My Mom , Dad Ch. 03

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When I was trying to hide my attraction for mom my 18 year old cousin Rinku made things more open for us. Some weeks back, I seduced Rinku to lesbian sex. (That story is written separately). This happened when in one weekend she & I slept together at night. Mom slept in another bedroom, as she was not willing to show her scanty bed rime dress (only a flimsy sari and nothing else and sometimes, not even that) to this young niece. But in the morning she discovered that two of us slept in the nude. So, this time when Rinku came to stay with us mom didn’t bother to go to the other bedroom.

When three of us came to the bedroom after dinner, Rinku took off her skirt & top and was in her slip and panty. Mom took off her blouse & bra and then loosening the sari at the waist took off her petticoat, leaving her sari on.

She asked Rinku, “Aren’t you going to take off rest of your clothes?” (“Tui baki kapor chopor khulbi na?”)

As she acted a bit shy mom said, “Last time I saw you sleeping completely naked”. (“Goto bare to dekhlam tui puro nangto hoye ghumiyechhili”).

“ I know, I also saw you naked when you were changing clothes”, she replied with a naughty smile. (“ Ami jani, amio tomake dekhechhi nangto hoye dress korchhile”)

Mom smiled back, “Oh, naughty girl, you were not asleep! Any way, no shame in women seeing each other naked.” (“Ore dustu meye, tui ghumochhili na! Jai hok, meyeder eke onyer samne nangto hote lojjar kichhu nei”)

“Then why don’t you take off that sari too”, she said. (“Tahole tumio sari ta khule phelchhona keno?”).

Mom said, “ok” and going close to her pulled her slip up and made her top bare. As mom looked at her lovely boobs and flat belly admiringly, Rinku slowly removed the sari from mom’s breasts and placed her head on those soft lumps. Mom held her close and untied the sari to let it drop off to her feet. Rinku now came back a few steps and gazed at mom’s naked body. Mom pulled down Rinku’s panty and she stepped out of it.

As Rinku embraced her again, mom said, “Oh, I am wet with sweat and so are you. Let’s clean ourselves” and asked me to bring a towel (“Ami ghame bhije achhi, ar tui o tai. Age nijeder poriskar kori”).

She wiped Rinku clean and then took her to the dressing table. She stood behind Rinku and watched her fresh & young body in the mirror. While watching her, she sprayed cologne on her and then put talc. While doing this, her hands lingered on Rinku’s breasts and bums. Rinku also wiped mom clean.

“Now I can hug you nicely”(“Ekhon toke bhalo kore joriye ador korte pari”) she said and they hugged each other.

Rinku behaved like a cuddly kitten and placed her head between mom’s breasts. Mom put her arms on Rinku’s back and lowered them to touch her bums. She softly squeezed her bums as Rinku fondled her boobs. Now Rinku kissed mom on her cheeks and mom in turn also kissed all over her face. She held Rinku’s face with her hands and kissed her lips. As she repeated the light kisses on her lips, Rinku opened her lips and clasped mom’s lips in hers. Mom inserted her tongue in her mouth and they continued a tongue to tongue passionate kiss. While kissing, mom dragged Rinku to bed and both of them squeezed each other’s breasts.

As this was going on between the aunt and niece, I was watching them with a lot of excitement. In the meantime, I had stripped my clothes off and as they hit the bed, I also sat on the side of the bed. As the intensity of the kiss subsided, Rinku came over to me and pushing me down on the bed, started kissing me. She was on top of me and fondled me all over with her face. She licked my armpits, belly button, my nipples and eventually my ass hole too. I also sucked and licked her all over. Rinku put her mouth on my pussy and inserted her tongue through my pussy lips. She found my clits and was virtually chewing it. As Rinku was sucking me, mom was licking Rinku’s ass hole. As I was shaking restlessly, Rinku put her finger in my pussy and very soon I climaxed.

As I lied at the side all exhausted, I watched mom getting energised. She lied with her legs spread and asked Rinku come over her. She directed Rinku to put her mouth in her pussy and place her legs towards mom’s head. She parted Rinku’s thighs and moved her body to bring Rinku’s pussy in her mouth. They started sucking each other in 69 position and both their bodies jerked heavily. Soon both of them had very strong orgasm.

After this we fell asleep, with mom at the middle. Late in the night, I felt mom holding me closely and our boobs were touching. The soft feel of mom’s boobs made my nipples hard. I dipped my face in her boobs and felt the softness. I touched her pubic bush and enjoyed the feel of her silky hair. I caressed her satin smooth thighs and bums. I felt so nice and warm. I started dripping wet. I was dying to kiss her in the lips and lick her body. Again, something stopped me and I controlled myself. A little later, I fell asleep.

