My Little Birdie Ch. 01

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It was about 9 in the morning when a car pulled up to the house. It was a black sedan with bike rails on the top. As the car rolled up to the house, Zoey walked out to greet the newcomer, bedecked in her frilly black and white lingerie. Ava pulled her car into the driveway and got out. She looked at Zoey with shock, but hid it well. Ava has long brown hair, C-cups, and a beautiful face that just oozed sex, she was skinny and was 5’2″. She was wearing a tank top with jeans and a jacket which hid her body well. Zoey walked up to her,

“Hi, you must be the new girl. I’ll put the car in the garage, you go inside, Sophie will show you around.”

“Thanks, uhhh…”


“Well, thanks, Zoey. But I have to ask,” she gestured towards Zoey’s outfit, “What’s up with this?”

“Oh, my outfit? We’re allowed to wear whatever we want, as long as it’s arousing.”

“Oh…” Ava paused awkwardly, “Well, I’ll just go inside, then. My name’s Ava, by the way”

Zoey giggled knowingly.

“What?” Ava asked.

“Well, you’ll see, but I just think that we won’t have much need to remember your name.”

Ava decided to skip over that, it was the least of her worries at the moment, she seemed to have stumbled into something a bit more extravagant than she had anticipated, but that was arousing her curiosity more than anything else.

Ava walked up to the door and knocked on it. Zoey got into the driver’s seat of Ava’s car, drove it into the garage and started to rifle through everything from the central console, to the trunk, and back up to the glove box, cataloguing everything for my later inspection.

At the door, Ava wait for a few seconds before Sophie opened it, her bare tits bouncing with the motion. The well-endowed girl was looking at Ava with her black, olive shaped eyes. They scanned her, head to toe, toe to head, pausing on her breasts, which were confined beneath three layers which served to make their true size unclear.

“Hey! It’s the new girl,” Sophie shouted to the room, before turning to face the newcomer “I’m Sophie.”

“Uhh- Hi, Sophie, I’m Ava.” Ava said, timidly,

“For now.” the greeter said, with a smirk, “I’ll take your things now.”

“Thanks, sure…” Ava handed over her purse, than her jacket, revealing a tight tank top which showed off her tits. C-cups maybe?. “Here you go.” Sophie stood there, waiting for more, forgetting that Ava was new in her focus on the girl’s features.

“Oh, and I’ll need your shoes and your pants, too.” Sophie broke from her reverie. Ava took a aksaray escort few seconds to acquiesce to the demand, her heart was beating audibly. She kicked off her flats and pulled down her jeans, revealing her beautiful legs, as well as her plain pink panites. She had a tattoo just above her knee, on the front of her left thigh, it was two roses, a red one covered the white one, it looked all the better against her skin, white with a mild tan.

“Is that it?”

“Yup. I’ll introduce you to everyone upstairs, then I’ll bring you to the study.”


“Great!” Sophie took Ava by the hand, leading her to the kitchen, to Naomi. “That’s Naomi, she’s the cook.”

“Wow, she’s hot.” The words escaped her before she knew what happened, her face grew red, but neither Sophie nor Naomi paid any mind.

Sophie paused, “Uhh, that’s the point.” Naomi chuckled, looked at Ava, and pushed her tits together, the dark skin giving way for the lighter nipples, which were a fraction of an inch from each other. Ava was too embarrassed to react.

“Yea, I guess so.”

“Now, the living room.” Sophie led Ava to the living room, “This is Ruby, Anna, and Violet.” Ava waived shyly,

“Hi.” Ruby spoke up,

“Hey girl, wow, you’re sexy.” Ruby kissed Ava on the mouth, shoving her tongue down Ava’s throat, who recoiled.

“Woah, what are you doing there, Ruby.”

“Just sayin’ hi, fun, right?”

“Uhh, it was something.” Anna walked up and slapped Ava on the ass. She was followed by Violet, who shoved her hand down Ava’s panties,

“Hey, baby.” Ava was stunned, and reacted a second late.

“Woah, I, uh…” Ava’s expression changed, “I… oh, wow, wow.” She smiled, gently pushing her pussy against Violet’s fingers. “Oh, god, wow.” Violet smiled and removed her fingers and shoved them into Ava’s mouth. Ava sucked for a second before saying, “Hey! Why’d you stop?” In response, Violet just smiled, kissed Ava on the cheek, and pinched her erect nipples. Sophie then piped up,

“Let’s just go to the study.”

“Uhh, yea, sure.” Ava said, her cheeks growing red. Sophie led her to the second story, and to the study, where she left Ava.

The study was spacious, with a large mahogany desk in the center, with a chair behind it. I sat in the chair, wearing my usual jacket and tie. As Ava walked in, I greeted her,

“So, you’re the new girl huh?”

