. She got up and found some lotion and returned and repositioned her pj’s so they were just about mid-thigh, and I got some lotion on my hands and then worked under her clothes to about the middle of her back. Then I asked if she wanted me to work on her shoulders again.

“Sure, she said, and she stayed laying down, but pulled her nightgown all the way up and over her head. She had on just her panties, and I got a pretty good look at her tits from the side. I was leaking a little şişli anal yapan escort pre-come and getting kind of excited, and really enjoying the whole deal.

After ten minutes or so, I asked if she wanted me to get the front of her shoulders, and again she agreed. She pulled her nightgown around her front and rolled over. She left it dangling there just above her breasts, and put her head up on a pillow. I got more lotion and started massaging the front of her shoulders, reaching down to her cleavage. I was breathing harder by now, but she seemed to be quite relaxed. I looked over at her nightstand and saw her bottle of wine was empty and it all made a bit more sense.

I figured we were done, and sat up and grabbed the lotion. When I did, she put her arms above her head and now her breasts really looked huge. Her nipples were quite hard, and I admit I was thinking about them more than anything else. We chatted a bit, and she moved around until the silk nightgown slid down and exposed those very nipples I was salivating over.

She very casually reached down and pulled the nightgown up, but only about two inches, and I knew it was going to slide down again. I figured maybe we were not done yet, and got more lotion. I worked on her shoulders a bit more, and again was treated to a full view of her tits.

I pulled the gown up again, but then reached underneath it and went back to work on the muscles I was massaging before. The sides of my arms were touching her tits, and she squirmed a bit. Then she reached under the gown and said, “Oh Bob, my nipples are so hard, they are like little rocks, feel them.”

I slid down her gown and put my hands on her breasts, and she was right, the nipples were hard as rocks. The areolas were not too big, but they were pulled tight and wrinkled from her excitement, and I put my thumbs and forefingers around them and pinched. When she moaned and closed her eyes, I knew I couldn’t stop.

I bent down and started sucking on her tits and nipples, almost chewing the long, hard nipples. She bent her head down and breathed in my ear, and then stuck her tongue in my ear. It was a very exciting sensation, and my free hand brushed aside the gown and I reached down to her panties.

They were very moist, and instead of pulling them down, I moved şişli bdsm escort my head down towards her gash. I reached up and took a tit in each hand and squeezed while my face got close to her mound. The smell was musky and heavenly.

I pushed my face into her panties and breathed in a strong breath of her pussy. Then I ran my tongue in the side of her panties and licked around the hairy beaver. It wasn’t neatly trimmed like my wife’s landing strip, and her pussy lips we wide open and long.

Finally I reached down and pulled off the wet panties and got my whole face in her crotch. I sucked on one pussy lip, then the other, and ran my tongue up her slit as far as it could. My mother-in-laws pussy smelled stronger and better than my wife’s.

Karen was pushing her hips up off the bed and grabbed my hair and pushed my head down hard into her pussy. She moaned and rubbed my head, and I had pussy juice all over my face – and loved it.

I then reached up with both hands and took her pussy lips in my fingers and pulled them aside. They were thick and long, and I twisted a bit and she shrieked in pain, but pleasure too, and her hands pushed my face into her pussy again. I then worked a couple fingers inside and fingered her “G” spot, and she began to convulse in pleasure and orgasm, nearly bucking me off the bed.

When she finished, I pulled my shirt off and she sat up and undid my pants. She reached out and took hold of my dick and started immediately for my balls. She licked and sucked them before taking my knob in her mouth and swirling her tongue over my glands until I couldn’t take any more.

I pushed her down and positioned my dick in front of her pussy and let it glide along her clit. She looked up and said, “Go ahead, Bob, put that big dick inside you mother-in-law. I haven’t had a dick inside me for years!”

I slid into her, expecting to be sucked right in because of the large quantity of pussy juice, but instead, her pussy was tight as a drum. I got inside without any problem, but she was so tight, and she rapidly squeezed my dick with her pussy muscles while I pumped and it was so amazingly good, and wrong, and sexy, it only lasted a few minutes.

I started sucking her nipples again, and when she stuck her tongue in my ear, that was it, I felt my come being ripped from deep inside my balls. She kept squeezing with her pussy until I had nothing left to give, and then we collapsed – sweaty, happy, and guilty.

My wife got home the next day, and everything was back to normal. No problems, no weirdness, but I still think about that night, those long nipples, and that amazingly talented pussy on my mother-in-law.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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