As days went by, my attraction for mom grew. When etiler otele gelen escort my hubby made love to me, I thought of her gorgeous body. When I stayed overnight with mom, both of us slept in the nude. Often we were in close hug and felt the warmth & softness of each other. I could feel a very strong current of sexual attraction between us. Mom made no effort to hide her desire for my body, but she also did not or, could not break the final barrier. I knew that the slightest response from me would bring out her desire. But I could never do so.

I kept on asking my lady boss, who is my lover & mentor, what she thinks about it. Initially, she told me to control my desire. But later, she felt that with so much attraction between us there was nothing wrong if we made love. She felt that sex between two women, unlike man & woman sex, is not only out of lust but a fulfillment of love for each other. Between mother & daughter, it was a special expression of the love & affection. While I agreed with her viewpoint, I eventually never made it. My boss felt deeply concerned about my problem and eventually she took the initiative to break the barrier between us.

She knew my mom quite well and rang her up one day. The next weekend my hubby was going to be away on an assignment and her hubby was also on tour. Since mom, she and I were on our own she invited mom & me for dinner at her place on Saturday. We arrived early at her apartment. As our place was quite far from her place we wanted to come back early. Mom wore a red sari with black sleeveless blouse. I made her tie the sari well below the belly button and her waist looked very sexy. I wore black pants with a red top.

My boss received us with a warm smile wearing a lemon yellow sari and a bottle green sleeveless blouse. She hugged mom and kissed her on the cheeks. As we settled down, she asked mom her choice of drinks. Mom asked for something soft. My boss knew that she used to drink with my dad and asked, “Are you sure you wouldn’t like something hard? I have very good Scotch whisky for you.” Mom loved Scotch but didn’t get any opportunity to taste it after dad died. As she was hesitating, I said, “ You love scotch, mom. Don’t you?” Now she nodded. Boss knew my preference and made three drinks, Bacardi & Cola for me, large Scotch & water for mom and small Scotch & soda for her.

Mom is very poor in conversation, but boss kept her engaged in small talks and jokes during the first drink. At the second drink, mom opened up a bit and was asking boss questions about her family, her school & college days, etc. When mom asked about her travel abroad, boss made the conversation very lively. After talking about monuments and scenic beauties for a while, she brought up the topic of social life. When she was talking about how permissive & liberal the Western society is, mom became very interested. Boss talked about free pre-marital & extra-marital sex, nude & topless beaches, gay & lesbian clubs, massage parlours, mixed sauna, etc. By that time, we were on our third drink. I realised that boss had poured me real large ones and I was quite tipsy already.

Mom’s mood was very buoyant and she showed a lot of inquisitiveness about what boss actually saw & experienced. She had switched from ‘apni’ (a more formal way of addressing) to ‘tumi (the way one adresses someone close), and very unhesitatingly asked questions like –

“ How did you feel seeing so many people naked in the nude beach?” (“Oto lok ke eksonge nangto dekhe kemon lagchhilo?”)

“Do they allow sex in the open?” (Okhane sobar samne ki sex korte day?”)

“Do you have to be fully naked in the massage parlours & saunas? (“Massage ar saunar somoy ki puro nangto hote hoy?)

Do men massage women? (Chhelera ki meyeder massage kore?)

Is the person giving massage is also naked?” (“Je massage kore seo ki nangto thake?”)

“In Europe, are the women mostly shaved? (“Okhane ki besir bhag meyeder nicher chul kamano?”)

Did you shave clean before going to the nude beach? (“Tumi ki nicher chul kamiye nude beach e giyechhile?”)

Boss was also very candid in her replies and mom listened to her with rapt attention. Mom asked her more & more questions, this time with still less inhibition –

“Have you taken massage from men? (“achha, tumi chheleder diye massage koriyechho?)

Did you undress in full in the beginning? (Tumi ki prothomei ekbare puro nangto hoyechhile?)

Was the man naked also? (“Loktao ki puro nangto chhilo?”)

Was his dick fully erect? (“Or Dick ta ki sokto chhilo khub?”)

How big was it, how thick? (“Koto boro chhilo ar koto mota?”)

Didn’t you feel gobbling up that dick? (“Dick ta kheye nite ichhe korchhilona?”)

I could see boss was getting excited as she answered in detail. By that time, I was totally drunk and was feeling very horny, as the other two made no effort to hide their horniness. At this stage, boss brought a pack of cigarettes etiler rus escort and lighted one. Mom said she did smoke once in while with drinks and asked for one. Both of them relaxed with the cigarette and gradually switched to more personal questions. The language became quite raw, which was rather unusual for docile & soft spoken mom as also my sophisticated boss.