“Yea, I suppose so, Mr…”

“You are to call me ‘Master'” I said, standing up to inspect her.



“Ok, anadolu yakası escort then, Master, uhh…” She hesitated, “I’m sorry, this is not what I expected at all. I thought I was just going to-“

“Well, you’re not. And now that you’re here, you’re going to stay.”

“Wait, what? You do realize that…” She trailed off as I stood up and walked over to her. I could see that she was still wet from Violet’s greeting, and I decided that she didn’t fully understand her role as my servant. I rubbed my middle and index fingers against her clit through her panites, simultaneously using my other arm to pull her towards me. She grunted and moaned, but quickly stopped herself.

“You like that?” I said, softly.

“No.” She lied, breathily

“Sure… Time to have some more fun.”

“Huh?” I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her against the wall. After securing her weakly resisting body, I grabbed the red scissor on my desk beside me. Bringing the scissors to her shirt, I cut it off, starting at the bottom and reaching the top, revealing her aroused pink nipples. Slowly stopping her resistance, Summer’s breath became ragged with her attempts to conceal her heightened level of arousal; she was clearly turned on by my domination.

“What are you doing?”

“A makeover.” I said, with a devilish smile. She groaned with arousal again, still trying to conceal her horniness. I then took my scissors to her panties, cutting them off with two quick strokes, revealing her pussy, which was positively soaked with her arousal. I could see her wetness clear as day and I could I secured her against the wall and pulled out my hard cock. I teased her with the tip before I shoved it in her. She screamed with pleasure as I started pumping in and out of her repeatedly. Her back arched, throwing her two pick nipples in my face, I promptly proceeded to suck. Her legs started to buckle, so I grabbed her by the ankles and held her up, her entire weight shoved onto my cock.

Her pussy tightened around my dick as she orgasmed, her face contorting with pleasure as she screamed out, loud enough for the rest of the house to easily hear. As she came down from her climax, I began to approach mine. I kept fucking her until I cummed, shooting my semen into her. Luckily, she was on the pill. She staggered back, ready to rest herself, and as she opened her mouth to say something, I cut her off.

“We’re not done.”

“Huh?” she was a bit groggy.

“I said, ‘we’re not done.'”

“W-what do ataköy escort you want?” I waited, giving her a chance.


“Huh, oh, ‘What do you want, Master?” I couldn’t tell if she was sincere or spiteful, but she was certainly exhausted.

“I want you to clean up?”


“Clean up, you know, make tidy, use your imagination.”

Her eyes flitted around the room confused, before landing on my still erect penis, which was out of my pants, covered in both our cum.

“You want me to…?” she gestured.

“Yes, and start soon.”

“It’s covered in, you know, our things.” I laughed,


Her eyes widened.

“Hurry up”

She acquiesced, kneeling down in front of me and shuffling forward until my dick was in her face. She opened her mouth tentatively, so I took the opportunity to grab her by the back of the head and shove it into her. Her surprise died quickly, to be replaced with more. She seemed to like the taste of herself, especially mingled with my cum. She started sucking on the head, using her tongue to cover and re-cover every square inch. She moved forward, letting the suction created by her throat pull the juices toward her. Her tongue was still massaging my cock, she was clearly a natural. I threw back my head in a moan, ready to cum, but fighting to keep the event going for a little while longer. Her lips looked perfect on my dick, round and plump, some red lipstick would be wonderfully arousing. However, her eyes were looking forward, focused, rather that on my face, as they should be. I came suddenly, and I hadn’t gotten ready to hold her head on my dick. Imagine my surprise when I witnessed her fight to keep it there, taking and swallowing every drop of my second cumshot. I was impressed and smiled down at her to show my approval.

After regaining our energy I opened the door, revealing Vanessa, ready to continue the training. I pushed her, naked and wet, out of the office.

Status of the Girls:

Zoey: Blonde Hair, Average Breasts, White, Black and White Lingerie, Valet

Sophie: Black Hair, Huge Breasts, White, Panties, Greeter

Naomi: Dark Brown Hair, Above Average Breasts, Black, Apron, Cook

Ruby: Red Hair, Large Breasts, White, Bra, Living Room

Anna: Black Hair, Average Breasts, Latina, Naked, Living Room

Violet: Dyed Hair, Small Breasts, White, Revealing Clothing, Living Room

Lucy: Blonde Hair, Large Breasts, White, Naked, X-Cross

Hazel: Brown Hair, Huge Breasts, White, Naked, Suspension

Bella: Curly Brown Hair, Perfect Breasts, Tanned, Skimpy Clothing, Cage

Ivy: Dyed Red Hair, Large Breasts, Caramel, Naked, Floating Bar

Vanessa: Pixie-Cut Black Hair, Average Breasts, White, Revealing Clothing, Head Sub

Ava: Brown Hair, Average Breasts, Lightly Tanned, Naked, In Training

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