My Mom’s Sore Feet – It was Fetish

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August 1992, 26 years ago. Orlando, State of Florida (United States of America). 18 years old. Tom is a young boy, normal without any kind of problem. He studied at a Catholic school and there took the high school diploma, one month before. His parents decided to give him a special present. Travel in the US. He’s never seen the glorious Country. Coming in America was a fantastic moment of his life. He knew the Great Continent only by television. Seeing the movies, cartoons, little fiction TV, coming in McDonald or wearing all kind of jeans. All little things, which describe well the same country, and people who live there. Nothing else about it, Tom knows well.

New York was the first town for Tommy and his family, left the United Kingdom from London Airport. During the first stop, had the opportunity to see the Niagara Falls for just one day. New Orleans the second city of the journey but the most important stop was in Florida.

Orlando City. 200.000 people or more who live there. Pretty streets, great buildings, many things to be visited every day. After New York, Chicago, New Orleans, it’s possible to discover and understanding istanbul escort many realities of both American people and their culture, across the town. When the moment to have fun arrived, going to Disney World was the best dreamt time for Tom and his family. Very huge place, as the Umbria Italian Region. Full of plays which usually waits for you to be tried. The biggest surprise he discovered, crossing into both Orlando and Disney World, is the length of their streets. A typical thing of US. Walking across them could be surprising, in addition to tiring and destroying at the end of the day.

The mother of Tom knew this so well! Marion, 50 years old. She works, as a businesswoman, for an important company. Married since 1972 with John, a lawyer. Normal body-size, painted red hair, lover of elegant and feminine clothes. She’s elegant, every day.

08 August 1992. Grey, rainy and windy day! Tom, John, and Marion decided to visit the second section of Disney World to try different available playing: the Splash, vertiginous Russian mountains, the nice creative flight discovering the human body kabataş escort and others. Walking for many meters, stopping for a few, walking again and continue it, from 10 am until 07′ pm. Before coming to the hotel, while Tom’s dad has been gone to a public bathroom, Tommy listened to Marion complaining herself. “Ahhahh, my feet hurt”. “Oh, my shoes are killing me”. A very long thrill crossed the young boy ‘s back, arriving at his head. After less of 1 minute, he saw her mom removing her high heels shoes. It was an elegant pair of black shoes, between four and five inches.

“Ahhahh, my poor feet…I need a relaxing massage, urgently”. Seeing mom’s feet without shoes, was so exciting for him! Her arcuate soles and sensual toes, all covered with a black pair of soft fishnet stockings.

The coming back in a hotel? An apotheosis for Tom! Marion takes off both high heels and her fishnet stockings so asking him: “Toom…my honey, give me a relaxing foot massage now! I’m so destroyed by aching foot! She lay in bed, prone position; her extremities in front of Tom’s face. He started the foot massage, kadıköy escort pressing the heel, as starting. His hands went to touch the feet sole, the foot’s heart. The strong pain became a sweet pleasure! Marion exclaimed, “Ahhh Ahhh good, hmmm oh my god”. Lady Marion did the same sigh of relief when Tom massaged her under each sole and toes, at the end.

Touching her soft heel, both soles and under soles, all toes, the little and big toe especially, listening to her sigh of reliefs, Tommy lived the greatest pleasure moment of his life. Unknown before, unforgettable after that American evening. The final sweet cherry? Feet’ smell of Marion! Strong, acute, unpleasant but very exciting. It raptured him!

At the end of the wonderful summer 1992, Tommy didn’t have any doubt: it was his personal first fetish time. Tom’s relationship with fetishism became reality. Elegant, sexy and sensual women with high heels shoes and sensual, provocative feet are still his fixed thought today. Now, Tom is a man, 44 years old, has been married since 2004. His wife, Sonia, gives him sexual satisfaction and erotic pleasure, using her feet. 5 or 6 inches of high heels never miss for the special workday, evening, party or events. When her feet hurt, the intimate pleasure of Tom and Sonia usually increases. The old lust of 26 years ago, came back.

Fetish: perversion or very intriguing moment? A pleasure to be used, intelligently!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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