Mom said., “My hubby fucked me so intensely that I felt as if I was in dreamland. How is your hubby?” (“Amar hubby amay emon josh niye chudto je amar mone hoto je swapno rajye achhi. Tomar hubby kemon?”)

Boss answered, “He is good, but my boyfriend is still better” (“Amar hubby bhalo chode kintu amar boyfriend aro onek bhalo”)

“How many men, other than hubby fucked you so far? Isn’t there a special kick in getting fucked by others?” mom asked (“Bor chhara onyo koto jon tomake chudechhe? Onyo betachhele diye chodale ekta onyorokomer kick paoa jay, tai na?”).

Boss answered candidly, “I couldn’t agree more about that extra kick out of being fucked by other men. I just can’t resist the temptation. I have tasted men of all sorts, both Indians and foreigners. Greek they are not only good looking but also give great fuck Only blacks I haven’t tried so far”.(“Tumi ei kothata boro thik bolechho. Onyo betachheleke diye chodale ekta extra kick paoa jay. Ami kichhutie oi lobh ta atkate parina. Ami onek rokom purusher swad peyechhi, Indian o bideshi dutoi. Greek ar Italian gulo sotyi darun; jemom sundor dekhte temni bhalo chode. Sudhu kalo betachhele try korini ekhono”).

Now it was boss’s turn to probe, “I have traveled all over the world and got plenty of opportunities, but how did you manage to get fucked by other men?” she asked.

Mom answered with a very proud smile, “There was no dearth of admiring men when I was young. (Olpo boyose purush er obhab chhilona) Possessiveness of my hubby provoked me to enjoy pleasure out of these men. He was himself a debauch in his young days, so much so that he even fucked my elder sister. He was a Casanova among relatives, female colleagues and colleagues’ wives. And he was not much bothered to hide this from me. At the same time, he was very much possessive of me. This reckless chauvinism created a new defiant & revengeful woman out of me.”

Mom continued in an emotional voice, ‘I lost all my inhibitions and made best use of the lust of those greedy men. Whenever he was on tour, telephone started ringing. Relatives and his colleagues made a beeline for me. I made my pick out of them and recklessly enjoyed sex. This way, I enjoyed all sorts of men and in the process, learnt how to get real pleasure out of sex. At the same time, I also made my hubby enjoy sex with me. I made this man, who was earlier a wild beast in bed, enjoy the real pleasure out of sex. As the years went by, he gradually lost his attraction for other women. But for me it was different. Other men remained a passion for me. Though I was no longer reckless, I still pined for new cocks.”

I was surprised that mom was more open to my boss than to me.

Boss asked her, “I have tasted men of all ages, even a man of 65. How much have you tasted?”.

Mom kept silent for a while, looked at me and said, “My hubby’s uncle, about 67-68, is my oldest (Amar 67-68 bochhorer mamasosur, sobcheye boyosko chhilo).”

“ This old man, once stayed with us for a few days. He apparently had a backache and asked me to apply some balm. As I was applying balm on his bare back, he said he had pain waist downward also, untied his pajama strings and pushed the pajama down to expose his bums. I took the old man seriously and as I was applying balm on his bums, he turned round to show me his cock. Oh, it was large & very thick one and fully erect (jinishta boro ar khub mota chhilo)”

“ I was a bit startled but recovered quickly. I smiled and told him I understood where his pain is (bujhechhi apnar byathata kothay). Asking him to wait, I went to the bathroom. I washed the balm off from my hands, undressed and came back fully naked. By that time, his fake backache was gone and jumping up from bed, he started kissing & fondling me like a hungry animal. After a while, I made him lie on the bed and rode him. His cock was really thick and felt wonderful inside. I stroked him up & down and enjoyed the feel of the thick shaft inside (oi mota danda bhetore dhukiye darun lagchhilo). A little later hot fluid hit my tunnel and it was an endless stream. I also came before his dick became limp.”

“ I cleaned myself in the bathroom, but did not put on clothes in the hope of having a second round. As I went back, he looked pretty exhausted. I took him to the bathroom and gave him a bath. Though I used my hands and tongue quite a bit, he didn’t have a strong enough hard on (onek chuseo otake sokto korte parlamna). So, I gave it up as a bad job. Only two days later, I gave it another try and massaged him. This time he got a nice erection and I enjoyed his thick shaft again.” etiler türbanlı escort

“Have you fucked any kid? I have tried a 18 year old”, boss asked again.

Mom was more hesitant this time and gave me a guilty look. After a pause she said, “A few years ago, when I saw my elder sister’s 19 year old boy masturbating in the bed, I really felt greedy (koek bochhor age didir unish bochhorer cheletake bichhanay suye khinchte dekhe darun lobh holo). The boy seeing me got scared. But I reassured him with a smile and closed the door.”

“ He was lying with his pants down with his hands hiding his cock. I went close to him, removed his hands and completely undressed him (kachhe giye hat soriye diye oke puro nangto korlam). His chest was hairy, his armpit was quite bushy and he had nice sized cock, which got a bit soft by then. I lied down beside him and held him close. I moved my fingers with feather touch all over his body. He shivered in pleasure and his dick got a huge erection. He hid his face in my breasts. Holding him in one arm, I took off my blouse and bra with the other hand. My breast was in his mouth and he started sucking me.”

“ I disengaged him a little later and getting up, took off my sari and petticoat. As he looked at me in awe, I asked him if he saw any other woman naked (ar kono meyeke nangto dekhechhis?). He guiltily said he saw his mom and my daughter naked by peeping in the bathroom. I told him now he can see a woman properly stood naked in front of him for a while (oke bollam je ebar bhalo kore dyakh meyeder sorir kemon hoy). I raised my arms and also turned back to give him a good look( hat tule, pechhon phire nangto sorirtake oke dekhalam). He touched & kissed me all over. I made him touch my pussy and made him feel it with his hands and mouth.”

“I wanted to feel his cock and took it in my mouth. While I enjoyed the throbbing cock, it suddenly threw out hot liquid in my mouth. (Cock ta mukher bhetor giye jokhon kanpchhilo, darun lagchhilo. Thik sei somoye gorom torole mukh bhore gelo) Though I don’t enjoy swallowing cum, in order not to embarrass him I took it all in and told him that it was a lot of nice fluid. I then hugged him for some time and soon his dick came to life again. Now I made him enter me and what nice strokes he made! (dick take dhukiye nitei ja jore chudte laglo ki bolbo). Very soon he made me cum, but he didn’t and kept on stroking me. By the time he threw the fluid again I climaxed again. It was one of the most enjoyable fuck I had. “

At this stage, despite my drunken state I realised that it was getting too late for going back a long distance. So, I alerted these two women engaged in animated conversation. At this point, suddenly it started raining heavily.

Boss said, “Is it a must that you have to return home tonight? No one is waiting for you. I have a big enough house to accommodate two of you”.

As we gave a smile of consent, she said, “So, let’s relax and enjoy our drink”.

As she was pouring fresh drink in our empty glasses, I knew that I was going to cross my limit. But with no worry to get back home, I decided to enjoy.

When mom was trying to say that she already had too much, boss said, “Don’t tell me, you won’t enjoy your next drink. I kept the best scotch for you and I know you are loving it”.

Mom went up to her and hugged her with a wet kiss on her cheek, “You are really very sweet”.

Mom looked very flushed in her face and so did my boss. As we had our next round we were all feeling very warm. Boss suggested that we all go out to her terrace and enjoy the rain. She took us to the closed French door and we could see the terrace was looking nice & cool in the heavy rain.

As I was thinking of clothes getting wet, boss said, “Are you worried about getting your clothes wet? We are not going to have our clothes on. What’s the fun in getting drenched with clothes on? Rain on your naked skin is real pleasure.” (“Tomra ki jama kapor bhije jaoar chinta korchho? Amra jama kapor gaye rakhchhina. Jama kapor pore thakle ar bhejar moja kothay. Nangto hoye bhejar mojai onyo”).

As she said this, she threw her sari away. She took off her blouse, bra and petticoat and was stark naked in a second. As she revealed her gorgeous body, mom went close to her.

She watched her closely and commented, “I knew you had a great body, but it’s far better than what I imagined. Such lovely boobs, such nice curves at the hips and what a rich bush! I thought my daughter had a great bush but you are far better” (“Ami jantam tomar body darun sundor hobe kintu ami ja bhebechhilam tar theke tumi onek besi bhalo. Ki sundor komor ar pachha, ki chomotkar buk ar ki ghono nicher chul. Ami bhabtam amar meyetar nicher chul darun ghono kintu tomar kachhe o kichhuna).

Saying this, she moved her hands all over her body and repeatedly touched her boobs & pubic hair. Boss at the same time started undressing mom. She took off her sari, blouse & bra and mom’s gorgeous top came in view.

“How lovely are the boobs and wow! Such wonderful tits!” she exclaimed and untied mom’s petticoat strings.

As the petticoat dropped off & mom stepped out of it, mom’s nude & extremely fair body dazzled. Boss praised her soft & smooth thighs and lovely bums. (“Eto sundor ar palish pachha ami khub kom dekhechhi”).

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